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There is no doubt in the fact that the internet is fast becoming a preferred place for many people to market and sell their products and services. ...

There is no doubt in the fact that the internet is fast becoming a preferred place for many people to market and sell their products and services.

In addition to them being very easy to use, they cut across different geographical locations, thus enabling you to cover more area and potential customers.

What’s more, with internet at your disposal, different ways can be adopted to have your services and products get noticed. Affiliate marketing is one such thing that is widely done on internet.

As the world economy is heading for a financial recession, these internet marketing methods and tools can give a serious option for many newbie’s in this field. They can easily substitute your regular day job.

Many people who have tasted success in these businesses are making a full living out of it. Most of these people have already made more money than they have ever made in their lives.

This is basically a sample of what can be achieved through internet. If you have plenty of ideas, possibilities will arise automatically. This is the real power of internet.

One might ask, what possibly can be achieved or done on internet to make our lives different or change our perspective about it. Well, there are plenty of things that can be done on the internet to boost your sales or promote your products.

Blogging on relevant sites, article submissions, links submissions and advertising banners are few such things that can be done through internet. Having said this, things can’t change for good overnight.

Success can’t be achieved just like that. Even if you have chosen the right way or direction, it takes time to make your way in these fields. If you are aspiring to be an internet marketer, you need to have patience and learn the tricks of trade as quickly as possible.

No doubt, you will have at your disposal different books, e-books, course materials and so on. But these materials can only guide you theoretically. To be successful in real practice, you need to slog it out all by yourself.

There is also a great amount of liberty as to how you go about internet marketing and related things. You can do them part-time or full-time depending upon your suitability. You are also free to choose your area of operation. Be it your office desk or kitchen table; anything will do. Your area of operation will also be not restrictive in nature. Due to the excellent penetration of internet, entire world is your virtual market place.



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Magic Affiliate Cash Document Transcript

  • 1. Magic Affiliate Cash 1
  • 2. Magic Affiliate Cash 2SNO Table Of Contents Page No1. Introduction 42. What Is Affiliate Marketing All About? 73. Method 1: - Subscriber Listing 104. Method 2: - Article Content Syndication 135. Method 3: - Using Social Networking Sites 166. Method 4: - Using Article Writing 19 Point 1: - The Need To Understand What Will Work 20 For You And What Not Point 2: - Make It A Habit To Write Regularly 20 Point 3: - Use Keywords Appropriately 217. Method 5: - Self-Replication 22 Method 6: - Make The Best Use Of Available Affiliate8. 25 Marketing Tools Method 7: - Passion And Hunger For Affiliate9. 28 Marketing10. Method 8: - Choosing The Right Kind Of Products 3111. Method 9: - Taking Full Advantage Of 404 Error Page 34 Method 10: - Using Registration Paths To Super12. 37 Charge Your Marketing Efforts
  • 3. Magic Affiliate Cash 3 Reasons Why You Have To Do Affiliate Marketing13. 40 Programs14. Setting Goals In Affiliate Marketing 4315. Why Do People Fail In Affiliate Marketing? 46 The Challenge Of Finding The Right Affiliate16. 49 Marketing Program Why Clickbank Affiliate Program Directory Is So17. 52 Popular?18. Bonus Section: 55 Courses Available In Affiliate Marketing 55 Be A Part Of Second Wave Affiliate Marketing 58 Business19. Conclusion 61
  • 4. Magic Affiliate Cash 4Introduction: -There is no doubt in the fact that the internet isfast becoming a preferred place for many people tomarket and sell their products and services.In addition to them being very easy to use, theycut across different geographical locations, thusenabling you to cover more area and potentialcustomers.What’s more, with internet at your disposal,different ways can be adopted to have yourservices and products get noticed. Affiliatemarketing is one such thing that is widely done oninternet.As the world economy is heading for a financialrecession, these internet marketing methods andtools can give a serious option for many newbie’sin this field. They can easily substitute yourregular day job.Many people who have tasted success in thesebusinesses are making a full living out of it.Most of these people have already made more moneythan they have ever made in their lives.This is basically a sample of what can be achievedthrough internet. If you have plenty of ideas,possibilities will arise automatically. This isthe real power of internet.One might ask, what possibly can be achieved ordone on internet to make our lives different orchange our perspective about it. Well, there are
  • 5. Magic Affiliate Cash 5plenty of things that can be done on the internetto boost your sales or promote your products.Blogging on relevant sites, article submissions,links submissions and advertising banners are fewsuch things that can be done through internet.Having said this, things can’t change for goodovernight.Success can’t be achieved just like that. Even ifyou have chosen the right way or direction, ittakes time to make your way in these fields. Ifyou are aspiring to be an internet marketer, youneed to have patience and learn the tricks oftrade as quickly as possible.No doubt, you will have at your disposal differentbooks, e-books, course materials and so on. Butthese materials can only guide you theoretically.To be successful in real practice, you need toslog it out all by yourself.There is also a great amount of liberty as to howyou go about internet marketing and relatedthings. You can do them part-time or full-timedepending upon your suitability. You are also freeto choose your area of operation. Be it youroffice desk or kitchen table; anything will do.Your area of operation will also be notrestrictive in nature. Due to the excellentpenetration of internet, entire world is yourvirtual market place.You can reach out to people from different partsof the world and convert them into your customers.
  • 6. Magic Affiliate Cash 6The income from these businesses will also growsubstantially as time progresses.It may not be great to start with; but withexperience and lots of learning, you can earn lotsof money with it. To go with all these featuresand possibilities, internet marketing has beenfound to be very safe and a reliable one.Lots of people are already committed to it andmany more are expected to join them soon.
  • 7. Magic Affiliate Cash 7What Is Affiliate Marketing All About? Affiliate marketing as a trend is fast catching up with many internet savvy people across the globe. In layman’s terms, it can be defined as selling of products or services by an affiliate on behalf of a merchant or a company. At the end of the day, the key thing in affiliate marketing is to get more and more customers and retain them for as long as possible.The key to your success in affiliate marketing isto convert your one time customers into repeatcustomers. By ensuring this you can expect toincrease your sales as well as income.There are plenty of advantages you can lookforward to in affiliate marketing businesses.While you can receive prompt payments from yourcustomers, there is also a great potential ofautomating your advertising processes.Over the years, the affiliate marketing businesshas enabled many online professionals tosuccessfully carry out their home based business.With the help of few dedicated sites you canvirtually take your customers closer to yourproducts and services. The affiliate marketingbusiness as such is a powerful and effectivenetwork.
