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Ruby voip
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Ruby voip


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  • 1. VOIP and Ruby The Convergence of Web and VoiceApplications using Open Source Software Justin Grammens Localtone Interactive
  • 2. VOIP is NOT About Cheap Phone Calls Other companies are already doing this cheaper and better.
  • 3. VOIP Applications!Its about the applications that we can build!
  • 4. What We Will Cover➢ Why do VOIP now?➢ Asterisk➢ Adhearsion➢ Telegraph➢ Demos
  • 5. Why Now?Only recently has good Open Source Software been developed ( Rails / Asterisk ) Telecoms are slow to react Few applications merge voice and web Cell phone are everywhere!
  • 6. Why Now?➢ 2.7 Billion mobile phones. 1.4 Billion fixed-lines.➢ 1/3 of “Internet Users” access the internet fromtheir mobile phone.➢ iPhone has shown consumers why they needthe interactive internet on their phone. Others willfollow.➢Most phone users can be identified by astandardized numerical system.
  • 7. VOIP / Web AnalogyTechnology Web VOIPProtocol HTTP SIP – Industry Standard FTP IAX – Asterisk Specific RTP H.323 – Obsolete Jingle – Gtalk Skype - ProprietaryCodec gzip, jpg, gif, g.711 – high bandwidth mp3, ogg, wma, gsm – medium bandwidth flv, mpeg, avi g.729 – low bandwidthServer Apache / Lighttpd Asterisk, Freeswitch AGI – Asterisk GatewayInteractivity CGI Interface AMI – Asterisk Manager Interface
  • 8. Asterisk➢ + Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX)➢ + Very powerful and flexible➢ + Relatively Stable➢ - Messy to deal with in terms of extendingfunctionality.➢ +++ Free!
  • 9. Asterisk : Terminology➢ Channel – A channel is what can setup andreceive calls.➢ Dialplan – Script of what to do with a call. Writtenin the asterisk macro language.➢AGI – Stdin/out TCP method allowing externalapplications to dynamically write dialplans.➢ AMI – Allows sending of commands and listenfor stateful events.
  • 10. Typical Voice System VOIP Clients SIP Rails Origination/ AGI / / PSTN TerminationNetwork Server SIP / IAX Asterisk AMI Adhearsion Server / Telegraph AnalogPSTN Interface ZaptelNetwork Card / Other
  • 11. Asterisk Dialplan Language[demo] ; Sample from Asterisk configuration extensions.conf file;; We start with what to do when a call first comes in.;exten => s,1,Wait(1) ; Wait a second, just for funexten => s,n,Answer ; Answer the lineexten => s,n,Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=5) ; Set Digit Timeout to 5 secondsexten => s,n,Set(TIMEOUT(response)=10) ; Set Response Timeout to 10 secondsexten => s,n(restart),BackGround(demo-congrats) ; Play a congratulatory messageexten => s,n(instruct),BackGround(demo-instruct); Play some instructionsexten => s,n,WaitExten ; Wait for an extension to be dialed.exten => 2,1,BackGround(demo-moreinfo) ; Give some more information.exten => 2,n,Goto(s,instruct)exten => 3,1,Set(LANGUAGE()=fr) ; Set language to frenchexten => 3,n,Goto(s,restart) ; Start with the congratulationsexten => 1000,1,Goto(default,s,1)
  • 12. Difficulties in Asterisk➢ Conditional Loops ➢ Error Handling➢ Complex Data ➢ Date and time Structure handling➢ Database / LDAP ➢ RegEx Pattern Integration Matching➢ Extending the ➢ Variables language ➢ Object Oriented➢ Portability - Asterisk Design v.s Freeswitch, etc.
  • 13. Ruby / Asterisk Integration Tools➢RAGI – Just for AGI. Not integrated with Rails.No longer active.➢ RAMI – Just for Management Interface. No RailsIntegration. Not Active.➢Adhearsion – Active. Good for writing pure voiceapplications. Not tied with Rails (but can bewithout too much effort).➢Telegraph – Active. Tightly integrated with Rails.Embraces the Voice/Web Analogy.
  • 14. Adhearsion Standalone server that talks with Asterisk Developed by Jay Phillips of Codemecca Open Source Current version is 0.7.7Development on 0.8 is nearly complete. Lots of new changes.
