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6 Steps to Printing Money at Your Association with eLearning Slides
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6 Steps to Printing Money at Your Association with eLearning Slides


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It's no secret that associations want higher member retention, increased non-dues revenue, and a unique value-add members can't get anywhere else. The question is: what's so sticky that members will …

It's no secret that associations want higher member retention, increased non-dues revenue, and a unique value-add members can't get anywhere else. The question is: what's so sticky that members will renew year after year just to have access to and be willing to pay extra for? And how can associations generate a new, profitable revenue stream AND create higher member engagement?

In this Webinar, Tom Morrison, CEO at the Metal Treating Institute (MTI) and Jack McGrath, President and Creative Director at Digitec Interactive come together to share the secret to "printing money" at your association with eLearning. Their innovative approach to online education for associations outlines a 6-step process to creating successful education programs, designed to maximize member satisfaction and generate cash for the association.

Attendees will learn:
• How to design a successful business model for eLearning
• How to determine technology needs and make their selection
• How to create, source and repurpose content for online
• How to successfully market their programs
• How to build a "hands-free" program that even small staffs can manage

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. 6 STEPS TO PRINTING MONEY AT YOUR ASSOCIATION WITH ELEARNING Tom Morrison | METAL Treating Institute Jack McGrath | DIGITEC Interactive #assnEDU @tommorrison @metaltreat @digitecjack @digitec
  • 2. #assnEDU The AGENDA - About The Metal Treating Institute (MTI) - About Digitec Interactive - The eLearning Landscape - 6 Step Process - Questions SLIDE: 2
  • 3. #assnEDU ABOUT US MTIMETAL TREATING INSTITUTE OUR ASSOCIATION & OUR MISSION The Metal Treating Institute is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association that was established in 1933. To enhance the image and profitability of the heat treat industry. OUR EDUCATION PROGRAMS Heat Treat Specialist Certificate Program Qualified Furnace Operator Program ABC’s of Heat Treating Furnaces North America Safety/Environmental OUR MEMBERS MTI represents the largest network of commercial heat treaters in the world. MTI also represents manufacturers with in-house heat treating operations and suppliers who serve both commercial and captive heat treaters. SLIDE: 3 Tom Morrison CEO at MTI
  • 4. #assnEDU ABOUT US DIGITECINTERACTIVE OUR COMPANY & OUR MISSION Digitec Interactive is a multi-award winning eLearning company and learning management system (LMS) provider. OUR SERVICES Learning Management Systems eLearning Course Production Instructional Design Services Games & Simulations To transform learning and change lives. OUR PARTNERS Digitec has partnered with more than 75 associations and nonprofits to develop and deliver online member education. More than 300,000 learners worldwide utilize the Knowledge Direct® LMS powered by Digitec Interactive. SLIDE: 4 Jack McGrath President and Creative Director at Digitec
  • 5. #assnEDU eLEARNING LANDSCAPE MEMBERBENEFITS THE DEFINITION Any learning conducted via electronic media; encompasses self-paced content, live and recorded webinars, digital print media as well as videos and audio recordings. SLIDE: 5
  • 6. #assnEDU eLEARNING LANDSCAPE ASSOCIATIONBENEFITS THE REASONS - More cost-effective than ILT - Ability to reach larger audience - Increased revenue generation - Learner directed - More effective learning - Increased knowledge retention SLIDE: 6 SOURCES:, Tagoras Association Learning + Technology Report