  • 8. Magic Affiliate Cash 8It is hard to believe that many affiliatemarketers are raking in millions of dollars eachyear doing these businesses from the comfort oftheir home. Lots of incentives can be lookedforward to by channeling the traffic to yourwebsite.There is also a great reason to tie-up with manynew affiliate partners in your venture. There arehardly any investments to be made in thisbusiness. You only need to have a computer,reliable internet connection and so on. Thesebusinesses also give you a risk free option ofadvertising.There can be plenty of advertising optionsavailable to you, but hardly anyone can matchaffiliate programs. They are very efficient intheir working and are cost effective. You can makelots of profits with good sales techniques and asmart strategy in marketing.If your affiliate links and banners are attractiveand effective enough, you can convert normalvisitors into customers. On clicking them andgetting your products and services sold, you standto earn handsome commissions. The potential inthis segment is virtually endless.This is because a large number of visitors do turnup on internet each day. There is likelihood thatfew of them will visit your site as well.It is always great to have partners in youraffiliate marketing campaigns. When these partnersget their commissions on clicking your banner,
  • 9. Magic Affiliate Cash 9they can get an incentive to keep your banner fora longer period.With these partners around, you also have anoption of expanding your business to a next higherlevel. Thus, there are lots of profits to be made.Essentially, affiliate marketing can be of twotypes: one-tier and two-tier programs. In one-tierprogram, you cannot recruit a sub affiliate andyour earnings will also be on per-referral basis.However, in a two-tier program, earnings can beachieved through direct referrals. In addition tothis, you can hire sub-affiliates and earncommissions through them. The following sectionswill deal with different methods of super chargingyour affiliate marketing efforts.
  • 10. Magic Affiliate Cash 10Method 1: - Subscriber ListingThe key thing for any online affiliate marketingbusiness to click is to generate traffic to itswebsite. No doubt, one can go about this indifferent ways.The general way to increase the traffic to yoursite is to add links of your site to another andthrough search engines like Google. In addition tothese two methods, there is one more method whichis ignored or taken lightly by many marketers issubscriber listing.The main motive behind subscriber listing is tobuild on your subscriber base. As an affiliatemarketing professional, you need to have as manyemail addresses as possible. It is not very rareto come across few marketers boasting of thousandsof email lists in their subscriber bases andadding on another hundreds to them on a dailybasis.The debatable question in this regard is whetherto go for quality of that list or the actualnumber of emails.There are many affiliate marketers who regularlysend promotional mails to the list, not clearlyexplaining about the entire process involved.The effort of these marketers generally goes invain as receivers of these mails often getagitated or disillusioned with all these events.
  • 11. Magic Affiliate Cash 11The moral of this whole experience is tounderstand how to take advantage of an impressivesubscriber list you possess.As an affiliate marketer, it is very important foryou to choose between the quantity and quality oflists you have before going ahead and working onthem.You have to clearly understand that building ahealthy customer relationship is critical inaffiliate marketing business. Let us consider anexample in this regard. You have a niche productto promote to your subscriber list.Now, instead of going ahead with your cannedversion of email, if you write a personalizedversion of it, chances are that you will getbetter responses. There will definitely be peoplewho would be willing to take your advice andsuggestion and join you as a member.You can always prefer to have a list of 100subscribers who would respond to you in timelyfashion rather than have a list containingthousands of unresponsive subscribers.Even if you manage to get a higher conversion ratewith a small list, it will be better than smallerconversion rate from a bigger list. This shouldgive you a clear picture of what should compriseyour list. You might now ask how to build ahealthy subscriber list. The answer is simple.There are few programs on the internet like‘Advertising Know How’ through which these can be
  • 12. Magic Affiliate Cash 12accomplished. It works by putting your ezinesubscription link up or newsletter onto ‘thankyou’ pages of other people. Obviously, you arefree to choose the category of your choice.When someone signs up on the newsletter, theywould be taken back to ‘thank you’ page, wherethey would be offered with other newsletters toget signed up. Your credit account gets updatedevery time a visitor visits the ‘thank you’ page.What’s more, ‘Advertising Know How’ has its owntraffic exchange.
  • 13. Magic Affiliate Cash 13Method 2: - Article Content Syndication When it comes to websites, content still remains the king. It is the content which decides the fate of a website. To remain competitive, webmasters are constantly looking for fresh and specific contents alongwith themed websites.If the content is rich in quality, visitors arelikely to flock around it and if it gets updatedregularly, visitors will come again. It isgenerally found that the website’s value gets aboost with low cost of syndicated contents.It has also been observed that sites that containmultiple pages related to a particular topic,managed to get higher rankings in the searchengines as there was a likelihood of finding thecontent for a given search string.Webmasters are often considered to be onlineexperts as they are able to provide their siteswith fresh and relevant contents most of the time.Their sites are also more likely to receive otherdirectory links.In addition to this, there are few publishers whoare willing to provide these webmasters with freecontents in return to them using author box.Webmasters can thus use themed content basedwebsites.
  • 14. Magic Affiliate Cash 14RSS is fast gaining popularity amongst manywebmasters today. Few of these webmasters haveunearthed the hidden potential in these RSS feeds.By adopting this technology, webmasters can accessunlimited free content and that too with verylittle effort. Those webmasters, who are intendingto use these RSS feeds, can look forward to anumber of advantages. Article directories likeGoArticles have more than 20,000 articles in theirdatabase ready for syndication.What’s more, a recent feature uploaded in thedirectory enables webmasters to upload articleheadlines to their sites. This could be madepossible by adding a java script into the page.The biggest plus with these sites is that they getupdated regularly. For example, GoArticles getsupdated 8 times a day. Around 100 articles do getadded onto its database each day.Webmasters also have an option of adding themebased RSS feeds to their sites. This is again madepossible through java scripts that will containarticle headlines on the article directory.Furthermore, these article directories tend tohave numerous categories, thereby making it easierfor webmasters to locate their articles. They havethe liberty to go a popular article in a categoryor the one that is most recently published.Thus, article directories like these and many morecan be a useful source for syndication which inturn can fuel your affiliate marketing campaigns.Thanks to this syndication process, both
  • 15. Magic Affiliate Cash 15webmasters and publishers are at win-winsituation.While the former can be assured of fresh content,the latter can get more exposure to theircontents. There is also a free service provided byFeed2JS, through which webmasters can createdynamic contents. To enable this, webmasters needto enter RSS source’s URL into its site.Through this, webmasters can also customize theway the headlines look in their sites and can havethe full control on their contents.
