Future Library 2013 Unconference - Jakob Guillois Lærkes


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Future Library 2013 Unconference - Jakob Guillois Lærkes

  1. 1. Building Libraries for tomorrow INELI Cohort 1 Collaborative Project Patti Manolis, Chief Executive Officer, Geelong Regional Library Corporation, Australia Jakob Laerkes, Director, Gladsaxe Libraries, Denmark Knud Schultz, Director, Aarhus Main Library, Denmark Mentor
  2. 2. Public libraries around the world are undergoing significant transition…
  3. 3. Why do we need to rethink our buildings? Hjørring Bibliotek Denmark
  4. 4. Building Public Libraries A report by Patti Manolis and Jakob Laerkes Interaction with library managers and practitioners representing 17 new libraries from 12 countries Research on existing body of literature, guidelines, knowledge Mentors from INELI were asked to recommend libraries Result: Report with distilled criteria for building public libraries Workshop at Next Library Århus Geelong Regional Library Australia (under construction)
  5. 5. A new library should have ‘oomph’ or ‘wow’ factor. IFLA Library Building Guidelines: Developments and Reflections (2007) Service and buildings need to fit into the bigger picture, e.g. different service delivery models, community hubs, joint use and partnership opportunities. People Places: a Guide for Public Library Buildings in New South Wales (2012)
  6. 6. In urban planning the library functions as icon, placemaker and contributor to community vitality The role of public libraries in urban development and culture led regeneration (2010) Libraries today are less about where to put stuff and more about providing access to tools and ressources people need. DC Public Library Services and Facilities: A Framework for continuing success. DC Office of Planning (2010) A public library should encompass four spaces: The inspiration space The learning space The meeting space The performative space A new model for the public library in the knowledge and experience society (2012)
  7. 7. Reckognition/Experience Innovation Empowerment D.Skot-Hansen C.H. Rasmussen H. Jochumsen Involvement/Engagement
  8. 8. Stadtbibliotek Stuttgart Germany Biblioteca Viva Biobio Chile Public libraries come in all shapes and sizes. There is no “one size fits all” template. Biblioteca Viva Sur Chile Library@Cinatown Singapore
  9. 9. ROLE OF THE LIBRARY MOST PREFERRED RESPONSES Lifelong learning centre 88 % Community living room 88 % Community library 88 % Biblioteca Viva Biobio Chile
  10. 10. ROLE OF THE LIBRARY UPCOMING CHOICES Information technology hub 65 % Cultural centre 82 % Civic landmark 53 % Leisure centre 53 % Biblioteca Viva Biobio Chile
  11. 11. IMPACTING TRENDS MOST PREFERRED RESPONSES Community living room or libraries as third place after home and work 88 % Stadtbibliotek Stuttgart Germany Public libraries as places of social capital for connecting communities and facilitating community cohesion 88% New information and communication technologies 76 %
  12. 12. IMPACTING TRENDS UPCOMING CHOICES Cultural development and revitalisation 71 % Programs and partnerships, 71 % Stadtbibliotek Stuttgart Germany Collaborative learning environments and learning commons 71 %
  13. 13. SPACES IN THE LIBRARIES MOST PREFERRED RESPONSES Wireless access spaces 94 % Print collection and multimedia collection spaces 100 % De Niuewe Bibliotheek Almere The Netherlands Children’s area, Newspaper/ Media area 94 % Technology spaces 94 % Exhibition spaces 94%
  14. 14. SPACES IN THE LIBRARIES UPCOMING CHOICES Group learning Space 82 % Staff space 88 % Cultural activity space 82 % De Niuewe Bibliotheek Almere The Netherlands
  15. 15. Umea City Library Sweden “The new library building is a part of a big strategic development project with the ambition to strengthen the role of culture as a driving force for sustainable city development.” Library planning is being undertaken in synch with priorities of the local area
  16. 16. Major cities are increasingly constructing new libraries to provide town centre, iconic architecture, placemaker function and civic identity and space. Deichmanske Bibliotek Norway (forthcoming)
  17. 17. De Niuewe Bibliotheek Almere The Netherlands Vision and Strategic Intent: “To build a very attractive library in the internet age; a library like a shop, with many places for study and a lively program” New libraries include community hubs, learning centres, civic and cultural precincts, recreation and commercial hubs
  18. 18. Anythink Wright Farms USA More libraries provide . content creation spaces such as maker spaces, workshops and other flexible programming spaces “Three must haves included: Studio space for digital content creation; flexible open space for programs; creative community space.”
  19. 19. More libraries are targeted, specialised and have a specific community focus “The thematic focus on Chinese arts and culture has proven to be successful as it provides a one stop shop for all things Chinese arts and culture for all ages in all languages.” Library@Cinatown Singapore
  20. 20. Young people and their reading literacy and learning needs are a high priority “The tree house provided a different learning experience for children.” My Tree House Singapore
  21. 21. Hjørring Bibliotek Denmark A shift of focus is needed from collections to people. RECOMMENDATIONS “Our headline was “people meet people” and therefore it was important for us to create and informal and welcoming atmosphere in a smashing design.”
  22. 22. Libraries must be flexible in design responding to new trends and needs Southbank Library @ Boyd Australia
  23. 23. Stadtbibliotek Stuttgart Germany Libraries must incorporate space for the multiplicity of current and future technologies Must haves: “The library as physical space; The library as "expanded library" and promoter of digital literacy; The intercultural and all-age library and center of innovative learning.”
  24. 24. Architectural design is essential. But it must be combined with and never take precedence over community needs and functionality. Biblioteca Viva Biobio Chile “Offer a cultural public space in high demand areas such as shopping centers. Provide meeting place, encourage people to read and participate in all kinds of cultural activities.”
  25. 25. We must welcome mistakes and make room for innovation
  26. 26. Unmanned opening hours Integrated public library and school library Shared facilities Integrated technology and service Ørestad Library Denmark
  27. 27. The library is designed like a shop Users are treated as customers with 5 different ‘shopping’ profiles De Niuewe Bibliotheek Almere Holland Books are presented in different zones, e.g. “retreat” or “high tension”
  28. 28. A library driven by user needs and wishes A library like a living room Want to host an activity? Here are the keys to the library! Garaget Sweden
  29. 29. Developing future libraries The digital age is changing our ways of finding information Therefore we must build and design differently The role of public libraries is changing as well …and change our service concepts to meet the new needs
  30. 30. Remember… Flexibility Technology Engagement Community People Vision
  31. 31. Thank you