A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 14.1 Back to Normality
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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 14.1 Back to Normality



Normality returns to my Legacy family, but for how long one wonders.

Normality returns to my Legacy family, but for how long one wonders.



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    A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 14.1 Back to Normality A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 14.1 Back to Normality Presentation Transcript

    • Hello everyone and welcome back to my Victorian Legacy. Any new readers might want to check out the previous chapters; I'm currently on generation three, with the eldest children of generation four soon heading off to university and finishing school When we last left the family, they had just returned from a family holiday in the lakes. It all sounds very nice, but William had felt the need to leave his home village because he had just been released from prison for selling a very famous stolen painting. Whilst they were away the news of his incarceration and subsequent release had spread around the village...
    • "Henry honey, can I speak with you?“ "Hmm, sorry Aphrodita?“ *** Aphrodita writes the brilliant Scarier than Thou.
    • "I asked you if I could speak with you. I have good news about William.“ "Really?“ "Yes. Di has managed to secure his release, he's now home."
    • "She has? How ...fortunate. I am most pleased to hear it. Excuse me dear."
    • "Try this one John...no not that one, this one.“ "Ah Timothy, there you are. Playing with your brother I see."
    • "Yes Papa. Did you want to see me Papa?"
    • "I was just wanting to ask how you are getting on at school."
    • "Very well Papa. I am sure that it is the help you have given me with my homework, but my teacher is very pleased with my progress.“ "Good, good. Have you many friends?“ "Yes, although most of the other children at the school are in actual fact, my cousins."
    • "Ah yes, that is a disadvantage of living in a small village. But you like them well enough?“ "Yes Papa. They are very nice. I wish I could see them after school too, but Mama says it is not a good idea. I do not see why. I would like to visit cousin Victoria at her big house. She says her brother has a football goal in the garden.“ "Has he now? Tell me Timothy, would you like to live in her big house?"
    • "No Papa. I would like to visit her there, but I like living in our house with you, Mama, John and Alfie. Why do you ask?“ "It is just...the big house is my childhood home and I was wondering what it would be like if I were raising my family there. But you are correct, our little house is...perfect for us."
    • "House, house, big house."
    • The day they arrived back the family had decided to stay at home and not go into the businesses. There were various reasons for this, not least the fact that William would be going to work for the first and last time as a criminal mastermind. His career choice had caused unimagined grief for his family, so it was without much excitement that he made his way to work. This picture sums up to me why William is not criminal master mind material. I mean, come on, can you imagine this man coming up with criminal plans of unimagined complexity?
    • As her father made his way out to the carpool, Alexandra was on the phone to her well drop boyfriend Joe. "I had a delightful time away, thank you for asking Joe. Now I am home however I was wondering if you wanted to come and visit me tonight. We could go out for dinner, and then on to my Aunt's party...You do not want to travel so far? But we attend the same school, it cannot be too much further...well no matter, I will arrange something and get back to you. Speak to you soon Joe."
    • Alexandra really isn't one to give up, and so by the time the family sat down to eat, she had a plan. "Mama, as you know I have been stepping out with a rather nice young man. I was wondering if it would be fine with you if I asked him to stay with us for a couple of nights. He lives so far away you see, and I rarely get to see him."
    • "I was under the impression that he attended your school.“ "Oh he does, but he lives miles way from the village, and it is not easy for him to make his way home from here."
    • Beth sighed. "My dear, you know that your happiness is of the utmost of importance to your father and I, but..." Alexandra's bottom lip began to quiver and her eyes fill with tears. Beth sighed again. "I will discuss it with your father after Aunt Charlotta's party. I make no promises," she continued as Alexandra's face broke into a broad grin, "but if your father agrees, I will make up a guest room for Master Grundstrom.“ "Thank you Mama."
    • Their meal finished, the family got ready to make their way to William's eldest sister's house. Today was a milestone in the family: the eldest child of generation three was becoming an elder. It was also an excuse for the family to get together and have a little fun. Whilst Edward gave his Uncle Robert some constructive criticism on his piano playing, Alexandra was busy telling her cousin Elle about Joe. "So I am sure that Father will agree to Joe staying.“ "Just be careful you do not push him away Alexandra.“ "Push him away? Do not you be so silly Elle, how could that happen?"
