DYNAMAR B.V.                                Transport and Shipping Information                                Address     ...
DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011Transatlantic                                             Analyses based on figures sou...
DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011Carrier                    10/09        3Q10       3Q09     Inchon (South Korea), Bangk...
DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011liner services, 3% more than a year ago. With 3.5        (1,000 TEU, analysis based on ...
DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011Greater Bali Hai (GBH), in which it holds a 25% in-terest. CNCo acts as the deepsea shi...
DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011wide. Those should be big enough to serve the18,000 TEU leviathans rumoured to be negot...
DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011Seco/Farfan, directly on the Pacific Ocean, anoth- Shipownerser one at Isla Margarita o...
DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011vidual capacity for its account. Other carriers hav- lion TEU at the start of 2011. Car...
DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011                                                                 RATES OF EXCHANGEAVERA...
The West Africa Container TradesNo country and region in the world that has escaped from the recent economic downturn. Afr...
Dynamar (2010) Reefer Analysis - Market Structure, Conventional, ContainersThe latest edition of our Dynamar Reefer Analys...
SLOW STEAMING ...                                    A transient fashion or here to stay?Slow Steaming encompasses the ope...
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  1. 1. DYNAMAR B.V. Transport and Shipping Information Address P.O. Box 440, 1800 AK ALKMAAR, The Netherlands Office 1G Noorderkade, 1823 CJ ALKMAAR, The Netherlands Phone +31 72 514 7400 Fax +31 72 515 1397 E-mail marketing@dynamar.com Internet www.dynamar.com DYNALINERS 01/2011 07 January 2011 WEEKLY NEWS SUMMARY, ANALYSIS AND COMMENTARY ON LINER SHIPPING Twenty-first Year of Issue Published and distributed by Dynamar B.V. Managing Editor: Dirk Visser - Editor: Frans A.J. Waals Copyright 2011© May the Best of 2010 be the Worst of 2011!TRADES Statistics 2012 TEU 2011 TEU 2010 TEUWhat a difference a year makes! Capacity* 15,400,000 14,300,000 13,000,000 Liftings 154,000,000 144,000,000 131,000,000 (*capacity as of 1 January of each year)As much as 2009 hurt, 2010 turned into the wel-come surprise of one of the stronger growth yearsin the history of containerisation. At an estimatedEurope - Latin America11%+ it is almost on par with the “golden” 2002-7 Effective March CCNI (1 ship), Coscon (1), Hanjinperiod of 12% average growth. It was, in particu- (2) and UASC (2) are to launch a new, joint Northlar, the routes with the Far East that were to Europe-East Coast South America link, deployingthank, these showing 2010 full recovery against six 2,500 TEU ships average. The service is newthe dramatic 2009 downturn, making it a V- and so are the carriers in this specific trade lane.shaped crisis for those trade lanes. Many North- While three serve the ECSA from other areas, theSouth routes improved substantially as well. Arab line will make its first ever appearance here as a container carrier. Itinerary has been fixed asEven when taking slow steaming into account, follows: Algeciras, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, Al- geciras, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Itajai, Santos, Salvadorthere surely was an urgent need for cargo as the and Algeciras again.arithmetic shows: the effects of re-mobilised idleships plus newbuilding deliveries minus scrapping Europe - Mediterraneansaw no less than 2.36 million TEU in capacity (see By the end of January, MSC will switch the Bene-SHIPS) added to the worldwide liner trades in lux call of its North Europe-Greece and Turkey2010. With respect to deliveries, it will not be Loop 4 from Rotterdam to Antwerp. The completemuch less in 2011. schedule of the five 3,200 TEU average ships will then read: Felixstowe, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Piraeus,So what to expect for the just started year? Dyna- Thessaloniki, Izmir, back to Felixstowe.Liners puts the demand growth bet on anotherdouble digit minimum of 10%! Estimate and fore-cast in figures:
  2. 2. DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011Transatlantic Analyses based on figures sourced from PIERS.Subject regulatory approval, effective February, - US: all coasts, i.e. East Coast, Gulf and West Coast.CCNI (2 ships) and Hamburg Süd (8) will start a - South East Asia: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet-Europe-North America West Coast service, a new namtrade lane for both partners. The ships will way- - North East Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Ko-port in the Caribbean and Central America West rea/North, Korea/South, Macau, Mongolia, Russia FarCoast. It is effectively an extension of WAMS, East, Taiwantheir existing North and Central America WC-Caribbean (Cartagena) operation, in which also Note*: Effective 2009, Myanmar has been removedCCNI’s compatriot CSAV participates. However, from the South East Asia section, while