Getting Around McCormick Place


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Exhibiting at McCormick Place? Be sure to check out our "Getting Around McCormick Place" presentation.

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  • million feet of exhibit hall, many tradeshows take
  • Getting Around McCormick Place

    1. 1. Tips forGetting Around McCormick Place
    2. 2. Exhibiting at Chicago’s McCormick Place can be abit overwhelming since it’s the largestconvention center in the United States.
    3. 3. By reading this presentation,
    4. 4. you’ll become more familiarMcCormick Place
    5. 5. McCormick Place is compose #2.North Buildingis composed of #1. LakeSide Centerfour buildings. #3. South Building #4. West Building
    6. 6. Lakeside CenterLakeside Center is composed of twoexhibition levels. Level 2 called Hall E andthe upper Level 3 called Hall D.Parking TipLocated just south of the LakeSide Centeris Lot C. It is a two level underground lotwith 1,900 available parking spaces. Besure to note which level you have parkedat and the color coded parking location.Parking is also available in the SoldierField parking lot located on the north endof the LakeSide Center.
    7. 7. North BuildingThe North Building and Lakeside Centerare connected by a pedestrian bridge thatstretches over Lake Shore Drive whichprovides a great view of downtownChicago. The exhibition floors includeLevel 1 – C Hall and Level 3 – B Hall whichis located on the main concourse. Level 2contains a food court that includes aMcDonalds and Connies Pizza.Parking TipIf your exhibit is located in the NorthBuilding, park in Lot A. If possible park onlevel 4, since this is the exhibit level andthere will be no need to use the elevators.You can also park in the Hyatt RegencyGarage. It will cost a little bit more butoffers a shorter walk to the NorthBuilding.
    8. 8. South BuildingThe South Building Level 3 – A Hall islocated on the main course across fromthe North Hall. It opened in 1997.Parking TipExhibitors with booths in the SouthBuilding can park in parking Lot A, or B.Parking in Hyatt Regency Garage will costa little bit more but offers a shorter walkto the South building.
    9. 9. West BuildingThe West Building is located on Level 3and is the newest of the McCormickPlace buildings. It opened in 2007. TheWest Hall has green rooftop gardenavailable for receptions. A sky bridgeconnects the West building to theNorth and South buildings.Parking TipPark in Lot A if your exhibit is in theWest building.
    10. 10. More McCormick Place Parking Tips1. parking rates are $19 for up to 16 hours & $30 from 16 to 24 hours2. be sure to get your receipt for your business expenses3. note your parking location on your ticket4. there are no parking in-and-out privileges.5. overnight parking is available in Lot A only6. lost tickets will pay the $30 fee per day7. if parking in lot A, carry your parking ticket with you and pay theparking fee at the automated parking machines located outside theparking exit doors
    11. 11. Getting to McCormick PlaceMany larger shows offercomplimentary shuttlebus service fromdowntown hotels to theshow.
    12. 12. Taxis are another option
    13. 13. However, the McCormick Place taxilines can be long when leaving theshow.
    14. 14. The Metra train stops at McCormick Place entrance – Level 2.5
    15. 15. McCormick Place Promo Video
    16. 16. Check out our getting around McCormickPlace photos.
    17. 17. Lakeside Building
    18. 18. McCormick Pace - Lakeside Building – East Exit
    19. 19. Lakeside Building - OutsideAs an exhibitor or show attendee, make it a point to take in the view of Lake Michigan by walking out thebuilding’s east doors. During the warmer Chicago months, the patio is open with a seating area and places toeat. Pull up a seat and enjoy the view of the sailboats heading out onto the lake. It’s a great location to takea mental break from the trade show hustle and bustle and enjoy one Chicago’s best views.
    20. 20. McCormick Pace - Lakeside Building - Upper Level
    21. 21. Grand Concourse over Lake Shore Drive
    22. 22. Outside View of the Grand Concourse
    23. 23. Outside the Grand Concourse Looking North
    24. 24. Grand Concourse between the North & South Buildings
    25. 25. South Building Entrance
    26. 26. West Building
    27. 27. FedX Office – Lakeside Building Lower Level
    28. 28. Located in Chicago,Dimension Craft Inc has been setting up trade showexhibits at McCormick Place since 1971.
    29. 29. ph: 773-925-6500