AVery Victorian Bachelor Challenge - Day 6


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The final day of Theodore Harrison's bachelor challenge. Which simself will stay until the end?

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AVery Victorian Bachelor Challenge - Day 6

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome to the final day of Theodore Harrison's bachelor challenge. I suggest you start with the prologue and work your way through if you haven't already, but if you really don't want to then I will summarise. Theo is the son of one of my third generation spares Enid. His grandfather Thomas tired of him taking his time starting to court a lady so arranged for him to spend a week in a house with seven simselves. That week is nearly up. I actually played the house for nearly two weeks. The first seven days were the challenge, and once the winner was crowned, I reset all the relationships to zero and moved everyone back in. I then shot various set scenes for the challenge to tie up with the legacy and be more era appropriate where necessary. All date activities happened as are shown. The bachelor challenge is by PA Vicky on the exchange.
  2. 2. In Regalton Violet was clearing up the lunch things when she realised that her husband was singing softly under his breath. "You seem very happy today dearest." She said smiling.
  3. 3. "I am. One more day my darling and we will find out who our grandson has chosen as his bride."
  4. 4. "Dear, you did say that he doesn't have to get married at the end of this, and I know that you wouldn't really want to force him.“ "True, but I know my grandson and I am sure that he will want to see the last remaining guest in a more romantic setting when they return to the village and Sim State."
  5. 5. "You sound so sure Thomas.“ "I am Vi, I am. Now may I have the pleasure of your company in the sunroom? I have been reading a new serialisation I wish to discuss with you."
  6. 6. Whilst his grandparents went into the sunroom to discuss Thomas's latest choice in reading material, Theodore had just finished saying goodbye to the latest guest to leave, Jessica. He hated asking anyone to leave, but he couldn't help but smile as he walked towards the drawing room. He was very much looking forward to spending time with the two remaining people in the house. *** Jessica (Mzyra) writes the Kennedy Shufflacy and is a mod at Boolprop.com. She left on day 5 with a score of 163.
  7. 7. Those two guests are DrSupremeNerd author of the Vetinari Dualegacy and still the person in the lead with a score of 192.
  8. 8. And Annie (tatdatcm) writer of the Doublet Legacy and Potpal Legacy who is in second place with a score of 167.
  9. 9. He found his two guests in the dining room eating lunch. "This is pleasant is it not?" He asked as he tucked into his jelly. "I find it rather saddening to think that this will be the last lunch we three share."
  10. 10. "Yeah, I don't like to think that I will be going home tomorrow." Said Doc, trying to get a hint as to whether she would be staying the longest tomorrow, even at this early stage. "Neither do I." added Annie "Unfortunately you will both be leaving me tomorrow, after all one of you cannot stay here with me un-chaperoned. But we still have a whole day ahead of ourselves before then. Now what do you suggest we do?“ "I fancy a soak in the spa pool." Said Doc quickly.
  11. 11. "Really? You are not bored with that activity yet?" Asked Theo. Doc thought of him in his bathing costume. "No, I enjoy it.“ "Ah, Miss Annie are you in agreement?“ She had just put a spoonful of jelly into her mouth, but managed to nod. "Very well, we shall have a soak then. Although I was wondering if we could perhaps have a quick game of cards first?“ Although both Doc and Annie were anxious to get into the spa pool with Theo they also agreed that playing cards with him would be a nice way to while away the time.
  12. 12. As they sat at the card table and Theo dealt them all in, he said to them, "If the two of you like cards so much, perhaps you would like to pop to Sim State and play cards with my cousins. Stanley and Edward love the game, and are always looking for new people to join in.“ Both Annie and Doc allowed themselves a small smile. He was hinting very clearly that he wanted to see both of them once they were back home. It was up to them to try to get Theo to want to see them in a more romantic fashion.
  13. 13. Doc nonchalantly played with her chips, as she wondered what she could say to take the initiative. "So Mr Harrison have you enjoyed your week with us as your guests?"