    • Charlotta was spared hearing her daughter's response by the sound of the door bell. There were only two other guests she was expecting, William, who had promised to pop in after his shift at work, and her twin Anne. "Annie, oh thank you for coming. I was so hoping you could make it.“ "Of course I would make it 'Lotta. I am unlikely to miss my twin sister's birthday. It is not as if I could forget the date, even if I am not aging.“ "No, you will remain eternally young. Come inside, we are only waiting for William now."
    • As she followed her sister inside Anne reflected on the choice she had made all those years ago. She had never regretted it for a second, but it seemed amazing to her that her twin was about to become an old lady, whilst her, Anne's, youngest daughter Julia was still a baby. In fact all three of her children were still young. Her eldest child, Richard still had a number of days before he became a teenager.
    • As for her middle child, Florence had celebrated her birthday only the day before.
    • With William finally arriving, it was time for the family to gather round the cake. As Alexandra started to play the piano Charlotta leant forward, made a wish and blew out her candles.
    • Her siblings cheered as she spun round, and her aches and pains suddenly made their presence known.
    • "So Anne, what do you think? Did I grow up well?" Charlotta laughingly asked her sister.
    • Anne smiled, the truth was apart from her grey hair, Charlotta didn’t look any different. "Charlotta, you look as lovely as ever.“ "Thank you dear. Fancy giving it a go yourself?“ "No, I think I will give it a pass." Replied Anne.
    • It was a brilliant party, and it was very late when everyone went on their way home. Beth hadn't had a chance to talk to William at Charlotta's and it wasn't until they were in bed that she broached the subject of having a house guest. "She wants what?" "She wants to invite Master Grundstrom to stay for a few days." "No, absolutely not." "William, she likes the boy. I would much rather he come and stay here, than she go to his house." "But, we do not even know how she met him." "At school I think." William sighed. Despite his immediate reaction, he knew it would not be easy to refuse his daughter's request. "I suppose she will not give up asking will she?" "Our Alexandra? Give up? Not in this lifetime." Replied his wife. "We could ask Edward to move rooms, so this boy sleeps in the room furthest from the landing..." "We could dear." "I am not happy about this." "I know darling."
    • The next morning William told his daughter that she could invite Joe to stay after all. After she had finished hugging her father fiercely, she went to call him. "Joe, it is Alexandra Legacy. I have good news, Father has said I can invite you to stay for three days...Joe, are you still there?...Oh good, I thought the connection had gone...I thought that you could arrive tomorrow? How about tomorrow morning? Good, I will see you then."
    • William had been lurking, waiting to use the telephone himself. He told himself he wasn't really eavesdropping, he just wanted to be on hand if the boy's parents wished to speak to him about the arrangements for their son's stay. After Alexandra had rung off, he picked up the receiver to call his place of work. He had been to work as a criminal mastermind once, and once was enough for him. He really wasn't cut out for a life of crime, real or otherwise, and besides he wanted to concentrate on building up a strong, thriving business empire to leave to his descendents.
    • His phone call made, William made his way into the morning room and sat down. It wasn't long until Beth joined him. "He has accepted the invitation I understand." She said. "Yes." Came William's terse reply. "Darling, I know you are not comfortable with this, but she will soon be leaving for finishing school. She is a very beautiful young woman, and I am sure she will attract many suitors. This is something we have to learn to deal with.“ "I know dear, but I cannot help still thinking about her as that helpless baby I used to hold in my arms." Beth patted his hand. "I still think of her like that too. I know what will keep you from brooding over this. It is time we showed our faces in public and opened up Allyn’s Toybox. A bit of effort, and I am sure that we will be able to get it to level 10."
    • "Hmm, yes I believe you are right." A smile slowly spread across his face. "Besides it is time that Edward was introduced to the world of commerce.“ So, leaving an incredibly happy Alexandra to look after Victoria, William, Beth and Edward made their way to the third of William's businesses.
