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  • 1. Evolution of the SW Development at Digital Natives kaizen WIP kaikaku flow value stream mapping visualize work flow cycle time lead time throughput TPS build failed CFD created by Zsolt Fabók me@zsoltfabok.com October 25, 2011 @ twitter: @ZsoltFabok Agile community, Cluj Napoca, RO
  • 2. reference: http://alistair.cockburn.us/Oath+of+Non-Allegiance
  • 3. The Originphoto: http://softwarecreation.org/2009/reliable-software-development-process-the-toyota-way/
  • 4. Kanban - X
  • 5. The Traditional Wayphoto: http://blog.jonasbandi.net/2009/09/passionate-developer-i-do-like-my.html http://thepaisano.wordpress.com/2008/03/03/free-microsoft-project-clone/
  • 6. Visualize the Workflow
  • 7. Limit the Work in Progress
  • 8. Measure and Manage Flow working timecycle time queued timelead time
  • 9. Now we know where we are now: visualized and measuredLean principles: ● Respect for People, Continuous Improvement (kaizen)Last two Kanban principles: ● make process policies explicit, improve collaboratively We want to be better (quality) and faster
  • 10. Kanban is a method for development with a set of principles! Kanban ○ doesnt exist alone ○ requires an existing process or or + or
  • 11. The first steps...
  • 12. more columns goal tasksuser stories
  • 13. FAIL: WIP limit
  • 14. Our company board
  • 15. new columns: deployment on staging and productionwe still have tasks
  • 16. revised deployment columns two verification columns new deployment strategy
  • 17. FAIL: new deployment strategyFAIL: WIP limit
  • 18. Continuous integration build blocked everything build failed (cont. integration)
  • 19. Our SLA "door" + our detective boardreference: http://www.zsoltfabok.com/blog/2011/09/our-detectives-blackboard/
  • 20. A post-it
  • 21. Our Current Board
  • 22. Thank you very much for your attention! For more check out our websites: http://digitalnatives.hu/ http://zsoltfabok.com/ or follow us on Twitter: @dinaistwitting @ZsoltFabok