  14. 14. "Very much so." He replied. "I admit that I was a bit ...sceptical at first as to how much I would enjoy all of your company, but I do not think I could have done a better job at choosing my companions for this week."
  15. 15. "Well I am sure that I speak for Doc too when I say that I have enjoyed getting to know you immensely Mr Harrison. I feel that we have a lot in common and have become very close friends. I do have to ask if there have been any parts of this week that you have not enjoyed?"
  16. 16. "Well I have not enjoyed having to send someone home each day." Admitted Theo.
  17. 17. "Even those you were practically arguing with?" Asked Doc. "Yes even those Doc Nerd." He responded with a smile.
  18. 18. They continued playing for a little while, until Theo made an excuse to leave the table. "If you will excuse me ladies..."
  19. 19. "Hmm? Sure." Said Doc as she counted her chips. She had been doing rather well and wanted to continue with her winning streak, with or without Theo in the game.
  20. 20. "We'll keep the game going for you." Said Annie. "No there is no need to do that. If you both want to do something else, then please do." He said as he left the room.
  21. 21. He made his way up to his room and sat on the settee there. He wanted some time away from his guests to gather his thoughts, and try to make sense of some of the things he was feeling.
  22. 22. Last night he had come to the realisation that he could very easily fall in love with Doc Nerd, now he realised that he could fall in love with Annie too.
  23. 23. Doc... An image of her pushed its way in to his mind unbidden. Not for the first time he wondered what it would be like to hold her in his arms and kiss her.
  24. 24. Doc's image faded to be replaced with Annie's. Again he wondered what the feel of her lips against his would be like.
  25. 25. But...there was something about Doc that intrigued him, made him want to spend more time with her, and get to know her much better than he currently did.
  26. 26. His thoughts again veered towards Annie. He felt like that about her too if he was truthful with himself. He wouldn't mind spending much, much more time with her on her own.
  27. 27. He gave himself a mental shake. His grandfather had certainly planned this well. He sighed, he couldn't fight it any longer: he was starting to have feelings beyond friendship for both of his remaining guests. Always logical, he realised that if he felt like this then he had to decide which one he wanted to see in a romantic setting once he was back at university. Sitting alone in his room wasn't going to help him make that decision: he needed to speak with them both. It was time to go and soak in the spa pool.
  28. 28. In the time that he had been upstairs both Annie and Doc had tired of playing a card game without him and so had gone off to do their own thing. Doc was writing in her diary about her host. 'Hmm nummy Theo is nummy...’
  29. 29. Whilst Annie was reading a bodice ripper she had found on one of the bookshelves. 'Hmm I wonder if Mr Harrison might be persuaded to...'
  30. 30. "Ladies," said Theo as he entered the drawing room, "I am going to have a soak in one of the spa pools. You are most welcome to join me." Neither Doc nor Annie needed asking twice, and they soon put away their books to rush out into the garden to join him.
  31. 31. As they sat in the pool Theo turned to Doc and said "You and Annie live in the same house I understand?“ "Yes, it's a mansion, but it feels a bit cramped at times.“ "Especially with the mess some people leave lying about." Added Annie.
  32. 32. "Hey I'm not that messy." Retorted Doc, splashing Annie as she did so. "I never mentioned names did I?" Replied Annie, laughing. "Why did you think I was talking about you anyway? Guilty conscience?“ "No."
  33. 33. At that point Theo reached over and splashed Doc. "Hey, what...?"
  34. 34. "Mr Harrison, what was that for?“ Theo laughed. "Just trying to get your attention and stop the bickering. I had enough of that when Miss Jessica was in the house.“ Doc looked slightly abashed at this.
  35. 35. As night fell Theo changed the subject, much to Doc's relief. "I have been giving some thought as to what I am going to do once I leave here, and Miss Jessica mentioned her love of the theatre. I have not been for years and am thinking of going. Do you ladies like the theatre?"
  36. 36. "Obviously it depends on the play, but I love it, and in fact I think I should go and take in a show sooner rather than later." Replied Doc.
