Johanna Berg Vilnius 2013-11-14


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  • The Great Courtyard of Vilnius University and the Church of St. Johns, from “Album Wileński” J. K. Wilczińskiego, 1850 (public domain)
  • Baby with a walking stick, 2008. Photo: Sean Dreilinger (CC:BY:NC:SA)
  • Swedish National Archives in former location at Riddarholmen, Stockholm before the transfer in 1968. Photo: Bengt Lundberg, Swedish National Heritage Board (CC:BY)
  • Swedish National Archives in former location at Riddarholmen, Stockholm before the transfer in 1968. Photo. Bengt Lundberg, Swedish National Heritage Board (CC:BY)
  • From
  • Norderport, Visby. Photography: Opedagogen/Marie Andersson CC:BY:NC:SA
    Original b/w by Carl Curman ca 1890, Swedish National Heritage Board (no known copyright restrictions)
  • Martin Haberman from Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Cafe, Sydney ca 1948-51. Photo: Brian Bird, State Library of New South Wales (no known copyright restrictions)
  • Three unidentified children at Culp, Arkansas. Photo: Unknown, Mennonite Church USA Archives (no known copyright restrictions)
  • Workmen laying a new road, Railway street, Armagh, 1909. Photo: H Allison&Co, Public Record Office UK (no known copyright restrictions)
  • RCW 108: Massive Young Stars Trigger Stellar Birth (A region of active star formation about 4,000 light years from Earth.) Photo: Chandra X-ray Observatory, Smithsonian Institution (no known copyright restrictions)
  • Baltic Way or Chain of Freedom, 1989 August 23. Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning over 600 kilometres across the three then Soviet Republics, nowadays independent Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. (Photo: R Strikauskas via Wikimedia Commons) Leading finally to Lithuania – as a number one among SSR:s - declaring independency from the Soviet union 1990 March 11th.
  • Johanna Berg Vilnius 2013-11-14

    1. 1. First Steps on a Long Journey Open Cultural Heritage Data in Sweden European eGovernment Conference Vilnius 2013-11-14
    2. 2. More digitalization - Preservation - Accessibility
    3. 3. Findable Linkable Usable Re-usable Meaningful
    4. 4. “A piece of content or data is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute &/or share-alike.” http://
    5. 5. Open Knowledge New links/contex Old data - New lif The Bigger the Bette Mending of the Pas …
    6. 6. National Archives Hack week #NORDLOD conference DISKA project
    7. 7. Survey – Prioritize – Process – Publish
    8. 8. Thanks for listening! Johanna Berg
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