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Here is a presentation that I gave at the recent Mobilearn Asia Conference 2013 on the UWSCollege IPad Rollout

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  • Pathways feed into Bachelor Courses at first year and second year level
  • UWS College- Fist Year Specialists- providing pathway programmes that feed into the University at first and second year levelmajority are local school leavers12% are internationals studentsfirst in their familyHigh levels of disadvantage
  • Point 1: Over 50% are first in familyPoint 2: It has the largest number of students from lower socio-economic backgrounds of any university in AustraliaPoint 3: Representing over 150 nationalities (Western Sydney is one of the most diverse communities in the world)Point 4: 6.4% are from non-English speaking backgrounds, compared to 3.6% across the sector (maybe say UWS has double the sector average)
  • Represents approx %450 growth in 5 years
  • In 2012 UWSCollege Board embarked on developing an E Thinking Strategy
  • UWSC was well positioned to lead the way in what a colleague of mine our Deputy Dean, Dr Greg Whateley refers to as B ManagementThe College surveyed staff and students and found that there was indeed a mandate to use technology to enhance learning.College took the extraordinary next step of rolling Ipads out to all teaching staff.
  • Every teacher accepted the offerA pool of Ipads were allotted to Sessional Teachers who were able to articulate in a page how they would use it to enhance their teachingStaff trained in useful apps such as Nearpod, GoSoapBox, Explain everything and Prezi
  • Scaffolding is mportant- break down lectures into main concepts/ideas/outcomes they need to know
  • These ‘nuggets of gold’ give students an overview of what they need to know. A synopsis of key points in a lecture or tute and can be used for revision
  • In October 2012 UWS announced that it would roll out Ipads to 13 000 first year students in 2013.One of the biggest and most ambitious rollouts ever- certainly the biggest in Australia
  • Having already rolled out the Ipads to Staff- UWSCollege were well positioned to roll out the Ipads to students ahead of time in 2013.The University faced the challenge of issuing Ipads to their staff at the same time as students.UWS and UWSCollege undertake to dedicate 10% of learning space to ‘Learning Pods’Ipad Champions allowed the most innovative academics from both institutions to come together before semester one and discuss ideas on how to use Ipads in teaching
  • We want to be able to run this strategy for as long as possible- significant investmentChallenge as this was halfway through our teaching semester- used time to orient students to changing culture
  • Wanted to teach students group dynamics- using their Ipads. Also wanted to create a buzz around the UWS College Film Festival
  • Innovation- Best lessons with Blended Learning- use of apps put on a repository for all to access. Prizes awarded to creator of lesson of the month
  • Link App back to strategy- building cultural awareness for students through TEL
  • 3 articles written by Dinesh Poorun and Dr Greg Whateley on the topic of Mlearning and Flipping the Classroom
  • Dinesh Mobilearn Asia Singapore Presentation

    1. 1. The UWSCollege Ipad Rollout 2013 One of the biggest Ipad rollouts of its kind Dinesh Poorun Curriculum Coordinator UWSCollege
    2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Overview of UWSCollege and UWS • Conception- the need. Leading the way • Rollout to Teachers • Rollout to Students • The Future- I Books, and B Management
    3. 3. UWSCOLLEGE • UWSCollege is a pathway provider of education • Diploma, Foundation Studies and English Programs • 4 Campuses in 2014 and approximately 3000 students
    4. 4. UWSCollege • Wholly-owned entity of University of Western Sydney – not for profit. • Provides opportunities for students who would not normally gain entry to higher education • First year specialists (unique) • Started teaching using the current model in 2008
    5. 5. University of Western Sydney • Over 40,000 students located on 6 campuses • Located in an area of: − historically low participation in higher education − economic disadvantage, and − multiculturalism
    6. 6. UWSCollege student growth 2000 1732 1800 1600 1400 No. of students 1200 1008 1057 1000 817 800 556 600 400 318 200 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 Year 2012 2013
    7. 7. Why BLearning and Ipads? • E Thinking Strategy needed • Surveys of students at UWSCollege indicated a high expectation for using technology in teaching and learning