  37. 37. "Me too." Said Annie. "Although like you I haven't been in what feels like forever. I'd like to go again sometime soon." She hoped that he would take her hint.
  38. 38. "That is good to hear." Said Theo, but he was slightly put out. He had hoped that this would be a question to help him decide which one of his guests he wanted to see once they left the house. With both Doc and Annie saying they wanted to go he was no further forward.
  39. 39. Annie took advantage of his silence to start a new topic of conversation. "We know you like the theatre Mr Harrison, but what of the printed word. What sort of books do you like to read?"
  40. 40. "Oh, well my grandparents have a great love of novels and poetry. You may not be aware of the fact that my grandmother taught both myself and my sister to read so we were exposed to her tastes from a young age. As such I still have fond memories of the works of Miss Austen and the Bronte sisters."
  41. 41. "Really? You are a fan of what could be called romantic fiction?" Asked Doc, slightly stunned. "Well yes you could say that, I prefer to think that I like well written fiction.“ "Yeah, but romantic fiction?"
  42. 42. "Nothing wrong with that." He responded splashing her.
  43. 43. "Ok, I'm sorry I just found it surprising is all." She laughed. "I think that it is nice that Mr Harrison is so well read." Said Annie.
  44. 44. "Thank you Miss Annie." They continued to talk for a couple of hours, until Theo declared that he was tired and was going to retire to bed. Grudgingly Annie and Doc bid him goodnight and watched as he went inside.
  45. 45. As he had done the previous nights Theo read his grandfather's letter before he climbed into bed. He had surmised that his grandfather wouldn't want him to spend too much time alone with just one guest, and he had been right. Both Doc and Annie would be leaving on the morrow, he just had to decide when each would go. He sighed as he slipped into bed: he knew that the decision would not necessarily be an easy one to make.
  46. 46. He was surprised then that he slept quite soundly, even if he did rise earlier than he had been doing.
  47. 47. His guests were also up early. Annie was sure that she was lagging behind Doc: she had great conversations with Theo, but she had a hard time getting his attention when Doc was around. She planned to make an extra special effort when dressing today so as to try to catch his eye more.
  48. 48. Doc was also getting up. She was dreading having to leave, whether she went first or stayed until it was time for Theo to go back to university. Since Gin had told her that this was more like a bachelor challenge she had been focused just on winning. She still wanted to win, but it wasn't for the glory, but rather because she liked Theo. Really liked him.
  49. 49. It was still dark when Theo breakfasted. As he ate his jelly he reflected that his guests had had a point a couple of days ago when they had said they were getting bored of his culinary offerings. He really didn't think that he would be eating jelly for rather a long time.
  50. 50. He was clearing the table when Doc walked in and grabbed a plate of jelly for her breakfast. "Morning Mr Harrison, I did not realise you would be down so early.“ "I rose early this..."
  51. 51. He turned round "...morning. Doc Nerd, may I ask why you are only wearing your underwear?“ "Oh yeah, Annie is still in the bathroom, so I couldn't ask her to assist me into my dress yet, but I'm hungry and didn't think you'd be down yet."
  52. 52. Theo nodded, but he hadn't heard all of her explanation. His mind had once again wandered to the subject of kissing her.
  53. 53. As she sat down, he turned hastily away and headed to the sink to wash up the plates he had gathered from the table. "Erm Doc Nerd I am going to wait in the library. I would like both you and Miss Annie to join me at some point this morning. Please sort out who will be first amongst yourselves.“ Doc grunted her agreement through a mouthful of food and redoubled her efforts to finish quickly.
  54. 54. Despite Doc's best efforts she was not the first to enter the library. Annie had helped her with her dress then made her excuses to join Theo as quickly as she could. As she walked into the room, Theo turned to smile at her and she felt her heart start to flutter. She really did like this man an awful lot.
  55. 55. "Miss Annie," he said taking a step towards her, "thank you for joining me here." For a moment it seemed as if he was reaching to touch her cheek, but at the last minute he put his hand down.