    • Once they were there William set about sharing his most important tips with his son. "Edward, never ever let a customer wonder around with a confused look on their face. Ask them as soon as you see them if you can help them, and then show them to the requested item.“ "Help customers as soon as possible, got it."
    • "Also, if you see any...difficult customers, ask them to leave as politely as possible causing as little fuss as possible.“ "Chuck people out politely, got it.“ "Edward, please take this seriously.“ "I am Father, honestly, but I think that I will learn more if we actually start trading.“ So, it was with some apprehension that William opened up Allyn's Toybox. He had no idea how many customers would turn up, but he feared it would only be a handful.
    • In fact, it turned out to be surprisingly busy. Whilst there were those who were there for the excellent merchandise, there were also those who had come along because of the rumours of William’s imprisonment. "I was so sorry to hear about your husband Mrs Legacy, but at least he was not remanded for long."
    • "Really Mr Gilscarbo, it was all a misunderstanding. One of William's suppliers erm, made a mistake when packaging some stock that was to be delivered to ourselves. We were ignorant of that fact, and were more than happy to help the police with their enquiries. William has been cleared, and no further action will be taken. Now can I interest you in one of our high quality handcrafted toys?“ "Hmm, oh no, I have no children that I know of. I just wanted to stop by and say how pleased I am your husband is free."
    • Goopy wasn't the only one to stop by to see William and Beth. Since his release, Henry got into the habit of taking a walk, and today he took the route past Beth's Boutique and Allyn's Toybox.
    • Rather than walking by, he paused at the window to look in. As he did I wondered what he was thinking, but it was no good. He had managed to keep his thought and feelings a secret from me since he was a boy.
    • Much to my surprise Henry entered the shop and sought out his brother. "William, I just wanted to see you and say how...glad I am to see you back with your family. It cannot have been easy for you to be...away from them."
    • "Thank you Henry. If anyone knows what it is like in that place, it is you. It was not easy, even though my time there was so short. Please, feel free to browse there is a special discount for family members." "...Thank you William."
    • Their little conversation over, Henry made his way over to choose a present for each of his boys.
    • Unfortunately William and Beth weren't around to fend off every comment about William’s time in gaol. "So Phoebe, how much of this stock do you think is stolen?“ "Well, I don't know Amin. Given the fact that the owner has served time for selling stolen goods, I'm inclined to think that probably more than we realise.“ "True. He had the entire village fooled with those paintings after all."
    • Edward was restocking the shelves nearby, and couldn't help but hear every word. Surely they are not discussing Father? My plumbbob, they are! Was Victoria right after all when she said she overheard Mother talking to Aunt Evie? I thought she had merely misheard and then exaggerated on what she did hear. I have to know the truth. His reverie was interrupted by a strident voice, "Excuse me, young man, I wonder if you can help me. I need some assistance in choosing an item I can use to drop hints to my son that he needs to find someone to settle down with. He has so many nice young lady friends, yet he shows no inclination to court one.“ "Oh, er certainly madam."
    • "How about this? It is of the finest quality and one of our best sellers?“ "Perfect, I will take it young man." And with that sales social, Denise Jaquet throws the star which takes Allyn's Toybox to level 10. After another couple of hours William decided to call it a day. He was very happy with the fact that he now owned three top businesses, but was already planning his next venture.
    • The next morning Alexandra was up early pacing the hallway waiting for Joe to arrive. For some unaccountable reason she was incredibly nervous about seeing Joe again; she hadn't seen him since he dropped from the sky following her wish at the well. "Oh, there is the bell. Oh how is my hair? Will he still like me?"
    • "Joe, oh Joe it is so nice to see you again. I am so pleased that you agreed to come and visit me. I have so much planned for us to do."
    • "Urgh Alexandra...can't breathe..."
    • In the morning room William and Beth were pretending to play chess. "Can we go into the hall now?“ "No William, leave her a little while longer.“ "I was planning on going to the new shop today after breakfast, but I cannot leave them here alone. They will have to come with us."
    • "She will not want to come.“ "She will have to.“ "No she will not. I have already given it some thought, and Cecilia is bringing Rosemary round to play with Victoria. She will stay to look after them.“ "Darling, you are amazing.“ "Thank you.“ "What would I do without you?“ "William, you would be lost."