North Koreathe latter will not operate the new Europe leg. and Russia Far East have been added to North EastThe (long) rotation of new WAMS’ ten around Asia. The impact on the figures will be marginal.1,800 TEU vessels will be as follows: Tangier, Rot- PIL added Vancouver to the schedule of CTP, itsterdam, Tilbury, Hamburg, Le Havre, Cartagena, PuertoQuetzal, Lazaro Cardenas, Long Beach, Oakland, Seat- standalone Transpacific service. The six-1,600 TEUtle, Vancouver, Oakland, Long Beach, Manzanillo (Mex- average ships schedule now reads: Xiamen, Hongico W.C.), Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Quetzal, Cartagena Kong, Shenzhen (Shekou), Ningbo, Shanghai, Long(Col), Tangier. Beach, Vancouver and Xiamen again.Transpacific North America - Latin AmericaThe core Transpacific trade (South East and North Effective 1 February, Maersk Line will launchEast Asia to/from US all coasts) increased by just Spondylus, a new direct service between the USover 13% year-on-year in the first nine months of East Coast and West Coast South America (WCSA).2010. Eastbound to the US was particularly Details of ships and schedule still to be an-strong: +19% to the Pacific Coast and +14% to the nounced. At present it serves this trade with tran-Atlantic seaboard. This represents a break with shipment at Balboa (Panama Pacific). From thisthe recent past as, for a number of years, the lat- hub, where the Danes are by far the largest cus-ter had been the stronger grower. Export to the tomer, it operates four to five feeder links toFar East is still increasing faster from the East WCSA destinations, plus another one to CentralCoast (+5.7%) although the volume is 5 times and North America West Coast. Those links aresmaller than that from the West Coast, where fed by four to six (dependent on the season)growth didn’t even reach 3%. Consequently, trade mainline services, including two (three) Europe-imbalance went up again to a substantial 52%. WCSA operations. In late 2005, Maersk Line also started a direct US East Coast-WCSA service, but Growth 9M10 9M09 9M08* that one was cancelled again six months later.Trade lanes 10/09 TEU TEU TEUAll Asia/US WC 19.2% 7,604 6,377 7,869 It may be that Maersk Line, despite its well func-US WC/All Asia 2.9% 3,522 3,424 3,750 tioning indirect US East Coast/Gulf-West CoastTotal US WC 13.5% 11,126 9,801 11,620 South America connections, is just not satisfiedAll Asia/US EC 13.8% 1,147 1,009 1,170US EC/All Asia 5.7% 705 667 793 with its trade share here. While the total 2010 9-Total US EC 10.5% 1,852 1,675 1,963 month volume increased by 11% year-on-year,All Asia/US 18.5% 8,752 7,386 9,039 the Danish line’s carryings declined by no lessUS/All Asia 3.3% 4,227 4,090 4,543 than 44%, causing it to drop to the 7th carrier spotTotal US 13.1% 12,978 11,477 13,582 here, down from four in 2009. It may hope to re-Imbalance TEU - 4,525 3,296 4,495 pair this through a direct, instead of tranship-Imbalance % - 52% 45% 50% ment, service.(1,000 TEU) 2
  3. 3. DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011Carrier 10/09 3Q10 3Q09 Inchon (South Korea), Bangkok, Laem Chabang, back to Hong Kong. USAEC/G-WCSA +/- % TEU TEU CCNI 13% 32.7 28.9 CSAV -16% 49.5 58.8 OOCL joins Yang Ming as a slot operator between Evergreen 74% 37.1 21.3 China and Indonesia on IPCX, a joint service of Hamburg Süd 17% 55.7 47.7 Cheng Lie and T.S. Lines furthermore serving Maersk Line -44% 24.6 43.7 ports in Hong Kong and the Philippines. MSC -1% 91.4 92.3 Seaboard 51% Intra-Latin America 40.4 26.8 Others 34% CSAV and affiliate CNP (Consorcio Naviera Perua- 142.2 106.3 Grand Total 11% no) introduced a West Coast South America feed- 473.7 425.71,000 TEU - Analysis based on data sourced from PIERS er service between ports in Ecuador and Peru, us- ing two 1,200 TEU average vessels. Schedule stillContainer trade between the US West Coast and to be fixed but anyway including Callao andAndean South America is minimal, reaching only Guayaquil.117,000 TEU during Jan-Sep 2010 (+6%). Intra-MediterraneanFar East - Africa NYK will charter slots on two of Evergreen’s up-Maersk Line’s last August initiated Far East-West graded intra-Mediterranean feeder servicesAfrica FEW3 service no longer calls at Durban, as it (ADL1/2) out of Taranto to the Adriatic, Levantused to do in both directions, while Shanghai has and Turkey, and vice versa. For some while, thealso been skipped. Twelve 2,500 TEU average Japanese carrier has operated space on the Tai-ships are deployed, with the new rotation of: Port wanese line’s Mediterranean-Far East CES loopTanjung Pelepas, Guangzhou (Nansha), Fuzhou, Ningbo,Shenzhen (Yantian), Guangzhou (Nansha), Port Tanjung Intra-EuropePelepas, Pointe Noire, Lagos (Tincan), Onne, Douala,back to Port Tanjung Pelepas. MSC initiated Russia Pendulum Service (RPS), a new, weekly St. Petersburg link of three 1,400Far East - Indian Sub Continent TEU ships. They will alternate Rotterdam withHamburg Süd will charter slots on the new, 3x Bremerhaven as the North Continental ports. The2,800 TEU China India Express (CIX2 - DL 51/10) of new loop will induce some changes in the carrier’svessel operating partners Evergreen and Sima- Baltic Russia links from Antwerp.tech. It adds to a similar arrangement of the Ger-man carrier on the Central