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Digital Strategy; #TrendSpotting #SnapChat #Selfie
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Digital Strategy; #TrendSpotting #SnapChat #Selfie


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Students learn the basics of design and brand strategy but somewhere along the line we need to teach passion. …

Students learn the basics of design and brand strategy but somewhere along the line we need to teach passion.

Digital Strategy is art, not science

Humans love stories. Selfies are better than Facebook status updates and they disappear that is why they are better

Published in: Marketing, Design, Business

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  • Let’s make a deal. I won’t use mine if you don’t use yours
  • My Proudest Project, they are big media but how do they think
  • This is what I knew #4 #4 #4 (Hercules)
  • This is the world, varies by region, race, religion, income, age and education - CHAOS
  • Brands Need You to tell their story, to paint their picture to engage with Fans.Be Brave, Be Confident, Be Creative (also sell)
  • Study Coca ColaEvery Day / Fish Where The Fish / Genuine and Interesting
  • Objective of a brand Is to be well known, they need our help
  • 200 Billion, Digital gets close to TV, Radio is stable and cheap…
  • To engage people takes time (and good stories) Let me show you some (we will listen quietly and discuss what story was being told)
  • Explain steps ; someone creates something cool on the // shares it and reaches his friends and followers. Those friends and followers will do the same thing and will reach their friends and followers who will share until a celebrity/influencer gets reached (shares it and reach her fans and followers // now we have a trendWorld population is aware ‘avalanche effect’. Or, people are fed up and the trend becomes has been like the harlem and the circle starts overAlways starting and stopping
  • The Crowd decides what first page. News and Web Editor find stories on Reddit
  • Time magaine word of the year reaction
  • Put some storytelling videos after this slides
  • Examples of tweet
  • This is an example of a tweetwhith the hashtagtweetfromtheseat funny concept don’t you think so?
  • Transcript

    • 1. #Trendspotting
    • 2. People en Español is a Spanishlanguage magazine published by Time Inc. largest readership in the United States, reaching 6.4 million readers Entertainment, fashion and beauty, and human interest stories Case Study
    • 3. How They See Digital
    • 4. How we see it (Reality)
    • 5. Tell The Brands Story Be the Artist
    • 6. What are the goals of a digital strategy?
    • 7. There are four truths about social media: • You don’t own your brand – people do • Every day is election day – woo the audience constantly • Fish where the fish are – be where your fans are • Success – revolves around genuine and compelling content
    • 8. Introduce The Brand Introduce The Brand
    • 9. Make the brand loved
    • 10. Your Job is to
    • 11. I can’t hear you
    • 12. Think of the Brand as a person not a logo Be different
    • 13. These are your competitors They are smart and spend a ton
    • 14. They are smart and spend a ton
    • 15. Brands Want and Need You Engagement and Loyalty
    • 16. We want them, we need them We desire to be loved (and we tell our friends about you)
    • 17. Brands Want To Flirt With You .
    • 18. WHO are you are talking to, WHERE are they and WHAT are they doing? That’s why we use Trends To Engage, to be Authentic, To Listen, (Like a Good Friend) Brands want you to talk and Tweet and Snap and Pin and Share and Like and …
    • 19. You have to fish where the fish are…
    • 20. A Cycle?
    • 21. First Place on Reddit last week Local News Used On Monday
    • 22. cool/WTF/sm art/beautiful People vote up or down it #trends or dies BuzzFeed, Mashable Editors get content from Reddit #IAmA
    • 23. A Lengthy discussion on Healthcare Better on Reddit or Twitter….?
    • 24. Third Place, 12MM views from Reddit (a trend)
    • 25. + Check Brands, check Blogs (Adweek, ads of the world, ad age), check ad agencies YouTube channels
    • 26. 91% of US adults have cellphones 143 million of US adults have smartphones Nickolay Lamm cell phone data visualization Chicago
    • 27. 1990’s 2010’s
    • 28. Follow the UK Embassy in China -KPCB Internet Trends 2012, Mary Meeker-
    • 29. Selfies 16 billion photos on Instagram. 35 million photos using the hashtag #selfie on Instagram. 30% of the uploaded pictures by The British people between 18 and 24 years are selfies. 48% of French people use their smartphone to take pictures of themselves. -Opinium- The telegraph- Ipsos France-
    • 30.
    • 31. Are Selfies New?
    • 32. #Chuchhill
    • 33. #Camelot
    • 34. Daily SnapChats
    • 35. Taco Bell • Taco Bell
    • 36. Ideas for brands use of Snapchat via Victoria’s secret should push its lingerie products while embracing Snapchat’s « naughty » reputation. The brand should « sext » men with self-destructing coupons to buy their significant others gifts this holliday season. If EA Games wants to engage its followers via the social-mobile app, it should randomly release cheat codes and hints for its console games with easter-egg-style messages. The name of this potential appeal for Las Vegas' tourism board: "What Happens in Snapchat Stays in Snapchat." In a simple but viable application, the municipality could play off its famous tagline by offering prizes to Vegas vacationers who submit footage.
    • 37. Why are brands interested in SnapChat
    • 38. Because They Fish Where The Fish Are
    • 39. Where do they Fish?
    • 40. Story Telling never ends Check : Master of Telling A Story Casey Neistat Youtube 2013 rewind (12 million views in 21H) Yahoo top 10 searches 2013 Facebook Year In Review
    • 41. New Business Card? Michael Quintos Teacher, Parts Startup, Digital Strategy and I like pizza @mquintos @digitaladagency @partsfill Snap : digitaladagency (say hello to u, send us a snap)
    • 42. TLDR: why @Snapchat works, hint it has nothing to do with sex #privacy #creativity and #ephemeral sound like a teen near you?