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Linked on Steroids

Linked on Steroids



Turbocharge Your Personal Brand: A Ten Step Approach to Become a Person of Interest. ...

Turbocharge Your Personal Brand: A Ten Step Approach to Become a Person of Interest.

What You Will Gain From This:
A fully optimized LinkedIn Profile allows you to communicate your personal brand, thereby helping visitors to decide if you are truly a person of interest to them. Connection creates advantage, advantage over people who aren’t connected. In fact, the people who are not connected, are losing. The starting point for your (online) profile and personal branding is a personal brand statement that is memorable, punchy and solution oriented. Learn how to develop and promote your online personal brand; effectively differentiating yourself from your counterparts and become a digital native.



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    Linked on Steroids Linked on Steroids Presentation Transcript

    • LinkedIn on SteroidsTurbocharge Your Personal Brand:A 10 Step Approach to Become a Person of Interest What you will gain from this: A fully optimized LinkedIn Profile allows you to communicate your personal brand, thereby helping visitors to decide if you are truly a person of interest to them. Connection creates advantage, advantage over people who aren’t connected. In fact, the people who are not connected, are losing. The starting point for your (online) profile and personal branding is a personal brand statement that is memorable, punchy and solution oriented. Learn how to develop and promote your online personal brand; effectively Dr. Diederik Rothengatter differentiating yourself from your counterparts and become a digital native.
    • A fully optimized LinkedIn Profile allows you to communicate your personal brand, thereby helping visitors to decide if you are truly a “person of interest” to themBenefits of LinkedIn Profile Optimization Differentiate yourself You can be the best at • The best reason for LinkedIn Profile optimization is something, but if other very simple: You can differentiate yourself and people don’t know; someone increase the likelihood of being discovered in an else will take credit for ocean of individuals with similar credentials • Your LinkedIn profile is first and foremost a Personal it.... Branding page – an opportunity to convey your business personality in the most polished and professional way; Use the LinkedIn Profile to communicate brand attributes, emphasize interests, and convey personality • LinkedIn has become the de facto tool for professional networking* • Like any social networking site, LinkedIn is only as good as how active you are and what you hope to gain from it • Online networking is the most powerful and free resource everybody has to get results • Every individual is now a business itself, decision- making is distributed and faster than before, companies are becoming more open** *Techrepublic.com; Five benefits of LinkedIn for organizations and IT pros, May 2009 **Eugenie van Wiechen: Dutch main director of LinkedIn
    • Connection creates advantage, advantage over people who aren’t connected. In fact, the people who are not connected, are losingBenefits of LinkedIn Profile Optimization LinkedIn has a high impact • LinkedIn is the largest online business network website worldwide with more than 175 million users (June 2012) and growing fast • The business-oriented social network LinkedIn is seen as the most important network according to 59 percent of those surveyed* • Alexa Global traffic rank: No.3 social network; 110,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors • There are people from all industries and a large 86% of recruiters / clients review candidates’ social variation of job titles and it is used by high level network profiles – whether or not candidates share profiles (for example, executives of all Fortune 500 those links companies are members) • LinkedIn is, far and away, the most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business professionals today** • The most powerful concept behind LinkedIn is that it finds the right people AND the connections you have with them. It makes the networks of the people we know visible. LinkedIn shows us our second and third degree networks and the paths towards them 73% of companies have found a new hire through a social network *Performetrics; 2011 survey of 2,997 active social networkers **Forbes; Your LinkedIn intervention 5 changes you must make, June 2012
    • I’m On LinkedIn – Now What???Roadmap to Improve Your Profile 2. Write LinkedIn Killer Headline 3. Create Memorable Elevator Pitch 1: Foundation: Write Your Brand Statement 4. Describe Your Experience 5. Elaborate on Your Education 6. Recommendations & Endorsements 7. Join or Start Groups 8. Keep Your Profile Up-to-Date 9. Make it to the Top of the List: SEO 10. Grow Your Online Presence
    • The starting point for your (online) profile and personal branding is a personal brand statement that is memorable, punchy and solution oriented1: Write Personal Brand Statement Why important: • Your bio, elevator pitch and any other descriptive text about you will invariably start out with your personal brand statement Nobody does ____________ better than • Your personal brand statement is distinctive to you me and you alone • Two elements, the name and the reputation of an individual are a personal brand. And every individual tries to maximize its own Return on Investment (ROI). These new (individual) businesses use their networks for their Research & Development, sales and so on instead of only developing or producing by themselves. Experience is the competitive advantage nowadays and salary the revenue* • You need to establish brand awareness so that people think of you when a need or problem surfaces for which you provide the solution. They’ll think of you because you have created an association – in their minds – between you and the solutions you provide *Eugenie van Wiechen: Dutch main director of LinkedIn
