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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 7 Some Goings on

A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 7 Some Goings on



In which Bon Voyage arrives, some children leave the house, and others arrive.

In which Bon Voyage arrives, some children leave the house, and others arrive.



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    A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 7 Some Goings on A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 7 Some Goings on Presentation Transcript

    • Hello and welcome back to my Victorian Legacy. If you are new to this legacy I suggest that you go back and read the previous chapters to get to know who is who and what is what. As with all the early chapters I have converted to this format, I have not re-written this chapter, only corrected the spelling. Just a reminder to all that this legacy is, wait for it, a Victorian themed one with the following handicaps: behind the times, strict family values and first born male inherits.
    • Since the last chapter ended with the youngest child of generation two leaving the house to start her new life, I thought that I would begin this one with a quick look at what Elizabeth has been up to. If you recall the last time we saw her she was expecting her first child. "Are you going to sit there all day gabbling on voice or are you going to help me?" You don't need any help from me Liz, just twirl and if by magic you will have a baby in your arms. "Mmmarrghhh."
    • See that wasn't so bad was it? "Hmmph, I would like to see you do that voice." Not going to happen. Anyways, this little fella is Harold and as you can see he has his father's skin tone, eye colour and hair colour.
    • Unfortunately this house seems to have it's fair share of glitches, there are a couple of pics at the end of Elizabeth glitching, and we seemed to acquire a pile of rubbish which no sim could pick up. I ended up deleting it, but not before we had an infestation of roaches which made everyone ill.
    • Umm, Elizabeth shouldn't you be looking after your son? "He will be fine voice, this is much more important. I am getting fed up of only eating the same few recipes, so I am seeing what I can find to cook in Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management. It is amazing what you can do with some leftovers." I'm sure it is.
    • Despite Elizabeth's lack of attention, Harold grew up into an incredibly cute toddler. "Ewo Mr Bunny. Would oo wike to pway?"
    • "Yes? Well I do not." Oh, yeah, I should mention that the legacy personality is making it's mark and I again have a very active, mean sim on my hands.
    • "What? No, I cannot be pregnant again?" 'Fraid so, let this be a lesson to you, woohoo leads to babies.
    • "Yes, but I am incredibly tired and I want to go to bed!" I know you are tired, that is why I told you to go to sleep. It is not my fault that you got up again and popped now is it? "Frammit." Such a charming sim.
    • With Elizabeth heavily pregnant, it falls to Arthur to help the little tyke grow up to childhood. "Well done Harold, you managed to blow out one of the candles. Here let Papa help you with the rest." "No, me do."
    • Here he is. Doesn't he look like Arthur? I see very little of Elizabeth in him at the moment, his eyes remind me a bit of her, but that's all. "If you have quite finished with staring at me, perhaps you should go and do something else, there is a good voice." Ok, his attitude reminds me of her.
    • "Arrghh, why are you doing this to meeee." Because I want you to have two children. "But I do not!" Tough, now spin away.
    • I think we'll leave Elizabeth and her family for the time being with this picture of her youngest son John. I'll probably do another small update on them before I send Harold to uni in a chapter or so.
    • Back in the Legacy house for the two boys it is a regular skill fest. "Look William, over there the voice has just returned heheheh." "Where?" Hello boys. "Oh, you are back voice." Yes Henry. You aren't trying to cheat are you? "I am deeply offended that you would think that voice. I like nothing more than a well contested game of chess with my brother." *raises eyebrow* "?" Oh wait, he can't see me when I do the voice from the sky bit. *cough* Really Henry, that is good to know. Carry on, then, I'll just stay to watch. "Are you sure you would not like to check on the rest of the family." Nope quite comfy here ta. "Oh. I have just remembered I have homework to do. Excuse me William, we can play later."
    • I plan on sending Anne and Charlotta to finishing school at Acadamie le Tour within the next few sim days, but Anne's aspiration meter keeps slipping into the red, only one thing to do about that. "So, Amin, was that your name? Yes, good. I was wondering if you would like to go a date tonight. after all I am not getting any younger? ... Who is this? Anne Legacy of course ... You would? Great see you soon."
    • I was a bit worried about how I would explain away the lack of a chaperone when Anne went out on her date, but the new sims chooser that comes with Bon Voyage meant that I could have William tag along. Not so great for Anne and her date, but good for me. "Sorry about this Amin, but my brother William is here to chaperone me and make sure that nothing inappropriate happens."
