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Best Google search tips (Ignite Presentation)
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Best Google search tips (Ignite Presentation)



Tips and hints to get the most out of searching using Google. A five-minute presentation in the Ignite speed-share format. Hints include using the URL bar to search, limiting your search to a ...

Tips and hints to get the most out of searching using Google. A five-minute presentation in the Ignite speed-share format. Hints include using the URL bar to search, limiting your search to a particular website or domain, as well as tricks to find similar websites once you've found what you're looking for.



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  • Hush-Hush Hints for Successful Searching, by @DarrenWhitelaw • Ignite Presentation • 6 May 2010 Refer last slide for licensing and re-use conditions. Image CC-BY-SA by http:// www.flickr.com/photos/a_ninjamonkey / available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/a_ninjamonkey/4042006778/
  • * Visualisation of the internet * 150 billion pages 1.7 billion users around the globe (25% penetration rate) 380% annual growth Source: http:// www.opte.org /
  • Image CC-BY-NC-ND by http:// picasaweb.google.com/vialila available at http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/1jbETjE94apgbsTiF9lwTA More than 1 billion searches are made every day on Google. That’s around 10,000 per second. Google is available in 125 different languages, as well as: Pirate: http:// www.google.com/webhp?hl =xx-pirate Elmer Fudd: http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=xx-elmer Klingon: http:// www.google.com/webhp?hl =xx- klingon
  • What would you say if I said you could get an extra 12 days back in your life each year by using Google more efficiently?
  • A view through the 20-X power telescopic gunsight mounted atop an M-91 .308 caliber sniper rifle of a target. The range to the target is 300 yards (or around one quarter of a kilometre). View taken at the Naval Activities Guam shooting range. Image by Heather S Gordon, Creative Commons (Public Domain) licence. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Scope_of_M-91.JPEG
  • Image licensed CC BY-SA 2.0 by http://www.flickr.com/photos/thenickster available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/49503073847@N01/2673564442
  • There are 22 other types of searching beyond just looking for text on web pages

Best Google search tips (Ignite Presentation) Best Google search tips (Ignite Presentation) Presentation Transcript

  • @DarrenWhitelaw • Ignite Presentation • 6 May 2010 justice. vic.gov.au Unless indicated otherwise, content in this presentation is licensed by @ darrenwhitelaw :
  • People really like the internet. Image by The Opte Project
    • Being more productive makes heaps of sense…
    • 5 searches every hour
    • Avg 45 secs ea = 225 secs / 60 = 3.75min
    • Total time on Google each week =
    • 7.6 x 3.75 x 5 / 60 = 2.375 hrs =
    • In a year = 2. 375 x 48 / 7.6 = 15 days
    • Cutting wasted time by 80%: 15 x 80/100
    • Saving = 12 days a year!
    12 days extra!
  • Search directly in the URL area Which search engine is better than internet explorer?
  • Start with extreme precision photo sniper rifle sharpshooter target army gun long-distance military high-res
  • Then spread out wider by gradually removing words. sign shotgun holes image bullets shooting damaged farmers country
  • Wildcards (*) are really useful
    • Truck
    • Truck*
    • Trucks
    • Trucking
    • Truckers
    • Trucking industry
    • Truck enthusiasts
  • And they can also help fill in the blanks Kevin Rudd was elected in *
  • site: limits to a website or domain Human rights legislation site: .vic.gov.au
  • Use minus (-) to tell it what you don’t want Cheating in sports – ” Tiger Woods” Be picky…
  • Look for this OR that… “ Human rights” legislation OR laws
  • When you’ve found something good Use related: to bring similar
  • Much more than just a search engine
  • Weather Melbourne
  • 212 * 1.2 - 212
  • 220 australian dollars into us dollars
  • Movies
  • Finally: Don’t get caught on copyright
  • OK, so to summarise all that…
    • Type straight in
    • Start specific, broaden out
    • Use *, OR, -
    • Limit to a site:
    • related: helps find similar
    • Careful with image copyright
    • More than just searching
  • Whew! That’s it… questions?
  • Re-using this presentation? The fine print…
    • Parts of this presentation not under copyright or licensed to others (as indicated) have been made available under the Creative Commons Licence 2.5
    • Put simply, this means:
      • you are free to share, copy and distribute this work
      • you can remix and adapt this work
    • Under the following conditions
      • you must attribute the work to the author:
      • Darren Whitelaw ( http://twitter.com/darrenwhitelaw )
      • you must share alike – so if you alter or build upon this work you have to keep these same conditions
    • Unless stated otherwise, the information in this presentation is the personal view of the author and does not represent official policy or position of his employer