    • Your Personal Brand statement is 1-2 sentences answering what you are the best at (value), who you serve (audience) and how you do it uniquely (USP)1: Write Personal Brand Statement Guiding principles Approach and examples • The personal brand statement is not a job title. A job • You’ll need to rely heavily on strong, compelling title is what others will try to classify you with, what writing to make some of your best branding points. employers and others want you to be to fit you into a When writing anything for your LinkedIn Profile, keep corporate setting. You deserve better than that the following “fill in the blank” statement in the • Target your profile for “Brand Awareness” forefront of your mind: • While the LinkedIn Profile is a special platform from Nobody does ____________ better than me. which to launch and maintain your personal brand, • Look at your unique values and key attributes and you you need to consistently emphasizing your best should be able to develop a 1-2 sentence brand attributes as frequently as possible. Bottom line: statement, answering these three questions: Anything you add, change or delete on your LinkedIn • What value you provide (what problem do you solve) Profile must be viewed through the prism of branding • How you do it uniquely (your USPs) benefits. Clearly the profile belongs to you, but never • Whom you do it for (your target audience) forget that its real value lies in the minds of those • Example: who read it • Choose a specific niche: The biggest misconception “John keeps families in Edinburgh (target audience) with personal branding is that you won’t make as warm (value) through bespoke heating installations much Impact if you take a niche. People immediately using only the most advanced German boilers think that a niche means a smaller audience, but if (unique)”. you don’t take a niche, people won’t know about you • A seven year-old should be able to understand and repeat what you do
    • Your LinkedIn headline is critical as its the only customizable personal information people will see of you in listings2: Write Killer LinkedIn Headline Why important? • Your LinkedIn Headline is very much like a headline in a newspaper. It should grab your reader’s attention and compel them to READ MORE! • When you appear in search results for instance, your name, location and headline will be the three visible bits • Unique selling point - you are likely to be stacked up against your competitors and you better have your USP in the headline already to stand out
    • Change the headline to a marketing phrase that is relevant to your target audience2: Write Killer LinkedIn Headline Guiding principles Approach and examples • Start with your personal brand statement in mind • Use your personal brand statement as input • LinkedIn defaults your headline to your job title and • Think like your customer: “What is my target audience company (so you have to change it yourself) looking for?” (product, service, specialty, etc.) Use • First think value proposition - how do you provide interesting, keywords to formulate a catchy slogan value? Be as specific as possible here and remember that will make you ‘Top of Mind’. You’ve got 120 the old saying: "the nicher, the richer" characters to make that unforgettable first impression • Think target audience - whom do you provide value for and who will read this? Its not always the end • Examples: customer that is the decision maker • Good -> Helping Farmers Sell Truckloads of Turnips • Now think keywords, pepper your headline with the • Better -> Helping British Farmers Sell Truckloads of keywords that you think people will do searches for. Class I Turnips The more technical terms here the better (software, standards, certifications etc) By reading this we instantly know what the person does, • Finally, think memorable. Your greatest challenge whom they do it for and that they have at least some online is to be remembered so be creative and/or sense of humor. funny so that your headline sticks with the people that matter Don’t: • Consultant/Manager/Founder/Partner at Company Inc *TaglineGuru.com
    • In your profile summary you give an overview of who you are, what you do and how you can help, the best approach is to write a elevator pitch3: Create Memorable Elevator Pitch Why important • You’ve heard the expression, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Your LinkedIn profile Summary is your chance to make a first impression to anyone viewing your profile • You are selling yourself in a brief and concise manner, using a format that most people know • Consultants will need to have very polished pitches as it is integral to their personal marketing • Potential connections, employers and customers want to know why you do the work you do • No matter why you are using LinkedIn, your summary should expand on your headline by telling the reader which problems you solve • You get 200 to 300 words to make a recruiter/client on LinkedIn put you to the top of the stack • Anyone can claim that they are a “visionary” or that they have “superior communication skills”; in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile you’ll provide evidence to the readers of your profile