    • "Pleased to meet you William. I assure you that my intentions towards your sister are nothing but honourable, and I am really only here because I crave popularity." "Pleased to make your acquaintance Amin, and I feel that I will be keeping more of an eye on my sister than you." "What ever do you mean?" "I am sure that you will find out."
    • Ah, how many pictures have I got like this? I've lost count now, because there is nothing that my mean teen sims like more than noogying others, even when it is not appropriate.
    • "But, but why would you want to do that? I thought that this was meant to be a date! Why are we not dancing or getting to know each other?"
    • "Hahaha, because that is so much fun! I like doing that, it makes me laugh. I do however want to dance with you, so let us give that a go."
    • I like to think of the next few slides as evidence of Anne's impatience. Once the two of them were dancing Anne tried to lower hands... "No Anne, I do not want you to do that. I do not know you well enough yet." "But, but time is ticking away, we must seize the moment before it is too late." "No, do not want." I've told you before Anne, you can not dive straight in, you need to build up the relationship first.
    • "But surely voice, he can not complain if I just rest my head on his shoulder?" "Err, Creator, help please." Anne, stop it, leave the poor boy alone, you are frightening him.
    • "Sorry Amin, I guess I am in too much of a hurry." "That is fine Anne, I want to get to know you a bit more, that is all." "I will still get my first kiss tonight though will I not?" "Anne what is that?" "This? Oh it is just a metal nail file." "Can you move it please?" "No."
    • Anne did get her first kiss from Amin, but because I had had the special events camera on whilst exploring the new holiday destinations, and forgot to take it off, I missed getting a picture of it, so you will have to put up with this picture of their second kiss instead. "You have the nail file out again Anne." "I do? Sorry, now kiss me again."
    • "Hmm I'm watching you." Yup William is still here keeping an eye on things for me. It occurs to me seeing this picture that I made a mistake last chapter when I said that he has Allyn's cheekbones, he doesn't he has George's who got them from Gabe.
    • "Anne, I do not see Her Majesty sitting at the table behind us, are you sure you saw her?" "Yes, maybe you are not looking hard enough." *splat*
    • "Now Anne, it is not very nice to throw food." "I know, but in case you have not noticed Amin, I am not exactly a nice person."
    • As I was filming Anne and Amin, this character walked past. This is the first time that I have seen him on a lot that is not in a holiday destination, and I have to say how perfect does he look amongst my Victorian simmies? I'm disappointed that you can't interact with him, because I think that he could be perfect for a storyline with one of my mean sims. Of course a couple of days after I had this thought I read the thread on the BBS about how there was a programming error to do with the spawning of the new NPCs. I checked my character files and discovered that I now have eight of the buggers running around, and twenty-eight tour guides. I've gone and got Pescado's hack from MATY, but I'm not happy about this at all.
    • Aww, well the two of them ended up having a great date, how sweet.
    • It's spring again and that of course means that Allyn has to plant up Elise's garden. "Yes, but at least I will not have small children to take care of as well as the garden this time around." Um won't you? "No I will not." If you say so.
    • I've decided that Charlotta is going to be my first sim ever to get the pool scholarship, so I am afraid that every spare moment that she has is spent playing. "I am getting quite good at this now Creator." Yep, well done.
    • I do give her a bit of a break though, and have her flirt with this teen one of her brothers brought home from school. Olivia is one of the new townies created with Bon Voyage, and I find it a bit strange that she can come home from school with one of the teens, but you can't invite her round as a normal visitor, she has to come for three days. It also makes me wonder what sort of catchment area their school has.
    • "So I get to go to finishing school then voice and carry on my journey towards the grave?" Yep "Well at least this means woohoo right?" Wrong, to my mind at least, you still fall under legacy rules until you are an adult and have moved into your own home. "What? That was the only thought that was making my aging bearable." Sorry to dash that then Anne, but I am sure that you will keep bringing the subject up. "Bye darling call me when you get there, I want to make sure that you arrived safely." "Yes Mother." "Bye sister." (And yeah, that is Charlotta still playing pool in the background).
    • A couple of hours later and Charlotta gets the pool scholarship, meaning that she can also leave the house. "Bye Mother, bye Enid, I will be sure to call you everyday and invite you to come and visit." "Goodbye Charlotta I cannot wait until I join you in two years time." "Bye sweetie, as I said to Anne let me know that you have arrived safe and sound."