    • Over breakfast the family discussed the plans for the day whilst trying to get to know Joe a bit more. Edward was rather stunned that his sister was passing up the chance to go to a boutique, preferring instead to stay with Joe.
    • Yes, William's fourth business is called Beth's Boutique, so I can continue to try to Victorianise the population of Regalton. The clothing racks are stocked with the latest fashions.
    • And William is concentrating on earning his gold cosmetology badge. He earned his flower arranging badge a couple of days ago, and the toy making one is going very slowly, so I thought I'd break it up a bit with trying for this one. Some of the makeovers go very well... "Mr Legacy, thank you, I love it."
    • ...whilst others, not so. "William what have you done?“ "I am so sorry Aunt Violet, I appear to have had the tongs a little bit too hot. But at least your hair is once again black.“ "William, really, I know you are trying to look on the bright side, but my hair is not black, it is singed and smells disgusting. Goodness knows how long this will take to grow out."
    • And some eventually worked out alright after four tries. "Mr Legacy, I must admit it may have taken you a while and a lot of powder, but I am pleased with the result."
    • It wasn't just the bad makeovers that were causing problems. For some reason Enid decided to take exception to her sister-in-law Beth. "Why is your mother locked in the staff room young man? I cannot go and speak to her."
    • "Umm Aunt Enid she is hungry and is eating a sandwich. We keep the door locked so customers can't eat our food and spend their time in there rather than buying our stock." "That is no excuse, I am family."
    • When it appeared that one of the local Contessa's also started to complain about his wife William decided to shut the shop and head home. Besides he was impatient to get back home to chaperone his daughter.
    • As William said goodbye to his sister-in-law Cecilia and his niece Rosemary, Alexandra grabbed the opportunity to drag Joe into the music room so she could talk to him un-interrupted. "Now that Mother and Father are home, I was thinking about asking them if we could dine out somewhere this evening. Edward will probably have to come with us, but I am sure that he will be decent enough to give us some time on our own. Is it agreeable with you?"
    • "Oh, um, whilst I would love to stay and dine with you Miss Legacy...“ "Alexandra please Joe.“ "Alexandra. I am afraid that I will not be able to stay for tonight, let alone the next two nights. I am afraid that my ... grandmother is not well, and I am needed at home.“ "But...you have not said anything before now.“ "Err...I did try, but with your aunt, cousin and sister with us all day I never got the opportunity."
    • "Oh yes, they were a distraction. Are you sure you have to go?“ "Yes Alexandra.“ "In that case I am very sorry to see you go. Please telephone me once you are home.“ "Omph yes Alexandra.“ "I will call tomorrow as normal to speak to you.“ "Yes Alexandra."
    • Once Joe had left and William had breathed a sigh of relief, the family changed for dinner. The period of mourning for George was now over, and the women were especially relieved to be out of the stiff crepe and bombazine of their mourning clothes. The topic of Joe's abrupt departure came up as the family ate. "I am sorry he had to leave so quickly Alexandra, but if his grandmother is not very well, it cannot be helped."
    • "Oh I know that, and besides it is not as if I will never see him again. We are in regular contact via the telephone, and soon I will be going to the Acadamie, and I am sure he will be attending Sim State. The two institutions are next to each other so I am certain we will become even closer there. Who knows, we may someday get engaged and married."
    • Listening to this William couldn’t help but be a little concerned. He was glad that Joe had left, and his daughter's eagerness to be with the boy was worrying. He knew that he would soon have to come to terms with the fact that his little girl would one day be a wife and mother, but he also didn't want her to push someone into marrying her for the sake of it. Ideally he wanted all his children to have the sort of relationship he had with Beth. True they had had their ups and downs, but they had got married because they loved each other and could not face the prospect of going through life without the other by their side. "Alexandra," he ventured, "Be sure he feels the same...“ She cut him off, "Of course he does Papa, what a peculiar thing to say.“ He sighed.
    • Beth rose early the next day and went out into the garden to indulge herself in one of her favourite hobbies. She and William had discussed Joe's departure after they had retired to bed. To her it seemed as if Joe just wanted to get away from her daughter. It was true Alexandra could be overbearing, but Beth felt a frisson of anger that this boy felt that way.
