New Facebook Pages: 10 things that matter


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What changes for brands, as Facebook rolled out new layout for Pages.

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New Facebook Pages: 10 things that matter

  1. 1. What's up Facebook Ten changes that matter All Faceboole Pages will be converted to the new Page lagout bg the end ofl/ larch. D. l IIIIIIIIIIIII NG9
  2. 2. Facebook Pages l,7ElS. EuE»2 ill-: .es~ E-5,14; talk rg about this The real change is the philosophg. If gou want to use Faceboole for O business, do it with a Page DIGITAL MINGLING
  3. 3. 10 changes that matter the new Facebook Page D. l IIIIIIIIIIIII NG9
  4. 4. §W%E%i----i§§”E! !Efiflflfi“ Um ‘1ML“/ Ill‘ F.1(eboak—5iv krmnruma rarknstnn lmnm kunmen Kaueratm mncn hyorv-I uudisluksul amqicgamgie it Ill Judlslukseri rrwula sokaiaa am.1llaPiniercsi 75374 in-. ,.m 1 mm. .. rm: Massage 1 — 345 " I IIH3-fllflii I ]ll, (r‘l«i ‘il l i‘ ii mmgm mgmmn. 100 oon yksiluiscn rammok kayllaian knnssd viikollmin Mlltrl Sc enmsi. :.47 . r. um‘. « tr. »« “mi- D ‘ - i. .. r V 1. Cover photo: (851 X 315px) Now present on top of the page. 2. Profile Picture Couer photo (180>< 180p></ 32x32px) present on top of the page, newsfeed and timeline 3. Date selector: People will find old content easier than before Opportunitg: -Create tempting picture and switch at will -State the "Mood” in gour communitg Opportunitg: -Still gour most important photo! -Must be adapted to new sige -Will be used on aduertising Effect: -Old posts need to be checked! Opportunity: -Best parts of brand's historg should be added
  5. 5. Dingle Dingle H , r , » v Digital)-lwglinq 3 p. .. . r. .., w war i "uliiiinl llm !1 new ‘ Dra vhicyila‘ lrlccbonk Sivuftri uudisluksen myeln kmnalln mmm mums. lekeminzn Kmlsolun mm hyolya uudislukscslnpl mum» samalln Pmlerul aungieealngio ll lal oaur 7537415 M m- : . l ,1 ll‘ —i‘~'4=ni. .. l . l — 'r‘’ E" Inebuoh me. 345 r". ‘I'1“‘. ,i. lllllibl-flllii ii . mu mmglaa a. g.mi. mn mu om) yluiiuisen htehocli kavuayan kanssa vilkuuain Milan se cnmitm . . n my. Kl . ..m l , 3 . Info box gets more uisibilitg, content depends on page tgpe 4. Featured apps with preuiew images (111><74p><) Maizes tabs easier to find 5. Messaging Users can now send a message to gou bg clicking on the message button Effect" -Bring out the most important information ofslogan. Opportunitg: -Decide and create the three most important tabs for gou -Create images for existing applications Opportunitg: -Define strategg: How will gou communicate one-on-one -Brand still needs an inbound to e able to communicate
  6. 6. Dingle Dingle l u . r , i . . Digital}-linglinq ii i I ____ aia vhicyim‘ lrlctbonk Sivufen uudislukscn myoin kmnalln mmm Dmlldlsl lekerriirieri K. llsoI.1.m mm hyotya uudiSNl(SeSl. I]. I mum» mum Pirileresl flinglq-":1 nglr: 14 la: 040' 7557415 in in -- r. m-. ... pm. Message in — u i ii! “ minglaa digiuziisesii ma non yiuuuuen lmtehoclir kayllajari kanssa vukullain Miien Se onmitm . . l) rig‘: i . a.. ... ».. ..i l l Ii. 6 . Bigger content space Pics and uideos get more space to be shown 7. Pin to Top You can now pin one page post to the top of gour page for up to 7 dogs. 8. More personal Users will see the number of their friends who are fans, and their latest interaction with the page on top Opportunitg: -Create and publish more and better pictures and uideos Opportunitg: -Use to enforce gour Reg message/ linlrz to uisitors -When running a campaign, pin campaign idea to the top of the D099 -Together with cover photo, this creates gour new ”landing page" Effect: -Comments of o ers will be less uisible to a user Opportunitg: °Ma| rze people comment or tag gour P099