  • 7. #assnEDU eLEARNING LANDSCAPE TRENDSPREDICTIONS and Barriers 95% of ASSOCIATIONS USE ELEARNING FOR MEMBER PD 77.4% of ASSOCIATIONS OFFER ELEARNING BARRIERS TO ENTRY - Concern over cost - Technology skills of users - Staff time to develop content - Talent/SMEs - Tech infrastructure - Board approval SLIDE: 7 SOURCE: Tagoras Association Learning + Technology Report
  • 9. #assnEDU STEP 1: FIND YOUR NICHE DETERMINENEEDS DETERMINE MEMBERSHIP EDUCATION NEEDS 1. FIND YOUR NICHE Mandatory training Continuing education requirements Certifications Designations Audits Prestige/marketability of members SURVEY MEMBERS What do they seek? What are they doing now for training/CE? What expectations do they have? What are they willing to pay? DETERMINE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE eLearning What makes your association better? What is your differentiator? RESEARCH COMPETITION Who’s serving education needs of members? What is their model? How well are they fulfilling the needs? What weaknesses do they have? SLIDE: 9 CONSIDER PARTNERSHIPS Other associations Industry Universities Nonprofits Advocacy groups
  • 10. #assnEDU STEP 2: DETERMINE PRICING MODEL PRICINGOPTIONS SUBSCRIPTION Monthly -Unlimited access -Limited access Annually -Unlimited access -Limited access 2. DETERMINE PRICING MODEL PER PROGRAM (BUNDLE) Certification program Designation Certificate program PER COURSE Bulk discounts Member/nonmember Organizational/individual SLIDE: 10 eLearning
  • 11. #assnEDU STEP 3: SELECT THE TECHNOLOGY LEARNINGMANAGEMENT DEMO SOLUTIONS PLAN YOUR PURCHASE Narrow down to 2 or 3 for demos Include all stakeholders Consider scheduling 2 demos (tech/non-tech) Ask for trial “sandbox” Estimate projected usage Create a timeline Document your requirements -Critical -Need to have -Nice to have CHECK REFERENCES At least 3 (similar size/requirements) What do they like/dislike? Any surprises? RESEARCH SOLUTIONS Attend tradeshows Read reports Search the web Ask for referrals eLearning SEAL THE DEAL Notify chosen vendor Notify all other vendors DEVELOP THE RFP Involve your team Fine tune requirements/create use cases Utilize spreadsheets Assemble a review committee SEND OUT RFP No more than 5 vendors Expect and be open to questions Require detailed responses SLIDE: 11 3. SELECT THE TECHNOLOGY FREE WHITE PAPER
  • 12. #assnEDU STEP 4: CREATE CONTENT ELEARNINGDEVELOPMENT IMPORT CONTENT TAKE AN INVENTORY Does it meet training/CE needs of members? What format is it in? -Presentations (PPTs, notes, handouts) -Conference session recordings -Webinar recordings -Handbooks/textbooks -Journals -Self-paced courses Can it be converted to online? Does it need updating? Migrate or upload to LMS Create course/program descriptions Create assessment or survey questions eLearning DETERMINE NEED What format should it be in? -Self-paced eLearning -Videos -PDF/Docs -Live webinars -Journals Who should create it? -Vendor w/help of SME -SME -Association staffers -Contractor SLIDE: 12t 4. CREATE CONTENT
  • 13. #assnEDU STEP 5: MARKET YOUR ELEARNING GENERATEINTEREST COLLABORATE CREATE MARKETING PLAN Marketing and Education Depts. must team Audience (segmentation) -Member/nonmember? -Rookie/veteran? Need cert or CE? -Where do they “live”? (email, social media, conferences, print journals, direct mail) Message/Tone Delivery Method -Traditional (magazines, journals, direct mail) -Digital (email, social media, website) Budget Metrics UNDERSTAND YOUR PRODUCT Remember what you’re really selling (HINT: certificate) eLearning 5. MARKET YOUR ELEARNING SLIDE: 13
  • 14. #assnEDU STEP 6: MAINTAIN AND SUPPORT PROGRAM MANAGINGELEARNING SUPPORT USERS CONTENT UPDATES Level 1 (password assistance) Level 2 (technical support) Who is responsible? What is the shelf life? When will you expand your offerings? 6. MAINTAIN AND SUPPORT PROGRAM eLearning ADMINISTER LMS Association staffer LMS provider SLIDE: 14
  • 15. #assnEDU QUESTIONS? From the audience @tommorrison Tom Morrison CEO at MTI @digitecjack Jack McGrath President and Creative Director at Digitec