Compuware GomezOn-demand Web Load andPerformance TestingCompuware Corporation, the technologyperformance company, provides...
case study | GomezAt the same time, Gomez clients beganrequesting more choices in data centresfrom which to launch tests t...
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Compuware Gomez Leverages the Cloud for Web Load Testing


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Compuware Corporation, the technology
performance company, provides software,
experts, and best practices to make the
world’s most important technologies
perform at their best for leading
organisations worldwide, including 46 of
the top 50 Fortune 500 companies and 12
of the top 20 most visited US websites.
Among Compuware’s application
performance management (APM) offerings
is Gomez Web Load Testing, an easy-touse,
on-demand performance testing
solution built to ensure the success of
critical web and mobile business initiatives.
Unlike other website monitoring and
testing solutions that don’t realistically
simulate load from the end users’
perspective, Gomez Web Load Testing
generates scalable, high-volume, data
centre-based and real-world load from
thousands of Gomez Last Mile desktops
around the globe. The result is the most
accurate measurement of response times
and end-user experience under load.

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Compuware Gomez Leverages the Cloud for Web Load Testing

  1. 1. Compuware GomezOn-demand Web Load andPerformance TestingCompuware Corporation, the technologyperformance company, provides software,experts, and best practices to make theworld’s most important technologiesperform at their best for leadingorganisations worldwide, including 46 ofthe top 50 Fortune 500 companies and 12of the top 20 most visited US websites.Among Compuware’s applicationperformance management (APM) offeringsis Gomez Web Load Testing, an easy-to-use, on-demand performance testingsolution built to ensure the success ofcritical web and mobile business initiatives.Unlike other website monitoring andtesting solutions that don’t realisticallysimulate load from the end users’perspective, Gomez Web Load Testinggenerates scalable, high-volume, datacentre-based and real-world load fromthousands of Gomez Last Mile desktopsaround the globe. The result is the mostaccurate measurement of response timesand end-user experience under load.Gomez Web Load Testing enablesorganisations to deploy new web andmobile initiatives with confidence, andidentify and resolve issues before endusers do. Gomez clients use Web LoadTesting when: Launching marketing andsales campaigns• Rolling out new web and mobile sites,applications and features• Planning for seasonal and holiday spikesin web traffic• Upgrading or implementingvirtual infrastructures• Deploying new mobile initiativesCompuware Gomez Leverages theCloud for Web Load Testingcase studyChallenge: Meeting theGrowing Needs of ClientsTo conduct a load test, Gomez clients goto a portal and select the number of virtualusers, the duration of the test in hours,and the cloud provider’s datacenter(s)from which the test will be launched. Asingle load test can simulate hundredsof thousands of concurrent users andup to tens of millions of page views perhour. Clients are charged based on thetotal virtual user hours. When scheduled,an application programming interface(API) automatically loads the appropriatenumber of agents (i.e., browsers) on acloud provider’s servers.The advantage of using a cloud provider isthat Gomez only pays for servers that are“spun up” during the load test.“Infrastructure on demand is far moreeconomical than building out andmanaging our own infrastructure,”says Colin Mason, web load testingproduct manager for Compuware’sAPM business.“Amazon was the first cloud provider weworked with because they were the first tomarket with a viable cloud.”As Gomez’s business grew, so did thedemand for load volume.“We test some of the biggest webapplications on the planet,” says Mason.“No single cloud vendor has enoughvolume and diversity to do the bigload tests.”industry: Business Servicescountry: United Statesbusiness challenge: Expansion of load testing capacityto meet client demand forincreasingly larger load volumesand diversity of cloud providers anddatacenter locationssolution:load testing traffic and improvecloud provider diversityservices:OpSource Cloud Hostingresults:• Gomez’s business has soareddue in part to the popularity ofOpSource- driven load tests• Additional capacity foron-demand expansion• The scalability of infrastructure hashelped Gomez to gain new clients
  2. 2. case study | GomezAt the same time, Gomez clients beganrequesting more choices in data centresfrom which to launch tests to reflectregional differences.SolutionIn 2008, Gomez began to search for asecond cloud provider that could supplythe additional volume and diversity Gomezrequired to satisfy client demand. Elasticcapacity was important, but so waselastic pricing.“Some of the other cloud vendors billed bythe month. Once you turned it on you paidfor the month, even if you only neededit for an hour. OpSource, a DimensionData company, addressed the need forcompetitive hourly billing,” recalls Mason.Equally important for Mason was the abilityto spin the cloud provider’s machines upand down quickly through an API.“APIs are critical to us. Without them we’dneed a human sitting around waiting for aclient to schedule aload test.”After investigating nearly a dozen cloudproviders, Gomez chose OpSource’s CloudHosting platform. OpSource had the cloudinfrastructure pricing model Mason waslooking for.“What we get from OpSource isinfrastructure on demand, where we simplypay for what we need.”During the implementation stage OpSourceexceeded Mason’s expectations.“They were very good at helping us getstarted. They provided knowledgeablesupport and good documentation; andwhenever there were hurdles, they bentover backwards to help us through it. Inshort, they did what they said theycould do.”OpSource has enabled Gomez to spinup and then spin down servers quicklyon demand, ensuring that each client’sschedule request is met.“The infrastructure is there when wewant it,” says Mason.Impact: Scalability, FlexibilityGomez’s business has soared in the pasttwo years, due in part to the popularity ofOpSource-driven load tests. Today, dozensof tests are scheduled each day. “Within amonth of implementing OpSource, nearlyhalf the tests run over our entire networkwere run using OpSource,” says Mason.OpSource has given Gomez plenty ofroom to grow.“We’ve spun up some pretty big capacitywith OpSource, as many as 200 virtualmachines in one data centre with 800CPUs and 800 gigabytes of RAM,” saysMason. “OpSource has given us the abilityto drive bigger load tests from more datacentre, which directly impacts our bottomline.”The scalability of OpSource’s infrastructurehas helped Gomez to gain new clientsas well.“OpSource has directly impacted ourability to close some very large deals,”says Mason.“What we get from OpSource is infrastructure on demand, wherewe simply pay for what we need. OpSource was very good athelping us get started. They provided knowledgeable supportand good documentation; and whenever there were hurdles,they bent over backwards to help us through it.”Colin Mason, Web Load Testing Product Manager, Compuware APMFor further information visit: / DDMS-0844 / 12/11 © Copyright Dimension Data 2011