  • 16. Magic Affiliate Cash 16Method 3: - Using Social Networking Sites As the internet is expanding all the time, one can’t ignore its certain features that can be helpful in your affiliate marketing business. One look at different websites on the internet will give a fair idea on howimportant certain sites can be in your campaign.Social networking sites are one of those sites. Inthe initial stages of their development, socialnetworking sites were never considered to be aplatform to kick start an affiliate marketingcampaign.However, a lot of things have changed ever since.Today, it is one of the important ways to supercharge your affiliate marketing efforts.One of the major reasons as to why socialnetworking sites are fast gaining popularity forthese activities is that they generate heavytraffic and also acts as a marketing tool whichcan be diverted to your niche market.To be successful at affiliate marketingbusinesses, you need to get the right kind ofattention from potential sign-ups. Social
  • 17. Magic Affiliate Cash 17networking sites will help you get that and manymore. What’s more, the popularity of thesenetworking sites will not diminish anytime sooner.All said and done, before you embark on yourmission of promoting your affiliate marketingbusiness, you need to understand the terms andconditions of these social networking sites. Youalso need to familiarize yourself with all otheraspects and tools of these sites.You need to be very clear in what you arepromoting through these sites. Try to identifywhom you are going to target. Approach thesesocial networking sites in a similar way how youwould approach your affiliate page for yourproducts.Try to gain confidence and trust of the networkingmembers. Present them with your services orproducts. Explain it to them how they work and howit could be useful to them in short term as wellas in long distance.Another major advantage of using social networkingsites for your affiliate marketing business is itsease in usage. All the users can join these sitesand are free to use.As a marketer, all you need to do is to identifythe right crop of communities in these sites. Evenwithin these sites, there are lots of ways topromote your products and services.You can write blogs, participate in discussions,pass on your opinions, and answer to questions
  • 18. Magic Affiliate Cash 18thrown at you and so on. In addition to all thesepossibilities, you can even interact with yourfellow affiliate marketers through these forums.There are different types of social networkingsites present on the internet to take advantageof. While few of these sites are designed to usetheir page as an online scrapbook, other siteswill allow you leave a short message either to anindividual member or to a community as a whole.Affiliate marketing techniques like placing linksor adding sales banners can be done in thesenetworking sites. With every passing day, youshould be able to draw a huge network ofinterested customers ready to be a part of yourexpanding team.
  • 19. Magic Affiliate Cash 19Method 4: - Using Article Writing There are millions who join affiliate programs each day and an equal number of people get discouraged in it. People, who tend to do so, give up on affiliate marketing easily. In contrast to this, there are few others who don’t give up so easily. They work hard and manage toidentify few programs that will work for them.In course of time they would have tried differentoptions in succeeding in these programs. Believeit or not, article writing is one such optionwhich has been found truly rewarding. By merelywriting articles accurately, there is enoughnumber of people laughing all the way to theirbanks. No doubt, there are other ways to besuccessful in affiliate marketing. But not all ofthem are less expensive than writing articles.Using articles for these programs, there aremarketers raking in thousands of dollars eachmonth.This is possibly one of the reasons separating thesuccessful marketers from the less successfulones. To make use of your articles as an importanttool in your affiliate marketing campaign, youneed to understand the following finer points.
  • 20. Magic Affiliate Cash 20Point 1: - The Need to Understand What Will WorkFor You and What NotBefore you settle down to write articles for yourwebsites, you need to clearly understand what yourarticle has to be and what purpose it has toserve.The articles written should be able to guaranteeyou the required traffic to your website. Onlywhen this happens, you can be rest assured of athriving affiliate marketing business. As amarketer you need to know from where you get thistraffic from.To start with; you can write few blogs and monitortheir progress regularly. If they are able tobring in good traffic, you can then have more ofthese blogs. To make your blogs even moredifferent than others, you can use google adsenseads.Point 2: - Make It a Habit to Write RegularlyPeople who write regularly tend to gain a lot fromthese methods. There are few marketers who put intheir towel after few writing attempts.People like these tend to lose out on their timeas well on great opportunity to be a part ofsomething that can be truly spectacular. It isindeed very difficult to imagine people doing allthe hard work in writing few articles only toabandon it after a while.
  • 21. Magic Affiliate Cash 21Writing consistently ensures you traffic. And withincreased traffic you are likely to rake in lotsbusiness opportunities.Point 3: - Use Keywords AppropriatelyMerely writing articles may not always help. Toensure high traffic, the written articles have tobe rich in keywords. The keywords thus chosen forthe purposes have to be selected carefully andused appropriately across various parts of thearticle.Using keywords in articles makes it easier forvarious search engines on the internet to locatethem. Articles that are easy to locate tend togain large traffic and thus manages to bring inlots of business to its writer.
  • 22. Magic Affiliate Cash 22Method 5: - Self-replicationBelieve it or not, self-replication is a vitalmethod to ensure success in any affiliate ormarketing programs. Even though they sound like abiological term or something related to sciencefiction, they are far from it.Self-replication is totally different to what itis generally perceived to be. When it is followedand implemented properly, they can go a long wayin ensuring you success in these programs. So,what exactly are we talking about?If you are a retailer, selling your products tocustomers, then the overall sales of your productlargely depends on the repeat customers you get aswell as the customer support you provide.However, the situation is slightly different ifyou are into a business which requires sign-ups orregular recruitment. It is here you will feel theneed to go for replication. Assuming that you havealready short listed an affiliate program that youwould like to get associated with, and havemanaged to get some advertisements done for it.The next step would be to get some sign-ups doneunder you. At this juncture, you are just gettingstarted with the method of self-replication.There’s whole lot of work you need to do beforethe program starts working for you.As a next step, you need to be in constant touchwith your sign-ups. If you fail to do so, you arelikely to lose out on a large chunk of such
  • 23. Magic Affiliate Cash 23people. This step; according to experts at thistrade is really critical.If you manage to retain your sign-ups, it’s likewinning half the battle. However, you have toensure they will give you the support for at leastfew weeks from the date of sign-up. Again, if itdoesn’t happen; your whole exercise can go invain. So make sure you are right into it.Internet as a medium is very attractive to getsome quick sign-ups. All said and done, there arealso many online users who indulge in ‘windowshopping’.These users or potential customers, if they can becalled so; constantly hop from one program toanother assuming that the other would ensure moresuccess to them. In these circumstances, you havevery little time to convert them as your realsign-ups. All you have to do is to welcome them toyour team and make them feel secure andcomfortable. Tell them that they have made a rightdecision in associating with you. You have to besuccessful in ‘igniting’ them and get them excitedover your set of programs.Pass on your previous successful experiences tothem and assure them that they too would stand togain from it.Last but not the least; do a bit of research onyour programs. Find out the areas where your salescan get a boost. Highlight those aspects in yourpitch.
