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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 5 Birthday Time
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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 5 Birthday Time


Published on

Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays all set in Victorian England.

Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays all set in Victorian England.

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  • 1. Hello, and welcome back to my Victorian Legacy. As with all the previous early chapters now in this format, I’ve not rewritten it, and we are still at the commentary stage. Let me hand you over to the current legacy spouse, Allyn for the standard explanation. “Thank you Miss Di. For the duration of this legacy we will be living as Victorians, which means that the first born male inherits, no electronic equipment apart from the phone and the old fashioned till, and try for a baby only. During the last chapter, our founder Gabe died, the other members of my family have dealt with this in their own way..."
  • 2. "... Gabe's death has affected my mother in law Elise deeply, and she now refuses to sleep in the bed she shared with him for the entirety of her marriage..."
  • 3. "...Only the company of my two daughters seems to cheer her up..." "Gosh you are getting heavy Anne. Your grandpa Gabe would be so proud of you, and I know that he was so pleased with the fact that you have his eyes. Oh how I miss him, he was taken from us too soon Anne, too soon."
  • 4. "...My husband George has taken to playing Myshuno by himself claiming that it reminds him of his childhood and how his father made their house a home even if it was only half finished..."
  • 5. "...Elizabeth, one of my sister in laws is relying on the compassion of a new family friend Arthur Skinner to help her through. The Creator has been most insistent that we encourage this because she believes that Arthur is made for her. My other sister in law Violet is spending all her time engrossed in her father's book collection, we do not often see her to tell you the truth, but I know that the Creator is keeping an eye on her, and will alert us if she feels that she needs help..."
  • 6. "...This is my eldest Charlotta. Although she and Anne are twins, Charlotta is older by half an hour. I find her a great comfort at this time, whether it is watching her as she plays with her toys..."
  • 7. "...Or helping her to learn new skills. As I near the halfway stage of my second pregnancy, I am sure that the future holds joy for us all." Me too Allyn, me too. I'm also sure that this chapter contains many birthdays, so shall we proceed?
  • 8. "Time for me to become an adult already voice?" Yes Elizabeth it is. "Good, then I can marry that rich Arthur Skinner and finally have a wardrobe that I am happy with." Hey I have bought you nice dresses, you like your teen formal don't you? "Yes, but I want a variety of dresses. One should dress appropriately for the time of day, about five changes a day should do it, plus, of course, formal gowns." Listen most middle class Victorian ladies only possessed about five dresses in total, including their formals. "Can we get on with voice, I am NOT in a good mood." George you are never in a good mood these days, so stop glowering at your sister.
  • 9. "Now what can I wish for? ... I know." "So you have decided to join us Violet?" "Of course George, our sister is growing up."
  • 10. Here she is after a change of clothes. Do you like this dress Elizabeth? "It is ... acceptable." Good, and I must say you do look like your mother, apart from your chin and brow, you have inherited them from your father. "You knew I would look like Mother though, so this conversation serves no purpose." 'kay, I'm just going to leave you alone now Miss Meanie."
  • 11. The following night Arthur calls around, but he is not here to see Elizabeth. "Arthur, it is so good to see you! I had no idea you were calling tonight, and Mother and I have made plans to go to the local milliner." "Elizabeth, my dear I am so sorry to hear that, but perhaps we could spend some time together tomorrow evening?" "That sounds like a good idea Arthur. You will pick me up?" "But of course, at six."
  • 12. Inside Arthur and George sit down to discuss the purpose of Arthur's visit. "So Arthur, you wished to speak to me about something very important?"
  • 13. "Yes George. You see I have come to realise that I am completely in love with your sister Elizabeth, and in the absence of your father, I wish to ask you for permission to propose marriage to her." "Marriage? That is a big step Arthur, before you know it you will be saddled with numerous children and ignored by everyone." George, I'm warning you play nice, this is meant to be a serious scene where you weigh up how suitable Arthur is as a spouse for your sister. Muck this up and I'll go back to ignoring you completely, and make your aspiration drop even more into the red. "grumblefinevoiceiwillbehave."
