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Short and sweet description of Kony Soltuions' Mobile Management offering

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  • Kony continues to grow rapidly with customers across the globe choosing us for the widest multi-channel support across form factors. We partner with leading technology and solutions companies to extend our reach and that list also continues to grow.
  • Similar to our full-spectrum mobile application support, we now provide a robust mobile management solution that secures data, apps and devices. Not only is it necessary to secure data, apps and devices, but it’s important to do it in a manner that both end-users and administrators find easy to use so that the solution can scale as more and more mobile devices are used within the enterprise.
  • Centralized Web-Based Management ConsoleRegister User for MDM or Bulk Update User List for MDMUser and Group ManagementActive Directory or LDAP IntegrationManage Enterprise Device Configuration SetsEmail, VPN, WiFi, etc. SettingsLocate a User’s Device or Group of Devices on a MapLock a Device to Block All AccessWipe All User and App Data on a DeviceMonitor Device Runtime and Configuration InformationMonitor Individual App Runtime InformationManage Compliance Rules and Remediation StepsMonitor for Jailbroken DevicesConfiguration Remediation StepsMessage UserRevoke EmailLock DeviceWipe DeviceOn-Device MDM ProfileProvide Communication Link Back to MDMEnforce Device Restrictions (e.g. Passcode Required)Receive and Set Enterprise ConfigurationsEmail, VPN, WiFi, etc. SettingsReceive Push NotificationsPeriodically Log Device Location if Requested by MDM Console Monitor Device Configuration and App Usage
  • Centralized Web-Based Management ConsoleMobile App Distribution LifecycleUser and Group Management (Active Directory or LDAP)Manage App Security PoliciesView and Schedule Usage ReportingWipe App Data and/or Disable Access to AppsSecure Mobile App ContainerCentralized Access Control on the DeviceMobile App Single Sign-OnData Sharing Between AppsReceive Push NotificationsSecure Browser for Mobile Web AppsEnterprise App StoreBrowse Available Enterprise AppsView and Submit Ratings and ReviewsProvide App Feedback or Defect to AdminReceive App UpdatesSearch Apps or View Most PopularApplication Security Policy EnforcementRuntime App Security Policy EnforcementTarget Different Policies Based on User, Group, Device Type and AppExtensible Security Policy FrameworkFIPS-140 Data App Data Encryption
  • Centralized Web-Based Management ConsoleContent Distribution LifecycleUser and Group ManagementManage Content Security PoliciesView and Schedule Usage ReportingDisable Access to ContentWipe Content from DeviceContent Locker on DeviceCentralized Content Access Control on DeviceNotifications of Available Content UpdatesView and Modify ContentFacilitate Content Sync between UsersAbility to Launch Native Players and Content Viewing Apps for various content typesContent Security Policy EnforcementRuntime Content Security PolicyEnforcement through Content LockerTarget Different Policies Based on User, Group, Device Type and AppRestrict Content based on user authorization, Device Type, Time, Location, etc.FIPS-140 Data App Data Encryption
  • Enterprise Directory is synced to ensure the latest changes in your org structure are reflected immediately Auditing and reporting tools that reduce the burden of administrationRule-based actions on violations including cutting off a device from the networkSAAS and on-premise modelsKony’s integrated Push Notification System simplifies sending updates and messages to users regardless of their mobile device
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  • While other vendors claim to provide coverage for devices, apps or data, they lack in one or more of the segments. For example app management may be limited to white- or black-listing applications on the device, and not include app-specific data and policy management, or integration with enterprise app purchase plans and other important features. Kony ensures you get class-leading features for all layers of mobile security.
  • You can secure any mobile application in a few simple steps – just upload the binary file to your management console and get an updated binary file that supports all the security policies you want to create.
  • Reiterate Kony’s broadest support history for OSes and form factors.
  • Kony Mobile Management

    1. 1. Empowering EverywhereDec 2012
    2. 2. Kony is the mobile and web application development and management platform Founded in 2007 200+ customers including global and Fortune 500 companies 600% growth in two yearsCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 3 3
    3. 3. Management Team CEO − Raj Koneru Sr. VP Sales − David Schreffler CTO − Sriram Ramanathan CIO − Aaron Kaufman CMO − Harold Goldberg Chief Mobile Officer − Sam Lakkundi CFO − Kelly Enos COO − Anirban RoyCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 4 4
    4. 4. Full-spectrum mobile management offering Automated Scalable User FriendlyCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 5 5
    5. 5. Manage Devices Complete control over all devices connecting to your network Locate, lock and wipe any device Provision email, VPN, wifi profiles Detect and disconnect jailbroken / rooted devicesCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 6 6
    6. 6. Manage Applications Contain and manage applications securely for their entire lifecycle Extensible App security Wrap policies on policies – network, existing or new storage, data sharing, applicationsapp and phone featuresSingle sign-on and data Mobile app distribution sharing between apps lifecycle – publish, review, update, removeCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 7 7
    7. 7. Manage Data Publish, share, edit and review documents with complete audit trail Content lifecycle Wipe contentmanagement including selectively from device upload, edit, approve and publish Backup and restore Government grade (FIPS- content using Kony’s 140 certified) data offline sync server encryptionCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 8 8
    8. 8. Manage Easily Automated, scalable management tool which plays well with your enterprise architectureOver The Air installation Enterprise Directory on user devices integration for replicating role / group based access Unified Notification Automated policy system for pushing violation managementmessages / app updates to usersCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 9 9
    9. 9. Key DifferentiatorsCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 10
    10. 10. Comprehensive Mobile Security For devices, apps and dataCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 11 11
    11. 11. Secure any application Wrap policies around existing or new applications built using any technology stackCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 12 12
    12. 12. Broadest support… COMING SOON…across all channels and operating systemsCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 13 13
    13. 13. Thank You
    14. 14. Artwork from 12-26-2012… (Extra stuff)Copyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 15 15