Office of the Public Guardian


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Presentation on GDS's work with the Office of The Public Guardian

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Office of the Public Guardian

  1. 1. Allon Lister Office of the Public Guardian
  2. 2. Office of the Public Guardian Processes and registers Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). Supervises Deputies appointed by the Court of Protection. Maintains registers of LPAs and Deputyships. Investigates allegations or concerns made against Deputies and Attorneys.
  3. 3. Office of the Public Guardian – to reduce and remove Complex paper forms attempt to be everything for everyone in every context. Perceived complexity encourages often unnecessary legal consultation (89% of cases are straightforward). The business relies entirely on paper documentation. Photo CC licenced from
  4. 4. Office of the Public Guardian – to enable A flexible and scalable digital Staff to support customers who business model need the most help - Assisted A business model that shifts focus Digital from internal process to user needs Substantial growth in the numbers in line with the Ministry of Justice’s of LPAs registered Transforming Justice agenda Reduction in the number of cases Control of the digital service without requiring Court of Protection restrictive & costly service contracts intervention Photo CC licenced from
  5. 5. Office of the Public Guardian – right now Learning the OPG business - Designing detailed end-user staff workshops and interviews research for January 2012 Understanding the impacts on Identifying early deliverables, eg a customers caused by current digital LPA application and policy, processes and payment process communication methods Planning the phased delivery of the digital service during 2012 Photo CC licenced from
  6. 6. Office of the Public Guardian – to deliver An outstanding service with digital by Phased delivery that rapidly default as the natural user preference. introduces public-facing digital User-originated, 100% correct, digital services and accelerates applications for all new customers and business process change fast migration to digital for existing A a major change in public clients. service provision that increases Safe, simple, quick, and compliant the responsibility and power of processing of sensitive, personal the citizen dataIntegrated with back-office systems that simplify internal processes. Photo CC licenced from