  • 14. "So Arthur, one of the things that I need to be sure of before I give you my blessing is whether you can keep my sister in the style to which I know she could become accustomed. My father managed to create for us a comfortable home, and although it is richly furnished, it is not sumptuously done out, yet I know that Elizabeth desires that it was. I think that what I am trying to say here Arthur is my sister is a fortune sim who wants to own lots and lots of expensive jewels, can you provide them for her?" "George, I too know the attraction of expensive objects since I am also a fortune sim, and since I am in receipt of a motherlode trust fund set up for me to supplement my income, I do not think that it will be a problem providing Elizabeth with enough jewellery with the monetary value equivalent to buying a small province." "That is good to hear, and so yes, I give you my blessing, you may ask my sister to marry you." "Thank you George, I plan on asking her tomorrow night." Thank goodness for that.
  • 15. Later that night Allyn goes into labour, so I'm glad that I'll be having Elizabeth move out soon because it is going to get crowded. "Ow, I had forgotten how much this huuurrttsssss."
  • 16. "It is all worth it though when I finally hold my baby in my arms." Good I'm glad Allyn.
  • 17. "Here George you hold him." Hmm the baby hand off can only mean one thing. "Yes, I am about to have another one Creator."
  • 18. Let me introduce you all to the twins. Here we have William Steven, as he is the first born he is my heir. As you can see he has exactly the same genetics as Charlotta, that is tan skin, light blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • 19. This little fella is Henry Norman, and he has the same genetics as Anne, the lightest skin, grey eyes and blonde hair. I reckon I can tell you now what their personalities will be because it looks like I am still not free of the first born effect. That's it, from now on I roll the dice before anyone in this legacy gives birth to the second and upwards child. This is not something that I have had to do before whilst playing - I've normally got enough variety through sheer luck.
  • 20. Everyone in the family is very excited at the new additions. "It is a baby, this means that I now have two nephews as well as two nieces." Yes Violet it does. "It also means that there are now nine sims in the house. HA good luck with that voice." Hmm, do you think I can not handle it Vi? Besides, Elizabeth will soon be getting married and moving out.
  • 21. "Did I miss something voice?" Only your sister-in-law giving birth to twins, I wouldn't worry about it Elizabeth. "Is that all? How many children are you going to make her have anyway?" Lots, and I might make you have quite a few as well if you don't start being nice to me. "Hmm, why do you not go and see how George is this morning, now that he has two more children?"
  • 22. Hey George, see I'm no longer totally ignoring you. "Hmmph." Does that mean you're ignoring me? "No voice, I am just busy perusing the paper looking for a job in the gamer career, just as I have done for the past ten days." Oh, is it there today? "No." Well maybe tomorrow then George. "You say that every day, and I know that you are just as annoyed as I am that it is not there." True, especially since you have not had one single promotion in all the time you have been working. "I am not cut out for the natural scientist track, those rats look at me funny voice, it is as if they are planning something."
  • 23. Allyn and Elise spend most of their time looking after the children and teaching the girls their toddler skills. I haven't been able to make smart milk yet, because all the sims aspirations are green, and they are not being very co-operative with their wants, George for example wants to buy expensive items of electronic equipment, as does Elizabeth. Elise keeps rolling wants to do with Arthur's dog Rover, a pet she has met once. The only sim with an attainable want is Allyn, who currently wants to teach Charlotta here to walk. "Well done! Who is my clever Lotta then? Oh, this means that she will be into everything now." Yes it does, but at least you can now go and make smart milk for her and Anne.
  • 24. "It is my day off voice, why do I have to do this?" Because your wife, mum and sister are all busy. Look, because Anne has now had smart milk, the potty training is already done, so you can go off and do something else. "Right, will do. Who wants to play Myshuno?"
  • 25. Elizabeth, despite her meanness is really good with the two children. "So Charlotta my darling niece, do you like my new hat? I am sure that the voice has bought this for me to try to stop me from criticising her." "Yaa hehehe." *sigh* I'm glad you like it Elizabeth, but it doesn't really go with your hair at the moment, guess I've got to sort that. "Yes, I agree, and before tonight please, I can not have Arthur see me like this, I want to Look my best." Put Charlotta down, and step over to the mirror, I think I have enough time before Violet grows up, and Arthur picks you up.