  • 24. Magic Affiliate Cash 24More importantly, assure your sign-ups that youare always with them and ready to help on anymatters related to it. Ultimately the relationshipyou share with them will be important to yoursuccess.
  • 25. Magic Affiliate Cash 25Method 6: - Make the Best Use of Available AffiliateMarketing ToolsIf the opinions of experts in affiliate marketingis anything to go by, then identifying and makingthe best use of essential tools is critical in theoverall success of your program.No doubt, there is virtually countless number oftools that are at your disposal on the internet.But the challenging part is in identifying theones that will suit your programs and will workfor you.What’s more, most of these tools available on theinternet can be procured for free. Once you haveidentified the right kind of tools for your needs,the next step would be to learn more about them tostay ahead in the competition.Given below are few popular tools that can behelpful to you in your affiliate programs.a) Backlink Builder – It is not uncommon for youto maintain a website exclusively for youraffiliate marketing purposes. You can however useit in different ways.The website can be a place where your programproducts can be reviewed, or as an online mall tosell them directly, and even as a blog that willpromote the affiliate programs in its own way.Irrespective of its mode of usage, you need tomaintain a set of backlinks for your programs.These links can enable you to achieve higher ranks
  • 26. Magic Affiliate Cash 26in search engines and get them noticed. If youmanage to achieve these higher rankings, it willwork wonders for your programs and eventually foryou.b) Website Creator – If you find Microsoft fontpage a little bit difficult and MacromediaDreamweaver very expensive, then tools like NVUwebsite creator is just the right kind for you.These tools are powerful indeed.They can help you in creating professionallymaintained web pages. What’s more, the softwarewill help you streamline the entire process andcreate an interface that is easy to work with.c) Wordpress – It’s a free to use blog software.This program can easily be downloaded onto yourserver and thereby help you in creating your ownset of blogs. All your blogs can be hosted underyour own domain name.The great thing about these blogs is that they getindexed quickly and get noticed by various searchengines. These blogs can also provide backlinks toyour website to achieve higher ranks for itself.d) Statcounter – When you build a website, itbecomes important for you to monitor itstatistically. You need to know where you aregoing wrong and identify those areas where you aredoing fine.You then have to replicate the good things. Toensure this happens, all you need to do is to copy
  • 27. Magic Affiliate Cash 27and paste a code provided by Statcounter from itswebsite.e) Keyword Selector – For any SEO campaign,keywords play a vital role. They can be used indifferent areas like your page title, ALT tags,your content, Meta tags, and h1 tags and so on.Proper usage of these keywords will enable thesearch engines to locate your web pages quickly.All these tools and many more will definitely helpyou improve your performance but the key thing isto try them out at least once.
  • 28. Magic Affiliate Cash 28Method 7: - Passion and Hunger for AffiliateMarketing One of the silent weapons to succeed in affiliate marketing business is to possess the burning desire and a passion for it. No doubt, all of us can succeed in this field.But to achieve what we aim, we need to work harderand not wait for things to happen. The primarymotive behind every affiliate program is to makemore and more money. But that will not happenunless you do something about it.Hard work is something that can come handy forboth affiliate marketers and aspirants alike.While affiliate marketers will not improve ontheir business or remain stagnant over a period oftime and aspirants interest in these programs canfizzle out sooner than later.To eliminate these possibilities and to make theseprograms to work for you, you have to understandthat there is no shortcut here. Working hard atyour plans will definitely yield positive resultsfor you. This might take a while but once it does,you will realize the value of your efforts.Your hard work comes with the desire to succeed inthese affiliate programs. Without a high desirelevel, it’s hard to earn your pay checks in anymyriad of affiliate programs. How badly you need
  • 29. Magic Affiliate Cash 29your money and how much regularly you need themwill eventually determine your progress in theseprograms.If you don’t have the required desire level andwait for things to happen, you are highly placedin a situation where you need to forget it. Havingfaith within yourself and exhibiting patience isalso vital to your success in affiliate marketingprograms.You need to understand that success will not comeyour way in a matter of one or two days. In fact,the best of your ability should always be there atmost times.To become a wealthy affiliate marketer, along withdesire you need to learn the basics of this trade.The quicker you learn, better it is. If anybodyconfronts you with a question as to “what does asuccessful affiliate marketer do?” you have to bein a position to answer it quickly and correctly.If you are able to do that, you are no doubt on aright track. Bringing all your strengths onto thetable also helps. Your desire levels can come fromtwo different ways. Either the pleasures of beingwealthy very quickly or extreme disgust with aprevailing situation could play their part intaking your desires to the next level.Affiliate marketing at your own expense can helpyou evade from your regular boss at the office,can prevent you from getting paid a quarter ofwhat actually you deserve and can also ensure you
  • 30. Magic Affiliate Cash 30take a break for a week or so without asking foranybody else’s permission.What’s more, once you become an expert you canearn anywhere between $100,000 to millions ofdollars a year. Now, isn’t that good enoughreasons for you keep pumped up all the time?
  • 31. Magic Affiliate Cash 31Method 8: - Choosing the Right Kind of ProductsTo ensure success and to kick start your affiliatemarketing plans, it is necessary for you to choosethe right kind of products to sell. You might havethe best of plans to proceed in this business, butto take advantage of it you need to have excellentproducts as well.Else, the whole effort would mean nothing. Byadvertising or promoting the products throughdifferent means, you stand to gain a sizableportion of profit earned. No doubt, there arethousands of products to choose from; foraffiliate programs.Among popular products to be sold via affiliateprograms are information products. Then there is‘get rich quickly’ type of advertisements to lurethe novices into these programs.It is hard to believe, but it’s true that sellinginformation products have significant profitlevels. Information products could be any type ofe-book or electronic books. Commissions earnedthrough this can be as high as 75 per cent of thesale.Owing to this high percentage, there are manypeople who get excited at the prospect and jointhem. However, it will be a wise move if you canknow more about the product before you startaffiliating them. The product intended to be soldshould really be useful to the buyers.
