AwesomeTrade Show Marketing Tips


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Try these really awesome marketing tips at your next tradeshow.

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AwesomeTrade Show Marketing Tips

  1. 1. 5 Awesome Tradeshow Marketing Tips Think all your marketing is done once the with your Fans who may or not be at the and after the show. Your post can includeshow begins? Think again, its just getting show. Your FB post will show up on your new product announcements, or yourstarted. With today’s 2.0 marketing tools take on the show. Be sure to add/tag the followers (Fans) wall post. This is why it’sand the growing popularity of smart phones, name of the show in your post. Since blog important to build your FaceBook can now also market your products or post are indexed within hours (unlike webservices during the show. I’m not talking If you really want to engage pages which can take up to 12 days),about handing out trade show bags or with a show attendee, add a QR many of your blog post can appear inexpensive on-site advertising but rather theseinexpensive 2.0 ideas you can do yourself. tag to a pop up banner or product ID a search engines while the show is still stand. When a QR tag is scanned by the going on. Tweeting is good way to reach attendees smart phone, you can link them trade show attendees who are not to a website which could further explain Consider running a Googleyour Twitter followers. Send out Tweet your exhibited product or bring them Adwords campaign before andupdates during the show. Be sure to add to a RFQ page. The attendee can then during the show.#showname in your Tweets so they are share the link with fellow co-workers or Google Trends show that searches forfound in the Twitter search stream. Tweet their social network. (If you know of any trade show names ramp up before andabout your new products, demonstrations, customers with a large social network or during the event and drops off a cliff whencontest or raffles. blog following, ask them if they would the event is over. mind posting some kind words about Most trade shows names have little Facebook Fan Page updates can your product.) adword competition making the keyword be used like Twitter but your post affordable. Your advertisement canreside on your FB wall. Posting Facebook Blog posting about your show or announce new products, specials, raffles,info to your wall is a good way to engage event can be done before, during contest, and your booth number.2600 W. 50th StreetChicago IL, 60632ph: 773.925.6500 View Our Gallerytoll free: View Us Oninfo@dimensioncraftinc.comTrade Show ServicesIn-House Design Exhibit Construction Installation & Dismantling Shipping & Storage Graphics Production