Diplo E-Participation Day, ICANN Remote Participation Services


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Details on how ICANN provides remote participation

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Diplo E-Participation Day, ICANN Remote Participation Services

  1. 1. ICANNRemote Participation ServicesJune 2013
  2. 2. ICANNICANN Remote Participation ServicesRemote Participation Services• Why is Remote Participation (RP)Important for ICANN?• How Does ICANN Execute RP• Where Does ICANN Stand Today• How Do We Move Forward?2
  3. 3. WhyWhy is Remote Participation Importantis Remote Participation Important• Audience is Global• Ever Evolving and DiverseCommunity• Seeking New Participants toEngage• Meeting Attendance Not AnOption3
  4. 4. HowHow Does ICANN Execute these ServicesDoes ICANN Execute these Services• Technical Support Preparation On site services• Operational Support Training Implementation4
  5. 5. TechnicalTechnical support for ICANN meetingssupport for ICANN meetings• Installs and supports meeting room Wi-Fi services• Provides a Cyber Cafe to support attendees printingneeds and web access• Manages the live web audio streams for each session• Manages and monitors conference room phonebridges• Provides "first line of support" for Adobe Connect• Provides and supports conference phones for smallgroup meetings5
  6. 6. Commitment to maximize access:Commitment to maximize access: Low Bandwidth Services Internet Connection Minimum bandwidth requirement is 128kbps Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, GoogleChrome or Safari High Bandwidth Services Internet Connection Minimum bandwidth requirement is 512kbps Flash Player Recent version of Flash Player Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, GoogleChrome, Safari6
  7. 7. LowLow Bandwidth – Potential Services *Bandwidth – Potential Services * Recorded audio Live MP3 Audio Streams in multiplelanguages Live scribes Transcripts Presentations for download Chat is only available to high-bandwidthusers via Adobe Connect.* not all options are available at allsessions7
  8. 8. HighHigh Bandwidth – Potential Services *Bandwidth – Potential Services * Adobe Connect (AC) Room Live and recorded Audio & VideoStreams * Chat Roomso Must be monitored by an RPManager Live scribes * Transcripts * Real-time presentations Interpretation Services * Translation Services ** For major community sessions8
  9. 9. Operations support for ICANN meetingsOperations support for ICANN meetings• Train Staff to support sessions: roles and tools• Provide Presentations in timely manner• Work with community on location and remotely• Be the Voice for remote participants9
  10. 10. OverallOverall Responsibilities of RP StaffResponsibilities of RP Staff Equalize quality of participationbetween remote and face-to-faceparticipants by providing adequatetools and access to information anddiscussion Ensure that the ICANN Standards ofBehaviour are known and adheredto by all participants Be prepared, practice and executeon your specific role on the remoteparticipation team Know when and how to receivetechnical and operationalassistance10
  11. 11. UsingUsing Adobe ConnectAdobe ConnectAdobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting is a web conferencing product thatallows users to conduct live meetings and presentations over the internet.Pre-Meeting: Test Your Computer1. It is recommended that you test your computer prior to attending a meeting. Youcan do this by going to: http://tinyurl.com/ac8test2. The Connection Test checks your computer to make sure all system requirementsare met. If you pass the first three steps of the test, then you are ready toparticipate in a meeting.3. If you do not pass the Connection Test, perform the suggested actions and runthe test again.1111
  12. 12. ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior:ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior: Act in accordance with ICANN’s Bylaws. In particular, participants undertake toact within the mission of ICANN and in the spirit of the values contained in theBylaws Adhere to ICANN’s conflict of interest policies Treat all members of the ICANN community equally, irrespective of nationality,gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, or sexualorientation; members of the ICANN community should treat each other withcivility both face to face and online Act in a reasonable, objective and informed manner when participating in policydevelopment and decision-making processes. This includes regularly attendingall scheduled meetings and exercising independent judgment based solely onwhat is in the overall best interest of Internet users and the stability andsecurity of the Internet’s system of unique identifiers, irrespective of personalinterests and the interests of the entity to which an individual might owe theirappointment25
  13. 13. ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior:ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior: Listen to the views of all stakeholders when considering policy issues. ICANN is aunique multi-stakeholder environment. Those who take part in the ICANNprocess must acknowledge the importance of all stakeholders and seek tounderstand their points of view Work to build consensus with other stakeholders in order to find solutions to theissues that fall within the areas of ICANN’s responsibility. The ICANN model isbased on a bottom-up, consensus driven approach to policy development. Thosewho take part in the ICANN process must take responsibility for ensuring thesuccess of the model by trying to build consensus with other participants Facilitate transparency and openness when participating in policy developmentand decision-making processes26
  14. 14. ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior:ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior: Support the maintenance of robust mechanisms for public input, accountability,and transparency so as to ensure that policy development and decision-makingprocesses will reflect the public interest and be accountable to all stakeholders Conduct themselves in accordance with ICANN policies Protect the organization’s assets and ensure their efficient and effective use Act fairly and in good faith with other participants in the ICANN process Promote ethical and responsible behavior. Ethics and integrity are essential,and ICANN expects all stakeholders to behave in a responsible and principledway http://www.icann.org/en/news/in-focus/accountability/expected-standards**ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior modified 6 May 201227
  15. 15. Where Does ICANN Stand TodayWhere Does ICANN Stand Today• Provide Services for over 200 Sessions in an ICANNMeeting Week• Adobe Connect Remote Participation in all Open andPublic Sessions• Live Interpretation – up to 6 languages in 3 Main Halls• Scribes for up to 2 Main Halls• Transcription and Translation of all Sessions• Measure Success Through Survey and Data Collection15
  16. 16. How Does ICANN Move ForwardHow Does ICANN Move Forward• Understand Needs of NewAudience• Improvements in TechnicalServices for Developing Nations asNeeded• Continued Expansion of LanguageServices• Benchmark with Other InternetConferences like this one16
  17. 17. Thank youQuestions?