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Net Income Blueprint



You might have seen countless advertisements claiming that they can show you how to make millions of dollars on the internet....

You might have seen countless advertisements claiming that they can show you how to make millions of dollars on the internet.

Like most of us, you probably dismissed all of these advertisements as being nothing more than a hoax trying to get your money.

I will not pretend that I am going to teach you how to make millions of dollars on the internet, but I am going to show you that it is possible to make a reasonable amount of money on the internet.

Now, I know what you are thinking. How can anyone make money on the internet, especially me? Well, it is easier than you might think.

There are many different kinds of methods out there, each of which can help towards providing you with extra cash.

Who knows, with a little bit of time and effort to become a master of these methods, you might even find yourself able to completely support yourself simply from the work that you do online!

It isn’t necessarily a walk in the park to make money online, but it also isn’t so difficult that you won’t be able to manage it.

I will help you by providing you with information concerning a variety of different methods and explaining how each and every one can be used in order to work best for you.

You might not believe me. Trust me, if I was in your position a few years ago, I probably would not have believed me either!

But over the years, I have tried and tested all of these methods and have found that each and every one of them can work. Now, I am able to completely support myself by working online.

And you might still just be wondering, “Why should I even bother trying to make money online?” Some people do not recognize the potential advantages that working online can provide them with.

Instead of being trapped by your location, you will be able to look for jobs from across the world. This almost assures you that there will be some job open for you, somewhere on the internet!

Best of all, you might find that you are able to find much higher paying jobs online than you would be in your area. And if all of that isn’t enough for you, just think about how much money you could save on gas if you were able to work online for all of your money!

So get ready to take a walk down a path that may be able to help you gain a greater financial freedom.

Can You Really Make Money Online?

You would not believe how many people do not understand how much money there is to be made on the internet.



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Net Income Blueprint Document Transcript