    • In the summary section you demonstrate to the world that you are an expert and you sell yourself and showcase your accomplishments3: Create Memorable Elevator Pitch Guiding principles Approach and examples • Start with your personal brand statement in mind • The elevator pitch in your profile summary contains • You need to be able to communicate your main four elements: message quickly, clearly, and distinctly to someone 1. Who: What would you most want the listener to who doesn’t even know you remember about you • Never leave the Summary section blank!! A blank 2. What: Highlight the problems you solve. In other Summary means that the first thing an employer sees words, discuss who you help and how you help them is your Experience section 3. Why: Show the unique benefits that you bring to • Tell a story. The best LinkedIn profiles also have a business. Show what you do is different or better human element to them and elicit emotion in the than others reader. When you have a compelling reason/story 4. Goal: Describe your immediate goals. Goals should behind your chosen career path, you appear even be concrete, defined, and realistic more interesting and credible • Use all 2,000 characters. If you do not take advantage • Online tool (very useful!): of this opportunity to write 2,000 characters about alumni.hbs.edu/careers/pitch : Harvard Business yourself, you are missing out on essential keyword School Elevator Pitch Builder optimization • Break it up (with Headers, Sub-Headers and Graphics)! Don’t expect anyone to read a big block of text with no graphic interest. Make it visually easy to read
    • In the experience section in your LinkedIn profile, you share the skills and knowledge you have accumulated in all the jobs you have done4. Describe Your Experience Guiding principles Approach and examples • In a nutshell, the Experience section of your LinkedIn • You have two options when creating your LinkedIn profile is your online resume. Include employment work history: (current and past), education, and industry 1. The first option is to keep it brief and list three or • A powerful LinkedIn profile includes your past four accomplishments. Choose what you consider to experiences. This area is highly sensitive when it be your top accomplishments at each position, and comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By describe them with quantifiable results. Benefit: Your including keywords that people are using to find resume will describe the duties you performed and, someone like you, you are ensuring that your profile most importantly, the accomplishments you had at performs well in search and that you will be found each company. You will not be repeating the same • Always be sure to add a title and the right time information that’s on your resume period. This will help other people to find you and it 2. The second option is to pour your soul into your will help you to find old colleagues back LinkedIn work history and present it as a complete • Highlight your key accomplishments from each profile of your work history. This means you will position and quantify as many as possible to enhance describe as many duties and accomplishments as your value proposition. Also, optimize your possible. Benefit: If employers /clients are searching descriptions with keywords and phrases through LinkedIn for talent and not calling for • If you write more than two lines, make it more resumes yet, they will get a good sense of what pleasant to the eye to read it. Use, for you’re capable of doing example, bullets or dashes. Also don’t put too much text here because people won’t read it. Focus on the results you have obtained, not on the task you did
    • The education section on your LinkedIn profile gives you many opportunities to maximize achieving results with your online presence5: Elaborate on Your Education Guiding principles • Presenting yourself as a lifelong learner is a great asset to your LinkedIn profile • Start by listing the schools you attended all the way back to high school • List other forms of education too; professional development training can add up to a lot in the minds of others. They show your eagerness to stay updated in your field • Fill out every detail you can! By listing ALL your education, including courses and seminars it’s easier for people to find you • People may look for others they studies with, took that course with or someone with similar education. By listing educational institutions on your profile, you are also eligible to join their alumni groups • Take advantage of these 2,000-character sections as the “go to” places on your profile to detail specifics of the cornerstones of your expertise. In the additional notes section, you can pack your profile with keywords (important for SEO)
    • Recommendations from colleagues, business partners, former managers, or well-satisfied clients go along way in establishing your value and credibility6: Add Recommendations & Endorsements Guiding principles • For hiring employees or consultants, recommendations provide a snapshot of a candidate’s strongest positives simply by scanning the frequency with which key descriptors are cited • Be persistent in seeking (and giving!) recommendations. Don’t wait for someone to send you a recommendation. You could be waiting a long time. Instead, feel free to ask someone • While it’s great to have some good recommendations, avoid having the whole team recommend each other. It looks cheesy and adds little value • The posting of thoughtful personalized recommendations may be on the decline thanks to new one-click LinkedIn Endorsements • Instead of the occasional long-form detailed feedback, endorsements are one-click, instant approvals. The abbreviated endorsements can be made for each user on a specific skill or areas of expertise