  • 26. Wait Violet, I'm not ready yet, I wanted to get decent pictures of you growing up. "Sorry voice, but I can not control it, I just have to keep up with the sparklies." *sigh*
  • 27. Here she is after a change of clothes. She is the spitting image of Elizabeth, so I've tried to give her a different look to her sister. "I like it voice. It is scholarly, sensible yet sophisticated." Good, I'm glad. Violet has rolled knowledge, with a life time want to become a mad scientist. I like knowledge sims, keep them skilling and they tend to be a happy bunch. The only wants that get to me are the silly be saved from death, and be struck by lightning wants. There is curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and then there is suicidal stupidity. My simself is knowledge, but reviewing that last sentence I think that maybe I am too sensible to be a knowledge sim.
  • 28. Complete with new hair do Elizabeth meets Arthur for their date. "Elizabeth my dear it is so good to see you, and may I say that your new hair style suits you particularly well?" "Thank you Arthur, I am glad that you like it. I must say that I am surprised that I am allowed to see you tonight without a chaperone." "Ahh, yes I had a word with the Creator and she said that as long as we were in a public place it would be respectable for the two of us to be alone together." "Really? I am surprised that she did not insist on being present." "Shall we go inside my dear?"
  • 29. Once inside Arthur can hide the reason he invited Elizabeth out tonight no longer and drops to his knees. "Dear sweet Elizabeth, I can no longer deny the feelings that I have for you. I can not envisage a future with out being able to gaze upon your face. Will you consent to be my wife?"
  • 30. "Oh Arthur, of course! I love you with all my heart and can not bear the thought of not living my life at your side. Tell me, how many carats is this diamond? Just out of interest you understand."
  • 31. "Elizabeth you have just made me the happiest of all men. It is five carats, I hope that it is expensive enough for you?" "it is perfect Arthur." Awww, time to plan a wedding.
  • 32. "I am so happy that you are getting married Lizzie. All my children are growing up so fast. Now shall we both try to wash the girls at the same time even though their hygiene bars are full?" "Good idea Mother." I'd rather you didn't, why not snuggle them instead, and then Elizabeth you can go and buy a wedding dress.
  • 33. Erm Elizabeth when I said you could go and buy a new dress I expected you to change out of your pjs before you got into the cab. This isn't university you know. "Sorry voice, I am just so excited that you are buying me a new frock that I rushed out of the house without thinking." Hmm, well I've got a dress picked out for you already, so you just need to go pay for it.
  • 34. Elizabeth and Arthur get married in the spring sunshine in Arthur's back garden. (In case anyone is wondering, Arthur's house is Ambleside by Orion's Belt and can be found at MTS2). Arthur: 'I'm marrying a sim I love with all my heart, I am so happy.' Elizabeth: 'I love Arthur, and we have three bolts, but the most important thing is that I am marrying a rich sim. I am so happy.'
  • 35. Not much to say here but aww, I love it when my sims get married.
  • 36. As you can see so do the guests, that's my simself in the green cheering away, and Elise wondering over to join us having missed the whole thing. I don't quite know what either Adam Long in the front, or Nick the kid next to me are doing there, since they weren't invited, and don't know either the bride or groom, but you know, the more the merrier at a party. I must admit that I have simwardrobe's throw massive parties hack installed, not so that I can throw massive parties, but rather to take the number of sims I can invite from two, back up to the eight I could invite pre-seasons. I also have his customer limit adjuster for the same reason on all of my sim run businesses: it is no fun having only four customers at a time in a level ten toy shop where all the prices are average, you end up running at a loss.
  • 37. "I missed it didn't I?" Yes Elise you did, what were you doing? "Playing with Rover." Oh, ok then. "Creator, it does not feel right not wearing black. Why am I wearing this dress instead?" Because your widow's weeds do not show up as formal, and you can call me Miss Di by the way. "Will that not cause confusion with your simself?" Probably, but never mind. Now get inside they are about to cut the cake.