  • 1. Net Income Blueprint 1
  • 2. Net Income Blueprint 2 Net Income BlueprintEarning a Living Online: The Keys to Online Success
  • 3. Net Income Blueprint 3S No Table Of Contents Page No01 Introduction 402 Can You Really Make Money Online 703 Method 1: Writing 8 Articles for Associated Content 8 Articles for Businesses 11 Ghostwriting 14 Writing an e-Book 1604 Method 2: Freelancing 1905 Method 3: Selling Your Own Products 24 E-Bay 24 Tradebit 2606 Method 4: Marketing 30 Affiliate Marketing 30 Other Forms of Marketing 3407 Method 5: Blog Posts 3508 Tips to Help You Make the Most Out Of Online Work 37 Identity Theft 38 Ensuring Payment 3909 Too Good To Be True? 4310 Making Sure You Have the Right Mindset 4811 Closing 50
  • 4. Net Income Blueprint 4Introduction:You might have seen countless advertisements claimingthat they can show you how to make millions of dollarson the internet.Like most of us, you probably dismissed all of theseadvertisements as being nothing more than a hoax tryingto get your money.I will not pretend that I am going to teach you how tomake millions of dollars on the internet, but I amgoing to show you that it is possible to make areasonable amount of money on the internet.Now, I know what you are thinking. How can anyone makemoney on the internet, especially me? Well, it iseasier than you might think.There are many different kinds of methods out there,each of which can help towards providing you with extracash.Who knows, with a little bit of time and effort tobecome a master of these methods, you might even findyourself able to completely support yourself simplyfrom the work that you do online!
  • 5. Net Income Blueprint 5It isn’t necessarily a walk in the park to make moneyonline, but it also isn’t so difficult that you won’tbe able to manage it.I will help you by providing you with informationconcerning a variety of different methods andexplaining how each and every one can be used in orderto work best for you.You might not believe me. Trust me, if I was in yourposition a few years ago, I probably would not havebelieved me either!But over the years, I have tried and tested all ofthese methods and have found that each and every one ofthem can work. Now, I am able to completely supportmyself by working online.And you might still just be wondering, “Why should Ieven bother trying to make money online?” Some peopledo not recognize the potential advantages that workingonline can provide them with.Instead of being trapped by your location, you will beable to look for jobs from across the world. Thisalmost assures you that there will be some job open foryou, somewhere on the internet!
  • 6. Net Income Blueprint 6Best of all, you might find that you are able to findmuch higher paying jobs online than you would be inyour area. And if all of that isn’t enough for you,just think about how much money you could save on gasif you were able to work online for all of your money!So get ready to take a walk down a path that may beable to help you gain a greater financial freedom.
  • 7. Net Income Blueprint 7Can You Really Make Money Online?You would not believe how many people do not understandhow much money there is to be made on the internet.I am not talking about just for those tech people whohave years and years of experience doing everything youcould imagine (and more!) on a computer.No, there is money out there waiting for theaverage Joe to come around and takeadvantage of.There are even skills other than computer programmingthat can help you if you are seeking to make moneyonline. While being great at computer programming is abig plus, being skilled at writing or graphic designcan also be a major way to help yourself in your goalto make money online.But even if you are not good at any of these things, donot fret. There are plenty of ways to make moneyonline, without requiring that you possess any of theseskills.Who knows, after reading these methods, you mightdiscover that you have a skill you did not know aboutbefore!
  • 8. Net Income Blueprint 8Method 1: WritingArticles for Associated Content:Now, there are plenty of different ways that you canmake money online by writing. The first of thesemethods is probably a good starting place for anyoneseeking to make money online.Associated Content is a website where you can submitarticles, stories, or even poems that you write andhave them published on the website. This can help buildup your internet name, helping to showcase your skillsto others. But another bright side of publishing your articles by Associated Content is their payment system. They have two different types of payment: upfront payment and performance payment only. The best way to start out woulddefinitely be to try submitting articles forperformance payment only. This way, you can help toraise your clout level.
  • 9. Net Income Blueprint 9This can definitely be a great way for helping toensure that future works you submit for upfront paymentare accepted. If you write articles that do well forperformance payment only, then you are helping to showAssociated Content that investing in your writing is asound business move.Performance payment only works by paying you a certainamount per one thousand page views of your article.This method means that, the more people that read yourarticle, the more money you will be paid.This can definitely be a hit-or-miss endeavor, and evenif it does work out, you will probably not see verymuch money from it at first.It takes time to build up a good following, people whowant to read your articles every time they arereleased. One method that can help you immensely is toprovide links to your older articles when you arewriting a newer one.This can help to increase your number of page views forother articles, increasing your overall payment.Of course, be wary of doing this too often, as peopleoften get discouraged when they see that the majorityof the page is blue hyperlinks!