    • With LinkedIn Groups you can locate people with shared interests and establish valuable new connections7: Join or Start Groups Benefits Group selection and activity • LinkedIn groups are informal communities formed • You are strongly encouraged to become a member of around industries, professions, themes, niche topics, one or more Groups: be an active member: help etc. Because any LinkedIn member can create one, people and share insights. This will make you more there are now well over a million groups attractive for other people • Group discussions allow you to communicate with • Groups you should join by default: people all over the world. It doesn’t take long for the • Alumni groups of schools benefit of group participation starts to show up in the • Alumni groups of companies form of increased traffic to your profile page. More • Groups of the organization you work for benefits are: • Because groups are relatively focused, one group • You can contact other members directly probably cant meet all your needs. Decide whether • By answering questions in the Discussions-forum youre looking to connect with potential clients, you not only gain visibility, but you also have the establish your credentials and authority, learn more opportunity to show your expertise about your field • By sharing articles in News you also raise your • Pick a few groups that appear to meet your goals and visibility join. You can be a member of up to 50 groups, and • When responding to a question in the Discussions you can leave a group at any time, so theres no harm you can add the URL of your website in experimenting • Some extra advantages of being a member of a • You dont need to participate every day, but you Group which also organizes meetings where the should be somewhat regular--otherwise, why are you members can meet each other face to face joining the group?
    • Do remember to update the content in your LinkedIn profile regularly. You are more likely to show up in the LinkedIn updates if you regularly update8: Keep Your Network Posted Do’s Don’ts • Share links (using a URL shortener) to interesting • Mentioning personal things--like what you had for articles, websites or video you have found breakfast and the fact your dog is sick today--is just • Pose a question that could lead to solving a problem wrong you have • Continually talking about specific products and • Conduct an informal poll of your network (which services takes people back to the days of big consists of many smart businesspeople) relating to a newspaper ads and screaming radio messages topic that is of interest to you • If your mother wouldnt want you talking about it, • Mention a person or a situation that might be helpful dont put it in your LinkedIn Status Box to some of your connections • The netiquette on LinkedIn is no more than a couple • Talk about an event you are attending or have updates per day attended to encourage involvement • The LinkedIn/Twitter interface is causing people to have too many / inappropriate LinkedIn updates Updating is a regular procedure • In the social media climate of today, keeping your The added value of status updates network posted with status updates should be a • To keep the update relevant for others, try to make it routine procedure informative, helpful, and interesting. Don’t confuse • The basic question you’re responding to when typing interesting with “entertaining” … a status update is: “What are you working on?” • The savvy LinkedIn user will leverage the power of status updates by embedding special keywords for an entry (SEO)
    • Can you get to the top of the list? At least you can get a higher placement within LinkedIn and on Google when other people search9: Make it to the Top of the List LinkedIn Search Optimization Keyword keywords keywords • LinkedIn is fantastic for SEO and having properly • Search engines “crawl” the web for keywords when optimized pages, both company and employee can people type in their search queries. The more you can boost SEO and organic visibility embed your own keywords into your LinkedIn Profile, • A 100% complete profile appears significantly more the higher your SEO benefit often in the search results. LinkedIn tells you exactly • Two aspects in regards to keywords are important: what you still need to do if your profile is not 100% 1. Keyword density (relative number count of the complete keyword in the text) • Personalize your LinkedIn Profile page by using your 2. Location of the keywords: Important sections are: name in the URL. This will boost your online presence headline, current job title, and summary on the web: when someone searches on your name in • Basic approach to optimize your profile: a search engine, your LinkedIn page will be in the top 1. Determine the best keywords for your particular rankings. The URL’s are unique so be the first to have a profile (which keywords do you want to be LinkedIn URL with your name: associated with) http://www.linkedin.com/in/yourname 2. Do a keyword scan of your current profile (e.g: • Try to list up to the maximum of three (3) links in the http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword- billboard area (e.g., your business website, your density/) personal website, your blog). When entering the 3. Embed keywords strategically in your profile anchor text for the hyperlink, embed as many of your • At the end of the search your profile must still be keywords as possible readable; keep that in mind before you start stuffing • Add (external) websites elsewhere in your profile “Six Sigma” into every corner of your profile...