China India service COMPANIES(CCI) of Wan Hai, RCL and Sea Consortium. Mergers and TakeoversIntra-Far East As part of a financial restructure, Malaysia TradeNewcomer Great Eagle Shipping Lines of Hong & Transport Shipping (MTTS) will acquire a mini-Kong (DL 42/10) plans the 2011 launch of up to mum 30% in listed Swee Joo Sdn Bhd, parent offour different services, including two North East Kuching-based Johan Shipping, operating EastAsia-South East Asia links, one between China, Malaysia-West Malaysia and Thailand regionalSingapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, the other serv- and feeder services.ing China, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Itso far operates a single 700 TEU-ship Hong Kong- CarriersHai Phong service. The 1 January 2011 Top 25 Container Operators (by parent or main company, including subsidiaries,Hyundai is soon to start CHT, a new China Hong affiliates and sister companies) now control 86% ofKong Thailand service between Hong Kong, Xiamen, the existing container capable fleet deployed in 3
  4. 4. DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011liner services, 3% more than a year ago. With 3.5 (1,000 TEU, analysis based on data sourced from AXS-million TEU their orderbook stands at almost 28% Alphaliner)of the existing fleet, constituting 93%(!) of the 3.8 Compared to one year ago, total fleet size was upmillion TEU world orderbook. The top 10 contains 8.5% to 14.8 million TEU, which was 13.4% for thevirtually the same carriers as before the Septem- Top 25 carriers. At 3.8 million TEU, the current or-ber 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers with its derbook is (a steep) 19.4% lower than in Januarydramatic effects on liner shipping. The exception 2010.is CSAV now ranking 7 now, having pushed NYKout. Recently, CCNI and T.S. Lines entered the list, Operated fleet Order bookreplacing feeder operators RCL and Sea Consor- 2010 versus 2009 Ships TEU Ships TEUtium. Maersk Line may have the largest order- Jan ’09 Top-25 3,196 11,262 504 3,857book by number of vessels, but by capacity the Jan ’09 World 5,892 13,642 770 4,721Danes lag behind super-expansive MSC, appar- Share Top-25 54% 83% 65% 82%ently on the hunt for the top position. By capacity, Top 25 change 9.4% 13.4% -9% -8.6%Coscon has still the largest share of its existing World change 1.0% 8.5% -23.7% -19.4%fleet (58%) on order, followed by UASC (56%) and (1,000 TEU)Hanjin and ZIM (48% each). The Top 25 ranking is a snapshot of the situation at theParent/main Operated fleet Order book moment it was compiled. Chartering or redelivery ofNo Ships TEU Ships TEU vessels has its immediate impact on an individual car-1 Maersk Line 577 2,146 54 345 rier’s operated fleet. Capacity on order may not simply2 MSC 449 1,862 40 459 be added to the existing fleet to determine the future3 CMA CGM 399 1,207 26 273 ranking of a line as new ships may, in part, replace ei- ther own tonnage or chartered vessels. *Orders by non-4 Evergreen 158 604 20 176 operating owners of ships over 4,000 TEU (invariably to5 Hapag-Lloyd 136 597 10 131 be operated by Top 25 carriers) have been included in6 APL 146 585 22 201 the above overview. The previous top 25 ranking was7 CSAV 155 579 8 63 published in DL 35/10.8 Coscon 138 544 38 3149 Hanjin 104 477 22 228 Individually operating subsidiaries or sister companies:10 China Shipping 140 457 16 150 1 Maersk Line includes MCC, Mercosul Line, OACL11 MOL 98 402 14 83 and Safmarine12 NYK 98 387 5 29 3 CMA CGM includes ANL, Cagéma, Cheng Lie, Co-13 Hamburg Süd 116 371 20 102 MaNav, Delmas, FAS, MacAndrews, OTAL and US14 OOCL 79 354 8 71 Lines15 "K" Line 78 328 12 77 7 Compania Sudamericana de Vapores includes CSAV16 ZIM 94 323 14 156 Norasia and Libra (Brazil/Uruguay)17 Yang Ming 79 322 17 109 8 Coscon includes Coheung and Shanghai Panasia18 Hyundai 55 287 5 65 10 China Shipping includes Shanghai Puhai19 PIL 141 260 14 40 13 Hamburg Süd includes Aliança20 UASC 55 217 10 122 19 Pacific International Lines includes Advance Con-21 Wan Hai 87 185 14 38 tainer Line, Pacific Eagle Line and Pacific Direct Line22 T.S. Lines 41 84 0 023 HDS Lines 22 74 0 0 Swire Shipping is no longer an independently op-24 MISC 28 68 2 17 erating subsidiary of China Navigation Co, but has25 CCNI 24 58 0 0 become one of the brands under which latter’s* >4,000 TEU unknown - - 35 279 Singapore-based CNCo Pte Ltd offers its PacificTotal Top 25 3,497 12,778 426 3,527 Asia and Australasia-focused liner services. TheWorld liner fleet 5,953 14,799 587 3,806 others include New Guinea Pacific Line (NGPL)Share Top 25 59% 86% 73% 93% and Tasman Orient Line (TOL), while it manages 4