  • 10. Net Income Blueprint 10Performance payment only can be a great way to build upyour clout. As your clout level increases, so does yourperformance payment, helping to raise the amount ofmoney that you make every one thousand page views.In addition, this helps to show Associated Content thatgiving you an upfront payment on your writings is asound investment.An upfront payment works by paying you a certain amountof money upfront for your article. This way, you do nothave to wait an extended period of time before you findyourself making money from your articles.You will be able to receive an upfront payment forsimply having your article published on AssociatedContent, guaranteeing that you make money from it.But do not expect to be able to receive upfrontpayments for your writings from the start. It takestime, building up clout, before you will find yourselfable to receive upfront payment for articles.Associated Content has to see that people are readingyour articles and that you are someone they shouldinvest in, before they will be willing to give you anupfront payment.
  • 11. Net Income Blueprint 11So if you submit an article for upfront payment and itis rejected, do not be discouraged. This may havenothing to do with your writing itself. Wait for awhile; work to get more page views on your articles,and then try again.Articles for Businesses:While writing for Associated Content is definitely agreat way to help build your online presence and makecash in the process, there are other ways that you canmake money from writing.Many businesses are constantly seeking writers to workfor them, providing their website with a variety ofarticles.Now, some of these businesses may simply want you towrite informative articles on subjects. If this is thecase, then often all you will have to do is researchand write on the subject. This can definitely be agreat way to make an extra buck.There are some websites that you can put in yourapplication for doing a certain amount of articlewriting per month.This can definitely be advantageous, as it helps toprovide you with work that fits your needs and wants.
  • 12. Net Income Blueprint 12If you are only looking to make a few extra dollars,then you can choose a small number of articles towrite, whereas if you are looking to make a reasonableincome from it, you can choose to write more articles.Love To Know is an excellent website for this, withmany talented writers already working at producing thewonderful content that fills this site.So if you are looking for a fairly reliable job atwriting, whether to bring in a little extra or to bringin a more significant amount, websites like these aredefinitely a good place to start looking.But sometimes, you may be required to do a little bitof what is known as SEO writing. SEO stands for SearchEngine Optimization.This type of writing is geared towards helping to drawsearch engines to the website. When you enter a searchinto a search engine, it searches through a list ofwebsites that it has, searching for the best result.The “best result” has to contain the keyword areasonably high number of times. In the past, searchengines could be fooled by a simply page that wouldlist the same word over and over and over again.Now, however, search engines look for a certain levelof frequency of the word.
  • 13. Net Income Blueprint 13Learning to do SEO writing is not hard. There areprograms out there that can help to show you thefrequency of a specific keyword in your article.This can help you learn to get the flow of doing SEOwriting, helping you to have a good idea of how often acertain keyword should appear.There are many websites out there that can help toexplain the art of SEO writing more in depth, and ifyou are interested in learning more, it is definitely agood skill to learn. By learning SEO writing, you willbe able to market your skills to a more variedaudience.Nearly all websites that exist, at one time or another,looked for talented SEO writers in order to help buildup their website.Some of the most successful websites currently on theinternet are also the ones that use constant SEOupdating to help draw people into their website.There are various ways you can find work writingarticles for businesses. One of the best ways is tolook for what are known as freelance writing websites.These are websites that provide freelance writers withthe ability to find businesses looking for writers, and
  • 14. Net Income Blueprint 14vice versa, so that they can work together, either fora short project or for a long-term relationship.These websites help to give you another foundation forsupplying yourself with a good revenue stream from youronline work.Freelance writing websites might also lead you toanother type of writing opportunity, known asghostwriting.Ghostwriting:What is ghostwriting? No, it does not involve ghosts orthe like. Instead, let’s say that you wanted to write abook, but you either were not capable of doing thewriting or simply could not find the time to do it.So, you can collect your notes on the subject and hirea ghostwriter.Your ghostwriter would then use your notes and, undercareful direction from you, would produce the book thatyou have always wanted.Afterwards, the book could be published in your name,as ghostwriters also sell the rights and credit of thebook to the person hiring them.
  • 15. Net Income Blueprint 15So what are some of the advantages of being aghostwriter? Well, you do not have to use any creativethinking in order to develop the idea -- that will beprovided for you.Also, you do not have to take a gamble on how muchmoney the story will make. Ghostwriters are often paidin a lump sum by the author.This helps to ensure that, even if the writing does notsell well, you will still be paid for the work you did.This can be very enticing for a ghostwriter, as itensures that you will make a certain amount of money,regardless of how well the work sells.However, you may also work for a combination of lumpsum and percentage of royalties. And in some rarecases, you might work fully for a large percentage ofroyalties, without any sort of lump sum payment.These are, of course, extreme cases, and are certainlyup to you and the individual or business you arewriting for.Keep in mind; ghostwriting is not necessarilyexclusively for books. In fact, much of the writing youwill do online may be considered ghostwriting.
