Programa de Preferred Market Developer


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Palestra de Wesley Barbosa, Líder de Desenvolvimento de mercado do FACEBOOK, no Fórum de Marketing Digital 2014 - Etapa Recife

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Programa de Preferred Market Developer

  1. 1. Preferred Marketing Developers and How they can Impact your Business
  2. 2. Renato Goulart PMD Market Development, Latam Wesley Barbosa PMD Market Development, Brazil
  3. 3. Facebook before and now
  4. 4. Connecting the world.
  5. 5. All the people who matter to you!
  6. 6. So much to do by yourself!
  7. 7. I wish I could fly!
  8. 8. What if!?
  9. 9. We will not build everything
  10. 10. One team ClientAgency
  11. 11. Preferred Marketing Developers “Make marketing easier and more effective through technology partnerships”
  12. 12. PMDs makes marketing easier and more effective on Facebook Source: Country updated as of October 2013 A community of best-in- class developers focused on making social marketing easier and more effective  45+     countries Provide customized marketing solutions designed to meet your client’s business objectives Drive better performance and results Create efficiency around ad buys and page management
  13. 13. Pages PMDs help advertisers manage its presence on Facebook
  14. 14. Ads PMDs help advertisers and agencies manage advertising campaigns on Facebook
  15. 15. Apps PMDs build advanced platform integration for brands
  16. 16. Insights PMDs provide dashboards that helps advertisers on the decision making process
  17. 17. But, wait, aren’t they just an agency? Agency PMD Strategic Marketers •  Develop marketing strategies to meet client business objectives •  Advise on the appropriate media mix and investment •  Act as an external marketing team to the client Technology Developers •  Provide input into the marketing strategy but do not set it •  Build technology that makes marketing more efficient and scalable •  Bring automation to the delivery, measurement and optimisation of Facebook media •  Make agencies’ digital teams more efficient though technology
  18. 18. How does a PMD support an agency in servicing the client? Client Agency Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Facebook & PMD: Driving efficiencies in your Facebook media through automation and scale FB & agencies: Building solutions to the client’s business challenges. Developing marketing strategy.
  19. 19. Campaign ‘A’ Campaign ‘B’ Campaign ‘C’ Ad BudgetPerformance £ £ £ Ad ‘A’ Ad ‘B’ Ad ‘C’ £ £ £
  20. 20. Power Editor
  21. 21. PMD automation
  22. 22. A PMD tests & scales, identifying pockets of success. For example, an online retailer’s ‘red dresses’ campaign may show strong results. The PMD then creates multiple subsets of the ‘red dresses’ campaign to test PMD automation
  23. 23. Test Targeting options The ‘red dresses’ subsets are automatically created by the PMD’s tool. Multiple variations of the creative, messaging and targeting can then be used to drive further performance improvements. This process of test, optimise and scale happens in near real- time at great scale, automatically. Red Dresses Long Red dresses Short Red dresses Casual Red dresses Formal Red dresses Test various images Test various creative
  24. 24. One team ClientAgency
  25. 25. One team ClientAgency PMD
  26. 26. Hackathon
  27. 27. Thank You