  • 38. So Elizabeth Legacy becomes Elizabeth Skinner, and I manage to get a picture of my first ever slow dance twirl yay. Arthur is a CAS sim I made just for Elizabeth, hence the three bolts, and I am sure that they will be happy together.
  • 39. "Well that went well RealMe, and now you are back to eight sims in the house." Yup that I am, and I've just noticed how huge that necklace is that comes with that dress. "Yes, well the Victorian's taste in jewellery differed greatly from your tastes Di, and they liked large stones." I know that, but they're not stones, they're boulders.
  • 40. Back in the legacy house the next day I make George interact with his eldest child. Although George will happily feed the children and put them to bed, he never autonomously does anything else with them, but both of the girls continually roll wants for George to interact with them. I want to keep the girls happy because it's their birthday today, and I am determined to get good photos. As you can see from the background I've been busy extending the house, but since the rooms are undecorated and unfurnished, I'm afraid that you are going to have to wait a bit for pics of them.
  • 41. Typical legacy shot of toddlers skilling. As you can see Anne still hasn't got over her tendency to put things in her mouth.
  • 42. "'snummy woice." That may be, but Victorian paints often contained lead, and you don't want to get lead poisoning do you? "Poisonning? I could die wike Gwampa?" Umm, worst case scenario? yes. "Me no want to die. Me stop eatin bwock now." Good girl. Now I'm going to get your mum to put you to bed, so you're ready for your birthday.
  • 43. Ok, so this is it, I'm going to try to make up for the crappy last birthday pictures by throwing a double celebration for the girls with birthday cakes for the two of them. "Are you ready Mother?" "Yes Allyn, you and Charlotta go first."
  • 44. "Here Charlotta, let me help you with blowing out these candles." "Nana?" "Yes Anne?" "Me don' want gwow up." "Do not you be so silly sweetie, you have to grow up and become a child. Time only flows in one direction, there is nothing that you can do to stop it. Now let us blow out these candles."
  • 45. Charlotta is first to do the wobbly grow up dance ... "Heehee tickles."
  • 46. Followed by Anne.. "No, do not want!"
  • 47. Here's Charlotta. Allyn has the Komei face, and you can definitely see its influence here with the nose. Coupled with her father's cheeks I still think that she will be either striking or startling as an adult. "Can I play Myshuno now Creator?" Yeah, nothing's stopping you.
  • 48. Here's Anne. She looks more like her mother than her father I think, but this is mainly because she has inherited her jaw. See growing up wasn't so bad was it? "It is another step closer to the grave voice." Umm, ookay, there is no need to be so gloomy about it, the rate I play you still have lots of time left. "Not the point. One day I will die, and I can not accept that. Now why do you not go and check on my Aunt, she did not turn up for our birthdays." Bit of an abrupt dismissal there, but if you insist.
  • 49. Yes, well the reason Elizabeth wasn't there to see the girls growing up is because I didn't invite her, but don't tell Anne that. As you can see the consequences of married life in this legacy are catching up with her. Although my spares won't be as tied to the legacy rules, (ie they can have as many custom objects and once they are out of the house as much pre- and extra- martial woohoo as they want), I'm still going to stick to the behind the times handicap and try for a baby only. "I think I might be with child voice."
  • 50. Certainly looks that way Elizabeth. "I am actually happy about this voice." Good. I know that unlike your family sim sister-in-law you have rolled the want to have a baby, so I am looking forward to getting some aspiration points when a sim is born for a change.
  • 51. I said that there were lots of birthdays in this chapter, and the next day sees the boys becoming toddlers. Due to some urgent bills that needed paying, there was only §73 in the bank account, so I couldn't spring to two or more birthday cakes and had to put up with them growing up when they felt like it.
  • 52. First to toddlerise is Henry, and yeah he is a clone of Anne, with his father's personality of 5,8,9,3,1. What do I need to do to rid my game of this personality? "Hahaha, me gwow up first woice. Dat make me best." Not necessarily Henry. "I can not believe that my babies are growing up already creator, it feels like only yesterday that they were born."
  • 53. As for my little heir, well, he and Violet get stuck when she tries to help him with his birthday. "cannotmovevoice." *groan* not again. Stay there I'll see if the money trees can be harvested to give me enough to buy a birthday cake with enough to pay the maid tomorrow.
