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DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
DigCurV Managerial Lens
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DigCurV Managerial Lens


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Presentation by Dr William Kilbride …

Presentation by Dr William Kilbride
Digital Preservation Coalition

Framing the Digital Curation Curriculum: a DigCurV Workshop
10 December 2012
Firenze (Florence), Italy

Published in: Education
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  • 1. DigCurV: Managers’ Lens The Managers’ Lens The Contexts of Management The Contexts of Preservation A Simple Use
  • 2. Strong recognition ofBusiness planning andBusiness improvementProjects and services
  • 3. Strong knowledge ofprinciples and practiceEngaged with usersManages ‘up and across’
  • 4. Strong knowledge ofregulation and legalitiesImplicitly strongknowledge of use case
  • 5. Responsive to changeIntegrity – works up anddown
  • 6. Managing up, down and across All management is middle management Context specific Executive Relationship to executive • how deep is management structure • line or ‘dotted line’ management Managerial Relationship to practitioner • Quality assurance • Prioritisation Relationship to contractors and collaborators Practical • Procurement and contract management • Mutuality of collaborationDPOE Audience Pyramid
  • 7. What is a manager?Managers need understanding of these areas to successfullyensure projects are on track and to advise their teams. Not advise – instruct! Why projects? What Hmm is this And about services? realistic? contractors?
  • 8. Contexts of Preservation 1Roots of DigCurV Managers’ Lens:Research Information Network – Researcher Development Framework …DigCcurr – doctoral level curriculum in preservation of digital materials …Academic and research sector are significantly ahead of the curve… use cases for preservation very different for different sectors… culture of management is very different for other sectors…’domain’ ‘disciplines’ ‘subject knowledge’: a worry?
  • 9. Contexts of Preservation 2Rapid change in digital preservationTools, techniques, know howScale, complexity, importance of digitalChange is not a bug… Flexible approach to tools technologies… Responsive to communities… models learning and good practice for practitioner… keeps development in line with corporate strategy
  • 10. A Simple Use CaseThe DPC will facilitate the development of a workforce withthe skills and tools necessary to ensure long-term access todigital collections and will encourage the proliferation anddiversity of training necessary to that purpose.It will provide tangible benefits to members in the form oftraining and will support those who provide quality-assuredtraining in digital preservation which is relevant to the needsof members’ workforces. It will support those colleges anduniversities which seek to develop curricula in digitalpreservation and provide authoritative labour marketintelligence for employers, students and teachers alike
  • 11. A Simple Use Case DPC Leadership Programme Matching Training to Needs Career development at all