    8. 8. The Aims- Our Mission • UWSCollege and its parent UWS embarked on a mission to challenge traditional pedagogy “By integrating the best aspects of face-to-face, technology enhanced and online interactions for each discipline… students learning opportunities are enhanced and more flexible means of study are provided” (Kraus and Rowland, UWS, 2012)
    9. 9. UWSCollege leads the way • UWSCollege – B Management • Mandate to use technology • Ipads given to Academic Staff
    10. 10. Ipad Rollout to Staff- Sept 2012 • Teachers embraced the offer • Ipads given to sessional Academics • E Thinking- training for all staff
    11. 11. Mobilearn and Presentations • Attended the 2012 Mobilearn conference • Reported back to a staff forum about flip learning, Khan Academy, learning nuggets online. • The College was originally moving towards a rollout to students in 2014
    12. 12. Flip Learning Embraced • Content should be short when visually presented online • Students prefer short intense bursts of information to M Learn • Scaffolding is essential
    13. 13. Bite sized gold nuggets • 3-5 minute clips are sufficient to explain a particular concept or learning outcome • These videos can be posted on VUWS(our online education portal) • Picture Source: http://wowmusings.blogspot.com.au/2010/09/ninenuggets-of-practical-wisdom.html
    14. 14. Concerns were addressed I am too old to learn this stuff- ANSWER- Consider lifelong learning- never too old to learn. Many of the experts in the area of M Learning and Blended learning are ‘Baby Boomers’
    15. 15. Concerns were addressed I am a luddite- I don’t like technology ANSWER- Your students are digital natives and they learn better when technology is incorporated into their learning
    16. 16. Transforming the Culture What about the extra workload? ANSWER- There is initial time taken to create resources but once you do, you have a great suite of resources that can be curated and shared
    17. 17. Transforming the Culture Why should I share? ANSWER - Others are sharing with youculture of openness. You are also increasing your profile- a lecture on TED could be watched by thousands of people. Benchmarking and modelling best practice
    18. 18. UWS change the game • October 2012 -UWS Ipad rollout • Ambitious and unique • Game changer for M Learning in Australia
    19. 19. UWSCollege- the leader • UWSCollege ready to rollout to students in 2013 • Learning Podstechnological hubs for UWSC and UWS • UWS/UWSC IPAD CHAMPIONS
    20. 20. Learning Pods • Interactive • Use of multiple technologies • Ipad charging docks in the room
    21. 21. Big Challenge!!! • Rolling out Ipads to so many students • Will some take the Ipad and run? • College issued Ipads after Census (week 6)
    22. 22. Advantage • Teachers had Ipads first- familiar with apps. • Many teachers started preparing materials for the second part of term that would incorporate TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning)
    23. 23. Students given tips on Ipad Use • CORKULOUS • Learners can attach notes, photos, labels, contacts, tasks and more to the board, and then email or export them. • Free
    24. 24. Go Soapbox • Apps like GoSoapBox and even Todays Meet used as a way to engage students
    25. 25. Film Festival and Group Dynamics • Tertiary Study Skills in Diploma of Arts • Study Skills program- 1 hour a week • UWS College Film Festival
    26. 26. Ipad- Creativity • Students asked to do a 3 minute video in groups on their lives at UWSCollege • Prizes including $500 spending vouchers on offer • Students marked on the video log – behind the scenes of how their groups came together
    27. 27. Big Success • We had many entries to the film festival • Almost 1000 votes- videos on youtube • Students embraced I pads and were creative • Challenge- coping with submissions
    28. 28. Draw us at UWSCollege
    29. 29. The Future looks bright • UWSCollege have further built on their E Thinking and B Management Strategy • Paper based workbooks are being converted to Ibooks • Innovation-M Learning Repository
    30. 30. Culture on Demand • After Mobilearn 2012 – I developed an app with Dr Graeme Salter called Culture on Demand • Currently negotiating with Universities and International Student Offices- build cultural awareness for our students
    31. 31. Culture on Demand
    32. 32. More about Culture on Demand
    33. 33. Questions
    34. 34. Acknowledgements • Ms Susan Channells UWSCollege • Dr Greg Whateley UWSCollege • Mr David White- UWSCollege