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  • Introduction – Welcome and thank you for joining us today!With the demands of today’s business, cloud computing presents an opportunity to transform your business, improve agility and lower cost.In this presentation, we’ll provide you with a brief overview of Dimension Data’s Cloud Services and how we will help you to accelerate your cloud journey. 
  • Strategy and marketing experts in enterprise software and business / IT services, and IT infrastructure / platformsMission: To help our clients make better business decisions through trusted insights – especially around the key trends and emerging / disruptive technologies driving change in enterprise computingFor vendors: Help accelerate growth through strategic intelligence, with a focus on identifying new market opportunities and strategies that help WIN, KEEP and GROW customers.For business and IT users: We help save time and money when making decisions about emerging technologies, including understanding vendor roadmaps, key market trends and evolution, as well as implementation / adoption best practices. Saugatuck fills the gap between high-cost strategy consultants & traditional IT market research firms.Headquartered in Westport, Connecticut with 2nd US Research / Sales office in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara), plus regional presence in Europe (Germany) and Asia Pac (Australia)Strong team of professionals with deep IT industry experience 12 core-team members and support staff10+ “affiliated” research analysts and consultants / subject matter expertsAverage 25+ years experience with leading vendors / think tanks such as Gartner, Forrester, KPMG, Giga Group, Accenture, IBM and HP
  • In June 2011, Dimension Data formed the Cloud Solutions Business Unit to accelerate its cloud strategy. BlueFire and OpSource are part of the Cloud Solutions Business Unit.In 2010, Dimension Data was acquired by the NTT Group, a Japanese telecommunications companyThe business rationale for the deal included:NTT and Dimension Data share a common vision for the evolution of the ICT industryThe combined business will provide high-quality and reliable ICT solutions to its global client baseStrong geographic fitDimension Data has a highly complementary business and operational model to NTT, with limited overlapWith NTT, Dimension Data has access to the capital and financial strength to exponentially accelerate its growth
  • Tolly report that shows that our cloud services significantly outperform Amazon Web Services, IBM and Rackspace. The performancetesting specifically wasfocused on web/app server performance against our leading competitors Amazon, IBM and Rackspace, and the key findings of the report is that our Public CaaS services is way ahead of our competitors, highlights our superior performance, price point and fundamentally our different architecture. It builds our reputation and credibility as a leader in the cloud market, which is a highly noisy with the cluttered cloudmarket, and will be critical to our ability to gain traction with clients and meet our profitability goals.
  • We are on a path to build-out our MCP offering globally and this becomes your global cloud exchange that increases your business agility and flexibility. Dimension Data Cloud Exchange - ensures our ability to deploy compute resources on a global scale. In addition, our strategically-located Public MCPs have the ability to interconnect or ‘peer’ with one another and other Private MCPs, as capacity requirements ebb and flow. This means performance and latency may be optimized and time-to–service reduced. This model also ensures that any data sovereignty requirements on your part may be satisfied.
  • With MCP DD can offer Public, Private, Hosted Private, Provider / Community Clouds and Managed Hostiing, hosted at DD data centrePublic MCP: deployed around the world, Public MCPs are accessible by the general public and meet the requirements of a true public cloud: self-service, pay-per-use and with standardized services. Dimension Data’s Public Cloud services are delivered from our Public MCPs.Virtual Private MCP: a partition of our Public MCP that is dedicated to a single client.Private MCP: deployed in a client data center or a third-party data center, a Private MCP is dedicated to a single client. Private MCPs deliver a fully-managed private cloud service.Hosted Private MCP: hosted by Dimension Data, the Hosted Private MCP is dedicated to a single client. Hosted Private MCPs deliver a fully-managed private cloud service.Provider MCP: deployed in a service provider data center or a third-party data center, a Provider MCP is dedicated to a single service provider for the use of its client or a single client. Provider MCPs deliver a fully-managed private cloud service that can be productized into White Label public or private cloud offering.Managed Hosting: Dimension Data goes beyond traditional hosting by addressing the needs of software developers and ISVs to launch new business lines, enter new markets, scale operations and reduce the cost of managing a SaaS application. Our Managed Hosting offering includes management of the network, colocation, servers, networking equipment and the operating system. Our Managed Hosting platform is SSAE 16 and PCI compliant
  • How is our service different?Security (VLANs, IDS/IPS, firewalls, permissions-based controls)Reliability (best-of-breed technology, network-centric, SLAs)Control (UI and REST API for control, orchestration, provisioning)Performance (hardware-based networking, fast processing,memory, storage and networking, tiered storage, WAN optimization)Support (24x7 support, online community, managed services)
  • So how can we help you to “step into cloud computing”…..take a leap of faith with a trusted, experienced and global partner!