  56. 56. Unbeknownst to Annie he had at that point been once again struck with the impulse to hold her close to him and kiss her.
  57. 57. "Erm, so Miss Annie, erm," he stammered, "I hope that you have enjoyed your stay here. I will certainly miss both you and Doc when you leave today."
  58. 58. "Oh I have, very much, and I'm going to miss you too.“ "Well we do not have to lose touch once we are back home. Perhaps we could go out for tea, or for lunch one day?“ "I would like that very much Mr Harrison."
  59. 59. "Good it is settled then." Theo smiled. Annie opened her mouth to say something, but hesitated. "What is it Miss Annie?“ "It's just, I was wondering if...“ "You want me to sing to you again do you not?" He asked. "Yes."
  60. 60. Theo grinned and dropped to his knees to sing to her again.
  61. 61. As she listened to him, Annie reflected on what he had said. He wanted to see her once they were back home, and that was very good news. She just hoped that he wanted to see her as more than just a friend.
  62. 62. As he got to his feet, Theo said, "Our time is up Miss Annie. You and your beautiful smile have certainly brightened my time here, and I thank you for it.“ She smiled as she walked out of the library. Their conversation had gone very well indeed. *** Unsurprisingly Annie accepted the caress, the hold hands and the serenade. There was also an autonomous kiss in there too.
  63. 63. Theo was reflecting on his conversation with Annie when the library door opened to admit Doc. "Ah Doc Nerd," he said turning round and smiling at her, "it is nice of you to join me."
  64. 64. But she didn't hear him. As soon as he had smiled at her, she had felt herself melt. She found herself wanting him to take her in his arms and never let her go.
  65. 65. "Doctor, are you alright? I was speaking to you." Said Theo snapping Doc out of her trance. "Yes, sorry, what did you say?“ "I was thanking you for staying here, your wit, conversation and exquisite beauty..." He stopped abruptly as he realised what he had just said.
  66. 66. "I mean, um, er..." Continued Theo, trying to cover up his slip, but Doc wasn't paying attention. He had said 'exquisite beauty,' and that was all she needed to hear.
  67. 67. Theo was still stumbling over his words trying to think of something else he could say to distract her. "Doctor, would you like me to sing to you? One last time before you leave?"
  68. 68. "Yes, I would." She replied, her heart fluttering like mad.
  69. 69. As Theo started to sing he hoped that he had managed to cover his gaffe, and that she hadn't noticed that for the second day running he had said he thought her beautiful.
  70. 70. As she stood listening to him, Doc realised that she really didn't want to leave today, even though she knew she must.
  71. 71. "I am afraid that we must end our conversation now Doc Nerd. I have some serious thinking to do, and would like to be left alone.“ "Course Mr Harrison. You must have a difficult decision to make.“ "Yes, yes I have." He replied. *** No surprises from these flirts again. Doc accepted the caress, the hold hands and the serenade. There was also another autonomous kiss in there too.
  72. 72. Theo closed the door behind Doc and started to pace the room. Who would he choose to leave first? He liked them both very much and could see himself settling down with either of them, but...he smiled. There was one who made his heart quicken its beat when she walked into the room, one who he couldn't wait to speak to again. He made his decision.
  73. 73. In the drawing room Doc and Annie were playing chess in near silence: neither felt like talking, each wondering about what Theo was going to say.
  74. 74. "Ladies," said Theo approaching the chess board, "it is noon. Will you please join me at the settees?“ They both nodded, their throats suddenly very dry.
  75. 75. Doc found her voice as they sat down. "This is it then." She said quietly. "Yup." Came Annie's terse reply. "I would say good luck, but, y'know.“ "Same."
  76. 76. Theo cleared his throat. "Ladies, I have to admit that when I discovered what my grandfather had planned for this week that I was far from happy. I did not like the fact that he was attempting to dictate my life for me. However as the days have passed I have come to realise that I have made good friends with my guests, and I am no longer unhappy about his deception."