  • 16. Net Income Blueprint 16Even writing for businesses often has the effect ofselling all rights to the published work to thebusiness hiring you. While this may be advantageous insome respects, it can also be quite a nuisance. It ishard to build up your internet writing presence wheneverything you write is stripped of your name!Writing an e-Book:If you are looking to put some investment which may ormay not provide an immediate return, then writing an e-Book can definitely provide you with a way to fill yourtime and potentially bring in extra cash.Of course, I would not recommend you attempt to usethis as your primary method of bringing in money. Itserves well as a way to fill in your time and topotentially bring in a little extra cash.The best way to use an e-Book to make money is to findsomeone who is looking to purchase an e-Book of acertain type, then sell yours to them.However, this often has the drawback of resulting inyou selling the rights to the e-Book to them, as well.If you are looking to keep your name on the e-Bookwhile still managing to make some money, then youshould be prepared to negotiate or to sell your e-Bookon your own terms. There are many different ways youcan choose to sell your e-Book. You can definitely wait
  • 17. Net Income Blueprint 17to find a potential customer who is looking to buy andpublish an e-Book of a certain type and negotiate tokeep your rights to it.This may take time and a little bit of searching onyour part, but it is often a good way to bring in somemore money.Another way is to go out on your own, checking withvarious websites, and try to find a place to sell andmarket your e-Book.There are many different ways to do this. Refer toMethod 3: Tradebit for a potential way of selling youre-Book.But remember, no matter how you go about trying to sellit, marketing is definitely one of the main issues! Ifno one knows about your e-Book, then no one is going tobuy it!If you are looking for the best of both worlds, youshould definitely try both publishing on AssociatedContent and using one of the other methods.This can help to provide you with a good stream ofcash, while still allowing you to build up yourinternet presence.
  • 18. Net Income Blueprint 18That way, in the future, you will find yourself able tocharge more for certain jobs, and even get jobs thatyou had not ever dreamed you could!
  • 19. Net Income Blueprint 19Method 2: FreelancingNow, you might be saying that writing is not yourthing. If so, then there are definitely other ways thatyou can make money online. However, even if writing isstill your choice, reading this section can help youout, too. Freelancing is a term that can be applied to any number of different types of jobs. What all of these jobs, online at least, have in common is that you will often find yourself working for a different person or persons for each project.Now what exactly is a project?When you work as a freelancer, your job life consistsof bidding on various projects that a person or personsput up. If your bid wins, then you complete the projectunder the terms specified and you are paid the amountthat was agreed upon.Now you might be thinking, “How does that make me anymoney? They would always take the lowest bid!” This isnot necessarily true.
  • 20. Net Income Blueprint 20As you and I know, just because something is cheaperdoesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. The peoplethat hire freelancers are well aware of this, too, andthey will not necessarily hire under the “lowest bidwins” idea.Instead, they will try to find the highest quality forthe best price. If you show that you are of asignificantly high enough quality, then you will findthat you will be able to make higher bids and win.This can be definitely advantageous for you, as itmeans that you might find yourself able to charge morethe more work that you do.So do not get discouraged if the first few jobs you getthrough freelancing are lower paying than you mightprefer. We often have to work our way from the bottomto the top in order to make the most out of things.Freelancing sites host to a variety of different jobseekers. In fact, it would be impossible to list thefull number of jobs that can become available onfreelance job sites.I will try instead to make a short list of some of themore common types of jobs that you might encounter bylooking on freelance job sites.
  • 21. Net Income Blueprint 211) (SEO) Article Writing: Article writing is definitelystill one of the most common types of work that youwill find on freelance job sites.This is simply due to the sheer mass of money thereis to be made from SEO and general article writing.This is a business that seems like it will last as longas the internet.2) Computer Programming: When I said that computerprogramming was definitely one of the big ways ofmaking money online, I wasn’t lying.Freelance job sites exist that cater directly towardsthose individuals who are skilled in the art ofcomputer programming.Whether you are skilled in website design or making theback-end for a website, you will likely find yourselfswimming in a sea of potential jobs every time you logon to these freelance job sites.3) Data Entry: Are you able to type extremely fast? Ifso, then you might be able to take advantage of thedata entry jobs that become available through freelancesites.
  • 22. Net Income Blueprint 22Some of these jobs have the disadvantage of requiringthat you be a part of a team of typists, but some donot. Data Entry work often consists of typing specificinformation into a spreadsheet, in order to helpprovide an organized way for the buyer to use theinformation.Other types of data entry work involve solvingcaptchas, the little pictures of words that websitesoften use.4) Graphic Design: Graphic design jobs that you can findon freelance job sites can range from someone simplywanting you to use PhotoShop to edit a few pictures, toa business wanting you to create a logo or banner forthem to use.It can even involve making a visual design for awebsite, so that programmers can use your design tobuild the website from. There is almost no end to thevariety of different types of jobs in graphic designthat you will be able to find on freelance job sites.While there are definitely plenty of other jobs thatwill come up on freelance job sites, this general listcovered most of the more common ones.
  • 23. Net Income Blueprint 23You would be surprised at the number of projects thatcome up each and every day. There are some freelancewebsites that have hundreds or even thousands ofprojects added each and every day.These projects are sometimes short term, but there aremany such projects that help to build long-termrelationships with certain individuals or businesses,helping to ensure your ability to win future projects.Another thing to remember is that many of thesefreelance job sites are peer reviewed.What this means for you is that, if you provide thebuyer with high quality work, he or she will often giveyou a positive review, which helps to ensure that youwill be able to get more work in the future.However, the reverse is true as well. Remember, if youaccept a project, you should work on it and try toprovide your best.