  • Dimension Data Saugatuk Webinar

    1. 1. Presenters: Dave McKenzie Sr. Director, Solutions Architects Dimension Data Cloud Business Unit Charlie Burns Vice President Saugatuck Technology Moderator: David Sawatzke Director, Marketing Programs Dimension Data Cloud Business Unit 18th Sept 2013 Understand Real Cloud Infrastructure Costs to Make the Best Public Cloud Investment This Webinar will begin at 11:00am PDT September 18th, 2013
    2. 2. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 218 September 2013 Welcome to our Webinar!  All phones are set on mute  If you have a question, please use the Chat Q&A box located above the presentation panel  We will collect questions throughout the webinar and answer as many as we can at the end  If we don’t answer your question, we’ll follow-up with an answer via email  When viewing the webinar full-screen you can toggle to the upper center of the screen to retrieve the Q&A box for questions – you can use it throughout the webinar  $200 FREE Dimension Data Promo Code offered at the end of the Webinar!
    3. 3. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 318 September 2013 Dave McKenzie has 20 years of experience in technology. At Applied Materials, Dave was in charge of IT services and support for a billion dollar product group. At Accelica he helped lead a start up consulting company through the transition to managed services and later through the acquisition to OpSource. At OpSource, Dave has held positions as Director of Operations directly managing client implementations and on-going support teams, and is now the Sr. Director of Solutions Architects in charge of providing guidance to clients to meet their technical requirements. Charlie Burns has been with Saugatuck Technology since early 2006 and is a Research Vice President focusing on enterprise software, business/IT services, systems management, and IT systems technologies including the “pragmatics” of Cloud Computing. With over 35 years of experience in the Information Technology arena, Charlie is an established expert in IT product and marketing management, and in IT user issues and requirements. After 26 years with IBM, where he held positions in sales, product development and large systems product marketing, Charlie left to become Research Director at Gartner Group in 1993. In 1998 he joined Giga Information Group as Research VP. At both Gartner and Giga, he focused on large systems and the business practices of the major large systems vendors. In 2000, Charlie rejoined Gartner in a relationship management role responsible for two of its largest vendor clients. Charlie Burns Vice President Saugatuck Technology David McKenzie Sr. Director, Solutions Architects Dimension Data Cloud Business Unit
    4. 4. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 418 September 2013 Agenda • About Saugatuck Technology • Most Recent Survey Results • Cloud Ecosystem has become Boundary-freeTM • Importance of Cost Elements • Ongoing Impact of Granularity • Service Offerings for Additional Benefits • About Dimension Data • Sizing Servers and Storage • Network-centric Cloud Architecture • Use Cases
    5. 5. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 518 September 2013 Saugatuck Technology Market strategy consulting and subscription research services for senior executives, IT vendors and services providers and investors Mission: Help our clients make better business decisions through trusted insights Browse and register for free research: www.saugaucktechnology.com Business Strategy Technology Strategy Business Value of IT Vendor Briefings Fact-based Research of Executive Decision-Makers Industry Thought- Leadership • Business drivers • Competitive trends • Economic trends • Regulation Disruptive Technologies/ Business Trends and Directions CIOCFO LOB Exec CMO
    6. 6. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 618 September 2013 Survey question: For each of the following years, my company’s preference for deploying new business software (on a continuum from traditional on-premise to hybrid-cloud to pure-play cloud) will be: 68% 23% 14% 27% 57% 46% 5% 20% 40% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 2013 2015 2017 On-premises Hybrid On- premises + Cloud Pure Cloud Source: Saugatuck Technology 2013 n=218
    7. 7. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 718 September 2013 The Cloud Ecosystem has become Boundary-freeTM Disruption: Through at least 2017, cloud-first spending will drive growth and expansion of hybrid, cloud+on- premises business solutions and Boundary-free EnterpriseTM environments. Innovation Marketo went to market with embedded business intelligence from Pentaho in just nine weeks. Salesforce sells multiple clouds, all loosely-coupled with the others. Insight: • IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, while not obsolete, offer less market appeal than linked solutions. • Vertical market solutions combined with PaaS encourage customer and channel innovation.