    • Just as Charlotta leaves the house George comes home with his final promotion to game designer meaning that he is now perma-plat. Thank goodness, I no longer have to worry about the fact that his aspiration is continually in the red. Let me tell you it is no fun playing a pleasure sim with only three playful points in a household where you can't buy electronic equipment or modern cars, and you can only have sims try for a baby. Both George and Allyn continually roll wants to woohoo in bed. "I feel that I have gone as far as I can with this career, I now want to become a celebrity chef voice." Okay, but lets keep in this career for a little while and get some money behind us eh? "Fine." Yeah, I should point out that my sims are still skint - I blew a lot of money on extending their house, and I'm still saving up to buy two more fireplaces, and the finishing touches for the new rooms.
    • "Is it true mother? Has the Creator gone and bought Bon Voyage?" "Yes I believe it is William." "Does this mean that we can go to the sea-side now?" "Why would you want to go to the sea-side William? I have heard that the sand gets everywhere." "Because I think that it will be fun Henry. Why do you have to pick fault with everything?" "I have only one nice point William." "Boys, boys stop it. I will have a word with your father, see if I can drop some hints his way about taking you two and Robert away for a bit." Anyone else get the feeling that I just want to play with the new features?
    • Later that night Allyn starts to raise the subject with George, but soon gets distracted. "Oh George you are such a flirt! I have completely forgotten what I was going to say to you now." "Let us go out to dinner, we have not been out for so long, and there is a new bar and restaurant that has just been built." "That sounds good, William and Henry can keep an eye on Enid and Robert."
    • "To us my darling wife, you are as beautiful as the day we were wed." Ahh George you old romantic you. "Heheheh, have you checked my want panel recently voice?" Yeeesss, methinks that this could just be a ruse to get your wife into bed, the fact that I can also see your wife's want panel though tells me that you needn't be bothering with all this.
    • "George you are acting rather romantic tonight, first a toast and now blowing kisses at me. If I did not know any better I would think that you were up to something." "No darling, I am just happy because I am now perm-plat, and I am in the company of a beautiful woman."
    • Of course the date ends up here ... "voice some privacy please." Alright I'm going.
    • "That was a dream date voice, I am going to leave these roses at the front gate where Allyn will find them." You could just leave them in your room you know? "No the front gate will be fine."
    • At dinner the next day Allyn finally remembers what she wanted to talk to George about. "George, I have been thinking, the children do not have school for the next two days, why do you not take them away for the weekend, camping or something." "Camping my dear? Just me and the three boys?" "Yes, I suppose you can invite some of your friends along, but I have noticed that you barely speak to William and Henry, so it will be good for you to spend some time with them." "Has the voice put you up to this?" "Why ever would you say that George?" "Because she likes to believe that she is behind our every move." Not every move George, I do keep you on free will all the time. Now go book that trip!
    • "So Colin, I am taking the boys camping, would you like to join us? ... Rabbits? ... Well, there might be some wild ones around, but I do not think that they will be much of a bother, they tend to be quite shy, and the boys will probably make enough noise to scare them a way ... you will? Good, I will invite Addison too."
    • So off the boys go on my first Legacy family holiday.
    • Hmm Colin, I'm not sure if that is the best garb for a camping trip. "Do you mean to tell me Colin that you have no changed out of your gown and mortar board since my graduation?" "No, you see whilst you have been growing old Addison and I have been stuck in the non ageing limbos that are un-played and towniedom."
    • Oh dear, things don't seem to be getting off to a good start, Robert just looks completely confused when one of the locals decides to greet him. "Look lady, I have no idea what you are trying to do here. Have you got a fur ball or something that you are trying to shift?"
    • "Oh I see! It is kind of greeting! Why you cannot just shake hands I do not know, although it does look kind of fun." Immediately after this Robert spun the want to learn the local greeting, and started to get into the spirit of the weekend.
    • See. But I have to say that that is not what I was expecting when I had him order flap-jacks. "'Mewicanfapjacsvoice." Yeah. For those of you who don't know here in Britain flap-jacks are made by baking rolled oats, butter and golden syrup together, and are then cut into squares. Depending on the recipe they can either be really soft and chewy or harder and crispy. Either way they are very yummy, but because they are mainly fat and sugar they are stuffed full of calories.