  • 54. Hey! I said stay there, now I've missed the little surfer dude's sparklies. "Sorry voice heheheh." "Whee me can fy." Well the little dude is indeed a clone of Charlotta and has the personality 5,9,9,3,6
  • 55. I gave William a hair cut and changed his clothes, but looking back I really wish that I had kept the surfer hair: it suits his personality, and I think that with Victorian clothes it wouldn't have looked that out of place. He seems happy enough though. "Hehehe dis is FUN. Me likes dese bocks." Yes, and at least you don't try to eat them. "Why me do that?" Exactly!
  • 56. As for Henry, I've kept his hair as it was, and left to his own devices he will play in the puddles in the bathroom caused by all the plumbing fixtures breaking at the same time. "Me find bogey, me gweat, you want it woice?" Uhhh, no it's alright, you keep it darling. "Sure? Me have plenty more." Yeah quite sure thank you, I'm going to check on your mother now. *turns and flees before Henry can wipe bogey on the screen for her*
  • 57. Hi Allyn, busy tending the garden I see. "Yes Creator, I have a bronze badge now you know." Good. "Is Henry still playing in the bathroom?" Yes, I need to get those fixtures fixed. "Is he still trying to give people presents that he has found up his nose?" Yeah, I scarpered before he could wipe it on the screen. "Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails Creator, so different to the girls." Got that right.
  • 58. Elise's life bar is looking rather full by this time, and I would like her to die platinum, and since she has spun wants to potty train both of the boys, she gets the honour this time round, training both within one sim hour. Yay for Elise, I'm going to miss her so much when she goes.
  • 59. "Oh Papa, I'm so glad you are home safely and did not die today." "Silly Anne, why would anything happen to me at work?" "Nana says that Grampa Gabe died too soon, and that Death is always waiting for us. I do not want you to die Papa." "Nothing is going to happen to me Annie, I promise." I'm getting a bit worried about this one to tell you the truth, if she is not going on about dieing, she is going on about not dieing. George has finally got a job in the gamer career, and is coming home most days with a promotion. This has actually gone some way to soften my feelings towards him.
  • 60. However, I've not softened enough to call a repair man rather than getting George to fix things. "Aargghh blasted thing. I want to call a repair man voice." Do you? You can't really afford it at the mo. The bath needs seeing to as well.
  • 61. "StupidbathtapstopLEAKING." Oh once you have done that, can you unblock the toilet please? Thank you.
  • 62. Well, I managed to get Elise to platinum, but she didn't die, there was still a tiny slither left in her life bar. Of course by the next day she has dropped to gold, and is rolling wants that I'm not able to fulfil, such as make friends with Adam Long whom she met at Elizabeth's wedding, and is at work when I try to call. The only want that is attainable is the want to throw a party, so that's what I do. "I can have a party Miss Di? Thank you!"
  • 63. "So Elizabeth how are you my dear? ... Good, good. The Creator, I mean Miss Di is allowing me to throw a party, so I was wondering if you would like to come? ... Yes? ... good, see you soon."
  • 64. Oh dear, there aren't that many group fun things to do in the legacy house, and since you can't dance together with the piano, none of my sims with the exception of George who smustled at uni, have very good dancing skills. That doesn't stop Elise from trying though. "Come on people, let us have a jolly good knees up round the piano!"
  • 65. "Thank you, thank you, I will be here all night."
  • 66. Umm, not so sure about that Elise. There is only about a minute left on the clock, and it is already a good time, when Death arrives on time for once and crashes the party. SimDi 'I can't look!' ELISE LEGACY.
  • 67. "Oh my gosh, is it time already? I thought I had a little while left yet, I want to stay until the end of the party. Please can I stay?" 'Oh no, this is so unfair, who will I confide in now? Who will help me with my children? I love Elise as if she was my own mother, and not George's'
  • 69. "Gabe is waiting you say? Well then give me that drink and let us be off, I have missed him immeasurably." Allyn 'You Doreen, this is all your fault. The one time you should have been late, you turn up on time. Well that is just typical. I remember in NPC school your timekeeping always sucked, and how you were always making mistakes. The only reason you and your twin Betty got the hula zombie gig is because the two of you look good in a grass skirt.'