  5. 5. DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011Greater Bali Hai (GBH), in which it holds a 25% in-terest. CNCo acts as the deepsea shipping arm of Having purchased shares worth USD 733 million inLondon-based John Swire & Sons Ltd. the two facilities indirectly held by China Re- sources, Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) nowIRISL (Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines) re- owns 76.5% in its flagship Hong Kong Internation-gained control over the three HDS Lines-operated al Terminals (HIT) and 53.4% in Yantian Interna-ships arrested in Singapore last year September tional Terminals (YIT) of Shenzhen. Before the(DL 50/10). The 5,100 TEU units were close to be- deal it stood at 66.5% and 48%, respectively. PSAing auctioned before IRISL was able to convince International holds a strategic 20% share in HPH.the Singapore High Court that the transfer of USD235 million was actually delayed through the ef- Port throughputfects of the UN sanctions placed upon the carrier. Some first, including preliminary, full year 2010Those were also the reason of a change of P&I TEU port handling figures, comparing with bothcover to Iranian Moallem Insurance, inducing 2009 and 2008:Crédit Agricole to demand repayment of its loan. Growth 2010 2009 2008For similar reasons, two more of IRISL’s HDS Port/Terminal ‘10/’09 TEU TEU TEULines-operated vessels are under arrest: the 3,300 Antwerp 16.1% 8,483 7,310 8,664TEU “Dandle” (Malta) and the 6,500 TEU “Decre- Bremerhaven 8.0% 4,900 4,536 5,501tive” (Hong Kong), both through HSH Nordbank - Busan 18.6% 14,180 11,954 13,420amount concerned: USD 268 million. Further add- Colombo 18.4% 4,100 3,464 3,687ing to the troubled carrier’s worries is the hijack- Inchon 19.1% 1,880 1,578 1,703 Kwangyang 13.8% 2,060 1,810 1,810ing, by Somali pirates, of the single 1,100 TEU ves- Le Havre 7.0% 2,400 2,241 2,489sel of HDS Lines’ just started Pakistan-Iran-UAE- Montreal 4.8% 1,320 1,260 1,474East Africa service (DL 48/10). Rotterdam 14.0% 11,100 9,743 10,784 Zeebrugge 7.4% 2,500 2,328 2,210NYK again confirmed to reduce its operated con- (1,000 TEU)tainer ship fleet capacity to around 360,000 TEU.Including newbuildings, it currently stands at Europe416,000 TEU. As reported, the European Commission (EC) is once again considering legislation to achieve fur-China’s economic growth will translate into ther liberalisation in the European Union’s portstronger domestic demand, leading to a further industry. Two previous attempts to introduce aincrease of containerised imports, much of which so-called Port Package were blocked in Parlia-originates elsewhere in Asia, Maersk Line thinks. ment under pressure of dockers unions.It consequently decided to reinforce its relevantsales and customer services staff in the region. Bremen Ports, the Bremen and Bremerhaven port authority, received the long awaited governmen- PORTS tal approval for the deepening from 12.8 metres to 13.8 metres of the River Weser fairway. Work,Global Terminal Operators costing USD 40 million, should be completed byCiti Infrastructure Investors (CII), having acquired the end of the year.a 75% stake in DP World Australia is part of CitiCapital Advisors, a unit of Citibank. The deal, de- Wilhelmshaven’s 16.5-metre draught JadeWe-scribed as a strategic partnership, will see DP serPort, a joint venture between Eurogate andWorld continue to operate the five Australian fa- APM Terminals, signed for eight ship-to-shorecilities. DL 51/10 refers. container gantries capable of handling 25-boxes 5
  6. 6. DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011wide. Those should be big enough to serve the18,000 TEU leviathans rumoured to be negotiated Oman Container Lines, a brand of Oman Shippingby Maersk Line. Company SAOC (DL 49/10) opted for Sohar (in- stead of Muscat) as the Omani port of its justPilotage in all Dutch ports may go up by up to started Oman-East Med/Levant (Egypt, Lebanon,6.6% to correct last year’s wrongly applied reduc- Syria, Turkey, Libya) box service.tion of 3%. Port of Rotterdam, having restrictedthe ultimate increase of its 2011 harbour dues to Indian Sub Continent3% (DL 46/10), considers an appeal. The commissioning of DP World’s India Gateway Terminal (IGT) at Kochi, Vallarpadam islandMediterranean should -finally- occur later this month. Once in fullDespite the first half opening of Hanjin’s Total swing, the port’s current Rajiv Gandhi ContainerTerminal International (TTI) in Algeciras, Terminal (RGCT) will become a bulk facility.throughput in the south Spanish port fell by 20%in the second half of 2010. It is the result of North AmericaMaersk Line having shifted, at the expense of Having studied various options varying from jack-APM Terminals Algeciras, a substantial amount of ing up the 78 year-old span to building a new onetranshipment to opposite Tangier-Med Port, or constructing a tunnel by a higher bridge or awhere the cost of labour is said to be 20% to 40% tunnel, the Port Authority of New York and Newlower. Notwithstanding, Algeciras’ 2010 through- Jersey decided to elevate the Bayonne Bridge’sput is estimated at 2.9 million TEU (-5% year-on- roadway. Currently, maximum air draft is be-year). tween 46 and 48 metres, translating into a Bayonne-max vessel size of around 8,000 TEU.The Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine over- Considerably bigger ships will come to the US Eastruled the decision in favour of National Container Coast once the much larger set of locks in the Pa-Company (NCC) of the Odessa Regional Court of nama Canal are completed by early 2015. Costs:Appeal and confirmed that instead Sea Commer- to be between USD 1.5 and USD 2 billion.cial Port of Illichevsk (SCPI) rightfully withdrewUkrtranscontainer’s (UTC, a subsidiary of NCC) Charleston is seeking funds from the US federaloperating licence of the Illichevsk container ter- government for dredging the port from 13.7 