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Metrics-driven Demand Generation in an Increasingly Multichannel World.


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Pelin Thorogood, Anametrix’s CMO and Executive-in-Residence at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, will discuss “Metrics-driven Demand Generation in an Increasingly Multichannel World.” …

Pelin Thorogood, Anametrix’s CMO and Executive-in-Residence at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, will discuss “Metrics-driven Demand Generation in an Increasingly Multichannel World.” She’ll share the most effective tools and tactics to optimize your entire customer cycle from reach, acquisition, and conversion through retention. With these insights, you’ll answer questions like:

How effectively do your marketing efforts achieve your business objectives?
How do you monitor, measure and maximize the effectiveness of each marketing channel and program?
How much is earned media supporting your paid marketing efforts?
How can a metrics-driven demand-gen engine improve lifetime customer value and transform your marketing into a predictable revenue driver?

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 2. The New Marketing Challenge 63% of CMOs believe return on marketing investment (ROMI) will be the most important measure of their success by 2015. The 2011 IBM Global Chief Marketing Officer Study Yet…more than 70% of CMOs feel they are underprepared to manage the explosion of data and “lack true insight.” Forbes April 2012 Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 3. 2011 U.S. Ad Spending vs. Consumer Time Spent by Media 43% 40% 29% 23% 22% 16% 11% Ad Spend per Media Time Spent per Media 9% 6% 1% TV Print Web Radio Mobile Sources: VSS, Mary Meeker (KPCB), comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 4. 7 Keys to Effective Marketing 1. Know thy audience! 2. Identify the right “engagement” channels 3. Engage your audience at the right time with the right message 4. Leverage a mix of inbound and outbound marketing tactics 5. Understand your “Conversion Funnel” 6. Experiment 7. Measure, monitor, optimize Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 5. Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 6. The Engagement Mandate • Go where your customers are • Create relevant content • Leverage different channels for different purposes • Empower your community managers • Power the community • Measure, monitor, optimize across segments, channels, campaigns Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 7. Life Cycle Content Attract / Engage Convert Retain Blogging White papers Email newsletters Online press releases Explanatory videos Social media content Infographics Customer video testimonials Customer support content Surveys and trend data Case studies Product tours Viral video Data sheets Webinars Social media content Product reviews Blog Podcasts Webinars Contests Blog and forum comments Advertising and search landing pages Contests Online / Offline Ads Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 8. The New Conversion Funnel Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 9. The Multichannel Challenge • Understanding customer engagement across silos • Solution: Multichannel data integration Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 10. The Multichannel Challenge • Focusing on top-line performance without the necessary context to create real understanding of the interrelationships leading up to them • Solution: Segmentation Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 11. The Multichannel Challenge • Capturing only the state of the system, but failing to describe the actual levers of change • Solution: System reporting with multichannel integration and embedded segmentation Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 12. Choosing the Right Metrics • # of Facebook fans v. % feedback and # of impressions • # of Twitter followers v. engagement • Social Mentions v. Social Mention impact on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) • Social Shares v. Virality Index correlation to Purchases and CPA • Email open rate or Click-thru-rate (CTR) v. Email conversion rate • Customer response segmentation by campaign • Cross-channel Campaign ROI comparison Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 13. Performance Overview Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 14. Campaign Analysis Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 15. Social Insights Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 16. Channel Insights - Email Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 17. What’s Next • Predictive Analysis • Automation Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.
  • 18. Thank you Pelin Thorogood CMO Copyright 2013, Anametrix, Inc.