  77. 77. He sighed. "It is because I like you both and enjoy talking to you, that today is so difficult for me. There are two carriages arriving this afternoon, one in half an hour and one at 4 o'clock, to take you home. I have to choose which of you will take which coach."
  78. 78. "Please do not think that this will be the last we will see of each other, because I would very much like to see both of you once I return to Sim State."
  79. 79. He paused. "Miss Annie, I would like to take you out for tea one day, as friends, but until then, please can you make sure your trunk is ready. I will help you take it to the carriage when it arrives."
  80. 80. "Right...uh...I had better go pack the rest of my things then." Said Annie, trying not to let her disappointment show. *** Final scores for the challenge are as follows: Doc Nerd: 200 double love. Annie: 197 double love. I don't think that anyone will be surprised by this. Nerd was the first sim to speak to Theo, the first to make friends and best friends with him and the first he fell in love with. She led from the start and I think that she is a worthy winner. Annie also deserves congratulations for coming second. She steadily made her way up the score table, becoming good friends with Theo and falling in love with him by the end of the challenge.
  81. 81. After putting her trunk in the waiting carriage Theo returned to the house to say goodbye to Annie. "Miss Annie we must make time to have tea soon.“ "I agree. You will contact me once you are back at university?“ "Yes I will."
  82. 82. "Mr Harrison I..." she started, "I...I just wanted to thank you for being such a gracious host over the past week.“ "My pleasure Miss Annie. Have a safe journey back to Regalton.“ "Thank you Mr Harrison, I am sure I will."
  83. 83. The sixth simself to leave did so wondering if anything would have been different if she had the courage to finish the sentence she had started before leaving.
  84. 84. Throughout Annie's packing and goodbye conversation Doc had been sitting alone in the drawing room thinking. Theo wanted her to stay the longest. That was good. She hoped that he was going to suggest that they take their relationship beyond friendship. That would be very good.
  85. 85. Theo walked into the room after seeing Annie off and sat down next to Doc. He cleared his throat and rubbed his hands on his trousers nervously. "Doc Nerd, I have, erm, that is to say that I was wondering if you would like to, erm join me for dinner one evening, and perhaps also go to the theatre? I will see what is on and try to book tickets."
  86. 86. "I'd love to." She gushed. "You would?" He said, relief evident in his voice. "Yeah. I'd like to get to know you better Mr Harrison. Much better.“ "That is good news Doc Nerd. Look can I just call you Nerd? It would make things much simpler.“ "Only if I can call you Theo.“ He laughed. Normally being so informal with a lady would go against the grain, but with Doc it felt...right. "Certainly Nerd, it is after all my name."
  87. 87. Over at the Old Observatory Lea opened the door to find Annie standing on the doorstep. "Annie, you're the next to go home then?" She asked as she hugged her. *** Lea (tlhs0) writes the Barsoom Legacy,
  88. 88. "Yeah.“ "How are you?“ "Urgh. I've been better.“ "You know what you need?“ "What?“ "Tea. Come on, we always have a pot brewing, and it does make thing seem so much better."
  89. 89. "So," said Circe once Annie had sat down and the tea had been poured, "it looks like Doc is still there then.“ "Circe," hissed Jessica, "you could be a bit gentler with what you are saying.“ "What? I'm only saying.“ *** Circe (hbcirce) writes the Geogacy.
  90. 90. Annie sighed. "Yes, Doc is still there with Theo. She won't be leaving for another couple of hours.“ "How are you feeling?" Asked Denise. "I like him a lot, and I would like to take that further. But he just wants to be friends so I guess I have to accept that. After all I'd rather be friends with him than not know him at all.“ *** Denise (Avidreader2466) writes the Puritanical Green Thumb and Grafted roots Legacies.
  91. 91. "I know that feeling well." Said Michelle. "And at least you haven't cried like I did.“ *** Michellefobbs (Michaelfobbs) writes a Planetary Apocalypse and Not Quite a Vacation Asylum when she is not experiencing computer problems. She left on day 4 with a score of 139.
