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SPRINT 13 Workshop 5 Open changes everything Oliver Morley - The National Archives
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SPRINT 13 Workshop 5 Open changes everything Oliver Morley - The National Archives


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SPRINT 13 Workshop 5 Using Open Data and Open Source to show how european legislation has spread into UK legislation over time and how TNA approaches big data. Oliver Morley- The National Archives

SPRINT 13 Workshop 5 Using Open Data and Open Source to show how european legislation has spread into UK legislation over time and how TNA approaches big data. Oliver Morley- The National Archives

Published in: Technology

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  • So, the three ways to get access. Or show me the way/ Get directions from someone who knows/ Or stop wasting my time and give me the whole map. Point one. Unlike preservation, good presentation merges the physical and digital seamlessly together, but makes it clear which is which. I want to be able to see all the documents relating to Edward VIII’s Abdication, but as not all of them are digitised it should be clear which is which. Note that our previous presentation system did not do this. Point two. These three routes are complementary to each other. Our intention is that they democratise access to our information, but not that they are exclusive.
  • Text, images, film, social media Scalability – up to 50 million records by 2015 High cost of maintenance and support Need to replace other differently structured legacy systems Current catalogue assumes knowledge of records structure New features required eg user participation
  • Options we considered Great community of users SQL solution – too complex XML database – not good at updating No SQL, big data solution MONGO DB offered best balance between reads and writes
  • Agile Team of up to 11 people First release in 11 months Moving to monthly releases Continuous integration and delivery
  • Graph shows SIs made under the European Communities Act, by type (Regulation, Rule or Order), by Dept, in terms of the size of legislation (using the page count, not the number of SIs) Domestic SIs, by type (Regulation, Order, Rule) Points to note Huge number of temporary Orders made by DfT Orders in Council made shown as Privy Council (so exercise of Royal Perogative powers)
  • Points to note Substantial portion of new regulation does come from Europe Impact of devolution to Wales (the Welsh Government bubbles – including a substantial amount of the new EU legislation) Defra and BIS have been the large implementors of new EU driven regulations
  • Transcript

