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Eyes on the Ball: CNN & Digital Sport


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Presentation from Digital Berkshire held on Thursday 17th May at Donnington Grove Country Club on the outskirts of Newbury. …

Presentation from Digital Berkshire held on Thursday 17th May at Donnington Grove Country Club on the outskirts of Newbury.

Ben Wyatt from CNN is the Sport Development Supervisor for CNN and is in charge of developing multi-platform sports products for sponsorship. Working closely with the World Sport TV production team, Sport Features programming and Digital Sport, it’s down to Ben to innovate creative approaches to CNN’s coverage both online and on the wider TV network. When he’s not working on new innovative ways to cover sports, Ben can also be seen presenting for CNN on a variety of topics.

Ben will gave an overview of CNN’s approach to building an online brand and business as well as exclusive insight into how sport at CNN is looking to evolve, embracing new digital technologies.

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  • 1. CNN Digital: The past …
  • 2. CNN Digital: The present …
  • 3. Where does traffic come from?• 1 United States 24,631,138 18.1%• 2 United Kingdom 12,127,846 8.9%• 3 Australia 5,872,287 4.3%• 4 Canada 4,546,005 3.3%• 5 Germany 4,332,858 3.2%• 6 India 3,535,272 2.6%• 7 Japan 3,258,554 2.4%• 8 Netherlands 3,237,201 2.4%• 9 Italy 3,206,434 2.4%• 10 China 3,203,709 2.4%• 11 France 2,827,297 2.1%• 12 Spain 2,659,126 2.0%• 13 Philippines 2,632,782 1.9%• 14 Brazil 2,559,204 1.9%• 15 Taiwan 2,543,828 1.9%• 16 Mexico 2,451,256 1.8%• 17 Korea – South 2,449,100 1.8%• 18 Singapore 2,231,670 1.6%• 19 Malaysia 1,772,461 1.3%• 20 Hong Kong 1,738,197 1.3%
  • 4. Traffic by region• Western Europe 39,161,733 28.8%• Asia Pacific 35,894,224 26.4%• United States 24,631,138 18.1%• Latin America 10,933,685 8.0%• Eastern Europe 6,482,343 4.8%• Middle East 6,185,116 4.6%• Canada 4,549,895 3.3%• Africa 4,110,060 3.0%• Caribbean 3,520,873 2.6%
  • 5. Traffic to the international site• Around 135 million page views per month• 26 million unique visitors each month• Around 1 billion page views a month to CNN digital websites
  • 6. How do we create the site?• Teams of digital producers, developers, designers, video editors based in London, Hong Kong and Atlanta, embedded into the newsrooms, using a custom-built content management system that incorporates words, images and video.• Correspondents file pieces to accompany their packages on TV• We rely on the CNN Wire to cover the news of the day.• Digital producers create rich content around the stories of the day• Features producers create content around CNN shows such as African Voices, Inside the Middle East, through to tennis, golf and sailing content.
  • 7. How do we make money?• Around 80 percent of revenue comes from sponsorship. We currently have around 30 sponsorships running on the international website.
  • 8. CNN Digital: The future …
  • 9. The evolution Social media• Probably the biggest challenge and also the greatest opportunity• We use social media as one of many sources for newsgathering, to break news, to communicate with our readers and viewers, and to engage and build relationships with them• CNN iReport has had around a million submissions, including from every country in the world
  • 10. Mar-12 Social Media Key Statistics Social media activity on CNN Facebook Likes International By end of Mar 2012 1.7m SHARES and RECOMMENDS on the CNN International Edition website from Feb 2011-Mar 20124 Social media referrers to CNN International (in March 2012) of 1.2m INSTANCES from Facebook2 1.8m PAGE VIEWS from Facebook2 Twitter Followers By end of Mar 2012 452k of INSTANCES from Twitter2 585k PAGE VIEWS From Twitter2 757k iReports submitted 1m iReport registered users (launch to end of Mar 2012)5 (launch to end of Mar 2012)5 Data sources: 1) Facebook Insights and 2) Omniture Site Catalyst 3) Twitter Counter 4) Facebook Insights Feb 11 – Mar 12 5) iReport: Business Objects – Global figures *Refers to the Global fan page (these brands have multiple pages/accounts) **Refers to the Global twitter account (these brands have multiple pages/accounts)Facebook likes and Twitter follower figures don’t include individual program/anchor activity ***Refers to total sum of CNN and CNN BRK twitter accounts
  • 11. Mobile • Total Downloads Across Apps = nearly 20 million• U.S. iPhone App = 5,816,984• International iPhone App = 3,346,842• iPad App = 5,714,816• Android Tablet App = 269,130• Android Phone App = 3,425,751• Nokia International Symbian Phone App = 714,126• Nokia International S40 Phone App = 105,722• iReport Android Phone App = 1,280• Windows 7 Phone App = 69,284
  • 12. Different ways to tell stories • Data-driven journalism • Data visualisation