  • 24. Net Income Blueprint 24Method 3: Selling Your Own Products One of the most effective ways to make money online does not even require that you do any real work yourself. If you have things lying around, you might find that you will be able to makesome money off of it.Or, you might have made some sort of product on yourown which you wish to market and sell. These productscan be almost any sort of thing!The beauty of the internet is that, no matter what itis you have to sell; there is almost always someone outthere who will buy it.E-Bay:E-Bay is definitely one of the most popular, and one ofthe most effective, ways to make money by selling itemsonline.
  • 25. Net Income Blueprint 25Whether you have an attic full of baseball cards thatyou are looking to sell, or if you are just trying tosell your own product, you may find a great advantagein using e-Bay to sell your item.Say for instance that you have a band. Your band mightproduce CD’s and seek to sell them to all of your fanswho are looking to buy your music.By setting up an e-Bay account, you can help to provideyour fans with a way to buy your music directly fromyou, with limited hassle.There is almost nothing that you cannot sell on e-Bay.If you have an item that you want to sell, this isdefinitely one of the best places to sell it.But what if you are looking to sell something digital?What if, in addition to selling your CD’s, you want tosell your MP3’s to individuals online?E-Bay will often be your downfall there, as they tendto insist that there be a physical exchange of goods.But you are in luck.
  • 26. Net Income Blueprint 26Tradebit:Tradebit is a website which aims to provide you with amethod of selling your digital items without requiringthe exchange of physical goods.This means that you can take your band’s music and sellit online in the form of MP3’s. There are countlessadvantages to this type of selling.Perhaps the most obvious advantage is the fact that youno longer have to spend money on shipping and handlingin order to get your CD’s (or other items) to yourcustomers.While in some cases this may not seem like it takessuch a financial toll, in the long run, you candefinitely see the numbers add up!If you sell a large number of items online, youdefinitely are aware of the large amount of money thatends up going to the mere shipping and handling of theitems.Another advantage that might be a bit easier tooverlook is the lower production cost. If you areselling CD’s, then you must buy CD’s, put your music onthem, then ship them. But if you are looking to sellMP3’s, all you have to do is produce the MP3 and put itup for sale!
  • 27. Net Income Blueprint 27This can help immensely towards lowering the amount ofmoney that you waste on production of items. This isone of the main reasons why e-books have become such apopular method of publishing books.Printing books takes a significant amount of money foreach book printed. But for each e-book downloaded, thecost is almost nothing!So you can definitely see the potential advantages toselling only digital copies of certain items.Not only is it a benefit to you by raising thepotential profits, but it is also a great benefit toyour customers!Without the high production costs accompanied withproducing things like printed books and CD’s, you areable to charge less for your book, meaning that thecustomer does not have to pay such a huge amount!Everybody ends up a winner!Still, Tradebit is only for selling digital things. Ifyou are looking to sell physical items, then e-Bay isdefinitely the way to go. But if you are seeking tomake a significant amount of money from your onlinesales, then you might consider selling both forms,depending upon what exactly it is you are trying tosell.
  • 28. Net Income Blueprint 28If you are band, then you might consider selling CD’s,but also selling MP3 versions of your songs. This canhelp to maximize the amount of money you can make byincreasing your audience.Remember, there are some people who will buy an MP3online that wouldn’t buy the CD, and vice versa.Making money from selling items online is perhaps oneof the most common ways of making money nowadays. Manypeople simply use it as a way to supplement theirincome.But if you have the right things to sell, you candefinitely use it as a platform for making a steady andconsistent income. While using any one of these methodsof making money can help to provide you with a goodincome, by combining these methods, you might find thatyou can make more money than you ever thought possiblefrom working online!For instance, if you are a writer that has beenbuilding your online presence using Associated Content,then you might consider making longer works, e-booksfor example, in order to make more money.
  • 29. Net Income Blueprint 29By using your articles that you publish on AssociatedContent as a stepping stone for your e-books, you canhelp to make producing an e-book not only viable, butfinancially brilliant!Using Associated Content in conjunction with Tradebit,you can combine your online presence with the abilityto sell digital information in order to make yourselfeven more money!Remember that there are countless ways to combine theseprevious methods and the methods that I still have leftto show you!Who knows, by reading all of these methods, you mightstumble upon a brilliant way of making money that Ihave not even thought of! With a little creativity andperseverance, you can accomplish almost anything!