tominal. DL 42 refers. It is understood that no fur- 15.2 metres, also to be ready for the bigger shipsther appeal is possible. expected in 2015.Africa Latin AmericaSouth Africa’s newest port of Ngquara handled Last month, just in pre-planned 2010, PSA Inter-259 box ships and 288,800 TEU during its first 12 national commissioned its PSA Panama Interna-months of operation since October 2009. MOL tional Terminal (PPIT), built at the former Rod-and MSC are the Ngqura Container Terminal’s man Naval Station in Panama City. The 450,000(NCT) main users with a current total of nine TEU capacity, 330-meter quay length box facilitymainline and feeder services. at 14.5 metres draught and equipped with three ship-to-shore container gantries is situated at theMiddle East Pacific side of the Panama Canal. Ultimate capac-Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) will henceforth stand ity is 750,000 TEU. The first ship handled dis-in for the operation of Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi’s charged 10,000 tons of steel bars ...main port. The 5-year contract of DP World, hav-ing managed the facility for the last five years, ex- There are (remote) plans for two more containerpired effective 1 January 2011. terminals in the Panama Canal zone, one at Palo 6
  7. 7. DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011Seco/Farfan, directly on the Pacific Ocean, anoth- Shipownerser one at Isla Margarita on the Atlantic breakwa- Greek Diana Shipping listed 55% of its 2010 setter. Both sites are former US military bases too. up subsidiary Diana Containerships Inc on the Nasdaq effective 3 January. Established a year agoIn April next, when two postPanamax ship-to- with lots of fanfare, the non-operating shipowningshore container gantries have been installed, San- company currently controls just two 2009/2010-ta Marta’s (Colombia) dedicated container ter- built 3,400 TEU vessels on charter by CSAV Nora-minal is to be commissioned. Operator is SMITCO sia and Maersk Line.(Santa Marta International Terminal CompanyInc), a joint venture between SSA Marine’s Man- Newbuildingzanillo International Terminal (MIT, Colon) and lo- After 20 months, the first substantial orders forcal SPSM (Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta). container ships were placed in June 2010. The-Some 120,000 TEU were handled at the current reafter, no month passed without one or morefacility in 2009, including nearly 20,000 reefer TEU fresh orders, almost like in the good(?) old daysof bananas. prior to the downturn. Altogether, operators and non-operating owners signed for 132 fully cellularIn a joint venture with Sociedad Portuaria del box ships of 5,900 TEU average, total 778,000Norte (SPN), SSA Marine is also to develop a box TEU. Overview by size category:terminal in Barranquilla (Colombia). Size Number Average TotalCOUNTRIES/AREAS TEU Ships TEU TEU >13,000 14 13,100 183,000Europe >10,000 2 10,700 21,400 >9,000 6 9,000 54,000Effective 1 January, Estonia has become the 17th >8,000 38 8,700 329,300European Union member to introduce the Euro. Its >6,000 3 6,500 19,500former currency, the Litas (LTL), had been pegged >3,000 32 3,700 119,600to the Euro since 2004. >2,000 6 2,500 15,300 >1,000 29 1,200 33,600Middle East >500 2 1,000 1,900The United Nations Security Council’s decision to Total 132 5,900 777,700lift international sanctions on Iraq, imposed in1991, is expected to boost trade (including mari- It was not only cellular units, also quite a numbertime) with this country. (46) of multipurpose vessels plus 2 Ro/Ro units, all with TEU space, were ordered in 2010. Their totalWorld capacity is 70,300 TEU:It is anticipated that this year, South Africa willjoin BRIC (to become BRICS(A?)), the club of lead- Size/type Number Average Totaling emerging and developing nations, currently TEU Ships TEU TEUconsisting of Brazil, Russia, India and China. >2,000 MP 8 2,100 16,700 >1,000 MP 38 1,400 53,000SHIPS 100-500 RO 2 300 700(Details on newbuilding, sales and demolition are given in Total 48 1,500 70,300good faith but without guarantee. Unless specified otherwise,all cellular containership capacities stated throughout Dy-naLiners are nominal TEU) Without an orderbook since 2008, with 176,000 TEU (23% of all new cellular space) Evergreen or- dered the largest capacity in 2010. At 13,100 TEU each, Hapag-Lloyd took the biggest ships by indi- 7
  8. 8. DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011vidual capacity for its account. Other carriers hav- lion TEU at the start of 2011. Carriers accounteding ordered ships larger than 4,000 TEU (average) for 52 units; charter owners 93 ships.include: TEU Category %idle Number TEU CapacityCarrier Number Average Total >7,500 3 ->4,000 TEU Ships TEU TEU <7,500 14 -APL 12 8,800 105,400 <5,000 24 -CSAV 2 8,000 16,000 <3,000 19 -Evergreen 20 8,800 176,000 <2,000 43 -Hapag-Lloyd 10 13,100 131,000 <1,000 42 -MSC 6 9,000 54,000 3 Jan 2011 2.4% 145 336,000OOCL 2 8,900 17,800 7 Dec 2.5% 147 356,000SCI 3 6,500 19,500 23 Nov 2.4% 142 336,000Not indicated 37 4,300 160,700 4 Jan 2010 11.6% 581 1,510,00Total 92 7,400 680,400 The share of its idle capacity per individual carrierIn late December 2010, Singapore-based China varies between 0% (not shown) and 9.4% of its ex-Navigation Co (CNCo) ordered