SPRINT 13 Workshop 6 Open policymaking Linda Humphries - Cabinet Office and Ade Adewunmi - GDS


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SPRINT 13 Workshop 6 What is open policymaking and how does it deliver in a digital environment? Linda Humphries - Cabinet Office and Ade Adewunmi - GDS

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  • Welcome Thanks for coming Linda and I will be running through some of the lessons we ’ ve learnt about applying open policymaking principles. To make it as practical as possible, we ’ ll be looking at the delivery and formulation of the govt ’ s open standards policy. UNCLASSIFIED * UNCLASSIFIED
  • 1) If you don't know what Open Standards are it's not important. 2) What is important to recognise is that we all face similar challenges: Service improvements Cost savings Complex policy problems Hard to reach user groups UNCLASSIFIED * UNCLASSIFIED
  • 1) Small number of very big incumbents don't want to see change legacy IT 2) Lots of smaller suppliers – and users of government services – do 3) We're not used to talking to them 4) Disparate and difficult to reach 5) Expensive for them to talk to us
  • 1) A consultation document 2) An online consultation site with a twist – comments are viewable from the get-go 3) We're going to need something afterwards prototype of an ongoing engagement site that will become BAU engagement
  • 1) Used the usual channels 2) Blogging and tweeting - key landmarks 3) Important that we were flexible, listening and digging deeper 4) Example - clients versus users - doctors vs. users of health services 5) Discussions with network 'hubs' – find people 6) People emerged - got out of London – pet shop to tech start ups to multi-nationals - the guerilla approach – squarecows
  • 1) Knew more about what delivery needed to look like 2) Delivery is the point so: - Standards Hub to be the focus of the activity going forward - Established routes such as Mystery Shopper to be used for whistleblowing - can't do everything - Evidence from all engagement channels - Policy review in 2014
  • 1) Transparency opens up possibilities 2) Makes connections that we might not have known existed 3) Helped us to really understand the debate and to be prepared for challenges and comms - roundtables recorded, sound files released - peer reviewed evidence review from BU - feedback to consultation published on CO website - independent analysis methodology, statistics and report, lists of respondents - Not just a Government Response
  • 1) Unanimous praise in the trade press 2) ... the bluebird - without Twitter these soundbites could have been very different 3) Understanding discussion and engaging at the right time, through the right channels 4) Monitoring tweets highlighted potential misunderstandings – enabled us to react 5) Might not be the right channel for your users 6) Is this what you want to be looking at after your policy launch? UNCLASSIFIED * UNCLASSIFIED 1) Almost unanimous praise in the trade press 2) Most important thing on this slide... the bluebird 3) Without Twitter these soundbites could have been very different 4) Importance of understanding the discussion and engaging at the right time, through the right channels 5) Monitoring tweets highlighted potential misunderstandings – enabled us to react 6) Might not be the right channel for your users but demonstrates the need to be on top the issues
  • Listening to Linda describe her experience of open policymaking- the importance of drawing on the expertise of others really comes out In fact if you’re not drawing on expertise of many outside of your team or department then you’re probably not doing open policymaking This requires us to (1) build networks and in order to do this we need to know who’s doing what That’s where people blogging about their experiences or producing case studies becomes useful- it helps with the discovery process That’s why we started the Open Policymaking project with Demsoc Linda, Department for Health, BIS, London Borough of Redbridge and other non-govt. organisations, share relevant details e.g. resources, internal barriers, time requirements, things they wished were better
  • Building networks and drawing on experience and expertise of colleagues who’ve actually done it is always best- we’ve found people are usually happy to provide tips and pointers BUT: If you don’t have a network- yet! Then get in touch- we’ll try to connect and support.
  • Slide to be up in the background during Q & A
  • SPRINT 13 Workshop 6 Open policymaking Linda Humphries - Cabinet Office and Ade Adewunmi - GDS

    1. 1. Click to edit the title text format Open Policy Making & Delivery in a Digital Environment Ade Adewumni Linda Humphries Government Digital Service @gdsteam / @IT_Reform Sprint 13 Workshop – 21 January 2013
    2. 2. The UK is facing economic Case study: Openchallenges Standards *
    3. 3. Case study:We have a policy problem... Open Standards Image copied from http://www.axxessblog.com/ *
    4. 4. Case study:So, where did we start? Open Standards *
    5. 5. Case study:Understanding the users views Open Standards *
    6. 6. Planning for delivery Case study: Openbefore we know the policy outcome Standards Standards Hub *
    7. 7. Case study:The benefits of transparency Open Standards *
    8. 8. Case study:And the reaction? Open StandardsWall Street JournalThe latest step is the publication of its report on open standards. And once again, thegovernment has got it right. It is a refreshing, well-crafted, thorough document, that admitsthe mistakes of the past, points the way to the future and lays down seven principles thatfew could argue against. Computer Weekly The governments open standards policy is bold, important and carefully written... Computer World …the start of a new era for IT procurement in the UK. The Cabinet Office team deserves kudos. *
    9. 9. Learning the lessons - but not the Whats next?same ones every timeIt’s good to share!- Building networks- Sharing experiences www.openpolicy.demsoc.org *
    10. 10. Who else can help? Whats next?• Open Policymaking Team• Behavioural Insight Team• GDSWe know more needs to be done. Tell us! *
    11. 11. Further information and help Whats next?@gdsteamLinda.humphries@digital.cabinet-office.gov.ukade.adewunmi@digital.cabinet-office.gov.ukConor Quinn:openpolicymaking@cabinet-office.gsi.gov.uk *