  • 70. Elise Legacy Spouse: Gabe. Children: George, Elizabeth, Violet. Grandchildren: Charlotta, Anne, William, Henry. LTW: become Captain Hero, not achieved. Died age: 70 Inheritance: left money to ten sims including: Charlotta 2350, Anne 2350, George 9800, Elizabeth 8800, Violet 9400. Goodbye Elise, it was fun playing you, your nice points offsetting some of the meanness in the house. I didn't always pay you as much attention as you deserved because I knew that unlike some sims in the house you wouldn't moan about it, but would rather quietly get on with things, that is one of the reasons that I like you so much. You have put your stamp on this legacy with your facial features drowning out most of Gabe's so I'm sure your descendants will continue to remind me of you.
  • 71. The entire family are devastated by Elise's death, standing around bawling whilst the party timer runs down. "Nooo, I am an orphan! Please come back Mama, I miss you."
  • 72. Even my simself can't stop crying. "Elise was my favourite, and that's not all. Even though the hulas turned up, I didn't get a platinum grave, and Elizabeth's hat has glitched and is flashing blue ruining this pic. Not faaair."
  • 73. Elise's death seems to have affected Charlotta deeply. The first thing she does when she stops crying is this. SimDi "Please kid, tell me that you are not heartfarting an adult sim no one in this family has ever met." "But Miss Di, Julie is sooo attractive." "You are a child, you are not meant to be heartfarting anyone, let alone adult sims whose eldest child is far older than you."
  • 74. Anne's reaction worries me as much as Charlotta's but for another reason entirely. "Nooo, not Nana! I shoulda been there to say goodbye, I shoulda stopped it! I'm not going to leave my loved ones like Nana and Grampa have."
  • 75. Although I hate it when a sim dies, at least the inheritance money means that I can finish decorating and go some way to furnishing the extension of the house. As you can see apart from some alterations at the back of the house, I have extended it as if the house was two terraced houses knocked into one. The dining room/back parlour now solely functions as a room for eating in, and I plan on replacing the small round table when they have enough funds. All of the items that were in the dining room have been moved to the morning room opposite. Behind the morning room is a small study, and at the front of the house is an unfinished games room.
  • 76. Upstairs I've added a second bathroom and two new bedrooms. I've also doubled the size of the nursery.
  • 77. Allyn, what are you doing gardening in your underwear in the pouring rain? You'll catch your death of cold. Go inside and have a bath to warm up. "But Creator, I have to keep these plants looking their best. Mother would be so upset if she knew that I was letting them die." Inside now. Have a bath and start teaching my heir how to talk.
  • 78. "Please William say Mama." "Uhuh naaa."
  • 79. "It is no use Creator, I do not have the energy to do this. I thought we would soon be happy, but Elise's death is occupying my every waking thought." Oh Allyn the death of a loved one is always hard, but you have to think about all the good times that you had together. Remembering them will bring pain at first as you realise that you will never share moments like that again, but eventually you will be glad that you did have the chance to share those moments. Besides the dead never truly leave us, they always remain with us in our hearts. "Mama no cwy."
  • 80. "Oh my goodness me. You did it William, you spoke! Now say Mama again." "Nahuh no." I'll leave you two to it.
  • 81. As soon as I exited out of camera mode to see what was happening in the rest of the house, I noticed that the buy and build modes were greyed out. I rushed round the lot until I found this. This is my first fire since George set the stove on fire when he was a teen, and it has to happen the day after Elise my crack fire fighter dies.
  • 82. Kaylynn how did this happen? "Oh my gosh creator, I just put an empty baby bottle in it and whoosh up it went." Did you not think of using the bin in the scullery? You know, the one I bought so that sims wouldn't burn stuff in the stove and cause fires? "That would have involved walking five steps Creator the stove was nearer." *sigh* well stay away from it. I've asked Allyn to call the fire brigade, this is too big for one of you lot to put out.