eight 31,000-dwt isting fleet. For the largest carriers, the picturemultipurpose vessels at Zhejiang Ouhua Ship- was as follows:building. Delivery: January through August 2013.Three of the five holds are cellular, giving each Carrier Idle Share Fleet sizeship a capacity for 2,100 TEU. There is an option TEU % TEUfor eight more identical bottoms. Coscon 40,800 7.5% 544,000 CSAV 10,400 1.8% 579,000 Hamburg Süd 4,500 1.2% 371,000The above Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding yard of Hanjin 2,900 0.6% 477,000Zhoushan, China is also assumed to be on the Hapag-Lloyd 20,300 3.4% 597,000verge of booking four 4,800 TEU box ships from a Maersk Line 10,700 0.5% 2,146,000German non-operating shipowner and to be nego- NYK 4,300 1.1% 387,000tiating with another party on eight 1,700 TEU ves- PIL 3,100 1.2% 260,000sels. Yang Ming 7,700 2.4% 322,000 ZIM 30,400 9.4% 323,000SITC Container Lines ordered, in the dying days of Others 201,000 2.4% 8,264,000 Total 336,000 2.4% 14,270,0002010, another two 1,100 TEU cellular ships from ayet to be announced Japanese yard at USD 39.6million en bloc, delivery: 4th quarter 2012. Alto- What a difference with early 2010 when on 4 Jan-gether, it signed for seven such vessels since early uary 581 idle vessels/1,510,000 TEU wereNovember. When listed in last October (DL counted, making up for 11.6% of the then existing39/10), the company said to spend around half of overall capacity. It should be considered that, inthe USD 400 million raised on new and second the same period, some 120 ships, 1,190,000 TEUhand ships. were added to the liner fleet (net of scrapping and removals otherwise). This means that altogether,Lay-up/idle at present some 550 vessels/2,360,000 TEU moreAs of 3 January, an estimated 145 ships with a to- are active in the worldwide liner trades than atal capacity of 326,000 TEU (2.3% of the existing year ago! It goes without saying that Slow Steam-fleet) were in lay-up, according to an AXS- ing has helped to absorb this glut. By mid-JulyAlphaliner assessment. It is 2 vessels and 30,000 2010, 180 units/1,060,000 TEU were employed asTEU less than in early December last. Mid-2010, extra vessels in slow steaming operations sincesome had forecasted an idle fleet of around 1 mil- when their number will have increased by 10%. 8
  9. 9. DYNALINERS 01/2011, 07 January 2011 RATES OF EXCHANGEAVERAGE RATES OF EXCHANGE USD 1 = 06Jan11 30 Dec10 23 Dec10 07Jan 101 USD = 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 BRL 1.67 1.68 1.70 1.73 CAD 1.00 1.00 1.01 1.03BRL 1.76 2.00 1.83 1.92 2.18 CHF 0.95 0.95 0.95 1.03CAD 1.03 1.14 1.06 1.07 1.14 CNY 6.58 6.61 6.64 6.83CHF 1.04 1.10 1.08 1.20 1.25 EUR 0.76 0.76 0.76 0.70CNY 6.76 6.70 6.95 7.60 7.97 GBP 0.64 0.65 0.65 0.63EUR 0.76 0.72 0.68 0.73 0.80 JPY 82.42 82.12 82.97 92.89GBP 0.65 0.64 0.54 0.50 0.54 ZAR 6.70 6.66 6.77 7.40JPY 87.83 93.49 103.53 117.72 116.33ZAR 8.28 8.23 7.05 6.75 Indicative exchange rates of 06 January 7.32 CRUDE OIL PRICESAVERAGE BUNKER MARKET PRICESFor 380 CST in USD per metric ton Month Year USD February 2011 95.98 Port 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 March 2011 95.79 Rotterdam 453 356 474 348 292 April 2011 95.85 Genoa1) 470 374 498 368 312 Thursdays prices (per barrel) for Brent Fujairah 467 367 507 373 311 Singapore 372 507 373 314 BUNKER MARKET PRICES 465 Tokyo 469 403 573 410 338 Type 380 Cst 180 Cst MDO Durban2) 490 394 551 376 320 Port USD USD USD Houston1)* 456 367 497 353 302 Rotterdam 510 534 733 L. Beach1)* 469 376 524 380 319 Genoa 1) 513 538 2 8121) 2) *) Ex-wharf - 180 CST - Wednesday Fujairah 517 527 800 Singapore 516 524 773AVERAGE CRUDE OIL VERSUS BUNKER PRICES Tokyo 571 579 802 1) Durban N/A 570 801Average Thursday indicative future USD prices Houston* 1) 508 528 763 1)(per barrel) for Brent for delivery during the Long Beach* 542 562 787month as stated versus average bunker USD Historical Rotterdam pricesprices (per ton) for 380 CST at Rotterdam in the 30 Dec 2010 495 519 740same month, since January 2008: 07 Jan 2010 475 488 651 Thursday’s indicative spot bunker prices for bunker oilMonth 2010 2009 2008 with more than 1% to maximum 4.5%.sulphur content. 1) 2) Crude CST Crude CST Crude CST *Wednesday’s prices - Ex-wharf - Gasoil Source: Oil Shipping (Bunkering), RotterdamDec 82 487 75 445 85 197Nov 78 476 72 472 105 227 RECENTLY-ISSUED CREDIT REPORTSOct 77 470 70 445 120 404Sep 77 433 69 411 130 549 Company Ref. NoAug 79 439 65 427 130 627 American President Lines Ltd. 37Jul 78 426 57 380 123 675 Borchard Lines Ltd. 652Jun 81 427 53 380 112 591 Co. Chilena de Navegación Interoceánica SA 1891May 81 440 48 337 100 528 Empros Lines Shipping Co., SP SA 45712Apl 79 466 46 271 97 495 Great Eagle Shipping Lines Limited 53812Mar 77 457 45 244 94 476 Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. 17660Feb 79 455 51 241 92 439 United Arab Shipping Company 1826Jan 76 456 69 226 88 446 Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation 6946 9