    • If her suspicions were true she just hoped that their little girl would mature enough soon to see the real situation, and move onto someone who did want to be with her. "Beth darling." William called her from the back door. "Are you ready to go? I have the new sales girl starting today.“ "Coming William."
    • William's new employee was Melissa Fancey. He started her on the till, then set her to selling. He was very impressed with her performance. "Miss Fancey, I was wondering if I could take a moment of your time?“ "Yes Mr Legacy."
    • "I just wanted to say that Mrs Legacy and myself are very pleased with your performance. So pleased in fact that I was wondering if you would be interested in taking on more responsibilities?“ "More responsibilities Mr Legacy? Such as?“ "A managerial position Miss Fancey.“ "Well, yes I am flattered that you would consider offering me such a position Mr Legacy. I accept.“ "Good, I am glad to hear it."
    • Beth's Boutique was moving up the ratings, but slowly, in fact far slower than any of Will's other businesses. For every two stars the business gained, William lost one with a bad make over. I'm glad he's permaplat because otherwise his aspiration would be all over the place. It's also the first time I've opened up a business downtown. I'm now thinking that it was a bit of a mistake. The reason? Mrs Crumplebottom and the matchmaker are always there taking up valuable shopper spots. They never buy anything, and you can’t tell Crumplebutt to leave. The customers also seem more willing to just stand around talking or playing catch outside than in Regalton itself. It became very annoying.
    • The boutique did eventually start to gain a good reputation through word of mouth. Larch Vetinari here for instance...
    • ...told his nephew Spider Jerusalem Vetinari. Spider may not be as angsty as he is back home, but he still does have a fondness for black. Thankfully the shop had a new range of suits in, one of which was suitably sable for him. *** Larch and Spider are both from DrSupremeNerd's fantastic Vetinari Dualegacy a concurrent prettacy and uglacy started with identical twin founders.
    • The business did finally get to level 10, the last star coming from Mary Wrenworth, Cecilia's mother. I think it just shows you how fantastic a businessman William is when a customer whose last makeover he botched throws him a star as Beth tries to get her to have another go in the salon chair.
    • William didn’t mess up this time, and Mary is now back to her normal self.
    • Edward hadn't been helping out at the shop that day, due to it being a school day. Rather than going straight home after school though, he went to a local park with two of his cousins, Theodore and Stanley instead. The three of them were the same age, and were very close friends. So close in fact that they always knew when something was bothering one of the others. "So Edward," asked Theodore, "are you going to tell us what is on your mind?"
    • "What? Why do you think I have something on my mind? Can a man not be quiet once in a while?"
    • "Listen old chap," said Stanley, "this is not a case of you just being quiet. The fact that you are concerned about something is shouting itself from the rooftops. This is the first time we have managed to get you out of your house in ages." Edward went to interrupt, "and do not give us an excuse about being needed in one of Uncle William's shops either. We know you are keen to help out there and learn the ropes before you inherit them, but I have it on good authority that you are spending time moping around there too, helping customers only when you have to.“ "What authority is this?" queried Edward. "Never you mind, now spill."
    • "Oh very well." Edward sighed. Truthfully he knew he couldn’t keep anything from his cousins for long, and besides, it might do him good to unburden himself. "Have either of you heard any rumours about my father spending time in the local gaol?"
    • "Well...I did hear something a few days ago, but I dismissed it thinking that the person had mixed up Uncle William and Uncle Henry. Have you heard something too?“ "Yes, and it worries me. Surely Father cannot have been imprisoned. I cannot think of a more honest man.“ "If I were you Edward, I would want to find out the truth. No matter what the rumour, whether it is my father being imprisoned, or my grandfather having an affair with the governess..."
    • "Or the suggestion that one of my parents could be illegitimate..." added Theo under his breath. Stanley's snobbish remark about his grandparents had hurt.
    • "Anything like that I would have to find out if there was any truth in the remark. Ask your father. He is not an unreasonable man after all."
