Johanna Berg Oslo 2014-02-07
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Johanna Berg Oslo 2014-02-07






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  • Akerselven ved Bentse Bruk. Hvor Thaulow malte. 1900 <br /> Håndkolorert dias. Bentse Bruk ved Akerselva, Norges første tresliperi, som kom i drift i 1863. I boken " Norsk landskap og norske menn" forteller Wilse: "På min videre ferd nådde jeg fram til Bentse Bruk ved Akerselven. Jeg så straks fra broen at her måtte det være noen gode motiver å forevige, og derfor fant jeg meg også en nedgang gjennom gjerdet og nedover skråningen. Jo, her var det motiver, en stille flytende elv med gjenspeiling av røde fabrikkbygninger, mens skinnende snø og blålige iskanter dannet en vakker og malerisk ramme om det mørke vannet. Hurtigst mulig ut med apparatet, for dagene er korte i januar på disse breddegrader. Men det varte heller ikke lenge før fine motiver vandret ned i vesken. Da så jeg at det noe nedenfor meg sto en høy herre i ulveskinnspels og malte. Og det var ingen ringere enn Norges store maler Fritz Thaulow. [...] Da sa Thaulow: - Kunne De gjøre meg den tjenesten å fotografere disse strømhvirvlene som De ser her i elven?” <br /> Foto: Wilse, DEXTRA Photo (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Superior Oil Company, Lake Creek [Field], Texas 1949. Fotograf: Robert Yarnall Richie, Southern Methodist University Library (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Oil Truck at the John F. Kennedy Airport 05/1973. Fotograf: Arthur Tress, US National Archives (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Life Magazine - Oil, Monroe pumping in Louisiana 1937. Fotograf: Robert Yarnall Richie, Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Housewife in the Kitchen of Her Mobile Home in One of the Trailer Parks in New Ulm, Brown county, Minnesota ca 1975. Fotograf: Horacio Villalobos, US National Archives (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Sallenback baby with toys 1957. Fotograf okänd, Galt Museum & Archives (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Plastic face protection from snowstorms. Canada, Montreal, 1939. Fotograf: okänd, Nationaal Archief NL (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • A Texaco Crude Oil Tank Blazes Against the Night after Being Struck by Lightning 09/1972. Fotograf: Jim Olive, US National Archives (no known copyrigt restrictions) <br />
  • Dutch soldier guarding refinery, Lago Oil & Transport Co. Ltd., Aruba 1939. Fotograf: Robert Yarnall Richie, Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Oil-Soaked Mud Lines Industrial Canal in Gravesend Bay Area of Brooklyn 05/1973. Fotograf: Arthur Tress, US National Archives (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Honefos, Ringerike, Norge 1890-1900. Fotograf: okänd, Library of Congress (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Cans of our water Four soldiers posed beneath a sign which reads, &apos;Good Water. Water bottle filling point&apos;. Each man has some tin water cans ready for filling. They appear to be from different units. The officer&apos;s cap badge is indistinct but has antlers or a stag&apos;s head (possibly of the Seaforth Highlanders). One of the men has shoulder letters RHA (possibly Royal Horse Artillery) and another has the letters H(?)GC, ca 1918. Fotograf: okänd, National Library of Scotland (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Hydroelectric power plant and dam on the Elwha River near Port Angeles, Washington 1914. Fotograf: Asahel Curtis, University of Washington Libraries (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • The village pump, Aberdyfi i Wales ca 1885. Fotograf: John Thomas, National Library of Wales <br />
  • Children drink soft drinks at a picnic, ca 1935. Fotograf: Sam Hood, State Library of New South Wales (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Laundry room in home economics building (now Comstock Hall). Photo taken by Troy on Feb. 20, 1921, for Miss Blinn, and used as the cover illustration for Reading Course Bulletin H-137. Cornell University Library <br />
  • Cattle coming in to water. Fotograf: okänd, Powerhouse museum, Australia (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Garden adjacent to the dugout home of Jack Whinery, homesteader, Pie Town, New Mexico 1940. Fotograf: Lee Russel, Library of Congress (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Cobalt Blue Water, 2011. Ahhhh, so fun to finally be able to capture the blue lights glowing from the Pedestrian Bridge over Tempe Town Lake reflecting on the water! Many thanks to my friend Desert Bug for getting us over there after a fun photo stroll in "Phoenix Other Worlds". Foto: cobalt123 (CC:BY:NC:SA) <br />
  • Early Morning Fog Carpets Clothier, West Virginia, near Madison. It Is a Familiar Occurrence in the Hilly Terrain of the Coal Mining Communities 04/1974. Fotograrf: Jack Corn, US national Archives (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Clouds 4, Australia 2006. Fotograf: Denis Fox (CC:BY:NC) <br />
  • Tompkins Sq. Park, New York 1967. Fotograf: James Jowers, George Eastman House (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Four men looking out at the sea at Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Fotograf: okänd, State Library of Queensland (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Water baseball [Men playing baseball in surf.] 27 July 1914 Fotograf: okänd, Library of Congress (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Living Mary, Nazareth <br /> Image Description from historic lecture booklet: "The fountain has various names. It is commonly called Mary&apos;s Well, but is known also as Jesus&apos; Spring and Gabriel&apos;s Spring. It stands beside the Greek Church, which is called the Church of Gabriel or the Church of the annunciation. The church is modern and its being half under ground gives it an unusual though not unpleasant appearance. The spring is north of the church and the water is conducted past the altar by a conduit to Mary&apos;s Well, which is the Fountain of the Virgin here seen in this view." 1910: Fotograf: okänd, OSU Special Collections & Archives (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • The Lincoln Coffee Lounge is said to be the birth place of the "Sydney Push" movement in its early days, just after the war. A popular meeting place for artists & writers, it comprised a mixture of university students, lecturers, Bohemians & Libertarians. Piers Bourke (at rear, to right of corner) ; ‘Johnno’ Robert Johnson, student (to left of corner) ; Robert, Frenchman (with hand to chin), Michael Hourihan, in safari suit (near doorway) from Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Cafe, Rowe Street, Sydney. Fotograf: okänd, State Library of New South Wales (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Pojke badar i fontän i Vällingby centrum 1960 Foto: Okänd, Stockholm Transport Museum (no known copyright restrictions) <br />

Johanna Berg Oslo 2014-02-07 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Data is the new… Johanna Berg, Digisam Oslo 2014-02-07
  • 2. "Data is the new oil!“
  • 3. Tack för idag!