Super hero script :D


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Super hero script :D

  1. 1. The Shattered Looking Glass Written By Adam Duffield PRODUCTION DRAFT Blue Revised Nov 17, 2013 Address Phone Number
  2. 2. 1 1. INT - EMPTY CLASSROOM - DAY [FADE IN] JASON WALKS IN ON ALEX SITTING AT A DESK IN A CLASSROOM JASON: I just got your text, what the hell are you doing in here? ALEX: Jason...I, I dont think I belong this academy JASON : Are you kidding? where else would you belong? Come on, we need to get to class, or i'm gonna end up being late again, you know how mad Mr Farone gets when i'm late, even though i practice outside of college all the time JASON LETS OUT A SMALL LAUGH AND LOOKS OVER TO ALEX, ALEX IS STILL STARING BLANKLY AT THE ROOF ALEX: You always say that! For gods sake Jason, you're gonna get yourself expelled, remember, just like he did last year?
  3. 3. 2 JASON SCOWLS AT ALEX AND SITS DOWN AT THE TABLE WITH HIM, HE GATHERS HIS WORDS AND TRIES TO HIDE HIS ANGER BUT CANNOT JASON: You know that won't happen, I'm careful. and I know what i'm doing. I'm nothing like he was ALEX: Whatever man, I still don't want you getting kicked out... ALEX TURNS A PAGE ON HIS BOOK, TURNS BACK, THEN CLOSES THE BOOK AND THROWS IT ASIDE ALEX: You know that teach checks up on us all the time,and... and you know my dad gets mad easy, he's already on my case about this place, we've only been at this academy about 3 months... JASON: Listen, Alex, I know what i'm doing, see, Mr Farone always says we need to be careful with our powers but people need to be at least a little reckless sometimes, right? Listen, watch this JASON BEGINS BREATHING HARD AND HIS BREATH BECOMES MORE VISIBLE, WHEN A BALL OF ICE FORMS IN HIS
  4. 4. 3 HAND ALEX: Jason! I still trust Mr Farone with controlling my powers and you should too! Stop that! ALEX SWIPES AT THE BALL OF ICE MAKING IT SHATTER IN HIS HAND JASON: He only holds me back, I could do so much better on my own ALEX: I dont care that you think you're getting better, I don't want you getting kicked out so soon because you think you can do better on your own! ALEX BEGINS TO GET MAD AT JASON, AS HEAT STARS TO RADIATE FROM HIS BODY AND HIS SKIN TURNS A RED HUE JASON: Alex, what the hell are you doing? THE HEAT INTENSIFIES AROUND ALEX AND A SMALL CLOUD OF SMOKE FORMS AROUND ALEX JASON: Didn't Mr Farone teach you anything at all? God damn it control yourself!
  5. 5. 4 ALEX: I don't think I can! It's too much! JASON: Alex! for god's sake! JASON STANDS FROM HIS SEAT AND GRABS ALEX JASON: Come on Alex, there could be people coming in here any moment! THE RED ON ALEX SLOWLY FADES AS HE COOLS, ALEX PUTS HIS HEAD IN HIS HANDS AND STAYS SILENT JASON: okay? JASON PLACES A HAND ON ALEX'S SHOULDER AND COMFORTS HIM, ALEX TAKES HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS HANDS AND WIPES HIS EYES ALEX: I knew I wasn't good enough for this place, I can hardly control myself and look what you can do! JASON TAKES HIS HAND FROM ALEX AND CROSSES HIS ARMS, LEANING BACK ON HIS CHAIR AND LAUGHS
  6. 6. 5 JASON: Are you kidding? with power like that? That's a lot more than I could do! JASON LETS OUT ONE MORE LAUGH JASON: Sorry about the laughing, I can hardly help myself JASON SMILES AND LOOKS TOWARDS THE DOOR JASON: But still, we should get going, we're gonna be about 10 minutes late now, I wish I could teleport like Katie, that would make everything so much easier... ALEX: Yeah i guess, we're gonna get our assess kicked, eh? JASON: Well, me more so than you, but yes, assess will be kicked indeed JASON LETS OUT ANOTHER LAUGH AND THE TWO GET UP FROM THE TABLE ALEX: Well, let's go, i'm glad I didn't burn this room down (MORE)
  7. 7. 6 ALEX (CONT'D) JASON: Yeah, me too, I didn't want to burn to death any time today...let's get out of here. THE TWO WALK TOWARDS THE DOOR, JASON OPENS IT FOR ALEX, ALEX WALKS OUT AND IS FOLLOWED BY JASON, WHO SWITCHES THE LIGHTS OUT IN THE ROOM. [FADE OUT]