    • Are you a digital native or a dinosaur? Use online tools to assess and grow your online impact and become an online leading expert10. Measure, Grow Your Online Presence www.klout.com • Identifying topical influencers has been a key to driving awareness and activation for many socially progressive brands over the past few years. One of the measurement variables many brands have come to rely on is Klout • Klout measures this influence across several social networks and shows users how they impact the people connected to them • At its core, Klout provides social media analytics to measure a users influence across their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Foursquare, and many more and assigns a score to the user. This daily score is meant to reflect the influence that individual has to drive action in social networks • Klout will analyze your score and how you’ve gotten there; the higher your number, the more your content is being seen. If you post content regularly, it’s easy to keep track of how many people are seeing it, interacting with it and how much you need to work on getting it seen more
    • Any of these mistakes could turn your LinkedIn profile into a major professional liability. Heres how to identify them - and get them fixedMistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn Address your readers properly Complete profile, buzz words • Always write in the first person form; You are telling • No recommendations – This makes people wonder your story. Think of your Profile as a “virtual you” who why no one has recommended you. Get responds on your behalf to the questions “What do recommendations you do? What is your expertise? What do you have to • Incomplete educational information – People search offer?” when someone visits the page for people they went to school with, so this is key • Include LinkedIn in your email signature. Let everyone • Neglecting connections – This network is built on you email have easy access to the most complete info connections, so neglecting relationships is unwise they could possibly find about you • Do include links to any profiles you have on social • Overuse of buzz-words: media sites where you maintain a professional presence “An innovative, dynamic and results-oriented professional • Use a professional photo; Using unprofessional with a proven track record of being a team player in the fast-paced word of entrepreneurial problem-solving” photos – You should be presented exactly as people see you in your day-to-day work environment
    • About... More information? If you have any question concerning improvement of your online profile, want me to review your online profile, or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me at: drothengatter@deloitte.com
    • Sources Online and offline sources Online and offline sources • Jason Alba (author, I’m on LinkedIn –Now What?) • LinkedIn Profile Tips: The 10 Mistakes You Want to Avoid • Rod Colón (LinkedIn power user & “hands-on” expert) and Why (Windmill Networking) • J. D. Gershbein(videos, blog posts, articles, TV spots) • All Roads Lead to and from Your LinkedIn Profile (J. D. • Dan Schawbel (blog posts, articles) Gershbein) • Gary Vaynerchuk (videos, blog posts, articles, • http://www.linkedin-makeover.com/ presentations) • http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/how-optimize-your- • Chris Brogan (blog posts, articles) linkedin-profile-job-search/ • William Arruda (books and videos) • http://www.linkedinpersonaltrainer.com/2009/12/31/link • Kirsten Dixon (and William Arruda) edin-profile-search-optimization/ • Videos by Jonathan Duarte (YouTube) • http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/how-create-your- • Connecting with customers through LinkedIn, KirstiScott, memorable-elevator-pitch-four-simple-steps/ 6/18/2009 • http://learn.linkedin.com/profiles/overview/(LinkedIn • https://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1160(F Corp. Video) requently Asked Questions about Applications) • Make your LinkedIn Profile Work For You (Chris Brogan) • http://learn.linkedin.com/profiles/ • Are you making these mistakes on your LinkedIn profile? • Thomas E. Kenny, SlideSharePresentation at (Kelly Parkinson) http://www.slideshare.net/thomasekenny/linkedin- • Executive Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile (Meg questions-answers Giuseppi) • LinkedIn’s own HELP file on Profiles (good for structure and • Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn (Guy Kawasaki) layout) • LinkedIn for Selling and Consulting (Edward C. Callahan, Jr.) • Eric Swartz (“The Tagline Guru”, www.taglineguru.com)