    • Nothing like a spot of night fishing to help the boys to bond. "I hope that the weather stays nice William It will be horrible if it starts to rain." "I am sure that we will have a good time anyway Henry."
    • Robert turns out to be the best fisher in the bunch catching two jumbo bass very quickly, even though the fish is nearly as big as him. "This is fun voice." Good, glad you like it, I've got more fun things lined up for you today.
    • A trip to Lumber Mill Range also proves popular with the family, with Robert learning to slap dance. "So do I do this next or that?" Poor thing, due to the lack of a stereo on the home lot, most of the Legacys are useless when it comes to dancing. This makes a change from my normal sims where most of them have earned the dancing scholarship and do all sorts of fancy moves on the dance floor.
    • The log pit also proves popular. "Come on William, let us have a competition to see who can stay on the log the longest." "If you are sure Henry." "Of course I am sure."
    • "Whoa, whoa..."
    • SPLASH.
    • "Haha, are you alright Henry?" Looks as if Henry forgot that William has more body points than him.
    • "Yes, I won, I am the greatest." Yes, you won this time, but how many times has William won? "I do not know what you are talking about, it is plain to see that I am superior at this sport." *sigh* and there I was thinking that maybe he had grown out of all this I am the best nonsense. Unfortunately (not) William became glitched shortly after this and would not get off of the log, nor could anyone else join him, so I was forced to exit the lot and play the day again, so Henry here lost him won at log rolling memory.
    • I replayed most of their day at the Mill, mainly to get Robert here to slap dance, but couldn't get two sims onto the other log rolling pit, so decided to call it a day. After stopping off for souvenirs the Legacys, Addison and Colin lit a camp fire and wondered off leaving Robert here to fend for himself. "I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that you choose the wrong option on the tour card, and now everyone is in dire need of a bath and a comfortable chair." Shush, I wasn't going to tell the readers that Robert. Now eat your marshmallow.
    • The next day and once again the Legacys head to the Mill. Henry decides to be nice and brotherly and play catch with Robert, but it is clear that he is not in a good mood. "Here, catch this."
    • "Not so hard Henry, I cannot catch them when you throw so hard!" Yes Henry play nice. "Hmmph. I am disappointed that I lost my won at log rolling memory." Sorry, but you can have another go later.
    • I soon catch him talking to his father though, and it doesn't take a genius to work out what is really on his mind. "I am sorry if you do not like it Henry, but the fact of the matter is that your brother is older than you. There is nothing that can be done." "You must be able to speak to..." "No Henry, it is how it is." I had really hoped that he had accepted that he was not heir, but obviously not.
    • "Ready William ?" "Of course father." "One, two, thrego." "You started early!" Yes, I decided to try the other log rolling pit, which much better results.
    • "Nyer, nyer cannot beat me." "Watch me William my son." I must admit I thought that George would cream William because of the difference in body points, but they were actually fairly evenly matched.
    • "Oh nooooo." *splash.*
    • "Woot I am George Legacy and I am the best. I have just beaten my teenage son...wait that does not sound very good." You have one nice point George, do you really care how it sounds? "You wound me voice, just because I am mean does not mean I do not have feelings." Uh huh? "Fine, you win, I do not really care how it sounds."
    • You didn't win every time though did you? "Noooo." That was actually rather productive, William and George now have won at log rolling memories, but Henry does not. I did have him have a go, but fortune favoured William more, and Henry ended up in the drink quite a few times.
    • *cough, cough* "Icky, not nice voice." Why did you do it twice then Robert? I can't make up my mind if Robert is just a tiny bit dense, or naturally very curious. My sim kids drink the bubbles more often than not, so I'm not surprised by this, what did get me is the fact that he drank it twice in the same interaction! No other kid has done that, one swig and that is enough for them.
    • After all that log rolling, George decides to relax a bit by throwing an axe about. "Take that target!" *thwack* Good to see that you are not taking your defeat to William to badly. "Of course I am not." *thwack* "Why would I do that?" *thwack* This was their final day camping, and after a good night's sleep in their lovely tents, it was soon time for them to go home.
    • "So Darling, how was the trip?" "Lovely my sweet, we all had a really good time, but I am glad to be home, and to be seeing you. I will let the boys tell you all about it" Ahh. I know I joke about these two, but they really are so sweet together, always kissing and flirting.