  • 32. Magic Affiliate Cash 32If this is not the case, the affiliate program cancollapse within a span of time under the influenceof one or two bad reviews.In addition to the above products, there are fewgeneral books that are sold online throughaffiliate programs. Most of these books are oftype “How to make money via online marketing” andso on.Books like these generally contain a chapterdedicated to finer details of affiliate marketing.Couple of other chapters would deal with websitebuilding and other promotional aspects.Rest of the chapters would however be all abouthow to sell the book itself. The idea behind thiswould be to earn money by promoting orhighlighting the book as an online product.These situations, more often than not leads tobirth of new marketers who will intend to sellthese books to other novices in the trade. Whileboth of them tend to gain very little from thissituation, the only person who could make lots ofprofit is the person who authored it.The author can in turn use his or her experiencein one of the chapters to write on subjects like‘How to make money selling books’. Having saidabout this, there are quite a few helpful booksand other informational products that can beconsidered by would-be marketers to promote.These books are very informative and can be reallyuseful to the general buyers. It is thus
  • 33. Magic Affiliate Cash 33worthwhile spending some time in going throughsuch kind of books, before going ahead with them.The real value of the book will help in its on wayduring your promotion. These books are easy tosell and can give good returns to both sellers andbuyers alike.
  • 34. Magic Affiliate Cash 34Method 9: - Taking Full Advantage of 404 ErrorPageIt’s hard to believe that even seasoned affiliatemarketers tend to forget to take advantage of 404error page in their affiliate marketing programs.If you own a website, make sure that you have acustomized 404 error page in place. Chances arethat you might have to lose out on lots of money,if you don’t have one.Many a times we come across this 404 error pagewhile browsing through a site. However, what wouldbe the typical reaction of most of us be then?Well, we are more likely to hit the return buttonand go back to a search engine like Google to findout if there is some other place where we can getthe related information. Being an affiliatemarketer, you are likely to lose out on lots ofsales in these circumstances.If you have already created a custom 404 errorpage; you can take advantage of this situation.Depending upon how you create this 404 error page,you can advantage accordingly. It is generallyobserved that there are two distinct advantages increating a custom 404 error page.One of these advantages is that a 404 error pagecan be used as a sales letter. The other advantageis to provide an alternative to the web browser inthe form of links to different topics or differentpages and so on.
  • 35. Magic Affiliate Cash 35What’s more, creating a 404 error page is not allthat difficult. All you have to do is to create aphp page or a simple html page, just like it isdone on other web pages on your site.As a next step, you can use .htaccess file.However, do not forget to add this line of code inthe file: ErrorDocument 404 http:// name of thewebsite.com/404.html.While creating a custom 404 error page for yourwebsite, you would naturally like it to have theflavor of the website itself. Make sure that thepage doesn’t contain a bunch of links.There are two important reasons behind it.Firstly, having a bunch of links doesn’t lookattractive overall and secondly, the potentialcustomers could be confused and might leave thesite immediately.Also ensure that you have a proper logo in placein the website. It is worthwhile to think from theperspective of a customer. Just imagine yourselfas a potential customer and imagine what you wouldlike to see.You can also place ads on your 404 error page. Butbefore you go ahead and do it; ensure that youhave read the terms and conditions of the ads youare going to place.There are quite a few advertisers who would havesome objections in placing their ads on a 404error page. Make sure that you don’t place suchads on a 404 error page. No doubt, a typical
  • 36. Magic Affiliate Cash 36custom 404 error page might not be an importantessence in your affiliate marketing campaign; butit can go a long way in reducing potential lossesin sales.
  • 37. Magic Affiliate Cash 37Method 10: - Using Registration Paths to SuperCharge Your Marketing EffortsRegistration paths are possibly the newest methodsadopted by marketers to super charge their effortsin affiliate marketing.Through websites and through your content youmight be able to attract many visitors. But to beable to funnel your customers into buying yourservices and products, using registration pathmethod becomes all the more important.These days, you will find many successfulaffiliate marketers turning to registration pathmethod to take their marketing business to a nexthigher level.All of a sudden it has become the next big thingfor promoting you business. In this fast pacedworld, being relevant in your approach is veryimportant.Targeting right kind of people and selling rightkind of products and services is vital to yourbusiness. To enable this, using registration pathsare increasingly found suitable. In general,registration paths help you to get targetedquality leads and that too in a quick time. Howdoes this happen? It’s actually simple.To put the things in a nutshell, registrationpaths enable ‘hungry’ surfers on the internet tocome across your advertisement and get theminterested in the same.
  • 38. Magic Affiliate Cash 38In their working, registration paths are quitesimilar to any search engine. These registrationpaths manage to collect all the information fromvisitors and give you the data. These data canlater be assessed and can be made useful inpreparing targeted offers to those visitors.The personalized offers would be of great interestto these visitors who would then be compelled tojoin your program. There are few online companiesindulging in preparing and distributing thesepaths.As a marketer, if you want to follow this method,you can always get in touch with such companies.Professionals in these companies will help you increating registration paths that will drivecustomers your way. What’s more, there are plentyof registration path solutions on offer thesedays. Few of them are as follows:a) The arrival of the customer: - On his or herarrival at the site, the customer details will beasked for from the visitors. The information thuscollected is sent into a customized registrationpath system.b) Customer being offered with choices: - Oncollecting the information, the visitor would betaken to a page which deals with all offersapplicable to the given demographic.c) Completion of offer request by the buyer: - Inthis section, the visitor confirms his interestlevel on a particular offer. On doing so, he would
  • 39. Magic Affiliate Cash 39be offered with wide range of products andservices pertaining to offer chosen by him. In away, this stage enables the visitor to trulydecide if he wants to go ahead with his choice ornot.d) Thank You page: - Once the details are filledin, the visitor has to click in ‘submit’ button.This will take him to a ‘Thank You’ page. In thispage the visitor would get his membership and thesoftware for free.