    8. 8. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 818 September 2013 The Boundary-free EnterpriseTM Emerges from the Maturing Cloud • Businesses and individuals do their work now through a new array of time- and location-independent computing capabilities – cloud, mobile, social and data analytics (CMSA) – that make the Boundary-free Enterprise™ possible. • Though no two Boundary-free Enterprises™ are exactly alike, businesses have begun to reconfigure how computing resources are deployed to take advantage of anytime/anyplace hybrid computing through an emerging master architecture. Cloud, Mobile, Social and Data Analytics (CMSA) plus Integration Cloud Business Services and Operations Cloud Business Solutions Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Platforms & Hubs Cloud Technologies On-premises Assets & Operations Mobility Analytics Social Collaboration Integration The Saugatuck Cloud EcoStackTM
    9. 9. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 918 September 2013 Importance of Cost Elements • Costs of cloud computing can be viewed in two broad categories: › One time » Workload Implementation and Migration › On-going » Workload Execution and Management » Workload Maintenance and Support » Compliance & Availability • For a workload run on a cloud offering with interdependent workload(s) run on the customer’s in-house infrastructure, additional costs are: › Data Transmission. The data which is passed between the workloads must be transmitted between the infrastructures. • Costs vary by workload (characteristics of the data, and the processes implemented by the IT organization)
    10. 10. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1018 September 2013 Cost Elements Example Using publicly available AWS data for a Windows workload which requires 5 hours of a large standard on- demand instance to process a 10 TB data file containing 10**10 data records (i.e., each data record is 1K in size): • Transmitting 10 TB from a customer infrastructure to EC2 and then back again to the customer infrastructure will result in a charge of $1200.00 in the US • Storing the same 10 TB in S3 in “Reduced Redundancy” storage will cost $652.00 • If 10% of the data records are read, and 1% are updated, processing the data will cost $900.00 in data access charges • Five hours of a large standard on-demand instance running Windows will cost, if we assume relatively low requirements for server resources will cost $1.82 Total costs incurred for the workload are $2753.82, with the costs of the server resources used a mere 0.066% of the total. Closely related is the effective performance of the infrastructure. Higher performance translates directly to lower costs for resources consumed.
    11. 11. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1118 September 2013 Impact of Granularity • When quantifying costs for running a workload in a public cloud IaaS offering, the “On-Demand” configuration is key • Some standard public cloud offerings include a number of pre-defined server configurations • Others such as Dimension Data, provide more configuration flexibility – within limits • To Illustrate the impact of configuration flexibility – i.e., granularity – we show information from publicly available price estimators provided by Dimension Data, IBM and Rackspace
    12. 12. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1218 September 2013 Impact of Granularity (cont’d) Public Cloud Provider Public Cloud Server Configuration Granularity IBM 6 Pre-defined Server Configurations ranging from 2 CPUs, 4GB of memory, and 60GB of disk storage, to 16 CPUs, 32GB of memory, and 2108GB of disk storage. Additional disk storage can be selected. Dimension Data No Pre-defined Server Configurations. Can select from 1 to16 CPUs, from 1GB to 128GB RAM memory, and 10GB to 2500GB disk storage for each server. Additional cloud disk storage can be selected. Rackspace 6 Pre-defined Server Configurations for Windows (or 7 for Linux) ranging from 1 CPU, 512MB of memory, and 20GB of disk storage, to 8 CPUs, 30GB of memory, and 1200GB of disk storage.