    • "Arghhh loh, and that is how they say hello in the mountains, can you believe it Mama? And I learned to slap dance an' ate American flap-jacks, an' caught lots of fish, an' we had a camp fire so I roasted marshmallows an' Henry fell in the water an' an'... all sorts." "So you had a good time Robert?" "Yes it was fantastic!"
    • "Creator?" Yes Allyn? "I thought that my family was complete, but I now think that I am pregnant again." Oh you are yes, did you not hear the lullaby following your date the other day? "Yes, but I always hear a lullaby after." Yes, that is because you always manage to fall pregnant the first time you try for a baby. "Oh."
    • The following day, it is plain to see that Henry is still in a rotten mood following the holiday. *pause game* Henry what are you doing? "I am going to smash Grandpa Gabe's Urn." You are not! "Yes I am!" No, you are not young man! *cancel action press, shift, control, c, type move_objects on, move Henry to other side of lot, unpause* Henry runs towards urn again.
    • Right then, try again. *moves Henry to other side of lot again* Henry again runs towards urn. Fine, obviously can't cancel this action, time for plan b. *pick up Henry, press delete, build fence around both urns in mausoleum, exit lot after saving* Probably cheating, but I don't care, I am not having my lovely Gabe's urn smashed by this git, and I didn't think about a fence until after I had deleted him.
    • After that bit of drama, lets catch up a bit more with his parents. "My Darling, I did not get chance to give you your present last night, here this is what I bought for you whilst we were away." "Oh thank you George, half a rock and a miniature axe, just what I have always wanted. Thank you, I will put them on the new shelf that is in the drawing room."
    • Back from his little excursion into the void Henry seems to have calmed down just a bit, and does autonomously interact with his younger brother. He still looks scary and annoyed with the world, but oh well, at least he is not trying to smash an urn. "Yeeess, that is how it goes Henry, but you are not meant to look as if you are holding a knife in your upraised hand and are about to stab the person you are greeting." "Watch it squirt, or I will pummel you. I am not in a good mood, and feel as if I have some how lost valuable seconds of my life." Carry on, mate and you will soon lose the rest of you life. There are many ways to arrange accidents in this game within legacy rules. "Accidents eh? Hmm" Ah, not sure if that was a good thing to say or not whoops.
    • That night George and Allyn do some entertaining. Addison asked if he could bring a friend who turned out to be this professor. I didn't include any pictures, but she was actually George's stalker professor at uni - all my sims seem to have one, they turn up at all hours and just hang around by the post box waiting to be invited in. Inevitably the conversation turns to the camping trip. "Yes we were very lucky with the weather, we had bright sunshine everyday." "That sounds nice George, I like it when it is sunny. It is not much fun standing outside a halls of residence waiting to be greeted in the rain or snow."
    • Whilst his parents are entertaining William is still skilling away trying to get more scholarships, and prepare himself for the day he will have a job. "I do like doing this as well Creator, do not forget that." True, he is always rolling wants to get various scholarships, so he gets an aspiration boost as well.
    • Henry is also skilling away. "Oh now that is interesting, if I do this, then that will happen. I will have to remember that for the future." What subject are you learning at the moment Henry? "Mechanical, not that it is any thing to do with you voice." Fine then, I'll leave.
    • Of course, being me I can't leave my sims alone for long, and I'm still worried about what Henry might do, so a few hours later I'm back checking up on him. "So you see brother it really would be for the best." "But Henry, I do not think that I agree with you." "William just think it through, has any thing I have said not made sense?"
    • "Well, no, it does make sense, it is just that it does not seem ... right." "William, are you going to be a wet blanket all your life? You know what I say is correct, all you need is the ba...backbone to act on it!" "Well..."
    • Hello you two, what are you talking about? "Nothing voice." You sure? It sounds to me Henry that you are hounding your brother about something. "voice I would never do a thing like that, and I am hurt that you could even consider it! Besides I thought that you were omnipotent, and thus would not need to ask a question like that." Omnipresent? Yep, omnivorous? Definitely, omnipotent? Isn't it time you went to bed? "I suddenly have the urge to go to bed. Goodnight both of you." What were you talking about William? "Nothing. I am going to go to bed too. Good night." Hmmm.