  • 40. Magic Affiliate Cash 40Reasons Why You Have To Do Affiliate MarketingProgramsBy now you would have understood why more and morepeople are turning affiliate marketers these days.The possibilities are virtually endless in thisgame.In addition to being your own boss, there is lotsof money to be made in affiliate marketingprograms. No wonder then that many people arehooked to it round the clock.According to experts at this trade, there are fewexcellent reasons why have can become a fullfledged affiliate marketer. Here they go...a) Set-up cost is low – Joining most of theaffiliate programs on the internet is easy andfree. You don’t have to arrange for too manythings. A reliable internet connection, a computerand word-processing software is all you need toget started.Now, isn’t that great? What’s more, you can dothis virtually from anywhere. Irrespective of yourcurrent location, you can start with this. Be ityour kitchen table or office desk; anything willdo.b) Unlimited choices – With affiliate programs,you virtually have thousands of products to sell.Irrespective of what product or services you wishto sell, make sure that they are in demand withthe buyers.
  • 41. Magic Affiliate Cash 41Make sure all these services and products areavailable on the online most of the times. Thereare many well known affiliate directories likeClickbank, which can be made use of in sellingyour products.c) Free shipping costs – If you are worrying thathidden costs have to be borne by you; then worrynot. All the costs related to postage, parceltapes, wrapping papers, labels and so on will bemet by the merchant himself. There is nothing youhave to pay from your wallet.d) Your own boss – This is one of the mostlucrative reasons to be an affiliate marketer.Almost all of us wouldn’t mind being our own boss.You don’t have to worry if somebody is watchingyour work closely.With affiliate marketing programs, these worriesare laid to rest. You are definitely your own bossand that too at home!e) Software for invoicing and merchant accounts isnot required – As an affiliate, you don’t have toworry about procuring or installing software forinvoicing and collecting payments and so on. Allthese will be looked after by the merchanthimself.f) High earnings – If your desire and effortlevels are high, then there’s no stopping you inthis business of affiliate marketing. The amountof money you could end up making will be enormous.But for this to happen, you have to exhibit
  • 42. Magic Affiliate Cash 42patience and allow the initial learning phase topass through.g) Cutting across geographical barriers – Youdon’t have to limit yourself and your affiliatemarketing business to any particular region.As most of these works are internet bound, thebusiness can be easily expanded to unknownterritories. In other words, every nook and cornerof the world can be your market place!h) Low investment – Apart from the internetconnection, there’s virtually no area where youneed to invest your money in. No special place isalso required for this business. Any stable placeshould do.
  • 43. Magic Affiliate Cash 43Setting Goals in Affiliate Marketing It is rightly said by many affiliate marketing experts that having clear goals can be a very good motivating factor for many novices. It lays a wonderful foundation for a brighter future. If you cannot dream of being successful in affiliate marketing, chances are thatyou will be far from it even in the future. Onelook at your immediate surrounding should inspireyou or should give you an idea of the things inplace.According to experienced affiliate marketers,there are essentially four pillars in setting yourgoals. They are as follows…a)Be clear and specific – Always being very clearto yourself and specific in your approach can helpyou to be a successful affiliate marketer. If yourideas and goals are vague, chances are that youwill get confused as time progress. This situationcan easily backfire on you. For example, it’s notenough to say that you drive a Ferrari.You should rather say “I own a red Ferrari withall excellent features in it and less than 3000miles on the clock”.b)Your goals have to be in writing – Writing allyour goals either in a computer or on a piece of
  • 44. Magic Affiliate Cash 44paper should really help you. These writingsshould remember in your minds for a long time tocome.Formulating all your ambitions in present tense isan ideal way to go about. For example, you couldsay, “I own a red Ferrari” or “I will own thathouse” and so on. No doubt, including words like“I want”, “I like” will not define your goals. Butthey can certainly define all your needs andambitions.c)All your goals should be measurable – Merelyhaving goals is not important. You have tounderstand that they all have to be measurable inone way or other. There should not be any room forwords like “may be”. After having set up yourgoals, you should have a fair idea as to when youcan accomplish them. Your timings in these issuesplay a very important role. There will not be anypressure on you to perform, if there is no cleartimetable laid out.d)Always think big while you are realistic at thesame time – Do not forget to have higher goals.Having said this, they need to be realistic aswell. If you are earning $750 a month, do notlimit yourself in your aim to earn $850 a month.You need to think big.The reason why you have to aim big is that youwill end up reaching fair height even if you failto reach your destined goal. Aiming to earnmillions of dollar a month, while you are earning$750 a month is highly unrealistic. Instead, youcan aim of earning $1000 or $2000 a month. This
  • 45. Magic Affiliate Cash 45certainly looks possible, provided your approachis right.The moral of this whole concept is to have clearcut goals and specific in your direction. Providedyou have all these, succeeding in areas likeaffiliate marketing should not be that difficult.
  • 46. Magic Affiliate Cash 46Why Do People Fail In Affiliate Marketing?It is not uncommon to see many people failing inaffiliate marketing business. However lucrativebusiness proposal it might seem to be, there willbe certain sections of people who would fail toget their priorities in place and do certainthings wrong.This eventually leads to them failing inaffiliating marketing. Even though affiliatemarketing has been there on the internet for manyyears now, there are many novices who don’tunderstand the finer points of this trade.Few of these people are out there just to make aquick buck or two. They soon realize that itdoesn’t happen that way.One cannot succeed in affiliate marketing businessin a span of one or two days. There are manythings you need to understand and implement beforeyou can get started.Sometimes you may even be required to try outdifferent programs to see which one will performfor you better. Trying out different things likeadding affiliate banners, different advertisingtechniques, links to your site and so on are fewsuch experiments you need to keep doing at regularintervals.All these things and many more are likely to taketime and you need to abide by it.
  • 47. Magic Affiliate Cash 47There are also few people who manage to have tento twenty banners and expect them to work forthem. However, it doesn’t work that way.There are chances that visitors may not like yourbanner and may not click it to enable them tovisit your affiliate programs. It is thereforewrong for marketers to assume that every banner orlinks should work for them.Affiliate marketing doesn’t necessarily work thatway. The success behind very affiliate programrequires a whole lot of planning, effort, beliefand time from the concerned marketer. Absence ofthese things can easily lead to failure in thisbusiness.If you are intending to use text links oraffiliate banners in your site, make sure thatthey pertain to the content available on the webpage.How many links or affiliate banners you need toadd in a page largely depends on its size. For anormal web page, three links or affiliate bannersshould serve purpose. By adding text links andaffiliated banners not relevant to the contentscan drive away the potential users.They can also look a page full of links whichcould be a big factor in driving away yourpotential visitors.Advertising is another important aspect ofaffiliated marketing. Doing advertisements indifferent ways on your site and expecting it to
  • 48. Magic Affiliate Cash 48work for you straightaway, is probably the worstthing you can do.You cannot do sales almost immediately. They aretime bound. Only when traffic is diverted to yoursite, you can expect sales to pick upsubstantially. No doubt, adding links and bannerswill certainly help.But they need time to work for you. It can’thappen overnight. They have to be more visible tothe visitors and attractive enough to get moreclicks on them. Once these things happen, saleswill certainly improve.
