Johanna Berg ABM-Malmö 2013-09-19
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Johanna Berg ABM-Malmö 2013-09-19






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  • Restaurant in the Kungsparken, Malmö, Sweden, between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900. Fotograf: Okänd, LOC (No known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Meta-meta-meta photography 2012. Fotograf: James O’Gorman (CC:BY:SA) <br />
  • Crossing the line ceremonies have long been associated with sea travel. The ceremony is performed on board ships to mark the occasion when passengers or crew are crossing the equator for the first time in their experience. Members of a ship&apos;s company are called upon to dress up and take the roles of particular traditional characters to conduct the ceremony such as King Neptune, his wife Queen Amphitrite, a barber, a surgeon, bears, guards and sea nymphs. After parading around the ship a court is held on a platform near to a a large canvas bath filled with water. King Neptune summons the new travellers and after they pass through the hands of the surgeon and the barber they are tipped backwards into the bath. Those initiated during these ceremonies are issued with a certificate which exempts them from a repeat of the treatment on any further voyages. Fotograf: okänd, Australian National Maritime Museum (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Porträtt av kvinna, tre typer av film, ca 1950. Skioptikonbild från Institutionen för fotografi vid Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. Använd av professor Helmer Bäckström som föreläsningsmaterial. Bäckström var Sveriges förste professor i fotografi vid Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan i Stockholm 1948-1958. Exempel på tre olika typer av film. Fotograf: Okänd, Tekniska museet (CC:BY) <br />
  • Bridge Closed in Cartersville <br />   <br /> 1 <br />   <br />   <br /> Size: Size: Size: Size: Size: Size: Size: Size: Size: Size: <br /> Prev Next <br /> The James River Bridge at Cartersville was closed after Hurricane Agnes due to flood damages. Fotograf: okänd, LIbrary of Virginia (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Busiest boy in Dublin has been identified, Fotograf: okänd, National Library of Ireland (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Migrant mother. Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California, 1936. Fotograf: Dorothea Lange, LOC (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Superior Oil Company, Lake Creek [Field], Texas 1949. Fotograf: Robert Yarnall Richie, Southern Methodist University Library (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Honefos, Ringerike, Norge 1890-1900. Fotograf: okänd, Library of Congress (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Hydroelectric power plant and dam on the Elwha River near Port Angeles, Washington 1914. Fotograf: Asahel Curtis, University of Washington Libraries (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • The village pump, Aberdyfi i Wales ca 1885. Fotograf: John Thomas, National Library of Wales <br />
  • Garden adjacent to the dugout home of Jack Whinery, homesteader, Pie Town, New Mexico 1940. Fotograf: Lee Russel, Library of Congress (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Children drink soft drinks at a picnic, ca 1935. Fotograf: Sam Hood, State Library of New South Wales (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Purification 1953. Fotograf: okänd, Library of Virginia (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • World War II. Liberation of Holland. Food distribution by allied forces. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 1945. Fotograf: okänd, Nationaal Archief (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • Dutch football supporters in Milan, 1934 World Cup. Fotograf: okänd, Nationaal Archief (no known copyright restrictions) <br />
  • This modern shit is worthless! Text from a matchpack. Fotograf: Wackystuff (CC:BY:SA) <br />

Johanna Berg ABM-Malmö 2013-09-19 Johanna Berg ABM-Malmö 2013-09-19 Presentation Transcript

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