    • "I know I should. I just feel that going up to him and saying, 'so Father, is it true that you are a jailbird?' is a bit forward, and will damage our relationship."
    • "You do not have to be so direct, but Eddie, I really think that you need to say something to him. This will just fester, and drive a wedge between you."
    • "I suppose...“ "No suppose about it Eddie, look at you: you are already dreading talking to him, and I would be surprised if you haven’t been avoiding him at home.“ "True, but Theo, how can I approach the subject?"
    • "Logically I can see only one solution. I think that you need to make time to speak to Uncle William. Say that you have heard some disturbing rumours that are playing on your mind. If he is receptive to talking to you, and I am sure he will be, explain what you have heard and how you are concerned.“ "You make it sound so easy.“ "It is not easy, I know, but I can see no other way."
    • "I agree, I think that Theo's suggestion is the best way forward. Now much as I hate to leave you two gentlemen, I have a date tonight and must go home and prepare.“ "Hmm? Oh, see you tomorrow then." Said Edward distractedly. "Who are you seeing tonight Stan?" Asked Theo. "Miss Lydia Parker, or is it Miss Carmen Leong?" he mused, "No I am seeing Miss Leong tomorrow, so it is Miss Parker today. I bid you goodnight chaps." And with a wave he left.
    • Edward and Theo stayed to chat for a bit longer. "Thank you for your advice Theo. I really appreciate it.“ "I know Eddie, and I also know that you will be there for me if I need advice too.“ "True.“ "Will you try to speak to him tonight?“ "I...I think so yes." Changing the subject he added, "Anyway I cannot believe that Stanley has two dates lined up already this week.“ Theodore smiled, he knew exactly what his cousin was doing. "I know," he replied, "he seems eager to date the entire female population if the village.“ "Yes, and here we are dateless.“ "I know, but I am in no rush, there is plenty of time to find a wife yet." "True." They continued chatting aimlessly as they set off for home.
    • By the time Edward had arrived home night had fallen. His sister was on the telephone when he entered the house. He asked her if their father was about, she gestured upstairs before turning back to her conversation. "Oh so he is out Mrs Grundstrom? Can you please tell him I rang, and ask him to ring me when he returns, I am leaving for finishing school in the morning and I would like to speak to him before I go. Thank you." Sighing she put down the receiver. It seemed to her that Joe was trying to avoid her.
    • Edward found his father upstairs working at the toy bench. He cleared his throat nervously and tried to think of a way to start the conversation. "So Father, making another Sir Bricks-a-Lot are you?“ "Hmm? Oh hello there my boy. Yes they sell very quickly so I wanted to make sure I had enough. I think I am going to finish now though.“ "Oh right.“ William put down his hammer and turned to his son. "I was thinking the other day Edward, we never did finish your model railway.“ "No, we did not.“ "Fancy adding something to it now?“ "Erm, yes, fine." Said a slightly stunned Edward.
    • "So then," William rubbed his hands together, "what do you want to add next?“ "Well, I had been thinking of a mountain.“ "Right a mountain it is then." Said William as he got to work.
    • They worked in amiable silence for a bit, only speaking when they asked the other to pass the wire, or the clippers. Edward's mind was full of the advice that Theo had given him, and eventually he piped up "Father can I speak to you about something I overheard at one of the shops the other day?“ "Of course you can Edward, you know you can always speak to me about anything.“ Feeling encouraged by this statement, Edward carried on, "It is just a couple of customers mentioned something about you being incarcerated for selling stolen goods..."
    • William's hand froze as he reached to shape part of the wire mesh for the mountain. "...it sounds ridiculous I know Father, but it has been playing on my mind and...well I wanted to hear what you had to say, and find out where they got such an idea." Edward lapsed into silence. "It is true." Said William quietly. "What?" breathed Edward, he couldn't believe his ears. Victoria and the two customers it the shop had been correct. "I...I made a series of mistakes when you were just a little boy," explained William. "I thought that I was in a legitimate business, but it turned out my colleagues were crooks. It culminated in my unwittingly selling a stolen painting. That is what I was remanded for."