  • 49. Magic Affiliate Cash 49The Challenge of Finding the Right AffiliateMarketing ProgramTo kick start your affiliate marketing campaign,you don’t have to sweat it out. There are amplenumbers of affiliate marketing programs on theinternet that can come to your rescue.As a marketer, all you have to do is to make aresearch on all possibilities in front of you. Ifyou are systematic in your approach, you can findmore than one such program. Each of these programscan be good in their own way.The real challenge on your part is to identify theone which suits you better.The following section will help you identify bestaffiliate marketing programs as well as right wayto do your research. These methods have been triedand tested by many experts in the field affiliatemarketing. They are continued to be followed evento this day.As a first step, you need to identify the “hungrycrowd”. This essentially means finding out peoplewho are after the things they need desperately.People could be overly enthusiastic about aproduct or are disgusted with a compoundingproblem. You need to address them first. It willbe helpful if you have adequate knowledge on themor have solutions to tackle them. It couldvirtually be anything like a TV series or a moviewhich generally have a broader fan base.
  • 50. Magic Affiliate Cash 50There are many types of products and services thatcan be sold in affiliate programs. If you can findmany websites dedicated to one particular serviceor product, you can assume it to be in demand.Find out if you can locate any adword ads to theright side of the google search page. If there isany such type of ads, chances are that you canmake lots of money from them.Once you are able to find the products for aparticular niche, next step would be to type theaffiliate program and keyword into google. You mayeven do the search in some popular affiliateprograms directories like Paydotcom and Clickbank.These directories are a good source of digitalproducts or information products as they are oftencalled. Products like these are excellent to makea quick buck or two owing to their high commissionpayout.You can easily expect 50 to 75 percent ofcommissions through these products.According to few experts, niches like internetmarketing and money making are not highlyrecommended to start your affiliate marketingcampaign. This is because there exist a number ofplayers in this field and as such competition isfierce. Buyers tend to use their own affiliatelinks to buy products. It is thus advisable to useother niches to start with. Also, choosing theproducts that have good conversion rates isequally important.
  • 51. Magic Affiliate Cash 51Affiliate directories like Clickbank, sort theproducts based on their popularity. Here again, itis advisable to go for products at medium range ascompetition there would be less intense.By now you would have had a fair idea as how youcan find a correct affiliate marketing program.However, this is only a part of whole business.You also need to know the correct market place tosell products.
  • 52. Magic Affiliate Cash 52Why Clickbank Affiliate Program Directory Is SoPopular? There are plenty of reasons why people like Clickbank affiliate program. In addition to being a great place to generate revenue, the site is very user friendly and is resourceful.This program generates high volumes of traffic,get commission sales and runs by itself. Theinterface of this popular affiliate marketingprogram is very simple and comes with aprofessional design.Its database, fed by Clickbank’s market place haswell over 50,000 businesses and products. What’smore, the database is automated and gets updatedregularly.The cookie features of this program also enableyou to receive commissions from visitors evenafter they have left your site many months ago.You can get your commissions based on the monthlysales you have made through your Clickbank ID.This in turn is based on a percentage structure atClickbank website.The commission rate which is determined by itspartner site can vary anywhere between 5 to 65percent. The payments are also faster in this
  • 53. Magic Affiliate Cash 53affiliate marketing program. Generally, Clickbankwebsite makes use of PayPal for all its payments.Even without a merchant account, Clickbank allowsyou to make money from other avenues. In additionto this, the website allows you to make use ofyour credit cards for transaction purposes. Givenbelow are few different ways to make money withClickbank.a) Become an affiliate – Using Clickbank’sservices, you can easily become an affiliate. Onceyou are an affiliate, take some time in goingthrough products in their market place. All ofthese products would have been categorizedappropriately.Identify the product you can relate to or selleasily. You can create a hoplink to promote theproduct you have chosen. The format for this islink is:http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?nickname/merchant.In this format, you need to replace ‘nickname’with your Clickbank’s nickname and “merchant” withyour name.In case, you are confused with these details, youcan always go to the sales page and follow thislink:http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?merchant/1/ProductName.
  • 54. Magic Affiliate Cash 54b) Start selling products through Clickbank -Selling your products through Clickbank ispossibly the easiest way to make money online.What’s more, you can start doing this very easilyand quickly without facing any problem. With asingle Clickbank account, you can sell fiftydifferent products.All this will cost you no more than $50. Thisprice amount would have otherwise been hundreds ofdollars for setting up your own merchant account.c) Start referring clients to Clickbank – Byreferring new clients to Clickbank, you can startmaking lots of money. Along with commissions thatrange between $0.05 and $10, the additional moneyearned can be pretty useful.d) Promoting Storefront – What sets Clickbankapart from rest of affiliate marketing programs isthat it has its own marketplace. Most of thecompanies provide Clickbank marketplace with‘storefront’ for all the products listed there.To give you further exposure, a nickname will beprovided to each of the products.The idea behind every ‘storefront’ is to enableyou to get commissions from every products salefrom the site visitors. With this information, youare more than prepared to start making magicaffiliate profits – and dominating your niche!Use this guide as a reference as you continue tobuild your affiliate marketing empire and makingmassive wealth for yourself.