    13. 13. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1318 September 2013 Impact of Granularity • Pre-defined configurations essentially create a price model with “stair-step” increments of resources resulting in excess charges • Consider a workload that requires substantial memory but not significant processing power › Probably forced to select a pre-defined configuration with too many processor cores just to gain the memory required
    14. 14. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1418 September 2013 Value of Services • Cloud provider service offerings are analogous to MSP • Various “levels” of service offerings › Manage infrastructure › Manage up through middleware › Manage up through application (for specific application types) • Cloud provider service offerings can deliver: › Cost reductions through “economies-of-scale” › Improved service levels of the workload › Increased value of IT staff by enabling focus on supporting business processes
    15. 15. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1518 September 2013 Conclusions & Recommendations • Identify and quantify ALL cost elements • Quantify the on-going impact of configuration flexibility (granularity) • Consider services offerings for potential savings and increased value to users
    16. 16. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1618 September 2013 About Saugatuck Technology SAUGATUCK OFFERINGS AND SERVICES Saugatuck Technology provides subscription research/advisory and consulting services to senior business and IT executives, technology and software vendors, business/IT services providers, and investors. Our Mission is to help our clients make better business decisions and create new business value through trusted and objective insights into the key market trends and emerging technologies driving real change. Over the last few years, this has included a major focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud Infrastructure, and Social Business Technologies, among other key trends. For more information about these or any other Saugatuck Technology service, please reach us through the contact information noted above. • To learn more about Saugatuck consulting and research offerings, go to www.saugatucktechnology.com or email Chris MacGregor for more information. • While there register on our site and begin receiving our complimentary Research Alerts and browse our Research Library. US AND EUROPEAN OFFICES Headquarters Saugatuck Technology Inc. 8 Wright Street, 1st Floor. Westport, CT 06880 USA (P) +1.203.454.3900 Boston 222 Main Street, Unit 208 Falmouth, MA 02540 USA (P) +1.408.495.5445 US Regional Sales: East and South: al.vanek@saugatucktechnology.com West: brian.curl@saugatucktechnology.com Germany Saugatuck Technology Inc. Wilhelmstrasse 18 65185 Wiesbaden, Germany (P) +49.6123.630285 Regional Sales: frank.sempert@saugatucktechnology.com CONTINUOUS RESEARCH SERVICES (CRS) • Subscription access to Saugatuck’s ongoing premium research, providing independent/unbiased insights and guidance into key market trends, buyer behavior, "white-space" opportunities and disruptive market forces driving changes in business computing. • A variety of advisory services, including telephone-based inquiry, and “Analyst Days”. USER STRATEGIC CONSULTING SERVICES • Leadership and Planning Workshops • Strategy and Program Assessments – including for new Cloud Business initiatives • Vendor Selection & Evaluation/RFP Development & PoC Project Management • Cloud Transition/Migration and Management Best Practices VENDOR STRATEGIC CONSULTING SERVICES • Market Assessment • Strategy Validation • Opportunity Analysis • Positioning/Messaging/Go-to-Market Strategies • Competitive Analysis THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS • Custom research programs targeting key technology and business/IT investment decisions of CIOs, CFOs and senior business executives. • Delivered as research reports, position papers or executive presentations. VALUE-ADDED SERVICES • Competitive and market intelligence • Investment advisory services (M&A support, due diligence) • Primary and Secondary market research • • •• • Silicon Valley Saugatuck Technology Inc. 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320 Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA (P) +1.408.727.9700
    17. 17. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1718 September 2013 Dimension Data launched its Cloud Business in June 2011 100% 100% Regional communications business 100% Long distance and international communications business 54.2% Application integration business 66.6% Voting rights ratio Mobile communication business Real estate, finance, construction and power business Other business Other Group companies 100% Managed ICT infrastructure Dimension Data acquired cloud services leader OpSource and formed Cloud Business Unit in June 2011 Cloud Business Unit
    18. 18. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1818 September 2013 Dimension Data Cloud Credentials – Gartner MQ • Differentiated cloud technology • Strong performance guarantees • Experts in both cloud and managed services • Global Coverage • Solution for both enterprise and service providers
    19. 19. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 1918 September 2013 Sizing Servers: Easy to Configure Server Resources Resources can be configured independently (1-16 CPUs, 1- 128GBs RAM, 10GB-2.5TB Disk) Right size your server to meet the needs of your workloads. PAY for only what you NEED not what you are FORCED to BUY. Cost savings Note: API Configurable
    20. 20. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2018 September 2013 Sizing Storage: Deploying Tiered Storage • Using the UI to Deploy Tiered Storage • All cloud servers have an OS storage disk and up to 13 additional local disks • On deployment, all disks associated with a given cloud server will be deployed on the “standard" disk infrastructure • Once a server is deployed, customers can change the disk speed of an individual disk from standard to a different disk speed • The full functionality of tiered storage is available to clients using the API as well!
