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iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are revolutionary new platform made available by Apple. These technologies presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies with great new product ideas. Larger organizations and companies with established products will also greatly benefit by extending their applications and products to run on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Given the power of this mobile computing platform, the breadth of applications that can be developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is limited only by your imagination.

With our proven experience of building mobile applications and Yash Computech Solutions expertise on iOs, X Code, Objective C, Cocoa, iPhone SDK and related technologies.

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Ycs iphone-development

  1. 1. iPhone DEVELOPMENT We deliver technology solutions that improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of our clients. We have extensive experience in virtually all technology-related fields, ranging from software development and IT consulting services to webdesign and development solutions. We provide a valuable customer service and support to every project, undertake and operate our business efficiently so the costs of our products remain competitive. We invest our resources into our community and we train and educate our employees. We have a global outlook and ambition and we understand that success comes only to companies that operate with integrity. .... ...... Yash Computech Solutions
  2. 2. Introduction iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch are revolutionary new platform made available by Apple.The iPhone is now one of the most dynamic and exciting segments of the Smartphone industry. iPhone applications developers and iPhone App development continue to come up with more exciting and appealing applications that still attract people. Amidst stiff competition from other mobile devices like Blackberry,Windows Mobile and Android, the jPhone continues to have wonderful applications, which gives it a better chance of enjoying a more significant market share. iPhone Development include: • iPhone Business applications • iPhone Social applications • iPhone Game applications • iPhone Enterprise applications • iPhone Geographic Location App development • iPhone ApplicationTesting We are geared towards offering best iPhone application development and consulting services adding value to the businesses of our clients and partners based across US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, all European Coutries and all across the world. For any iPhone application developent. We will develope for you the best iPhone application whether you are an estate agent, a hotel, an entertainment firm, a local travel agency or an established company in any field. We can help you to build an iPhone App and bring your business to next level for the future! Because we hire Best iPhone App Developers we are: • Assign tasks directly • Monitor progress on daily basis • Pay only for actual work done • Communicate using Im, Email “The cure for Apple is not cost-cutting.The cure for Apple is to innovate its way out of its current predicament.” Stew Jobs
  3. 3. • Graphics Frameworks range from Quartz 2D primitives, the easy to use Core Animation for awesome effects, to industry standard OpenGL ES for creating spectacular 3D games • Audio Everything for playing videos, music and in game media: Media Player framework for full-screen video, HTTP Live Streaming, access to the iPod library, Core Audio and OpenAL for sound • Built-in Cameras and Photo Library Import images from the device’s photo library, or easily take a new photo to add to your app. Create augmented reality experiences with a live camera feed and overlays • Media Library Play music in the background of your app and access the full media library on the device • iOS Simulator The Mac-based Simulator speeds the round trip process of developing with fast app startup and accelerated stepping through the debugger • Inter-app Messaging Easily share data with the iOS system apps using a simple URL-based model, or register a custom URL type to enable sharing with your own app • Messaging Add support in your app for composing and queuing email messages in the user’s outbox and for sending SMS messages from within your app • In-App SMS Compose SMS messages from within apps, similar to the Mail compose sheet added iniOS SDK 3.0 • Cut, Copy and Paste System-wide support for cut, copy, and paste makes it easy to share more than just plain words to and from your app, with support for rich text, HTML, and images using a shared clipboard • Multitasking iOS delivers multitasking services that allow your apps to perform tasks in the background while preserving battery life and peformance • Address Book Read and write to the device’s shared contacts database so your app can tie into a central repository of friends, family and coworkers • Compass Full access to the hardware compass, when available, to employ along with location and map services, also available as core services of iOS • Electronic Accessories Create a great experience for hardware devices using a custom app on an iOS device to control the accessory • Quick Look Features of iOS
  4. 4. Advantages of iOS Yash Computech Solutions C - 128 Rajendra Nagar, Indore (M.P.) India-452012 Contact No.:- +91-731-232-2990 E-Mail:- info@ycsin.com • BetterVoice Mail • Better Power Management - iOS devices seem to have power management than Android devices • One-button Operation - Apple uses a single button to return to the Home screen, display the search box, and show recently opened apps. Is it intuitive? No, but once you learn it, it works well • Better Calendar app - Another thing I miss is the iOS calendar. I found it much easier to add appointments to the Apple Calendar than the Android Calendar • Better Cut & Paste - Although Android devices had cut and paste first, Apple has done a much better job implementing the feature. iOS devices have more region selection options and it’s much easier to quickly select text by dragging the region select handls around. Although this seems like a minor issue, it’s important to some users • iOS has better support for USB audio devices - iOS devices can play and record audio with standard USB audio devices using the camera connection kit.Android is saddled with a USB port that cannot host audio devices.Android 4.1 supports audio output only (no input) with accessory devices, but audio accessories have to be the USB host • More iOS-only or iOS-first Apps - By now you’d think all popular apps would be available on both platforms, but that’s not the case. Android is still missing some popular iOS apps.To make things worse, even when developers support both platforms, they often release their iOS apps first • Better HTML5 Support - Although Flash is still a popular way of handling multimedia on theWeb, many people believe HTML5 will one day replace it. Instead of supporting Flash, Apple put its efforts into supporting HTML5 and it shows • Dynamic App Icons - iOS may not have widget support yet, but I love how the icon for the Calendar app displays the current day and date. Folders and apps like Spotify also are capable of showing notifications • Global Search - Swiping to the right displays a screen where you can search for Apps, Calendar, Mail, Music, Notes,Web andWikipedia.This is a pretty big deal and Apple has shown they will litigate if anyone attempts to support this .... ......