  • 30. Net Income Blueprint 30Method 4: MarketingNow, there are different types of marketing, each ofwhich can help to bring in an extra buck. Some peopleeven manage to make a full income off of justmarketing, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I wereyou.Like many things, marketing can be a rather hit or missbusiness, especially if you are just looking to do someof it on the side, rather than to put the vast majorityof your time and abilities into it.Affiliate Marketing:Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way to helpbring in a little extra cash. There are many differentwebsites that give rewards, both monetary andotherwise, to those customers who bring in othercustomers.Most of us will probably just use affiliate marketingto make some extra cash, but there are some people whoactually set out to use affiliate marketing to make alarge portion of their income.It definitely takes a lot of clever thinking and skillin order to make that possible, but it could be withinyour reach if you try!
  • 31. Net Income Blueprint 31Now, the first thing you should definitely decide on iswhat type of website you would like to do affiliatemarketing for. There are many different kinds outthere, and which one or ones you choose is up to you.Even freelance job sites provide incentives for thosewho bring in new users to the site. This makes it agreat way to combine doing freelance jobs and affiliatemarketing to make even more money.But what exactly is affiliate marketing? Whiledifferent sites implement it in different ways, itbasically consists of: you join the website, and thenyou get other people to join, too. You may get prizesor you may get cash.Some websites may provide one payment of cash forbringing in a new customer, but other websites give youa percentage of all future payments as well!This is one of the primary appeals of affiliatemarketing -- if you manage to hook just three or fourcustomers into a website, you can provide yourself witha steady stream of income from each!There are many different ways you can use affiliatemarketing. Which methods work best depend on whataffiliate systems the websites offer.
  • 32. Net Income Blueprint 32Many websites nowadays provide you with an affiliatelink, which you can use to allow others to sign up withyou automatically set as the affiliate.This way, you receive the credit for them signing upwith the website. But just how do you manage to getpeople to use this link to sign up? Again, you havemany different options when it comes to this.Perhaps one of the most common ways is to use yourpersonal website or blog to advertise your affiliatelink. This can be quite helpful, but its actualhelpfulness varies based on how many people view yourwebsite or your blog.Another way to get people to use your affiliate link isto take advantage of combining methods previously usedin this manual.For example, using your articles published onAssociated Content or other places in order to provideplatforms for your affiliate links can also help you toreel in some more money.And of course, you can always choose to combine all ofthese methods in order to maximize the number ofpotential customers you can reel in.
  • 33. Net Income Blueprint 33What exactly you do is completely up to you, and thesky is the limit. With a little creativity, there arealmost no bounds to what you can do to help youraffiliate marketing provide you with extra cash.Another form of affiliate marketing that you can getinvolved with is the Ad Sense program set up by Google.What is this marketing system?Well, basically, you get paid for allowing Google todisplay certain advertisements up on your webpage. Thisgives you the ability to make money from peopleclicking advertisements on your webpage.However, you should not try to cheat Google out ofmoney by clicking on your own advertisements. This canget you banned permanently from using Ad Sense.A great way to make even more cash if to use a websitelike Mint Articles. Mint Articles is a website muchlike Associated Content, however, you get to link yourAd Sense account to your articles.This allows you to market across a much broaderspectrum, helping to make you even more money! Youwould be surprised at the amount of money that you canpull in by using these methods.
  • 34. Net Income Blueprint 34Other Forms of Marketing:There are various other forms of marketing that aren’tnecessarily affiliate marketing. Mostly, these willcome from marketing endeavors set towards marketingyour own product or likewise.Email marketing campaigns for businesses can also be away for you to make extra money.If you are looking into other forms of marketing, oneof the best places to find these sorts of jobs will beby checking a variety of different freelance job sites.These sites definitely provide you with the bestgeneral types of work.
  • 35. Net Income Blueprint 35Method 5: Blog Posts You would be surprised at the number of ways you can get paid by working online. Probably one of the most surprising ways of making money online is by getting paid to make blog posts. Many people wouldn’t believe that this is something that could make you money. In fact, even I didn’tbelieve it when I first heard about it. But the truthis, it’s a viable way of making money.First off, the details from one person to another mayvary. In some instances, you may get paid for makingcertain blog posts on your own existing blog, but inmany instances, you will be required to work on anotherblog that the person or persons provides you with.You are often given a relatively large basis of topicsto choose from, but there are usually a fewstipulations.One of the stipulations that are often an issue islinking between posts. These links are used in order toget people to view more and more of the posts, so thatboth you and the people you are working for make moremoney as a result.
  • 36. Net Income Blueprint 36However, do not work under the illusion that these jobswill pay based on how many people view your posts.Often, you are paid one base amount for your posts,regardless of how many people end up viewing them.But by consistently providing material which is read bymany people, you help to ensure that you do not loseyour job and that you may be able to negotiate forhigher base pay.Remember that jobs online often provide you with thefreedom to negotiate for pay on a level that you wouldnot normally receive otherwise.If you show that you are exceptionally skilled, thatcan help you immensely towards negotiating for higherpay. But also remember that as a result of this workbeing online, the employer has a much broader range ofpeople to choose from. Finding the balance isdefinitely the key.Blog posts can definitely be a great way to helpyourself make some extra money.You can even manage to make a full time income off ofit, provided you find do a good job and are able tofind providers that are capable and willing to pay forthe level of posts that would be required to make afull time income.
