Online Reputation Monitoring In The Hotel Industry


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Online reputation monitoring has been touted as the key online generator to receive feedback from customers and gauge customer satisfaction. In the hotel industry more and more guests are turning to social media and review sites to write good and bad reviews/feedback. However are managers satisfied with just simple monitoring and the inability to react on time and on site? More and more unhappy guest leave the hotel’s premises therefore increasing the number of negative reviews posted on the web. Managers can monitor feedback data, but can they make truly make their guest any happier?

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Online Reputation Monitoring In The Hotel Industry

  1. 1. Online Reputation Monitoring In The Hotel Industry Do Hotels Really Find It Effective?
  2. 2. Understanding Online Reputation Monitoring• Customers Provide Feedback On Products/Services To Review Sites & Social Media.• Businesses Collects Valuable Customer Feedback/Data And Monitor Their Online Reputation Via The Web• Customer Feedback Is Then Translated To Good or Bad Reputation For The Business
  3. 3. Online Reputation Monitoring- The Hotel Industry• Hotel Guests Leave Feedback On Review Sites. Example: TripAdvisor My Hotel Room Was Very Dirty !!• Hotel Management Receives Feedback, Issues Online Apology To Guest. No Effect !!• Yet Another Bad Online Review For Everyone To See. Tarnish Hotel’s Reputation Further
  4. 4. Online Reputation Monitoring- Why Hotels Need To Change• Watching Without Actually Doing Anything• Inability To Act Means Unhappy Guests Remain Unhappy. Apologies Not Good Enough• Process of Collecting Data To Action Taken By Hotels Takes Too Long - Too Little Too Late !• More Negative Reviews By Unhappy Guests• Negative Reviews Further Tarnishes Hotel’s Reputation.
  5. 5. Online Reputation Monitoring- A Surprising StatisticHotel Guests who have an unpleasantexperience are more likely to write areview 22% of the time as comparedto the mere 9% of positiveexperiences that get shared on reviewsites and social media !!* It takes Just A Few Grumpy & Irate GuestsWith A Computer To Tarnish TheReputation of A hotel….And 22% Is A Lot !!
  6. 6. Online Reputation Monitoring-What Should Hotels Concentrate On
  7. 7. Online Reputation Monitoring- A New Trend For Hotels• Example: The ECO Tool• Provides Real Time 1 on 1 Interaction Between Hotel Management And Guests.• Ability For Management To ACT Towards Guest’s Feedbacks On Site• Guests Leave The Hotel Much Happier
  8. 8. Online Reputation Monitoring- A New Trend For HotelsWhat Does Having Happier Guests Mean For Hotel’s Reputation? Simple… Guests Leave The Hotel Happier Less Negative Reviews & More Positive Reviews Appearing Online Hotel’s Reputation Improves
  9. 9. Online Reputation Monitoring- Outcome For Hotel’s Management• More Timely And Accurate Information/Feedback Received• Not Wasting Too Much Time On Online Reputation Monitoring• Concentrating On The More Important Aspects Within The Hotel’s Operation – Guest Satisfaction Eventually Leads To…… Better Strategic Decision Making By Hotel’s Managers