  • 83. Kaylynn, KAYLYNN! What are you doing? I said stay away from the flames!
  • 84. "I was sweeping the ashes up Creator. Maxis coding is pretty strong stuff when it comes to doing stupid things." There goes your chances of marrying into this generation, you need to prove your worth to me now.
  • 85. I love it when teens autonomously check themselves out in the mirror. the faces they pull crack me up. "I am so pretty, so pretty, so pre..." "Aaaargghhhhh!"
  • 86. "What was that voice?" No idea Violet, I'll go check it out, you just carry on with what you were doing.
  • 87. Gabe, so nice of you to put in an appearance. "Hello Miss Di. Miss me?" Yes actually. One question though, did you have to scare the beejesus out of your eldest grandchild just now? "Hahaha. What is the fun of being a ghost if you can not have a little fun with the children?" Fun? You might have scarred Charlotta for life. "Do not be such a sour puss Miss Di. Be thankful I did not do it to Anne, then you might be in trouble." True I suppose, she already has complex about death. Your hat is glitching by the way. "I know Miss Di. Now if you'll excuse me I am going to float around out here for a bit."
  • 88. It is time for the last birthday of this chapter, and it means that I will be free of babies and toddlers for a little while. "I can not believe that you are going to grow up today my little man. It seems like only a week ago that you were born. Come on lets take you to your cake."
  • 89. Yep, just like with the girls I'm going to try to make up for the poor last birthday pics with good pics this time round, so out come the cakes again. "Everyone ready? Good."
  • 90. Henry goes first. "Mama will help you Henry with the candles." "Ooh cake."
  • 91. Then straight afterwards William "Silly Vi put fire on cake." "Yes and now we blow out the fire on the candles William."
  • 92. "Me gwow up hehe."
  • 93. "Me too yay."
  • 94. Here's Henry after a little make over and a change of clothes. Not much to say about his looks really since he is a male version of Anne. "I grew up first again voice. That means that I am the heir right?" Errr, no 'fraid not.
  • 95. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean no? I grew up first both as a toddler, and now as a child. That should make me heir." You may have grown up first, but you were in fact born second, which means that William is my heir. "Does Papa know about this? Surely he must have a say in who inherits?" No he doesn't get a say. This is my legacy and my rules. You may not like it Henry but you are destined to be a spare.
  • 96. "Fine then...then...I will cry and cry until you change your mind." 1 Cry all you want I'll just turn the volume down on the monitor. 2 You are just over-tired. It's been a long and busy day so why don't you go to bed? "Hmmph I should be heir and I will prove it to you every chance that I get." Yes, yes good boy. Now go to bed already.
  • 97. After that little tantrum shall we check on my heir? I don't normally include pictures of my children, teens and adults right after they have transitioned because I like to get them into their Victorian gear, but I couldn't resist this shot. It looks to me as if William wishes I had kept the surfer look too, although I'm not too sure about the pink jammies.
  • 98. Here he is after a make over. I've got rid of the surfer locks, but still kept his hair floppy. He looks like Charlotta, and I'm hoping that the facial features will look nice on him as he grows and not explode or anything. "Creator?" Yes William? "I am not sure that I like these clothes. They seem to be a bit dark." Sorry about that, I have difficulty finding Victorian boys stuff that I like. What sort of thing do you want? "What about downloading for me one of those sailor suits, if it is not too much trouble?" A sailor suit? I can look for one if you want. I'm sure All-About-Style has one. "Thank you Creator."
  • 99. Well it looks like all will quiet in the legacy household for a bit, now that the boys are children. "Woohoo Creator." Yes Allyn
  • 100. "I am going to have another baby! Is it not wonderful news?" Yeah Allyn great. I think that this is a good place to leave you until next time. Thank you for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed playing it. CC is by the amazing creators at MTS2 (walls, bedding, object recolours), All-About-Style (clothing and accessories), Peggy sims (some hair), Vita sims 2 (wedding veils) and other sites that I can't remember just at the moment. If you see a particular item that you like, drop me a line in my GB and I'll try to remember where exactly I got it from. Bye for now.
  • 101. Elizabeth when they say you enter through the door, you have to open it first.