  10. 10. The West Africa Container TradesNo country and region in the world that has escaped from the recent economic downturn. Africanot either, but the impact here, also on shipping, has decidedly been less severe than elsewhere.For a long time West Africa, with its rich resources, has been considered a promising future con-tainer trade - a future that is nearing … This new, key data-focused Dynamar Markets and Trades publication examines the current West Africa Container Trades with North Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and the AmericasThe report, amongst others, covers the following topics: - Key Facts and Figures of each West African container trade lane - Introduction to the trade: developments re carriers, ships, ports and trade structure - Summary of countries and ports served in all regions - 5-year total container throughput (TEU) of all relevant ports of call - 5-year full container (TEU) statistics for each trade lane as follows: 2007 through 2009 - estimate 2010 - forecast 2011 through 2013 - More than 30 trade-relevant carrier profile briefs - Details of over 60 shipping services (container/RoRo/multipurpose/reefer) accepting con- tainers: carrier/grouping, rotation, frequency, ships/capacity, relevant notes, including re- lay- and intra-Africa feeder operations - Service grids: at-a-glance overview of all shipping services/base schedules per area - Capacity/share analysis by carrier per individual trade lane and overall - Main moving commodities by trade lane; brief assessments of the all-important cocoa and oil-production and markets - Economic developments, including GDP, population data, short country economy profiles - Overview of private terminal operators; investments in West African ports All information in this report has been collected, researched and analysed in the months October through December 2010 Please mail or fax your order to Dynamar B.V., P.O. Box 400, 1800 AK ALKMAAR - The Netherlands Phone +31 72 5147400 - Fax +31 72 5151397 - E-mail: sales@dynamar.com Thank you for your order! YES: I would like to order Dynamars new West Africa Container Trades report .PDF/E-mail EUR 925 Bound/priority: EUR 945 .PDF+bound: EUR 990Full namePositionCompanyDelivery and invoice addressPostal code and CityCountryPhone, fax, E-mailV.A.T. number (EU countries) 10
  11. 11. Dynamar (2010) Reefer Analysis - Market Structure, Conventional, ContainersThe latest edition of our Dynamar Reefer Analysis is available NOW! This fresh report constitutes a considera-ble expansion of our previous studies on the subject. It now comprises three parts: two separate sections onthe different conventional and container reefer trades, these being based on an extensive write up on thestructure of the market.Part I - Reefer market structure(s)After a brief historical overview on the background and development of reefer shipping, this chapter providesextensive overviews, statistics and concise descriptions of: - The world perishable trades: volumes by main produce and export and import regions - transport modes and characteristics - temperature settings - modern techniques - Trading patterns: conventional ships versus container vessels - main export areas - exports by product and individual country - Major reefer ports: perishable exports by country - description of relevant reefer handling facilities by mode of transportation - port throughput statisticsPart 2 - Conventional reefer shippingOpens with the characteristics of the conventional reefer market, followed by a 3-year recent reefer seasons(2010/2009/2008) review, including statistics and graphics of relevant time charter equivalents, as well as: - Extensive conventional reefer ship overviews and statistics (existing fleet, orderbook, age profile, de- molition, future development) - Identically structured profiles of the world’s 15 largest conventional reefer ship operators, including markets/trade lanes and operated fleetPart 3 - Container reefer shippingThe introduction clarifies the main containerized reefer routes, invariably part of the South-North structure.Furthermore, this section provides: - Extensive overviews and statistics of the composition and development of the container fleet and or- derbook, reefer TEU capacity, plugs/capacity ratios by size category, box fleet and refrigerated con- tainer fleet by main carrier - Inventory of container shipping services on the most relevant reefer routes - Refrigerated container box fleet, size categories, production data, capacity by carrier - Identically structured profiles of the world’s 15 largest reefer container carriersDynamar (2010) Reefer Analysis - Market Structure, Conventional, Containers uses the most recent FAO sta-tistics on reefer commodity export and import data by country (7 consecutive years), supplemented with up-to-date port, vessel, box and carrier fleet statistics and gives a profound insight into the background, character-istics and goings of the worldwide shipping market of perishables and the relevant players. Please mail or fax your order to Dynamar B.V., P.O. Box 400, 1800 AK ALKMAAR - The Netherlands Fax +31 72 515 1397 - E-mail: marketing@dynamar.com. We appreciate your order! YES: I would like to order the fresh Dynamar (2010) Reefer Analysis .PDF/E-mail EUR 765 Bound/priority: EUR 785 .PDF+bound: EUR 830 Full name Position Company Delivery and invoice address Postal code and City Country Phone, fax, E-mail V.A.T. Number (EU countries) 11
