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Welcome Digheon F I N A L P D F

  1. 1. Welcome to Digheon HealthcareDigheon Healthcare saves time and money byequipping physicians with more efficiently codedmedical information, while enhancing interactionwith other healthcare providers and patientsusing Web-enabled devices.  The Benefits of Digheon HealthcareDigheon Healthcare allows users to qualify for subsidies under the HITECH Act. Because of the virtual aspects of the product and the reduced need for additionalhardware and software, the costs to purchase and install the system are significantlylower than what competitors in the marketplace are charging, and with feweradvantages.With its array of benefits and functions such as Electronic Health Records, EnterprisePractice Management, Personal Health Records, disease surveillance, outbreakmanagement, geographic analysis of health information and connectivity to the PublicHealth Information Network, Digheon Healthcare is a remarkably advancedtechnology.Most other Electronic Health Records and Practice Management companies chargeadditional fees for installing their product on each office machine and mobile device.They require additional and costly computer servers. They donʼt provide options toquery all practice patients to determine who has been prescribed a certain drug or has aparticular diagnosis. Digheon Healthcare includes an interactivepatient portal to allow each patient to privatelyview certain personal health information suchas positive lab results or basic informationsuch as blood pressure, cholesterol or sugarlevel tracking from anywhere as well.  www.DigheonHealthcare.com
  2. 2. Important Features of Digheon Healthcare• Digheon Healthcare provides eEducation with patients so that before leaving the office, they have seen a short training video and been provided high quality, context- sensitive audio and video material designed to help patients manage their diagnosis. Such training improves patient healthcare and knowledge, while also providing the opportunity for additional coding for time spent with a patient. • With Digheon Healthcare, a physician may create a profile in 30 minutes and then a practice portal is set up instantly.  This means full practice conversion can be completed in a matter of weeks, not months. It also allows physicians to design their own practice-specific templates for ease of use and customization.• Using Digheon Healthcare on multiple devices simply requires emailing an electronic key to the intended device and logging in. There are no required visits by sales or support staff.  There are no charges for installing from machine-to- machine. There are no charges for ensuring Digheon Healthcare can communicate with the development of future mobile technologies.• Digheon Healthcare uses highly secured, redundant and backed-up Amazon servers, the speed of an Internet connection is the only component affecting information delivery. All aspects of Digheon Healthcare run on one simple, safe and secure database so there are no delays in sharing information. • Digheon Healthcare operates on PC or Mac, plus mobile platforms such as iOS and Droid.• Digheon Healthcare allows patients to schedule their own appointments and provide patient-specific information over the Internet, reducing time demands of front office staffing and later coding.  The system also allows a physician to block out times, to reschedule appointments and notify patients of other possibilities when the physician needs to be out of office. www.DigheonHealthcare.com
  3. 3. • Digheon Healthcare provides a customizable online dashboard that allows for immediate viewing of referrals, lab results, alerts, and medications taken, just to name a few.• Through the Digheon Healthcare patient portal, patients can access physician- approved health indicators from their homes or mobile devices.  This allows physicians to decide when a patient office visit might be required based on a lab alert, without the patient knowing and deciding on their own not to follow up.• Digheon Healthcare is a 100 percent paperless system, which is positive for the environment, reducing the carbon footprint of a physicianʼs practice.• With the ability to provide physicians and patients with better information about disease outbreaks and other critical health information, Digheon Healthcare provides in-house emergency preparedness and response information that is certified by the Center for Disease and Control in Atlanta, GA.  This feature provides timely information to physicians about additional symptoms to test for when in or near an outbreak area, thus combating the spread of the illness and keeping patients healthier. www.DigheonHealthcare.com
  4. 4. • With its Public Health Information Network capabilities, Digheon Healthcare provides county and state health departments potential outbreak information, in addition to notifying the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services.  Digheon Healthcareʼs powerful database reporting enables management of outbreaks like H1N1, the flu and other airborne contagions. • For physicians certified and trained to respond to particular emergency situations, Digheon Healthcare allows volunteering physicians to register with public health response organizations and provide the proper certification and other required credentialing. • Digheon Healthcare is a remotely-hosted, comprehensive information manager, which makes it a much faster and more stable system with very few competitors. This is what allows the product to be used in a small practice of 1-3 physicians to an entire hospital network.• Digheon Healthcare was designed with a coding interface that allows patient visits to be coded by a designated certified coder remotely, enabling practices to use certified coders without a need to physically share demographic and clinical patient information.• Long before federal law requires it, Digheon Healthcare already provides an eMentoring component where clinical information to assist physicians and other healthcare providers is available and editable for the benefit of those within a respective practice.• Digheon Healthcare also has built-in training modules and one-touch help information for physicians and office staff to ensure that needed support information can be provided instantly, but also learned at the userʼs pace.• The benefits of using Digheon Healthcare include saving time and increasing the bottom line of a practice or healthcare delivery network.  All levels of the healthcare chain are empowered with faster, better and more comprehensive information that improves the work satisfaction of a physician and staff, while at the same time improves the healthcare experience for patients.  Designed primarily for ambulatory and inpatient EHR services, Digheon Healthcare improves communications between providers, patients, support services, patients and payers.   www.DigheonHealthcare.com