    • Edward was silent, trying to process what he had just heard. William looked at his son, willing him to say something, anything. Eventually Edward did "But you did not knowingly break the law?" he asked, reaching for the wire cutters. "No. I would never do that.“ "Then it was a mistake and you have been punished for it.“ "Yes.“ "You should have told me." He reproached looking up at his father. "I am the next head of the family, and I need to be made aware of these things." His voice was tinged with bitterness as he spoke. William looked his son in the eye. "Perhaps. But I am still your father, and I felt it best to keep you from the pain such knowledge would bring.“ "So you would never have told me?" Edward asked, anger evident in his voice.
    • William made a decision. "I do not know Edward. But since you know this, perhaps it is time I told you the reason your Uncle Henry was disinherited, and why his sons are not welcome in this house." With that he explained everything that had happened between himself and his brother. It hurt to bring back some of the old memories, but if his son thought that being head of the family meant having to know the family history and things best left buried, then William was going to tell him it all.
    • Edward was shocked at what his father had to tell him. "He tried to kill you, his own twin brother?" he asked incredulously. "Yes.“ "That is despicable!“ "Hmm. He has since apologised to me, and although I want to believe him, I cannot. Oh I am polite enough to him when I see him, and he gets the family discount in the shops, but I cannot forgive or forget what he did.“ "Well, I feel no such compunction. If his portrait is still at Sim State, I will burn it as soon as I arrive.“ "No, do not do that. He is still part of the family, and part of the Legacy Society. The portrait is a reminder of that.“ Edward couldn't see why he shouldn't destroy the painting, but decided not to pursue the subject any more.
    • As he said goodnight and hugged his father, Edward thought that whilst he didn’t feel any better knowing the truth, at least the doubt wasn't going to gnaw at his insides any longer.
    • Downstairs George was out haunting. "So voice, that is what was bothering my son during my last days.“ Yes George. "Not only should he have told my grandson, he should have told me as well.“ He probably didn’t want to worry you. "POPPYCOCK! I was the last head of the family, I should have been made aware. I might not have been able to do anything, but I would still have known what was going on.“ Yes George, now be a good ghost tonight, and leave the family alone.
    • The next morning and Alexandra was getting ready to leave for Acadamie le Tour. Joe hadn't called her back, but if she didn’t get a move on she would be late picking up the key to her room. She put in one last call to his house. "Oh he is asleep Mr Grundstrom? Please tell him I have called and that I will call tonight from the Acadamie....Oh he will be at Sim State by then?...No matter hen, I will speak to him at some other time...Good day sir."
    • With the carriage ready, William and Beth said their goodbyes to their eldest daughter. "Take care princess, and call us as soon as you know which halls of residence you are staying in and have your room number.“ "Have fun darling. My time at the Acadamie was amazing. As you father says, call us when you have arrived. I want to know that you got there safely.“ "I will Papa, Mama. I love you both.“ "And we love you princess."
    • Edward just made it in time to wave his sister off. "Take care Alexanadra, I will see you soon.“ So this is it. I am off out into the big wide world. Goodbye childhood home, I doubt I will be moving back here. *** That's it for part 14.1. I will be back soon with part 14.2 which will chart the days up until Edward leaves for university. Thank you all for reading, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I am enjoying playing the family. Thank you also to the creators of my CC. Most of it is by Judie at All-About-Style and various creators at MTS2. I also want to thank the authors who have let me pinch their simselves and legacy characters and stick them in corsets and suits. You can find their stories and much, much more at Boolprop.com. Until next time, Happy Simming. Oh go on then, turn the page for a couple of funnies.
    • I've already shared this on my LJ, but I thought that any who have missed it might like to see it. "Are you sure you are any good at this William?" "Oh yes Henry, I have just gained my bronze badge. Have no worries brother. Now it was just a trim of the ol' 'tache was it not?" "Yes."
    • "Tum-ti-tum, a snip here, a snip there, bit of powder and wax and..."
    • "...oh dear."
    • "William what have you done? Have you taken too much off?" "Not exactly...“ "WILLIAM WHAT ON EARTH HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?" "Sorry brother." "SORRY! I'LL GIVE YOU SORRY..."
    • Yes Edward, you look gorgeous.