    • 1. Open ChangesEverything
    • 2. Most-used museum, library or archive web-site in the UK(Google Trends/ Alexa)150m records downloaded19m unique users for legislation40m web-site redirects for whole govt
    • 3. Because we’re open, we won aa Queen’s Award for Innovation
    • 4. What Open means for us User Value Partner Govt Value Service
    • 5. 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LastUpdat edBy tech nical_environment_id Charge_type_id LastUpdateDate ArticleID (FK) tech nical_environment_t ext Catalogue_Ref met adata_xml Price Doc_Categories le ttercode_title subheader_admin_biog_hist First_Image div ision_custodial_hist created_by (FK) VAT_percentage lett ercode_id (FK) Lettercode_SortedTitle subheader_id (FK) created_date Description Last_image Divis ion_ID (FK) lettercode_id (FK) embedded_bitstream last_changed_by (FK) FirstDeliv erablePDF title_text admin_biog_his t_text edit _lis t_users part_no custodial_hist_text last_changed_date SortTitle embedded_bitstream_id edit_set edit_list_user_id deleted_by (FK) Transbatch_id edit_set_type digital_file_id (FK) deleted_date DateStamp Edit _Set_ID edit_set edit_list_id (FK) subheader_scope_c ontent Edit_Set_Type edit_set _type sequence vers ion AutonomyString division_arrangement application_role_id (FK) tbl_Applicat io nSettings division_app_dest _info Edit _Set_Type (FK) Edit_Set_ID parent_sequence 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Leaflet_Reference_ID Appli cat ionSett ings cont extual_data3 subheader_no Division_ID (FK) Edit_Set_ID (FK) Leaflet created_date External_flag subheader_title last_changed_by (FK) Settin g_Id User_ID (FK) Leaflet_order Le aflet_Reference_ID Charge_type_id (FK) subheader_note subheader_scope admin_biog_hist_text tbl_Division last_changed_date role_id (FK) Leaflet_Title_Text Settin g_key_text Search_type date_text Division_ID Le aflet_order ipblocks USER dele ted_by (FK) subheader_id (FK) Not e_Text watchlist Settin g_Group_text ScopeDat a1 batch_id comple te Le aflet_Title_Text dele ted_dat e Info_Leaflet_URL ipb_id user_id protected_tit le s category int erwiki page_props querycache queryc achetwo Available_To_Web_text ScopeDat a2 note_text Division_Title Currency_Indicato r Note_Text filename Leaflet_fil ename edit_list Description_text subheader_title lettercode_id (FK) date_created pt_namespace cat_id ScopeDat a3 Created_on eaflet_URL Info_L ipb_address user_name user_id (FK) 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user_last_t im estamp completed_date subheader_accruals header_title date_text edit_set_history Leaflet_Reference_ID (FK) Scopeprefix 5 header_arrangement ipb_deleted user_editcount version Scopeprefix 6 subheader_id (FK) batch_id Edit _Set_Stage (FK) Place_Reference_Id (FK) ipb_block_email header_id (FK) header_id (FK) Scopeprefix 7 saved_search Edit _Set_ID (FK) embedded_bitstream_fixity edit_list_comment accruals_text Scopeprefix 8 Saved_search_id title_text arrangement_text Edit _Set_To_Stag e (FK) saved_search saved_search_overspill division_accruals embedded_bitstream_id (FK) e dit_list_comment _id Scopeprefix 9 Transtition_Date revision templatelinks categorylinks pagelinks Scopeprefix 10 Description Saved_search_id Saved_search_id (FK) Division_ID (FK) us er_groups p age_restrictions fixity_algorithm_id tbl_Verity_Collect io n e dit_list_id (FK) reader_user_id (FK) order_no User_ID rev_id Scopeprefix 11 Leaflet_corporate_body ug_group pr_type value_text c omment_text Scope_example Procat-DOL-Res olver-Link bookmark reader_user search_string ion Descript header_scope_content header_app_dest_info accruals_text Comment created_by (FK) reader_user_id (FK) search_string Leaflet_Refe Leaflet_corporate_b ody page_id (FK) page_id (FK) page_id (FK) page_id (FK) page_id (FK) a ctive whole_doc_flag cat_id bookmark_id reader_user_id date_created header_id (FK) header_id (FK) user_id (FK) Verity_Collection_ID (FK) bookmark reader_user search_string old_id (FK) tl_namespace cl_to pl_namespace created_date c reated_by (FK) whole_doc_text deleted pr_level Collection_Path L evel_no edit _set_stage_transit ion Leaflet_Reference_ID (FK) rev_comme nt tl_title cl_sortkey pl_title last_changed_by (FK) c reated_date reader_user_id (FK) bookmark_id doris_user_id reader_user_id date_created scope_content_text app_dest_info_text pr_cascade Default_Doc_Categories Corporate_Body_Reference_Id (FK) user_id (FK) last_changed_date catalogue_id user_fu l name deleted cl_tim estamp pr_user last_changed_by (FK) Default_Physical_Descrip tion_ID (FK) Edit_Set_Stage (FK) edit_set_stage_transit io n deleted_by (FK) reader_user_id (FK) date_created user_surname d doris_user_i rev_user_text pr_expiry last_changed_date CoverText Edit_Set_Stage1 deleted_date tbl_levels catalogue_id level_no (FK) user_fullname user_st atus reader_session reader_transient_store Edit_Set_Stage (FK) rev_timesta mp pr_id d eleted_by (FK) required_filename_length header_admin_biog_hist date_c reated catalogue_reference user_surname user_ticket Forward_Transit ion Edit_Set_Stage1 rev_minor_edit d eleted_date Coll ectionTags le vel_no session_id id version Display_Annotat ion_text tbl_levels tit le level_no (FK) user_status user_type reader_session sessionid (FK) header_id (FK) rev_deleted catalogue_reference user_ticket Forward_Transition rev_len text le vel_desc level_no covering_dates staff_nt name reader_user_id (FK) session_id admin_biog_h is t_text deletedtitle user_type time_la st_used time_la st_hit Data rev_parent_id recentchanges old_id level_desc covering_dates staff_ntname reader_u ser_id (FK) Order_ID rc_id role deleted time_last_used time_last_hit created_on LockedCatalogues users old_text Leaflet_person rc_timestamp old_flags application_user Catalogue_ID role_id role User_ID users searchindex Leaflet_Reference_ID (FK) rc_cur_time page user_id level_no oldimage image role_descrip tion role_id user_NT_logon User_ID Person_Reference_Id (FK) rc_user TabToLock page_id username_t ext role_level user_name img_name rc_user_text role_description place user_NT_logon page_id (FK) last_logon_date max_roles_per_edit_set Edit_Set_ID (FK) User_Initials rc_namespace page_namespace role_level user_name im g_name (FK) img_size si_title created_dat e Place_Reference_Id User_ID (FK) rc_tit le page_title max_roles_per_edit _set place User_Initials PC_Leaflet oi_archive_name img_width si_text user_guid Session_ID rc_comment page_restrictions PC_Place Authority_Status erence_Id Place_Ref (FK) oi_size img_height embedded_bitstream_property DateTimeOfL ocking Catalogue_ID e t rc_minor page_counter Place_Name_Text PC_Leafl oi_width img_metadata search_field Catalogue_ID Leaf le t_Reference_ID (FK) rc_bot page_is_redirect embedded_bit stream_property_id Authority_Status (FK) parish_text place_link place_link_type Catalogue_ID oi_height img_bits PC_link Place_Reference_Id (FK) level_no rc_new page_is_new search_ field_id Catalogue_Element_Matrix Place_Name_Text town_text Place_Link_Type_Id Leaflet_Reference_ID (FK) oi_bits img_media_t ype embedded_bit stream_id (FK) level_no Place_Link_Type_Id (FK) place_link_type Property_ID (FK) rc_cur_id (FK) page_random langlinks digital_file_format Catalogue_ID1 (FK) PC_Su bject parish_text county_text level_no oi_description img_major_mim e event_id (FK) descript io n_text PC_link P roperty_ID Property_ID (FK) Place_Reference_Id1 (FK) old_id (FK) page_touched process_template le vel_no1 (FK) Catalogue_Element _Mat rix town_text place_date_end Place_Link_Type_Descrip tion Place_Link_Type_Id Description user_id (FK) img_minor_mim e name_text where_clause_text digital_file_format_id Catalogue_ID Place_Reference_Id2 (FK) Property_ID (FK) rc_last_oldid page_latest Catalogue_ID2 (FK) (FK) Catalogue_ID1 P roperty_Name Property_ID Description county_text Grid_References_Text oi_user_text img_description rc_type page_id (FK) value_text is_text_field process_template_id tbl_verity_category_dat e_count Subject_Reference_Id (FK) Place_Link_Type_Descriptio n page_len digital_file_id (FK) tbl_verity_quick_search_dates le vel_no2 (FK) (FK) level_no1 A vailable_In_Lettercode place_date_end uncertain_date_code_start Description oi_timestamp img_user (FK ) rc_moved_to_ns ll_lang metadata_xml is_dat e_field level_no format_puid_text descript ion_text date_range_id Property_ID (FK) (FK) Catalogue_ID2 Property_Name A vailable_In_Divisio n Grid_References_Text uncertain_date_code_end oi_metadata img_user_text rc_moved_to_title ll_title created_by (FK) format_name_text level_no2 (FK) Available_In_Lettercode Property_ID (FK) uncertain_date_code_st art A vailable_In_Class PC_Corp_Body vali dation_text oi_media_type img_timestamp created_date Category_ID (FK) DescriProperty_ID (FK) p tion rc_patrolled format_version_text date_desc A vailable_In_Header v ision Available_In_Di Descriptio n uncertain_date_code_en d Country_Text oi_major_mime img_sha1 rc_ip last_changed_by (FK) valid digit al_file_format_warning order_number date_range_id (FK) le vel_no (FK) Available_In_Class Catalogue_ID validation_text Description A vailable_In_Subheader place_date_start oi_minor_mime last_changed_date date_typ e Available_In_Header Corporate_Body_Reference_Id (FK) corporate_body rc_old_len search_criteria created_by (FK) digital_fil e_format_warning_id A vailable_In_Piece Country_Text Place_History_Text oi_deleted delet ed_by (FK) activity document_count level_no (FK) rc_new_len created_date Available_In_Subheade r A vailable_In_Item level_no place_date_start Created_on Corporat e_Body_Reference_Id oi_sha1 delet ed_date digital_file_fixity digital_fil e_format_id (FK) process_template_id (FK) order_number stage_role _in volved_in corporate_body rc_deleted last _changed_by (FK) Available_In_Piece B ulk_Updateable Property_ID (FK) Place_History_Text warnin g_text Created_by (FK) rc_logid search_criteria_text digital_file_id (FK) last _changed_date unique_identifier_text role_id age_role_involved_in Available_In_Item Created_on Autho rity_Status (FK) Corporate_Body_Re ference_Id imagelinks st (FK) Descript io n Corporat e_Body_Name_Text rc_log_type redirect externallinks created_by (FK) fixit y_alg orithm_id dele ted_by (FK) stage_id (FK) Bulk _Updateable Created_by (FK) application_role_id (FK) Authority_Status (FK) Corporat e_Body_Date_End rc_log_action search_criteria_id dele ted_date role_id (FK) valu e_text stage_id (FK) Corporate_Body_Na me_Text Remit_And_Funct io n Leaflet_subject rc_params created_date tbl_VerityBrowseField subject Corporate_Body_Date_End page_id (FK) page_id (FK ) page_id (FK) created_by (FK) tbl_Verity_Category Corporat e_Body_Date_Start rc_this _oldid (FK) deleted_by (FK) PC_Link_Data_Element Remit _And_Function Subject_Reference_Id (FK) img_name (FK) rd_namespace el_to created_date Category_ID Subject_Reference_Id uncertain_date_code_start deleted_date application_role subject Corporate_Body_Date_Start rd_title el_index last_changed_by (FK) Catalogue_ID PC_Link_Data_Element Variant_Text Corporate_Body_Link Leaflet_Reference_ID (FK) last_changed_dat e application_role_id Field_ID Category_Name level_no Subject_Term_Text Subject_Reference_Id uncertain_date_code_start Validation_Text Catalogue_ID Corporate_Body_Reference_Id1 (FK) Corporate_Body_Link Corporate_Body_Link_Type deleted_by (FK) Field_Name Browsable Property_ID (FK) Subject_Definition Variant_Text uncertain_date_code_end description_text Category_ID (FK) level_no Subject_Term_Text Authority_Status (FK) Validation_Text Corporate_Body_Link_Type_Id (FK) deleted_date Parent_ID juris diction_text Corporate_B ody_Reference_Id1 (FK) Corporate_B ody_Link_Type_Id Corporate_B ody_Link_Type