    21. 21. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2118 September 2013 Dimension Data Cloud Credentials - Tolly Report “The Dimension Data cloud servers showed consistently high performance across the range of resources benchmarked.” Tolly Report, July 2013
    22. 22. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2218 September 2013 Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform CloudControl™ Dimension Data MCP Network-Centric Dimension Data Cloud Architecture Internet Border Router VPN Firewall Load Balancers Core Switching IDS Monitoring DOS Prevention Secure Access Router Workloads Workload Database Dedicated servers Virtualized servers Public Private Hosted Private CaaS High performance Tiered Storage Standard Economy Dimension Data has put network control at the core of its cloud offering
    23. 23. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2318 September 2013 A Global Cloud Exchange MCP expansion continues… increasing flexibility Global Dimension Data Cloud Exchange : Providing organisations with the flexibility to expand into new markets, over night without capital and skill investment and able to respond to market changes without over investing in capacity Dimension Data Cloud Exchange ̶ Benefits: • Enable clients to deploy compute resources on a global scale • Performance & latency can be optimised • Data sovereignty requirements can be satisfied • On your premise MCPs can participate • Dimension Data global public cloud architecture for Compute Services • DC IaaS offerings provided on a multi-tenanted architecture, hosted in Dimension Data or third-party data centres around the globe • Fully managed “now with WAN Optimization” Hong Kong Sydney EU Amsterdam US West US East South Africa Tokyo
    24. 24. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2418 September 2013 Use Case – Database Utilization in the Cloud • Dimension Data public cloud tiered storage and align three different tiers to the appropriate utilization tiers • Utilize economy tier for data backup, standard tier actual DB content and high performance tier for DB content needing acceleration for logs, temp area and high I/O databases • Allows for right adjusting storage and CPU/RAM resources based on server needs on the fly • Keep migration to a minimum, as no new servers are needed to augment the solution Solution Highlights • Cloud DB servers reaching disk I/O and CPU/RAM capacity • Not an option to migrate back to physical server • Application does not allow for branching off the DB to scale horizontally Situation • Public cloud Tiered Storage solution • Accelerate disk I/O • Gain granular storage, CPU and RAM control balancing performance with cost Opportunity Tiered Storage App App Virtual Servers – 8 CPUs 16GB RAM, 100GB Storage DimensionData CloudControl™ High Performance - Logs, Temp Area - High I/O DB Standard - Application DB Economy - Data Backup Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform
    25. 25. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2518 September 2013 Managed Cloud Platform™ (MCP) types  Public MCP Public CaaS Deployed in each region  Managed Hosting Managed physical and virtual infrastructure hosted in a Dimension Data data centre  Private MCP Private CaaS Client data centre Dedicated  Provider & Community MCP Dedicated platform for resale by SP or community Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform™ Dimension Data CloudControl™  Hosted Private MCP Hosted Private CaaS Dimension Data data centre Levels of Sharing
    26. 26. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2618 September 2013 Core service differentiators Security (VLANs, IDS/IPS, firewalls, permissions-based controls) Reliability (best-of-breed technology, network-centric, SLAs) Control (UI and REST API for control, orchestration, provisioning) Performance (hardware-based networking, fast processing, memory, storage and networking, tiered storage, WAN optimization) Flexibility (Granular control of resources) ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
    27. 27. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2718 September 2013 Thousands of Clients with Millions of End-Users SaaS ISVService ProviderEnterprise
    28. 28. © Copyright Dimension Data & Saugatuck Technology 2818 September 2013 $200 FREE $200 Towards CLOUD Use Code DDWEB04 during sign-up at http://nacloud.dimensiondata.com/Sign-Up-Now • Instant Access to Account • Pay as you Go Pricing with Elastic Scalability • Launch your Development, Production, or DR Environments • Built on VMware, Cisco Networks, and EMC Storage • Website: http://nacloud.dimensiondata.com • Email: cloud-sales@dimensiondata.com • Twitter: @DidataCloud * New Customers Only – Offer ends 10/02/2013 Enter your questions in chat Q&A box below presentation panel Email: cloud-sales@dimensiondata.com Main Phone: +1-408-567-2000 Cloud Sales: +1-408-567-2082 +1-800-664-9973 Q&A