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Preliminary Remarks of IDATE during DigiWorld Summit
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Preliminary Remarks of IDATE during DigiWorld Summit


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Will the Device be King?Preliminary RemarksYves GASSOT
  • 2. After “Who is financing the Internet of the Future?” (DigiWorld Summit 2010) … “Will the Device be King?” #2 Transit & CDN pricing #3 Peering #5 Managed services Managed services Revenue sharing for managed services Content Hosting Telco 1 Telco … Telco n ISP Device End-user provider CDN CDN Peering ≈ 0€ Internet subscription Transit peering Revenue for OTT services Open Internet #1 Content economics #4 Unlimited traffic 2
  • 3. Will the Device be King?A hot issue ► August Google buys Motorola Mobility ► August HP announces the end of its PC & Smart Devices ambitions ► September Patents’war between Samsung and Apple ► September Amazon presents its first tablet ► October Apple revenues exceeds 100 billion USD… and 4S ► November Philips leaves the TV market ► November HTC is #1 on the US smartphone market ► November Ericsson leaves the Sony-Ericsson JV … What’s next? 3
  • 4. Will the Device be King?1 – What’s next ?  Smartphones: +110 millions – 3Q11  Tablets & e-readers: <50 millions in 2011  Lap-top  Net-book < 200 millions in 2011  Ultra-PC  Videogame devices: 40 millions  S.T.Boxes : 193 millions  Smart TV: 45 millions… What’s next?  Dual screen ecosytem/multi devices/ Personnal wifi (new usages and cohabitation issues)  Personnal … memory/ trust and privacy (intimacy, eProsthesis)  Mix Personnal consumption - Business usages (consumerisation) … 4
  • 5. Will the Device be King?2 – Impacts on the Business models What are the stakes of smart devices on the business models of… Can smart devices save the Press? The Smartphones: Boxes & Smart TV a commodity Tablets vs. eReaders in the Future of the facing Multiscreen Strategies Place of the independent Mobile Internet? kiosk vs. Internet giants’s IPTV & Set top boxes vs. platforms? Is there a risk of Smart TV, vs OTT boxes… disintermediation for the cellcos ? 5
  • 6. Will the Device be King? 3 – The other check points of the Cloud…OS Web-OS OSAppStores/MarketsMeta-distributorSocial Networks/platformsWeb –HTML5 6
  • 7. Will the Device be King?… and the telcos? The ecosystems of the Internet, as seen by telcos Source: DigiWorld YearBook 7
  • 8. … and 8 Executive Seminars and Associate Seminars Executive seminars – Wednesday November 16 NextGen Networks 1: Latest questions about FTTH NextGen Networks 2 – LTE: What’s changing mobile IP? Content distribution & Multiscreen strategies Trans-Atlantic Telecom Dialog – Net Neutrality: Act II Cities’ smart and gitial living policies Green ICT for a green economy Associate seminars – Thursday November 17 DigiWorld Game Summit – NextGen game platforms: another step into the Cloud and ubiquity Enabling patient autonomy and in-situ care 8
  • 9. Have a great Summit ! 9