  7. 7. oi. -qi. .i , iiirvk i i ‘ """ ni(I l IIi. I Nope: kaisaus Facebook-sivujen ulldistukselri. tiusiFv1reImo| :—)ivu—mika NIIAUIKLAII7 . Dingle I If ‘ 9.Highlight aim. W Make one post more uisible Ii ieiai I: n than the other bg ‘- , highlighting it -on ’ “‘ Ii-I1g| nII'l. , New dlslgll tar Fxizeboolc Pages is riiiaiiy live Now does Whlre else would the ram pI( oi the crown DIIIILQSS be . your vane look’ publuhed than Fiubuok, Vi graiuievari ll lmnlle‘ -4-57'. it, {, ,,, ,m, ., W. .. KlflVlDVil| l'1)sVM WW) Damrl HUI Vilrilcnill pitvag um mi Nnqu ilull4Ihil(. ‘iroIirix| A}llAlViu}(l rm xi. -iq. mi. i.i 1! n i lawn» » M . v (iUlll like mi. ‘ibiciritLiinirlcLiNc; ;
  8. 8. 10. Tab application space Effect: The tab application will -Tab applications can now be 810 now be shown as its own px wide (old 520px) entitg without couer photo etc. Opportunitg At the moment, Clicking -Enables rich wags to use tab- Lilze will not automaticallg applications can be used change content = worse -If cliclreing Liize will not refresh conuersion. page, changes to logic needed Apparentlg it is a bug -Changes to application design (https: // needed. deuelopers. faceboo| =z. cam/ bugs/228778937218386 cilia 055 Mug unS PfltllI‘IPl7illlP l1Ila| l’l'lfltI"»l"§‘§fl hL‘sl{iiiti‘lll§€ii. Dingle Dingle DIGITAL MINGLING
  9. 9. 0' i-i. i.; iii1i. i r. . Manage v Build Audience v Help v I Hide New lagoutAdmin Panel Admin panel is the new ”Home for Facebook on Admin Panel Nolifkalinns [3 See All Messages [1 See All . ' Azrner Amnuu Chaidiec pasted on your limeiine. Kukko Maukuuen ‘ " [gt . Business H Ville roimiui and iuirniokimr commented on your prior» Juusojokimm Jliwi .1 rirr r«; riii Ji)(‘l _‘: ‘ in pl {J Azmer Amppu Chaithee like; your prime. Juhojokirieri . iIliii. lrii r—iii. r.iiiii Niii--i. r. i~. ii Ii i V9! Tia Tuomineri likes your iirrk. or Ii«i. v 10. § Ilari Viippnla, Seppu smkkonui, and Anni Jokein like your iirrk. r-- ii-i : .iy New Likes See All lnslghls See All Page Tips Next Ii'i‘[; i: ifirlnlllis Ii: iircgi: fv ‘ n- I ‘ YourPosts Talking AboutTiiis F1 Reach JL . . . _ , , Viewlnsighls i i llirii i’r.4 Iiiiiilriii'v. I _ , .i. iii i, r. r ~ _irvVil'i rj-51.13,. I“, g V. ,i , iiri ll ‘Ii E " “""‘””'“""" luiaililsianian ‘: — . i, bici1'KLiinirlcLiNc; L
  10. 10. .~- ii a 9 New aduertising tools The aduertising tools are aligned with the changes to 1.DcsIgnV0ulAd ‘iv ‘in I I pages- IP Advertise on Facebook A((Oufit Drsllrltlliurl Dingle Tyiw ' Sponsored Stories " racebocik Ads siory Type - Ad from Cl Page post ' ‘New ad message Olayhteytlal Vaccliook myoi. = -The future model: What a brand advertises, the am ; ‘r. .‘, .‘, S:: LT: ii': :‘L:2E°°“ brand should also publish to . “.“l". ";‘r‘. ‘.“, “r'““"““ its fans, Result: Better content PM-vii-w Ijfi ii iii Dingle DIGITAL MINGLING
  11. 11. Embrace change Dingle Juho Jokinen +358 50 350 5964 Juho. iokinen@dingle. [j ' l wwu). fcIcebooR. com/ digita[mingling e