    • As if sensing that something is not quite right and that there are some in the house keeping secrets, the ghosts of Gabe and Elise are particularly active that night. "Oh that was horrible, I just saw the ghost of the Grandpa I never knew." I see you have just introduced your self to Enid Gabe. "Yes, Miss Di, can not have her not knowing who I am or the fact that I founded this family now can I?" Suppose not, but there is a portrait of you still hanging in the dining room, and I am sure that George has explained all about you to her. "Nothing like saying hello in person though Miss Di." *sigh*
    • "H,h,hello Nana Elise." "Booga booga." Oh good, Elise is also up for some scaring and not just floating around
    • "Argghh!" "That is for trying to smash my urn Henry Norman Legacy. Do not try it again do you hear? Or I will be back." Hahaha, oh I did enjoy that scare.
    • "Hello young Robert I am your Nana Elise." "N,n,Nana?" "Yes and do not you forget it young man." I think that you have seen nearly everyone now between the two of you, so why don't you both go back to your urns now? "Oh but the night is still young, and we do not get back here often enough in my opinion."
    • Stop it, stop it, STOP IT! "Haha, that is because my urn was nearly smashed!" Look, I stopped him didn't I, now stop scaring your grandchildren, they have school in the morning, and they need a good night's sleep.
    • As you can see, they didn't stop. That was the worst night's haunting I've had with this family, with only a very pregnant Allyn escaping. At the end of the night the scares stood as follows: George one Henry one William one Enid four, and this poor little mite was scared six times by his loving grandparents. His hunger bar went down so much, I had the popup from the social worker about him being all skin and bones. Hah! have they seen that gut?
    • In the middle of all this Allyn goes downstairs for a little snack and promptly goes into labour. "Ooo, I forgot about this bit."
    • She gives birth to another set of cheesecake twins, Alfred Michael who has the lightest skin tone, Allyn's light blue eyes, and George's black hair.
    • and James Albert, who has a tan skin, Allyn's eyes and George's hair.
    • Oh William, there you are. Whilst Henry is busy else where, why don't you tell me what you were talking about last night? "Sorry Creator, but I cannot talk now I think that Mother needs some help with feeding Alfred and James, and getting them to bed." I am sure that she can manage, she has had plenty of practise. "No I really want to help, excuse me." Oh well, I'll try again at some other point.
    • What with trying to get everyone back into a good mood following last night's events, I completely forgot that it was Robert and Enid's birthday until I saw Enid start to wobble on her way into the house to shower. "Oo, what is happening Creator? I think that I feel faint because of these green fumes. " It's not that, you're growing up Enid. "Oh."
    • Here she is after a quick change and a shower. She reminds me a lot of Allyn. She rolled popularity and has the insane LTW of 20 simultaneous pet best friends. Who in their right mind would think that that is a good thing to want? All it conjures up for me is an image of the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons. "Pets are nice, and you will not let us have one." That is because your house had been consistently full this generation, and I don't want a pet under my feet as well.
    • With Enid grown up, I get Robert out of bed so that he can grow up too. "I am still very tired voice. Can I please go back to bed." Once you have done this yes.
    • I sent him straight back to bed once he had grown up, so here is a picture of him from the next day once I'd changed his clothes. Like his twin he has taken after his mother, and looks so much like Komei it is scary. He rolled knowledge and has the LTW of becoming chief of staff, so I guess he was just naturally curious. "Of course voice, why did you doubt it. Now if you do not mind I have some rather difficult homework to do." That looks like the homework from yesterday when you were a child. "No, not at all, it is just ... a new sort of homework for those of us who are ahead of the rest of the class ... yes that is it." Whatever you say Robert.
    • In no time at all, it is soon time for the youngest children to become toddlers. They don't get a party as such, but George and some of the kids have bought people home with them from work and school. Cecilia, I don't think that you are doing Alfred any good by blowing that so near to his ear hole. "But, I am so excited, after all I have only just moved into the neighbourhood, and here I am at a Legacy birthday." At least you make up for George's colleague's lack of enthusiasm I suppose. "I am sorry, but I do not fully understand what is going on. I am only here in Regalton on a business trip, I am from Takemizu Village." Ok I forgive you.
    • George, hadn't you better be looking at your son to make sure that you will catch him and not drop him on his head? "It will be fine voice, I have not dropped one yet."
