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Dm arts d1-s3-rania-elbakry-mobi_nil-onlining_ma3a_ba3d

  1. 1. Onlining Ma3a Ba3d Rania El Bakry Manager, Digital & Direct & Communication September 10, 2012 Digital Marketing Arts conference and workshop, Cairo on 10-11 Sep. 2012
  2. 2. Ma3a Ba3d, we will talk about:• The 3 C’s of the digital world• The 3 C’s•• Pre-Digital era Pre-Digital era•• Post-Digital era Post-Digital era• Success is in the mix• Success is in the mix• Capitalizing on offline success• Capitalizing on offline success• Small successes (jeep, ALO re-launch, Ma3a Ba3d corporate• Sharing success campaign, Elissa concert)
  3. 3. ConsumerC ontent C ommunication
  4. 4. 3 C’s of our digital worldThere are 3 main components in our world of advertising, I call themthe 3 C’s:• Consumer – existing or potential• Content – the actual program, channel, website• Communication – message a company is trying to convey
  5. 5. Consumer• Is the reason companies are in business.• Our aim is to appeal to the consumer, appease the consumer, generate revenue from the consumer.• Consumer behaviour is key to driving business. Egyptian consumer is unique and like no other with behaviour shifting quickly depending on many factors (seasonality, socio-political-economic atmosphere, social differences).• Companies must understand all shifts in consumer behaviour.
  6. 6. Content• Content has never been more important than today.• With the growing variety of consumer interest, content must cater to these interest providing entertaining, informative and relevant information to the consumer.• Consumers are no longer obliged to take mediocre content, they simply don’t watch and disengage.• Role of content providers is now crucial and the consumer still calls the shots through user generated content.
  7. 7. Communication• It is simply what I am saying and how I am saying it.• It must be a close match to my other 2 C’s – consumer and content in order to be the right message, to the right consumer, offered in the right place & time.• Like content, my communication must be informative and entertaining.• Like consumer, my communication has to be dynamic and meets the needs of consumers.• With the many online advertising products available today, companies have a variety of choices.
  8. 8. 3 C’s concept Consumer
  9. 9. Consumer
  10. 10. Consumer
  11. 11. Consumer
  12. 12. Before there was onlineIn the pre-digital era:Advertising was a one-way communicationConsumer input or feedback or interaction were not a considerable factorCompany was in controlMedia scene was limited and predictable with little growthNo accurate targetingNo attention to specialized contentMedia planning was simplerLimited post-campaign analysis
  13. 13. Consumer’s got the powerIn the post-digital era:Consumer is in controlConsumer input and feedback is a key success factor for advertisingConsumer has the freedom to click an adConsumer has the freedom to share an adConsumer has the freedom to buy a product or a serviceConsumer is the key creator of virality in the online worldExtremely accurate consumer targetingDetailed post-campaign performance analysis
  14. 14. Egyptian internet users interests News Religion Football ♫ Music Entertainment Education
  15. 15. Media Convergence… it’s all online TV newspapers & photos magazines movies music videos radio
  16. 16. Success is in the mix• True success online comes from capitalizing on the strengths offered by digital partners and their online advertising solutions.• Know your product, your customer and your advertising options to be able to strategize properly. Customer I understand + Informative/entertaining content + creative communication done with the right advertising solution SUCCESS!
  17. 17. Yahoo Super Video Wall Takeover
  18. 18. Promoting offline events online
  19. 19. Good content yields viral communication
  20. 20. Seize the offline moment for onlinesuccess
  21. 21. Immediate feedback to good content
  22. 22. Reward consumer with exclusive content
  23. 23. To Recap• Your 3C’s are: Consumer, Content, Communication• Consumer is King – power has shifted• Know your consumer interests and target him/her through them no matter how these interests shift• Digital marketing is expanding – join hands with all the players• Use new advertising products to assess if they work for you• Merge between your offline and online activities
  24. 24. Thank You