Mr Rubon Embedded Sim Card Gemalto DigiWorld Summit 2011


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Mr Rubon Embedded Sim Card Gemalto DigiWorld Summit 2011

  1. 1. A few words on embedded SIM November 2011 Jean-François RUBONDirector, Handset Technology and Mobile Innovation
  2. 2. Gemalto products Look in your pockets : But there’s much more : LTE Servers & Network Mobile financial M2M Services enablement services & NFC modules For banks and mobileFor: automotive, health, etc… Eg: Subscription operators Eg : roaming, backup, CRM, etc… activation 2
  3. 3. « Machines » & « Devices » segmentation… Consumer Consumer Industrial M2M Telematics Payment 3G key terminal E-book reader Tablet fleetstrackingterminal Cars Game Console healthcare Signage Camera Surveillance Maintenance handset PC Meter PNDDevice Owner by a company Device owned by a physical person Device owned by a physical personNetwork Subscription paid by a company Network Subscription paid by an company Network Subscription paid by an individual … implying different business models & solutions 3
  4. 4. Technical drivers for eUICCeUICC = embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card Smaller physical size as the SIM slot is too big Battery size is a must, as mobile CPU power is up Design trend for thinner devices Physical Security By tying physically the security to the device hardware Environment : heat, vibrations, etc… Specifically in M2M Endurance , long lifetime Specifically in M2M Turn-key solution as security is complex 4
  5. 5. Introducing the « eUICC » Standards: 5
  6. 6. From SIM to Embedded UICC… 1 = 5 Chip Operator Operator Profile Profile User Profile User Profile SP Profile SP Profiles OS SP Profiles Applications SP Profile OS5 items with potential different lifecycles,different management processes and security 6
  7. 7. Need for Subscription Remote Provisioning 1 A solution to load a new MNO Subscription Manager subscription anytime remotely and securely on a UICC without network disruption eUICC 2 A solution which permit to swap from a MNO subscription to MNO 1 MNO 2 another remotely and securely. Subscription Subscription 7
  8. 8. The embedded UICCa number of challenges to overcome ! Legal issues Business issues Regulation Subsidy / Subscription period Liabilities Third party services Property Segmentation Security issues Technical issues Certification High Availability Transfer of credentials Compliance with requirements Subsidy Lock Multi-sourcing Trust model Security User Experience Activation method/time Customer care Device renewal Device resell 8
  9. 9. The embedded UICC in a nutshell Introduces flexibility to foster M2M market expansion Business model to be set up by the different actors Highly dependent on the segment (Industrial M2M, consumer, …) Standardisation under progress : GSMA, ETSI Security is a key asset of GSM/3G/LTE, to be maintained or enhanced with embedded UICC Technical solutions exist: See Gemalto demo at Cartes exhibition, Villepinte, 15-17 Nov 2011 9
  10. 10. Thank you !