  92. 92. "I did get weepy in the carriage." Admitted Annie. "Oh lovey, I'm sorry." I said. "It won't make you feel any better at the moment, but I'm sure that you will meet someone at some point.“ "Yeah." She said but she didn't sound convinced.
  93. 93. Four o'clock rolled round very quickly for the two remaining residents of Hope Springs House. "Nerd I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the last week." Said Theo smiling.
  94. 94. "And I have enjoyed getting to know you too Theo." Answered Doc. "Call me soon ok."
  95. 95. He took her hand. "I will. I also promise that I will make dinner reservations for us soon after I get back to Sim State.“ "You'd better." She replied smiling.
  96. 96. The last simself to leave Hope Springs House did so with a huge smile on her face. Nummy Theo had come to his Nerd, and she was very happy about it.
  97. 97. With Doc and Annie gone, Theo once again had the house all to himself. He wandered into the drawing room and started to idly throw darts at the board. The house so full for the previous week, now felt cold and far too quiet.
  98. 98. Not long afterwards Doc was waiting for someone to answer the bell at the Old Observatory. "Doc?" Came a voice from behind her.
  99. 99. Doc turned round to see Gin walking up the path. "Hey Gin.“ "Congratulations my dear at being the last to leave.“ "Thanks. Look I thought you were all staying here, but there's no answer, and I've been waiting ages.“ *** GintasticNecat is the author of the Science of a Legacy and left the house on day 2 with a score of 29.
  100. 100. "Oh they're probably playing billiards or something." Said Gin dismissively. "Come on, let's go in and have a drink." She produced a key and opened the front door. *** Seen here are Lauri (Lauriempress) in the blue, writer of Legacy of Jubilee and the first to leave the house. The lady in the bonnet is Cee (charris) author of the Regacy. She went on day 3 with a score of 63.
  101. 101. "Well done, I knew you would do it." Said Circe when they joined us in the drawing room.
  102. 102. "Thank you, although I no longer think of it as a competition, instead I think of it as an opportunity to have gotten to know a wonderful man."
  103. 103. "You certainly sound happy." I said. "I am. We are going out to dinner when we get back home, and possibly the theatre." Replied Doc. "Hey the theatre was my idea." Said Jessica. "And a very good idea it was too." Said Doc.
  104. 104. "So this means that we are going to be going home tomorrow right?" Interrupted Denise, eager to stop an argument before it started. "Yes." I replied. "Several carriages will be arriving to take us to the train station so we can go home."
  105. 105. "It's a shame really." Said Lea. "I've enjoyed our little break here in the Hills.“ The rest of us uttered our agreement at this statement, but at the same time I knew that it was time for us to go home. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent packing and making sure that the house was in good order for when we left.
  106. 106. In Hope Springs House Theo had spent a rather lonely evening before retiring to bed. He missed his guests, especially Doc, keenly. This time tomorrow he would be back at the Legacy Society with his best friends. He would also be able to speak to Doc on the telephone. The thought made him smile.
  107. 107. At nine o'clock the next morning a carriage arrived to take him to the train station so that he could start his journey back to university. As he left the house for the last time he reflected on the week he had spent there. Despite his reservations at first, he had enjoyed it and was even now grateful that his grandfather had set it all up, but it was nice to be going home. *** Well that's it folks. Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed it. This was certainly a fun challenge to play and write. We will be seeing more of Theo and Doc in the course of the legacy itself. Thank you as always to the creators of the CC I use, especially Judie at All-About-Style, and everyone at MTS2. Also a big thank you to the authors who allow me to use their simselves. Those of you who volunteered for this challenge rock, and congratulations Doc. Join me soon for chapter 15.2 of a Victorian Legacy. Also look out for some out-takes at dicreasy.livejournal.com soon. =>
  108. 108. Oh come on I had to include at least one more picture of Theo's abs. See you soon.