  • 55. Magic Affiliate Cash 55BONUS SECTION:Courses Available In Affiliate MarketingIt’s hard to believe that affiliate marketingprograms have been around on the internet forquite some time now. These programs are fastgaining popularity amongst many online users.However, there still exist few people who don’tunderstand the basic nuances of these programs.Few of these people believe wrongly that they canmake a buck or two very quickly.However, the truth is far from it. You canvirtually find marketers earning anywhere between$150 to thousands of dollars a month.In a layman term, these affiliate programs can bedefined as an online marketing practice, throughwhich affiliates earn commissions for helping themerchant sell his product to his customer.These programs are time tested and are found safeto generate money online. Owing to their easyconcept of selling products and services throughonline medium, many people are fast embracing thismode of business. But before you make a giant leapin this, you need to understand the finer pointsby getting hold of few affiliate marketing coursesthat are available free on the internet.Using these free online courses, you can learnbasic essence of online marketing, how to start
  • 56. Magic Affiliate Cash 56your affiliate marketing business and even homebased internet business.On learning them, you stand to earn substantialamount of income. Using simple google adwordprograms, you can easily earn hundreds of dollarseach month. In addition to these, there are alsocertain courses that will teach you how to sellyour services to other people and learn from theexperience.They will also teach you in creating powerfulauction sites that will enable you to sell justabout any products under the roof. Pricing yourproducts at optimum level will also be taught bythese free affiliate marketing courses.Finally, there’s a way on how to sell productsthrough your writing and there by selling your ownbook!In case you find it difficult to locate a programor set of products, do not worry. There isvirtually countless number of affiliate marketingprograms available on the affiliate networks.You are most likely to find your choice ofprograms or products on display there. In additionto these courses, there are few places like‘warrior forum’; internet marketers free communitythat can help you out.There are two courses that are highly regarded bythe experts. They are “Site Build It” and “ProfitLance”.
  • 57. Magic Affiliate Cash 57‘Site Build It’ is a simple course that will teachyou all the basics of creating a niche websitethrough which you can earn money.For an introduction to the world of internet andwebsites, this course is a wonderful companion tobe with. The tools used in this course are verybasic and easy to work with. ‘Profit Lance’ is yetanother course that will teach you basic nuancesof internet marketing.Along with simple google adwords, it teaches youall about website promotion. This course will helpyou get off the ground and start earning moneyonline.These courses and many more others will help youtheoretically. However, it is up to you to learnthe tricks of the trade by yourself.
  • 58. Magic Affiliate Cash 58Be a Part of Second Wave of Affiliate MarketingBusinessIt was in the 1990s the affiliate marketingbusiness first started growing. Not many peoplewho understood this new phenomenon then joined theprograms.Without giving much thought into what they weredoing, they started adding few affiliate linksonto the sites hoping for money to flow through.As this initial craze began settling down, bigindustry players began to realize the need toincorporate new models to succeed in thisbusiness. One can learn a lot from these two wavesthat swept across us not so long ago.The second wave of affiliate marketing businesscame with it a whole lot of excitement amongstmany marketers. It was with second wave when thereal wealth was generated.However, the potential in this industry wasforeseen well within the first wave itself. Peopleventuring into these businesses are now wellprepared with long term plans. It has thus becomepossible for ordinary people like me and you toventure out into this business.There are plenty of examples of industries intheir respective waves. Most of these industrieswere able to guarantee success to all people whowere associated with them at right time and atright place.
  • 59. Magic Affiliate Cash 59Among different types of products to be sold inthe first wave was VCRs and Apple’s computer. Inthe first wave, the VCRs developed were very bulkyand expensive. They were developed by Philips asearly as 1972.They weren’t that successful and managed to sellonly few hundred pieces. However, the developedversions of these VCRs also referred to as VHS;came into existence in 1977.This marked the second wave of this product. Soonthe prices came down and other features wereadded. The modern generation DVD is newest memberin this family.In a similar way as that of VCRs, computersdeveloped by Apple during the first wave in 1976,were too slow and seemed to crash more often thannot.The computers developed in the second wave had newdesign and were very fast. They were also readilyavailable and were less expensive. These newproducts came from the stable of Compaq and Dell.The first wave of affiliate marketing businessstarted somewhere in the mid 1990s and lasted forseven to eight years. It was during this periodall the hype surrounding making money throughinternet grew.However, marketers didn’t apply too much of theirthoughts into these business. They were merelycontent with adding few links on their sites.
  • 60. Magic Affiliate Cash 60These affiliate marketers hardly made any moneyduring this period.However, from 2003, the new wave of software andtechnology gained momentum. The initial hype andexcitement had died down. It now became easier forwebmasters to create and maintain websites thatcould guarantee long term profits with fewerinvestments.Today, we are all living in the second wave ofaffiliate marketing business. This is possibly thebest time for you to associate yourself withsomething like this.With more and more people buying products andservices through internet, possibilities arevirtually endless in this field.
  • 61. Magic Affiliate Cash 61Conclusion: -The information provided in all the above sectionswill give you fair indication of the possibilitiesinvolved in the world of affiliate marketingbusiness.These businesses are sure to super charge yourlife with lots of fun and excitement. All said anddone, these theoretical features and ideas wouldaccount for nothing if aren’t going to put theminto practice.Going through a number of course materials, onlinebooks and even talking to expert marketers shouldhelp you a lot in the process.Thinking about earning lots of money throughaffiliate marketing programs alone can’t guaranteeyou that. You need to work hard, exhibit highpatience levels, and respect time.Things can’t happen in this business overnight.You need to wait and do what is possible from yourend. This will ensure you success in a longer run.Do not forget to set long and short term goals inyour affiliate marketing business. They will proveto be your motivator every single time.The secret and tips involved in this business didnot evolve in a matter of one or two days. It washard work, sacrifice and patience of experts inthis business which enabled the compilation ofthese aspects.
  • 62. Magic Affiliate Cash 62It has been tried and tested by many marketers andcan be safely concluded that these affiliatemarketing businesses are real and so too are themoney involved in them.The order of the day for many aspirants in thisbusiness is not to waste any further time and getstarted with it as soon as possible. Novicesshould try to learn as much as possible everysingle day.As time progresses, they would have acquiredsufficient knowledge to take their business tonext higher level. They may have to abide by timeand do lots of right things to get there.But, once they reach the zenith; there will be nolooking back for them in this business. No matterwhere they go, success will follow.Experimentation is a factor which could come handyin this affiliate marketing business. There arethousands of online programs at your disposal.However, not all of them might work for you. Thesooner you realize this fact, the better it is. Inthese situations, you might have to try out otherprograms and not limit yourself to one singleprogram you had earlier tried out.If one of the programs had not worked for youearlier, chances are that you might be luckierwith other programs. Hence the need to try out allpossibilities is required.
  • 63. Magic Affiliate Cash 63There are also enough chances that you might comeacross many illegitimate programs or businessopportunities that might dupe you into followingwrong direction.To prevent this happening to you, you need to takeyour time in thinking what is right for you.Carefully assess all programs and take a call.If you are driven in the right direction, thereare fewer chances of you going wrong. Thisindustry is very large and possibilities in it areeven larger. So, do not worry if something doesnot work out for you. There is no fee for tryingout. Do not give up so easily.