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Gamification and its adapt in education.

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Presentation gamification

  1. 1. Communication, Media and Culture Department. Marketingand PR lab.Lesson: Social Media and entrepreneurStudents: Theopoulou Maria (@mariatheopoulou), KapsaliChrisoula (@XrysaKapsali), Paspati Anna (@virgolet), SkrivanouAlexandra (@ASkrivanou), Soilemetzidou Eirini (@irinisoil),Mathioudakis Dimitris (@dimitris_mat)
  2. 2. in
  3. 3. Simulated livingThere is, that playing video games can be beneficial . Studiesindicate that video games improve decision making, vision, and hand-eyecoordination.People who play games like surgeons, are less likely to do any mistake.Toyota, Lexus and IBM also used simulated environments.
  4. 4. it!Gamers tend to enter amental state called"flow," in which theyrecompletely immersedin what they are doingand lose track of time.
  5. 5. ….meanwhile in workplaces.Companies invent their owngames, to train theiremployees. IBM, Microsoft(Code review), Google(Google Image Labeler) andso on are “entertaining”their workers in order tomake them moreproductive.
  6. 6. Health issuesThat comes from lack ofmotivations… which lackis being fought by:
  7. 7. Gamification:The gaming approach (gaming techniques,mechanics, style) to non gaming applications,aiming to make them more fun and engaging, as itconverts simple users into players. NOT equal to games
  8. 8. The decade of social age is.. OVER
  9. 9. A new “trend” intechnology, marketing andadministration, that willdominate in the next 10years.
  10. 10. Gamification is as importantas social and mobile. More than 50% of companies will have adapt Important in gamification our daily life, by 2015 mobile applications etc
  11. 11. Friday projectsOn Google Friday team members are encouragedto set aside their normal day-to-day work andinstead “play” with technologies that interestthem and may have a use in the Library. It’s a veryinteresting approach to development and leads tohigh motivation within the team to explore andinnovate.
  12. 12. Some dynamics• Appointment dynamic: Be in a predefined place, in a predefined time (example, happy hour or Farmville)• Progression dynamic: The art of becoming better and better through tasks, missions etc• Communal discovery: The awesome fact of a group of people working to solve a problem, or to achieve a goal (DARPA challenge example)• Influence and status: The ability to pressure others and their decisions in game (credits card, schools –bad example-)
  13. 13. Some stats!!12m of people play each month83m. of people play , more than twitter users Av. Gamers age is 34 years
  14. 14. Game mechanicsachievements: “achievements can be easy, difficult, surprising, funny,accomplished alone or as a group”appointments: “engagements”behavioral momentum: “keep doing what you have been doing”blissful productivity: “happier working hard”bonuses: “reward”cascading information theory: “information released in the minimum possiblesnippets”combos: usually comes with the reward of doing a combination of thingscommunity collaboration: viral and very fun!!!countdown: “time is up!”
  15. 15. discovery: players love to be surprised...epic meaning: players love to work for something bigger than lunch: get something for free!infinite gameplay: without an explicit endlevels: one of the highest components of motivation for gamersloss aversion: influences user by not instituting punishment,let alone reward!lottery: this creates anticipation and suspectownership: it creates the need to take care of your acquisitionpoints: a kind of motivation given for any user’s actionprogression: the process of measuring success through a combination of tasksquests: challenge
  16. 16. reward schedules: this delivers the rewardsstatus: the level of a also relates envyurgent optimism: players are motivated to overcome difficulties in order tosucceedvirality: group of people>person
  17. 17. Examples: Games & EducationExample # 1:• A platform for digital educational content, enriched with multimedia applications.• Participates in the new era of online school to provide digital line interactive courses online.• Daily enriching educational content, is the leading platform in the new era of digital education.• The has grown to strict specifications globally strict specifications globally recogniz ed company YDP SA (Young Digital Planet).
  18. 18. • The YDP SA in the last 20 years is a pioneer in educational electronic publications dozen awards around the world.• The expertise, specialized programs, technical support and quality standards to follow along with the excellent team, guarantee the quality, functionality and efficiency of digital courses.• Hi, Pythagoras!":In this exhibit, childrens elementary school will have the ability, using the to discover the world of mathematics.
  19. 19. Example # 2: The “house of Migki”The objectives of this application is the practice of:• Logic• Observation• Perception• MemoryThe pedagogical approach of the above contents of the application is in by:• Exploration and acquaintance with the natural environment by means of logical-mathematical thinking• Create state reflection• Find solutions through experimentation• Growing awareness• Develop observation• Memory Training
  20. 20. "The Secret Album Uncle Albert"Contents of the award:• rich environment• variety of objects and tools assisting• plethora of activities to gradually solve the puzzle• combination of audio, visual and motor stimuli• ability to operate multi-level• Knowledge of the natural environment and sciencePedagogical approach of the award:• active learning through solving situations of concern• undirected action of student• training of all mental abilities, perception, memory, logic• thinking, combined capacity, the importance of distinguishing stimuli• practicing individual skills• creative knowledge discovery
  21. 21. Teachers and ExecutivesGeorge Giannakeas (@gioris)Nektarios Sylligardakis (@nsyll)Yiannis Doxaras (@Doxaras)Lida Tsene (@LidaTsene)Betty Tsakarestou (@Tsakarestou)