  • 37. Net Income Blueprint 37Tips to Help You Make The Most Out OfOnline Work:So at this point, you might be saying to yourself,“With all of these methods of making money, why aren’tmore people using the internet to make their money?” You might be surprised to know that there are thousands and thousands of people who work online, either for a little extra cash, or to make a full time income. Even a single freelancing site could have thousands of members, bothbuyers and sellers, looking to make more money.Many people have just not joined because they feel thatit is “too good to be true”. Or other people might beworried about identity theft or security issues thatmight make working online seem scary.And still others might be wondering, “How do I makesure that they pay me for the work I do?”
  • 38. Net Income Blueprint 38Identity Theft:One of the biggest fears online nowadays seems to bethe fear of having your identity stolen by someoneelse. It seems like it is so easy.Someone simply takes your Social Security number, thenthey sign up for credit cards, bank accounts,everything, all under your name, ruining your creditscore and building up piles and piles of bills in yourname.But the truth is, identity theft is less common thanyou might have been led to believe!Some simple ways to help ensure that you do not haveyour identity stolen while you are working online is toensure that you only use your Social Security number onwebsites that you know and trust.Many websites that legitimately require your socialsecurity number will contain warnings to help you spotif someone is trying to steal your identity.By paying attention to the warnings posted on thesewebsites, you can help to ensure that you do not haveyour identity stolen.
  • 39. Net Income Blueprint 39Also, never use your social security number when youare on a computer other than your own. If you are usinga public computer and you input your social securitynumber, you are at risk.It is relatively easy for would-be identity thieves tosteal your information if you type it into a publiccomputer. So better to be safe than to be sorry!And while it might seem a bit old fashioned in this dayof internet and computers, be sure to never give yoursocial security number out to anyone over the phone.Many people may think that the days of stealing socialsecurity numbers over the phone are over, but manypeople still have their identities stolen by giving outtheir personal information over the phone.By keeping these tips in mind, you can help to reduceor even eliminate the likelihood that you will haveyour identity stolen, helping to ensure that yourinformation is kept safe.Ensuring Payment:Probably the second biggest worry behind the potentialof having your identity stolen is the thought ofworking for hours and hours, or even days or weeks, ona project, only to have your provider take your workwithout providing you payment.
  • 40. Net Income Blueprint 40This can be quite frustrating, as in many cases, thereis almost nothing you can do once you are ripped off inthis matter.Some freelance websites can help you to some degree,but only if you act quickly, and sometimes not eventhen.All in all, many people have had their hard work stolenfrom them, simply because they did not implement a fewsmart decisions.Perhaps one of the most important things to do is tocheck the reputation of the person you are dealingwith. This can be applied to any business orindividual, in any situation, both online and off.If you see many reviews that an individual did not payfor the work provided, then it is probably safer toavoid working with this individual. Also, be wary ofindividuals with no reviews.While in many cases, these individuals are just peoplewho have just discovered the online market place, thereis a chance that these are individuals seeking to conyou out of your money.
  • 41. Net Income Blueprint 41The best way to ensure that you do not have all of yourhard work taken away from you is to negotiate a paymentplan for a project.This is most important when dealing with largeprojects, as you do not want to have countless hoursand hundreds of dollars stolen from you.If a project is set to take more than a few days, workout methods of regular communication. By keeping linesof communication open, you can help to ensure that theother individual does not just “disappear”.This also helps by ensuring that you and your providerare clear on the details of the project.By arranging a payment plan, you are able to ensurethat you are able to get the most out of a situation.While no one likes to see any of their work takenwithout compensation, I’m sure we can all agree thathaving a few hours worth of work taken is better thanto have a few days worth of work taken!By obtaining payments during various points in theproject, you help to ensure that you are able to getyour money.
  • 42. Net Income Blueprint 42Probably one of the most secure ways to ensure you getyour money is to use an escrow service. These serviceswork in such a way as to help ensure that both clientand buyer are not ripped off.The buyer initiates an escrow payment. This payment isshown to the client, but the client cannot take themoney. Upon completion of the project, the buyerfinishes the escrow payment and the client has themoney.The buyer is unable to cancel the escrow payment,meaning that he or she is unable to get their moneyback by their own actions. Only the client can cancelthe payment.With division of power over the account, your security,as well as the security of the buyer, is strengthened.Provide Only the Highest Quality:As you begin making money (especially in the area ofwriting articles or blog posts), it can be easy.
  • 43. Net Income Blueprint 43Too Good To Be True?If you are still sitting there thinking that all ofthis working online must be too good to be true, then Idon’t blame you. For years, I didn’t believe the talk about how much money there was to be made on the internet. I thought the only way you could make money on the internet was if youwere a genius or someone who just happened to find aBeverly Hillbillies lunch box in the attic!I saw all those same infomercials about people claimingto be able to tell me how to make millions of dollarsover the internet from the comfort of my very own home.It all seemed like a hoax!But while the methods in this manual aren’t likely tonet you millions of dollars, they can definitely helpto provide you with the income you need.The beauty of it is, the more work you are willing todo, the more money you are able to make. With cashpayments, you get to see yourself making money.