  12. 12. SLOW STEAMING ... A transient fashion or here to stay?Slow Steaming encompasses the operation of vessels at slower than maximum commercial speed, while add-ing a ship to the container service to keep the original frequency.Certainly not a new issue, the Slow Steaming phenomenon has returned to the liner trades in full force since2007. Initially, this was driven by the need of saving fuel costs, soon thereafter followed by other imperativesof addressing over-capacity, reducing harmful emissions and ... empty pockets.By mid-2008 half of the 31 North Europe-Far East slings had slowed down, plus a handful of others. An exten-sive assessment in the publication shows that 2 years later, modern box vessels cruising slower than ships inthe era of sail can be found be found in all major East-West and North-South trades. The joint capacity of allslowed down bottoms is nearly half of that of the total containership fleet, with the number of extra vesselstight into the Slow Steaming services making up for some 8%.Slow Steaming is a multi-faceted strategy, affecting many sectors of the liner trades and raising a multitude ofquestions, including: - the actual speed - the container box fleet - the effect on the total fleet - the level of savings - the logistics effect - the number of ships and carriers involved - the possible alternatives - the scheduling and integrity of services - the technical side of the matter - how it serves the environment - what’s in it for the shipper, and the future of Slow Steaming once full recovery is present, capacity tightens again, or fuel prices sink. These topics and more are brought together in a unique, just published, comprehensive report: SLOW STEAMING, A transient fashion or here to stay?All information in this study, presented in the form of a wealth of tables and concise write-ups, has been col-lected, researched and analysed in June/August 2010. Please mail or fax your order to Dynamar B.V., P.O. Box 400, 1800 AK ALKMAAR - The Netherlands Phone +31 72 514 7400 - Fax +31 72 515 1397 - E-mail: sales@dynamar.com Thank you for your order! Yes, I would like to order a copy of SLOW STEAMING - A transient fashion or there to stay?I wish to receive the report by the following mode: E-mail in .PDF format - EUR 295 (excl. VAT) Printed/bound by priority surface mail - EUR 315 (excl. VAT) .PDF and printed/bound - EUR 355 (excl. VAT)Full personal namePositionCompanyDelivery and invoice addressPostal code and CityCountryPhoneFaxE-mail addressV.A.T. Number (EU countries only) 12
  13. 13. ORDERFORM Please mail or fax your order to: marketing@dynamar.com Fax: +31 72 515 1397 or call +31 72 514 7424 DYNAMAR B.V. - off-the-shelf consultancy reports Title .PDF Bound Bound Issued ? EUR EUR ? & .PDF PU Special Companies & Trades Reports EUR0282 Dynamar (2010) Reefer Analysis - Market Structure, Conventional, Containers Sep-10 765 785 8300281 Slow Steaming - A transient fashion or here to stay? Aug-10 295 315 3600278 Container Throughput & Terminal Capacity in Europe Jun-10 365 385 4300270 DynaLiners Trades Review (2010) (extra copies subscribers EUR 70) Mar-10 - 130 -0277 Breakbulk 2010 - Operators, Fleets, Markets Jan-10 495 515 5600276 Top 25 (2009) Container Liner Operators Aug-09 475 495 5400253 Panama Canal Container Trades: Past, Present and Future Dec-08 475 495 5400114 Shipping Innovation (a textbook by Niko Wijnolst & Tor Wergeland) (excl. po stages) Dec-08 - 150 -0240 Emerging Maritime Nations (II): Russia Oct-08 475 495 5400191 Containers - Makers, Lessors, Users May-08 475 495 5400217 Feedering and Transhipment - Trades, Top Operators & Ships Aug-07 355 375 4200210 Emerging Maritime Nations I: Vietnam - including 6 postPublication updates Feb-07 345 365 410 PU Container Liner Trades Reports - discounted prices! These reports are available "as is" and/or can be fully updated/customised0248 West Africa Container Trades (Europe/Mediterranean/Far East/Americas) Dec-10 925 945 9900274 Black Sea Container Trades, Ports and Terminals, Hinterland Jun-09 595 615 6600272 The 2009 Far East - East Coast South America Container Trade (full report) May-09 750 770 8150271 The 2009 Australasia Container Trades - Europe, N. America, Far East Apr-09 750 770 8150257 Far East-South & West Africa Container Trades (full report) Jan-09 750 770 8150260 Europe/Mediterranean-Indian Sub Continent Container Trade (full report) Nov-08 650 670 7150268 Europe/Med-East Coast South America Container Trade (full report) Sep-08 750 770 8150244 Europe/Med-West Africa Container Trade (full report) Sep-08 750 770 8150247 Europe/Med-Southern Africa 2008 Container Trade (full report) Aug-08 650 670 7150250 West Coast South America 2008 Container Trades (full report) Jul-08 750 770 815 The Container Liner Trades Reports prices reflect the cost of a full report, constituting 15% discount on the separately available parts I and II of such report - please contact us for further information on this unique facility All prices are excluding VAT and publications and invoices w ill be issued w ithing 2 w orking days of receipt of your order If you require a flyer w ith additional information prior to ordering, please contact us on mail and/or phone number aboveFull namePositionCompanyDelivery and Invoice AddressPostal CodeCity and countryPhoneFaxE-mailV.A.T. Number (EU countries only) Dec-10 Please visit www.dynamar.com for many more publications and information 13