Lukas Maixner (Socialbakers): Digitalni "dedki in babice" in družbeni mediji


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  • Likes your Page, follows you on Twitter, subscribed to your ChannelKnows your company, knows your offeringsEngages in conversations about your brand in digitalActs as your brand ambassador in real life?
  • As you all know, in social media, there are different levels of interactions and each has a different value.Fan = indicated interest, often passiveLike = refers to a certain object / piece of content, interaction but stillRecommendation = Probability
  • Strategic decisionssponsorships,endorsement,campaignsDay-to-day communicationchoosing right topicsand tone of voice
  • Lukas Maixner (Socialbakers): Digitalni "dedki in babice" in družbeni mediji

    1. 1. Baby Boomers and Social MediaLukas Maixner, Co-Founder (@lukasmaixner)
    2. 2. 2Who are Baby Boomers?» Born between 1946 – 1964» Currently 49 – 67 years old» 80 million Americans wereborn in BB generation
    3. 3. 3Who do we think they are?
    4. 4. 4Who they really are?George W. BushBarack ObamaBill ClintonMadonnaDavid LettermanSteve JobsSteve WozniakGeorge ClooneyFreddie MercuryBill Gates
    5. 5. 5Who are BB according to studies80% personal wealth3/4 of America’s wealth75%
    6. 6. 6BB and technologiesBaby Boomers are the guys who created technologies we use nowadays
    7. 7. 7BB and technologies75 % 84%52%
    8. 8. 8Yes, 52% of US BBs use SOCIAL!
    9. 9. 9Facebook in Slovenia
    10. 10. 10Baby boomers on Facebook13%7%12%8% 8%14%3%9%3%4%4% 4%9%1%6%1%2%3% 2%6%1%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%USA Brazil Germany CZE Slovenia Sweden EgyptAge 45 - 54 Age 55 - 64 Age 64 - 100Selection of countries
    11. 11. 11What are they doing there?CONNECTINGJOB HUNTING (94 %)$$$Searching customerreviews, making purchasingdecisions
    12. 12. 12How to Sell to them?» 8 M+ BB are online 20+ hours per week» 50+ old users spend nearly $7 B annually online» Consumer reviews: 72 %» Facebook post by company itself 9 %» Coupons 67 %
    13. 13. 13What are they doing there?» Travel» Health» Local» Real Estate» Financial» Non Profit» Education» Shopping» Fitness» Senior Living
    14. 14. 14How do they act?» Separate professional and personal» More concerned about privacy» Not always-on» Different notions of “whats news”
    15. 15. 15How to reach them?» Personalized e-mails» Sponsored Stories» Tell a Story, KISS» Special offers Customerreviews» Brand ambassadors
    16. 16. 16Case study: L’Oreal Paris» Target group: GenX and BB» Actors from Gen X and BBas brand ambassadors» Targeted videos on YouTubeand traditional media (TV)» Product microsite» Regional Facebook Pages
    17. 17. 17So what to take from that?» WEALTHY and SAVVY» Wealthy, Middle-age, Tech-savvy, On-line» SOCIAL» But concerned about privacy and not always-on» RATIONAL» Rational appeals, individual messages, endorsement» DEALS» Free shipping, samples and coupons
    18. 18. Baby Boomersand BrandLove
    19. 19. 20How Do You Define a Fan?» Follows» Knows» Engages» Recommends
    20. 20. 21Fans Are Not Good EnoughFacebook Fan Facebook Like BrandLoveRecommendation
    21. 21. 22How Do We Do That?
    22. 22. 23What are we solving?Challengingthe value ofLikesTrueRelationshipDevelopmentover TimeCompetitivebenchmarkUnderstandingadvocatesTrends &PatternsHow does it help you?1) Strategic decisions• sponsorships,• endorsement• campaigns2) Day-to-day communication• right topics• and tone of voice
    23. 23. 24Top 10 industries on Facebook7.2966 7.18187.0164 6.86516.5216 6.51966.3487 6.23976.0564 6.0447012345678fmcg beauty auto electronics retail food alcohol software sport ecommerce retail
    24. 24. 25Top 10 Pages on Facebook8.78.0 7.9 7.8 7.5 7.5 7.4 7.4 Apple Inc, Sony Facebook Honda Volkswagen iTunes Starbucks Nivea Converse9. 8.68.4 8.4 Desigual Sony Nestlé Lysol Clorox Febreze Snuggle Reeses DoveMale vs. Female BB
    25. 25. 26Want your own BrandLove study?