  • 44. Net Income Blueprint 44No more waiting for payday to get money. You can makemoney on your own time, in your own way.There are many more methods of making money than arelisted in this manual. In fact, it would take thousandsand thousands of pages to manage to list all thepossible ways that you can make money online.You can invest your money online in various markets,which can definitely help you down the road.And while you aren’t likely to become a millionaire byusing any of the methods, there is no reason why youshouldn’t try!If you aren’t afraid to take a chance and invest inyourself and your abilities, then the sky is the limitfor you.Whatever your set of skills, you can set out to dowhatever it is that you want, using the internet asyour platform for making money.Whether you just want to make a few extra dollars ormake enough money to be able to stay at home with yourchildren, you will be able to find something foryourself.
  • 45. Net Income Blueprint 45Just remember that while you may not become rich byworking online, you are definitely giving yourself anew level of freedom that you have never experiencedbefore.Some freelancers are able to work just a few projectsin a month and that is enough to pay their bills!With the freedom to choose your own hours, withouthaving to drive to work each and every day, you arehelping to reclaim the countless hours you may havepreviously lost, in travel time and in work time!Working online can help to provide you with higherpaying jobs than you might have ever been able to findin your area. And best of all, the internet is quiteanonymous!Many of the people who work on the internet do not haveany sort of college degrees, and yet, they make just asmuch in an hour as a college graduate would!How is this possible? Buyers on the internet areworried more about your proof of your qualifications,and are willing to accept more than just a degree asproof!
  • 46. Net Income Blueprint 46A sample of your writing can take you farther onlinethan you might have been able to manage with a fouryear degree from a college.When it comes down to it, the only thing that limitsyou in your online work is yourself. If you wish toonly work a few hours, then you will make moneyaccordingly.But if you are willing to put in the work necessary tomake yourself more money than you would’ve everimagined was possible, then you might just be able todo so!Over the years, I have made more money from workingonline than I had ever dreamed was possible. I amcertainly not rich, but I definitely have obtained alevel of freedom that I had never expected waspossible.So if you are still skeptical about whether or notmaking money online is too good to be true, I challengeyou to try some of the methods in this manual.What have you got to lose? Just by spending a littletime checking out and trying these methods, you mightjust be surprised at what you find. Who knows, youmight find yourself writing the next manual on how tomake money online!
  • 47. Net Income Blueprint 47I hope that the tips that I have shared in this manualhelp to provide you with a firm ground on which to setout into the world of internet jobs and make yourselfthe money that you have always wanted.Remember, with a little creativity and a lot ofperseverance, then you will be able to take yourself tolevels that you might never have expected yourself toreach. Just trust in yourself and your abilities!
  • 48. Net Income Blueprint 48Making Sure You Have the Right Mindset:Your mindset will be the key to how successful you arewith your online marketing and ventures. The truth isthis – we all bring about change depending upon ourthoughts, our beliefs and what we subconsciouslyattract to ourselves.For instance, if you’re constantly worried about payingthe bills and you make comments to family and friendsthat you ‘just don’t have enough money,’ you’re settingyourself up for that kind of lifestyle.If you’ve ever had financial problems before, you willprobably remember telling individuals that you werebroke, or that you never had enough money to purchasethe things you wanted.You likely dwelled on those things until it threatenedto eat you alive inside. Well, here’s the thing – thoseactions; those thoughts and feelings – they bring aboutreality.The key to being successful in anything is to believethat you will be successful, to expect to be successfuland to wait for that success to come. Of course, youhave to take serious steps toward becoming successful –a briefcase full of fame and fortune will not just dropout of the sky and into your lap.
  • 49. Net Income Blueprint 49The point is that you must set yourself up for thesuccess. Believe it. There are many exercises you cando which will help you do this. For instance, writedown the things that you’re thankful for which haven’thappened yet.Take this on with an attitude of knowing that they willhappen, and thanking the ‘powers that be’ before youever receive these things.You might be thankful for the car you’re going topurchase, the large home you’re going to live in or thebank accounts that are going to be stuffed full. Youmight be thankful that your family is happy andhealthy, that you have a great group of friends, etc.Then, read these things you’re thankful for each nightbefore you go to sleep and each day when you wake up.This is just one great way of putting you in a‘winning’ frame of mind.Keep things positive and get your mindset right so thatyou can experience the kind of success you want toexperience.
  • 50. Net Income Blueprint 50In Closing:Anyone can be successful on the internet – anyone. Iknow that you can do it and you should know by now thatyou can do it as well.For the most part, the hardest aspect of becomingsuccessful online is having the drive and determinationto do so. If you have this, nothing can stand in yourway.Refuse to let anything, either.Know that you’re going to be successful, take theimportant steps you need to take in order to ensurethat you’re successful and be grateful for thatsuccess. Good luck!