ReInvention and Social Media
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ReInvention and Social Media



This is a presentation I gave at the 2nd Annual Reinvention Conference in Burlington on March 22, 2010. Rather than talk on how to use tools like LinkedIn for a job search, this talk focused on how to ...

This is a presentation I gave at the 2nd Annual Reinvention Conference in Burlington on March 22, 2010. Rather than talk on how to use tools like LinkedIn for a job search, this talk focused on how to use social media to differentiate yourself.



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  • Change - scary
  • Some are like this - headhunters
  • Normal, funny, quirky, odd, different
  • Attracting the people we’re most attracted to
  • Not superficial change
  • I don’t know anything, I’m not interested in anything. Doesn’t have to be work related.
  • Jeremie and new designerParity in talent and experience
  • Shift in communication tools/publishing since GutenbergConnect with thought leaders around the worldCommunicate with those leaders, question etc.
  • Also Mrs. O on Vogue, BBH labs, Account Planner by day, Obama fashion by nite
  • Laura set out to get herself hired by launching a #LauraGainorToMilwaukee campaign that mixed in Twitter, FourSquare and SlideShare.Laura and her husband had already planned a trip to Milwaukee. She made a poster out of the Comet Brand logo and posted pictures of the poster in various venues at Milwaukee with a Foursquare check-in and a tweet. The campaign was fun, spontaneous and creative and showcased Laura's personality and creativity.But Laura also wanted to showcase her experience as well as creative and strategic talents. So she uploaded a presentation to SlideShare and periodically tweeted links to that presentation."SlideShare allowed me the opportunity to publicly explain what I did and how I did it, to get the attention of Comet Branding," said Laura.Laura pulled together photos to create a virtual resume as well as screenshots of her Foursquare check-ins from Milwaukee.
  • (Right: once you’ve built a relationship, ask people for help)
  • Attractive the right peopleGoing out on your own

ReInvention and Social Media ReInvention and Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media and ReInvention
    Rich Nadworny
    March 22, 2010
  • Why You Are Here
  • You Either
    Don’t have a job but want one
    Have a job but want a new one
    In either case, you need someone to notice you
  • Job hunting is like dating:
    So how attractive are you?
  • Job hunting is like dating
    Most of us don’t look like this
  • Or this
  • When it comes to work, most of us look like this
  • Or this
  • If you’re going to Reinvent Yourself,
    you have to make yourself
    more attractive
  • This is not about
    cosmetic surgery
    It’s about making yourself more interesting
  • Figure OUT
    What are YOU interested in?
    What could YOU become a leader in?
  • How does this help a job search?
    It shows Passion
    It shows Initiative
    It shows Focus
  • So what does this have to do with social media?
    Social media will give you
    A Platform
    The biggest megaphone you could ever hope for
  • Blog
    It gives you a place to show your expertise and passion
    It gives you a place to point people to
    It makes you become disciplined
    It makes you a better writer (communicator, storyteller)
    Your blog is your base.
  • Julie Powell
  • Video
    For the more tech or performance oriented
    YouTube is a huge mouthpiece
    Opportunity to go viral
    Key: NEVER be boring
  • Gary Vaynerchuck
  • It’s not about numbers
    It’s about the right connections
    Follow the leaders in your area
    Find ways to engage with them
    One of the BEST ways to stretch your network
  • There are others:
  • Remember, it’s not all about you
    If you want to use social media you have to PARTICIPATE
  • Be Generous
    Comment on blogs (regularly)
    ReTweet or answer questions on Twitter
    Share things you’ve found
  • Act the way that makesyou attractive
  • Now who wouldn’t like someone like that?
  • So what the heck does all this have to do with a new career?
    Energizes you while you’re looking
    A novel way to ask people for help
    Meet people you might never have otherwise met
  • Okay, the job part
    It gives employers a GREAT picture of who you really are
    It shows them that you GET new media (while some of them don’t)
    If your passion connects with your job interest, it makes you a LEADER
  • It makes you more ATTRACTIVE, in every way.
  • Local examples
    Rob Smart Sustainable Food
  • Local examples
    Michael Martine – Blogging
  • Local examples
    Dan York – VOIP
  • Laura Gainor
  • Homework Assignments
  • Homework Assignments
  • Homework Assignments
    Go to
    Search for something you’re interested in
  • Homework Assignments
    Go to Twitter
    Search for people who are interested in your passion
  • Rich Nadworny
    Digalicious – Digital Strategy and Marketing
    Twitter: @rnadworny