Insights in the Age of Context by Farhan Lalji


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  • Innovation in marketing moved really slowly, no matter what Mad Men might make you think, messaging might have changed but the channels and the types of communication was pretty static
  • That is brands broadcasted their messages
  • Innovation in marketing moved really slowly, no matter what Mad Men might make you think, messaging might have changed but the channels and the types of communication was pretty static
  • But it get’s difficult to really know what you’re seeing, are you seeing someone actually holding up the tower of pisa, we’re looking at things in one of several dimensions. Now the big headed maths people will, by knowing how tall the building actually is be able to determine how far the individual is and how tall the individual actually is. And this is what brands need to do from a social media perspective. We tell you how tall they are… and how fat.
  • Context is the king maker, it enables the king to rule.
  • don’t know what’s going on in our brand’s social audience / communityContent/editorial calendar planned well in advancetap into cyclical topics and themes, The World Cuplabour intensive to identify emerging themes, conversations and eventsGuilty using social as Broadcast. A one size fits all / spray and pray approach to engagement which assumes our followers are all the same. EG THIS TESTED WELL AMONGST A SAMPLE OF KFC’S CUSTOMERS IN A GIVEN REGION!We should be asking ourselves questions like:“What conversations and content are starting to trend organically amongst my followers that I should be getting involved with?”
  • focus to date has been on building large followings = no surprise that the trivial tactic of competitions and the self-defeating #RTtoWinTHESE TACTICS WORK – RIGHT?
  • Clever cheat – if the brand’s audience activity spikes on a Fri, chances are they’re comp heavy!
  • YOU CAN EVEN SEE TOPIC CLUSTERS What will workWhat won’tWho is in those clusters (influencers?)
  • There’s an opportunity here to change. That we probably haven’t realised yet.
  • another challenge: --- Individualssome of our customers have a disproportionately high level of influence over the rest of our customers. To date, it has just been difficult to prove, and even more difficult to identify these people before crisis strikes.- You don’t know the key influencers beyond PR team In today’s hyper-connected world, where social has democratised influence and given us all a voice, this is a dangerous position for us to be in. - Issue of recycling the same, tired voices in our influencer engagement campaigns and/or labouring through expensive outreach exercises (paid activity) when we’ve developed these huge audiences – why aren’t we tapping into them?- Upset the wrong it spread like wildfire!
  • Don’t be afraid of these people – know them.Every online community has its influencers - PR/crisis management/customer service/discretely increased levels of serviceCreate creating moments through and for influencers!How? One of our partners Coral…
  • Ford 3d Hologram
  • Let’s not be surprised by the information that’s available- spending huge amounts of time and money to force the issue, without really knowing if it’s going to hit the mark.Or, worse, finding tactics that work and spending big on them – only to find out down the line that ‘success’ wasn’t quite what we had bargained for.Current generation of social listening tools are valuable but, alone, they are giving you a key-word centric view of the world. It’s a big challenge to know everything you need to know, to sift through the noise.But consumers are giving you the context, the data, you need. It’s out there.
  • - This is where the industry is heading:- Understanding context, in its most fluid form. - What – When – Who – Where-We can help you understand the relationship between Content and Audience:- Create the right content to attract the right audience- Understand the key topics and themes emerging from your audience for you to create creating moments around- The future is pretty spectacular for Marketers who make data work for them – and you don’t need to be a scientist. Build your own solutions! You have an in-house team here. Don’t have the resources? Ask us! Happy to give audience analysis to everyone here
  • Insights in the Age of Context by Farhan Lalji

    1. 1. Think People! Social Analytics for the Age of Context PEERINDEX Insights in the Age of Context Farhan Lalji @farhanlalji Farhan Lalji @farhanlalji
    2. 2. 500 years of marketing innovation Magazines Telegraph Radio CRM 1450 1730 1836 1864 1876 1922 1941 1980s ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ _____ Moveable type Newspaper Billboards Television
    3. 3. The last 30 years of marketing Innovation Geurilla Integrated Search mobile 1980 1984 1985 1990 2000 2001 2007 2009 2011 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ Relationships Desktop Display Web 2.0 Social
    4. 4. If content is King, what does that make context?
    5. 5. Context is the crown
    6. 6. Tactics of competitions and #RTtoWin: these tactics work…right?
    7. 7. For every brand, every day, there is an opportunity to create a creating moment
    8. 8. In today’s hyper-connected world, not knowing who the influencers in and around your audiences are is a dangerous position to be in
    9. 9. Create creating moments through and for Influencers
    10. 10. Gaz: particularly influential in Coral’s community Holly: influence across betting communities
    11. 11. So they hired Holly Hagan for their lottery photo shoot and they put odds on Gaz to be Cheryl Cole’s next BF and tweeted him And created a Twitter event!
    12. 12. 600+ 4200 14M blogs, pics & vids influencers engaged people reached
    13. 13. The reality is, we’re just not making use of the information we have available to us.
    14. 14. Think People! Social Analytics for the Age of Context PEERINDEX About us Farhan Lalji @farhanlalji Farhan Lalji @farhanlalji
    15. 15. Powering the insight: PeerIndex’ big data platform Data ingestion • Capacity: 4bn+ messages/day • Streaming and batch Influence in segments • Likely advocates • Likely promoters • High referral value • Community Influencers • Outside Influencers Analytics • Proprietary predictive analytics Output The Influence Graph & Predictive Indicators • World-class data science team Community Trends • Common characteristics • Behavioural trends • Trending content • Themes of conversation 160m users 1.2bn edges PiQ & API Demographics Influence Graph • Who influences this person? • Who does this person influence? • In what context? Some facts • • • • Age Gender Location Custom 275Gb / day Custom Data/Insights • Psychographics • Lines-of-business • Customer look-alikes • Personalisation
    16. 16. Think People! Social Analytics for the Age of Context PEERINDEX Thank you Farhan Lalji @farhanlalji Farhan Lalji @farhanlalji