    • George does catch his son thankfully, and I decide to trust Henry with growing up his other brother, and he does actually do a good job of it. "Of course I did voice, I am capable of anything." Uh huh, anything, I'll have to remember that. George's colleague seems to have got the hang of a birthday though. "Yes, I make noise with this, the baby is thrown and becomes a toddler, yes?" Yes, pretty much.
    • Time for the close-ups of the two toddlers. Alfred here is a cancer with a personality of 5,4,8,7,6. Nice and playful, slightly shy for a change, but still pretty active.
    • James is a Taurus with the personality 10,8,4,7,4. An outgoing, playful neat freak who can be a tad grumpy at times. Obviously explains why he is angry with the blocks: he is trying to tidy them away and is failing.
    • Since the voice form the sky act isn't getting William to open up to me, I decide to try SimDi instead. "William thank you for coming to see me, I know that you are leaving for uni tonight and I wanted a chat before you went. The thing is I want to know what Henry was speaking to you about the other night."
    • "But I thought that you were omnipotent?" "Everyone does, but somehow Henry has managed to stop me from knowing what he is up to. The only reason I stopped him from smashing your grandfather's urn was because he ran through a room I was checking on, and I wondered what he was doing." "He tried to smash Grandpa Gabe's urn?" "Yes." "Hmm. *pause* He wants to be heir. He thinks that he is more worthy of the title, and that I should tell you that I do not want it. He outlined all sorts of reasons to me about why he would be better."
    • "I have always known that he wants to be heir, but I didn't think that he would approach you over the subject, rather I hoped that he would grow up and accept the situation." "No, I think that he has been plotting various ways how he can become heir. This is one solution." "But, he is always doing things to make me dislike him." "It is frustration and the fact that he can not contain his true personality I am sure. Other times he is rational and is always making sure that things are going according to his plan, such as his LTW when he rolled pleasure. Even though you dislike the aspiration, he gave you a good LTW." "Yes, he knows that I want to make all my heirs permaplat if possible, and although I would already have a plat pleasure urn, I would be able to do his LTW. But I can't do yours." "No." "You sly thing William. You're forcing me into a re-roll. If I re-roll you, I'll have to re-roll him as well, because that is how I play."
    • "Yes, and I am hoping that his true personality will shine through." "Hmm yes, although I can't help but wonder about your personality, family suits you." "What I want is not as important as what is best for the family." "Really? I think I need to ask you William, do you want to be heir, or are you just thinking about the family?" "Hmmm, I did not when I was younger. Some of my other relatives seemed to be looking forward to much more exciting lives than I was, but the more I have thought about it the more I look forward to it. I can make sure that my family is well looked after and goes from strength to strength. So in answer to your question, yes I am glad that I am heir, and I want to stay as heir, and although I am thinking about the family, it is what I want." "Good, that is settled then. Good luck at university. I want you to let me know if you feel that Henry is keeping anything from me, or if he approaches you again." "I will do."
    • Back in the Legacy household that night, Henry always eager to do everything first makes the phone call that will lead to him leaving the house for university. "Goodbye and good luck Henry. Remember to give Addison and Colin a call when you have settled in. I expect you and all my descendents to attend the Legacy Society." "'Bye Henry. I can not wait until I can join you." "Goodbye sweetheart, call me when you get there so that I know that you are safe." "Yes, yes will do parents, now excuse me I think that my transport is here."
    • Later that night William also makes the call and sets off to start his higher education. "Now remember to call me, and remind your brother to do so as well." "Allyn, I am sure that he will, stop fussing. Now son, remember that although university is fun you will also need to study hard, and see if you can find a wife too, you will need to continue the family line when you return." "Yes father I know. Well my cab is here. Goodbye Mother, Father, I will speak to you soon."
    • Since there are two funnies this time, I thought that I would do my closing remarks with the potty glitch to distract you all. Thank you for reading, and I hope that you have enjoyed it. The only CC by me are the eyes, so thanks go out to everyone who created something that I have used here. Most of it came from MTS2 (walls, floors, object recolours) and All-About-Style (clothing and accessories). I have used bits form other places, but I can't remember them all at the moment. If you like something and want to know where I got it from, drop me a line and I will try to remember. I hope you will be back for the next chapter, and keep an eye out for a spin off album featuring Violet coming soon. In the meantime check out Boolprop.com if you haven't done so already for loads of legacies, other stories and general Sims chat and advice.
    • Oooo, Levitating toddlers, whatever next?