  • 15. Adhearsion Put the line below in extensions.confTells Asterisk to process all calls by our Adhearsion server exten => _X.,1,Agi(agi:// or... when extension 888 is dialed. exten => 888,1,Agi(agi://
  • 16. Adhearsion - dialplan.rbadhearsion { play %w(press-1 for minneapolis press-2 for chicago orpress-3 for dallas weather otherwise-press 4) selection = input() w = new_weather case selection when 1 then play w.weather_report("Minneapolis, MN") when 2 then play w.weather_report("Chicago, IL") when 3 then play w.weather_report("Dallas, TX") else simon = new_simon_game simon.start end}
  • 17. Adhearsion - DemosSIP Phone Adhearsion XLite Asterisk dialplan.rb extensions.conf [ adhearsion ] adhearsion { code.. code.. exten => 8000,1, } Agi(agi://...)
  • 18. Adhearsion - DemoNotes:Start up Asterisk : sudo asteriskShow asterisk CLI.Start up Adhearsion 0.8 Server :~/development/adhersion/trunk/bin/ahn start .in the rumadhearsion directoryPoint Xlite Phone to Localhost dial extension 8000
  • 19. Adhearsion – Weather DemoDemo #1 - Weather - Parses data fromYahoo RSS feed <yweather:forecastday="Mon" date="31 Dec 2007" low="6"high="19" text="Flurries" code="13" />rep = %W(weather is-currently#{w.current.temp} degrees today high#{today.high} low #{today.low}) +w.current.desc
  • 20. Adhearsion – Simon SaysDemo #2 - Play Simon Says Gamedef verify_attempt if attempt_correct? good else %W(#{number.size - 1}times wrong-try-again-smarty) reset end end
  • 21. Adhearsion ● Write Ruby in our dial plans! ● Ability to use any Ruby gems we need (Active Record, etc.) ● Test and debug our application in isolation. ● Bring OO practices to VOIP development
  • 22. Adhearsion ● Its abstracted and portable across other PBXes ● Its simple ● Its extensible ● Its readable ● Its maintainable ● Its fun!
  • 23. Adhearsion Wheres the Rails?Not directly integrated with Rails – by choice.Written to stand on its own, but you can link in your models using ActiveRecord. Looking for VOIP in the MVC framework? Look no further than Telegraph...
  • 24. TelegraphWritten by a company named Idapted.➢➢Extracted from production application ( Idaptedsdistributed voice system for English languagelearning – EnglishQuad )➢ Started with RAGI / RAMI➢ Tightly Integrated with the Rails/Web Interface➢ They claim it “embraces the Voice/Web analogy”
  • 25. TelegraphInstalls into any Rails project as a pluginscript/plugin installsvn:// up the serverscript/agi_server – Interfaces with the gateway(incoming calls)script/ami_server – Interfaces with the Asteriskmanager
  • 26. Telegraph – Banking DemoSIP Phone Rails XLite Application Asterisk AGI Server
  • 27. TelegraphAdd this to your extensions.confexten => s, n, AGI(agi://localhost/account)respond_to do |wants| #r index.html wants.html { render } # Telegraph allows render_voice # which uses the index.voice file wants.voice{ render_voice }end
  • 28. Banking "welcome-to-demo#{say_amount(@balance)}"voice.link_to_dtmf banking-main-menu do link 1, :action=>new link 2, :action=>list link :default, :action=>indexend
  • 29. Telegraph - DemoStart up telegraph server :telegraph/banking_demoruby script/asterisk_serverruby script/serverVisit http://localhost:3000/accountDial Extension 9000
  • 30. Real World Application eStara Offers a service where a user browsing a site can enter their phone number. The system will dial their number, ask the person to hold and then dial customer service. Well do this.
  • 31. Demo Topology Cell Phone Origination/ Rails Application Termination Server PSTN Internet Asterisk AGIDemos: AMI1. Using the browser to initiate phone call.2. “Who Wants To Be A Billionaire” game.
  • 32. Demo – Using PSTN➢Telegraph Demos -➢ Use the browser to initiate a wakeup call.➢ Use the browser to initiate phone calls to 10 digitphone numbers and bridge the calls➢ Use the browser to initiate a call and verifycorrect code was entered.➢Adhearsion Demo -➢ Adhearsion – My “Who Wants To Be ABillionaire” application.
  • 33. Resources