Infusing Digital Curation Competencies into the SLIS Curriculum


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Presentation by Patricia C, Franks, School of Library & Information Science, San Jose State University at the DigCurV International Conference; Framing the digital curation curriculum

6-7 May, 2013
Florence, Rome

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  • She engaged in 2 different internships: 1) Fall 2010 for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in the 1940s and 1950s. 2) 7-month internship at the NASA Ames Research Center Because of this last experience, she secured a job as a NASA Archivist.
  • Matt will graduate May 2013, and he has been accepted into a PhD program at Capella University and will begin his studies in fall 2013. His focus: organization and management with an information technology focus.
  • Infusing Digital Curation Competencies into the SLIS Curriculum

    1. 1. Infusing Digital CurationCompetencies into the SLISCurriculumPatricia C. Franks, Ph.D., CRMAssociate Professor, School of Library & Information ScienceSan Jose State University, San José, CA, USA
    2. 2. 2Topics Rationale Digital Curation Competencies Component #1: Curriculum Component #2: Internships Component #3: Technology Infrastructure Conclusion5/7/2013
    3. 3. 3 Running Footer - Title of Subtitle
    4. 4. 4Digital Universe in 2020• The digital universe will grow to 40,000 exabytes or 40 trilliongigabytes (more than 5,200 gigabytes for every man, woman,and child)• Nearly 40% of that information will be touched by cloudcomputing providers (stored in the cloud at some point betweencreation and disposition)• The proportion of data requiring protection will grow faster thanthe digital universe itself from less than 33% to more than 40%in 2020.• As much a 33% of the digital universe will contain informationthat might be valuable if analyzed, compared with 25% today.
    5. 5. 5Dual Approach to Digital Curation Educationis Needed Digital Curation Education and Training for DigitalCuration Professionals Digital Curation Competences infused in SLIScourses for everyone else5/7/2013
    6. 6. 6Three Components of a Strong DC Curriculum1. Coursework2. Practice-based internships3. Solid Technology InfrastructureYakel, Conway, Hedstrom, and Wallace (2011)5/7/2013
    7. 7. 7 5/7/2013
    8. 8. 8Operational Competencies & SLIS CoursesTammaro, Casarosa, and Madrid (2012)5/7/2013
    9. 9. 9Managerial Competencies & SLIS CoursesTammaro, Casarosa, and Madrid (2012)5/7/2013
    10. 10. 10 5/7/2013
    11. 11. 11Phases of the Digital Curation Lifecycle Used in theDC / SLIS course map1. Conceptualize2. Create or Receive3. Appraise & Select4. Ingest5. Preservation Action6. Store7. Access Use & Reuse8. Transform9. Preservation Planning5/7/2013
    12. 12. 12 5/7/2013
    13. 13. 13 5/7/2013
    14. 14. 14Place-based Internship Experiences5/7/2013
    15. 15. 15Virtual Internship Experiences5/7/2013
    16. 16. 16Capstone Course – LIBR 289 – E-Portfolio5/7/2013
    17. 17. 17Capstone Course – LIBR 289 – E-Portfolio5/7/2013
    18. 18. 18Technology Infrastructure•Blackboard IM•Blackboard Collaborate•Desire2Learn LMS•Desire2Learn E-Portfolio•Gmail•King Library Online Resources•Microsoft Office•MySJSU (student managementsystem)•SPSS software•OCLC•ProQuest•Refworks•Web of Knowledge•WestlawSoftware used by all students• CALI• Dialog• Factiva• Gale• LexisNexis• LibGuides• NoveListDatabases used by studentsenrolled in specific courses5/7/2013
    19. 19. 19Additional Software used in Specific Courses• Skitch (optional) – annotate images• Balsamiq (optional) – layout• Inmagic® Presto for DB/Textworks - webpublishing• DB/Textworks – soon to be WebData Pro(creates relational web databases)• Oracle DBMS• Rapid Miner (Open source) – datamining• CONTENTdm (digital collection mgmt)• PhotoShop (image manipulation)• GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation)• GoodleDocs• WordPress, Blogger or Blogspot• Weebly (website or blog)• Jing (screen capture and recordings)5/7/2013• Screen capturesoftware• Camera• Scanner
    20. 20. 20Student MattCarmichaelDevelops andShares DigitalCurationStrategies5/7/2013
    21. 21. 21 Running Footer - Title of Subtitle
    22. 22. 22ConclusionInfusing digital curation core competencies into theSLIS curriculum will expand the number ofprofessionals prepared to perform digital curationactivities in order to protect, add value to, andpreserve our digital assets.5/7/2013
    23. 23. 23Not in the paper… but in case you’re wondering1. SLIS is planning for the addition of several newcourses in digital curation and developing guidancefor MLIS students in the form of a Digital Curationcareer pathway.2. The new courses will also be available to studentspursuing a Post-Master’s Certificate in DARM and tothose pursuing a master’s degree in Archives andRecords Administration (MARA).3. SLIS is exploring the development of a SLIS VirtualDigital Technologies lab.5/7/2013
    24. 24. 24Questions / Contact InfoPatricia C. Franks, PhD, CRMpatricia.franks@sjsu.edu5/7/2013