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Future simple be going to
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Future simple be going to


This powerpoint shows the uses and rules for the future tense. In this case we are going to learn the be going to form.

This powerpoint shows the uses and rules for the future tense. In this case we are going to learn the be going to form.

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  • 1. Future Simple B e G o i n g T o Sir Diego Arenas English Teacher
  • 2. Be going to form, is another way to talk about future actions. This is usually used when something is already planned or definite. Example : I ’m going to make the supper (This is already planned and organized) We also use Be going to when we we are sure that something is going to happen in the future. Example: Look at this car! It is going to crash into the yellow one.
  • 3. We use 'going to' when we want to make a prediction based on evidence we can see now. Examples: Look out! That cup is going to fall off. Look at those black clouds. It's going to rain soon. You look very bad. You are going to be sick soon.
  • 4. How do we form the Future tense with going to? Very easy: Subject + be going to + verb ( main form) + complement Note that be has to match the subject. If we use I , then we have to use am , If we use He, she or it , then we have to use is and if we use You, We or They , then we have to use are . Examples: I am going to play tomorrow. He is going to play tomorrow They are going to play tomorrow.
  • 5. To make the negative form of be going to, we just have to add not to the previous formula, between be and going to. That is to say : Subject + be + not + going to + verb ( base form) + Complement Examples: She is not going to dance next week. They are not going to travel to Europe next year.
  • 6. So, How do we make questions with be going to? We just use the following formula. Be + Subject + going to + verb ( base form) + complement Examples: Is she going to dance tomorrow? And the answers can be 2. Yes, she is. Or No, she isn’t. Are they going to play next Sunday? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.
  • 7. Some expressions about future: Next week, next Friday, in a couple of years, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in two days, next June, etc. Examples: I’m going to go to Italy next Friday. She is going to be here in two days. It is going to rain tomorrow.
  • 8. Now that you already know the form and uses of the future tense be going to,you can think and do exercises on it. Think about 5 things have already planned for your future and write them using be going to. Ready?? Ok, now think about things that you are not going to do in the future and write at least 5 sentences. When your are done, share your plans with a classmate. Good Luck!!!!