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Dm arts d1-s3-mohamed-megahed-connect_ads-reach your prospect_unleash your brand

  1. 1. REACH your Prospects …Unleash your BRAND Presented By: Mohamed Megahed Twitter: @M_Megahed Digital Marketing Arts conference and workshop, Cairo on 10-11 Sep. 2012
  2. 2. Marketing in a connectedWorld & Facebook Newsfeed
  3. 3. Social Media isabout people, and theirrelationships.No marketing or advertising ismore interesting to people thantheir friends.
  4. 4. Back to the Future in Marketing 1920 1990 2012
  5. 5. The Opportunity in a nutshell Build more meaningful Influence prospects relationships with your STORIES through their friends customers Increase Gain new Retention Customers
  6. 6. How to make use of the Opportunity Influence Engage Connect
  8. 8. THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO A USERYou’re competingwith family andfriendsView your page asa source, not adestination
  9. 9. QUESTIONS TO ASK FOR EACH POST Aligned with brand purpose? Consistent and unique personality? Provides value to fans? Reinforces brand message? Light-weight? Conversational? Ask questions, contain call to actions, involve your friends, right cadence, use photos/videos/polls? Boosted by media?
  10. 10. Advertising in the news feedCONNECT with more people more effectively online and on mobileENGAGE people at the center of their Facebook experienceINFLUENCE customers to drive your brand and business results
  11. 11. Connect with more people moreeffectively online and on mobile
  12. 12. News feed is where 950M+ people spend time sharing the most important parts of their lives 40% of people’s time on Facebook is on news feedSource: comScore, June 2012.
  13. 13. News feed is also where people stay connected with brands wherever they are 40-150x more likely people will consume branded content on the news feed than on a brand PageSource: comScore, June 2011.
  14. 14. News feed provides advertisers with the most scaled, dynamic mobile platform 543M mobile monthly active users 67% YOY mobile MAU growthSource: Facebook 10Q, June 2012.
  15. 15. So, how do brands connect withpeople in news feed?
  16. 16. RELEVANT STORIESget organically placed into John’s news feed
  17. 17. JohnThe most relevantstories are beingshown to John in hisnews feed.In this case, yourbrand story wasrelevant enough that itwas shown to Johnorganically.
  18. 18. AnnaAnna attended awedding this weekand all of her friendsare posting about it.Because of thisengagement from herfriends, they will beshown in her feed.As a result, yourbrand’s Page postmay not appearorganically or willappear below all ofthese friend stories.
  19. 19. But…You can promote it asa sponsored story, sothat it will appear inAnna’s feed, orappear higher than itwould haveorganically. Sponsored story
  20. 20. Sponsored stories expand your reach to fans and friends of fans in news feed Friends of Fans Fans Organic reachSource: Facebook internal data, August 2012.
  21. 21. Engage people at the center oftheir Facebook experience
  22. 22. News feed is the most engaging place on Facebook for marketers 65% of likes happen in news feed 115B news feed story impressions daily 35% of comments happen in news feedNote: Data reflects both Page posts and user stories.Source: Facebook internal data, August 2012.
  23. 23. News feed puts your brand in the center of theFacebook experience
  24. 24. …with more real estate than others 2x the size of a 300x250 banner
  25. 25. …with more real estate than others Full screen on mobile
  26. 26. News feed is the most engaging place for Page Posts >10x engagement for Page Post in news feed vs. right-hand sideNote: Engagement analysis is based off of average CTR for aggregate Page posts over a 7-day period., comparing news feed (delivery to fans and friends of fans) to right-hand side.Source: Facebook internal data, July 2012. Worldwide normalized data (based on news feed impressions and right-hand side impressions).
  27. 27. Influence customers to drive yourbrand and business results
  28. 28. Improve ad recall and brand resonance with Page posts in news feed 10x Higher ad recall for Page post in news feed vs. right-hand sideNote: Right-hand side based on marketplace.Source: Internal data, July 2012.
  30. 30. IN 2003, INTRODUCED THE WORLD TO A NEW WAY OF COMMUNICATINGToday, Skype users make 1.8 billion hours of video calls per year. Across multiple platforms Across the world Across mediums Source: Internal Skype data September 2010 – August 2011
  31. 31. UNIVERSALLYRELEVANTSkype 5.0 for 20% of all More than 30 millionWindows is available international calling people logged in atin 32 languages traffic in 2011* the same time *TeleGeography January 2011
  32. 32. SKYPE IS GROWING FAST. REALLY FAST. Daily UUs (HP) 240,743 Daily Impressions 439,342• YOY Growth Source: internal
  34. 34. MOST INTIMATE SOCIAL NETWORK 240 thousand At Peak times, 30 million UUs on HP in Egypt users online globally 16 thousand UUs in call in Egypt 244 million UUs worldwide 207 billion minutes of voice & video calls 439 thousand in 2010, 42% of which Impressions/day in Egypt was video.Source: 1 comScore Media Metrix,, January 2012 + internal
  36. 36. PUT YOUR BRAND AT THE HEARTOF THE SKYPE EXPERIENCE• Rich Media executions in an uncluttered social setting with engaged users on multiple devices
  37. 37. • IMPACT Your BRAND is at the center of the Skype experience Rich Media executions in an uncluttered social setting with engaged users. Always the first sight upon launch when users return to Skype throughout the day.
  38. 38. Total Traffic Per Month: Unique Visits 9,000,000 Visits 30,000,000 Page Views 160,000,000/ Month
  39. 39. BehavioralTargeting on LOL
  40. 40. Behavioral Targeting Objectives:Higher CTR%Guaranteed fit with: Customer’s Location Customer’s Demographic Customer’s Interest ProfileMore likely to be noticed by customersMore Engaging
  41. 41. Green Variables = No Login Required Browser TypeBrowser LanguageCity/ CountryOperating SystemService ProviderDomainMobile Brand & DeviceInterest & Looking For Unlimited combinations are possible
  42. 42. How Can it be Used? Up- Sell Acquire To Current Customers New CustomersUpgrades From competitionOffers Customers who fit your targetedNew services profileNew Models Customers who have similarAccessories productsMaintenance Customers already use theRenewal offers competition productsDiscounts for current Customers interested in yourcustomers product categoryValue added services, etc…
  43. 43. MSN Arabia Growth Jan 2011 to June 2012 Traffic +88% Traffic +120% Traffic +31% UU +37% UU +48% UU +17% MENA Traffic +72% WIDE UU +26%
  44. 44. Fastest Growing Portal in GCC 2011
  45. 45. DELIVERINGCREATIVITY Clean Environment and Unique custom creative innovative ad formats Viral Ads experiencesl
  46. 46. DEMO
  48. 48. DEMO
  49. 49. • MSN HP Countdown Bar• MSN HP Takeover• MSN New Year’s Special Sponsorship• MSN Channels Takeover & Branding • MSN Men • MSN Entertainment • MSN Games • MSN Kids
  50. 50. Drive Creativity in MSN with Rich Media57
  51. 51. Thank You