A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 13 Freedom?


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Will William be left to rot in prison, or will Di be able to free him?

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 13 Freedom?

  1. 1. Hello and welcome back to my Victorian legacy. To any new readers I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters in order for you to understand what is happening. Last time we were in Regalton there was a bit of a shock as the third generation heir, William, was arrested on his way home from running his businesses. Let us catch up with my simself as she goes to the local gaol to find out what is happening.
  2. 2. "Sergeant Kauker what on Earth are you doing? You have arrested William. Why? I mean have you lost your mind? What has possessed you to do such a thing?" Beth's call to me had been a shock, and I was struggling to contain my emotion.
  3. 3. “Miss Di please, I think that you are over reacting." Put in the sergeant. "OVER REATING! MY HEIR IS IN A PRISON CELL AND YOU ACCUSE ME OF OVER REACTING!" I could not believe my ears. "Please Miss Meeeee, calm down.“ "CALM DOWN?" I screeched. "Yes." He got up from his chair.
  4. 4. "I really think that this is hardly conducive to you finding out what is happening, do you not agree?“ He had a point. I forced myself to remain quiet. "So why has he been arrested?" I asked through gritted teeth. "If you will follow me into the interrogation room, I will explain." He replied.
  5. 5. Once in the room the sergeant set about explaining the charges against William. "Mr Legacy is charged with knowingly receiving and selling stolen goods Miss Di. We have evidence that the original copy of Mr Badger was shipped to the retail outlet Beth's Bric-a-Brac and sold by Mr Legacy to a member of the public."
  6. 6. I could not believe what I was hearing. “Sergeant," I was forcing myself to remain calm, "William was provided with crates of copies. He would have had no knowledge of whether or not an original was included. In fact due to his evidence gathering, he would have assumed that they were all copies. If he had of known that an original was in there, he would have turned the evidence over to you immediately." I was trying to be reasonable.
  7. 7. "You may say that Miss Di," he replied, "but the fact remains, he received and sold an original painting. It is now hanging on someone's wall and we will never get it back. We will never be able to return it to the Simnational Portrait Gallery."
  8. 8. I could see his point, and it wasn't one which I wanted to dwell on. Instead I decided to pursue where he got the idea that William had known what he was selling. "Why do you think he had knowledge of the paintings authenticity?" I asked. "According to the evidence of Mr Bear, William was well aware that the original painting would be in the crate."
  9. 9. "Oh for crying out loud!" I could not believe what he was saying. "You are taking the word of a career criminal such as Russ Bear at face value. I thought you had far more intelligence than that.“ "Please Miss Meeeee do not insult my intelligence." I was making him angry, but I didn't care. "Well really Sergeant, this is just ridiculous." I pressed on. "An accusation has been made, and I have to investigate and follow it through to its conclusion." His voice was starting to rise now. "Well you have followed it through. I am sure when interviewed that William will confirm that he had no knowledge of this, and then you can release him. News of this incident will soon make its way round the village, and I want him out before too much damage is done to his character.“ "It is not as simple as that Miss Di..."
  10. 10. "Thank you for helping me Papa. I do not think that I would have been able to solve these maths problems without your help.“ "You are more than welcome Timothy. It is a pleasure to be able to help my son with anything that he wants.“ "Henry, can I see you in the drawing room please?“ "Coming dear."
  11. 11. "What is the matter Aphrodita? You appear quite vexed. Is SecuROM causing more problems?“ "No, this is not SuckuROM related.“ "Then, are you feeling well? Is something wrong with the baby?“ "Oh, no, no, nothing like that. I rang Di to say thank you for John's birthday card. Cee answered and said that Di was at the gaol, because William has been arrested.“ *** Aphrodita writes the fantastic Scarier Than Thou. She is also a driving force behind the website and forum Simmers Against SecuROM. (www.securom.sublimesims.net) These sites are dedicated to informing gamers about the potential harm this programme can do, how problems can be resolved, and petitioning EA to drop this particular anti-piracy software.
  12. 12. "Arrested you say?“ "Yes.“ "William?"
  13. 13. "Yes. Some trumped up charge of selling and receiving stolen goods. Cee didn't have any more information. I will call back later.“ "Oh my, well I am shocked that this has happened. I never would have thought it of William.“ "Me neither.“ "Oh I think I just heard John crying. Stay here and rest darling, I will see to him.“ "Thank you Henry. You really are very considerate.“ "Yes dear."
  14. 14. "Bwahahahaha, hahahaha, hahahaha, oh my goodness, that is the best news I have heard in a long, long time. William behind bars, hahahaha."
  15. 15. "Who is looking like the best choice for heir now eh? Who is bringing shame and destroying the family now? Oh dear, I have not laughed so much in ages. Now come on John, let us get you a bottle."
  16. 16. Over at Acadamie le Tour the youngest of George and Allyn's children, Evelyn, was putting in a phone call to her nephew. "Eddie, it's Auntie Bird, happy birthday. It is such a shame your party has been cancelled, but have a good birthday anyway...Oh really is that why? I am shocked at your father for going to work rather than stay home with you...Is your mother there? Yes see you soon Eddie."
  17. 17. "Beth you tell that brother of mine that I am shocked at him for going to work and missing his son's birthday...Beth what is wrong? Are you crying?"
  18. 18. "I, I do not believe it, William arrested? But surely it all some misunderstanding? What does Di say?...Oh I see she is trying to sort it now. And you have heard no more from her?...Well do try not to get yourself in too much of a state dear sister, I know it is difficult, but it is Edward's birthday...Please keep me informed."
  19. 19. No sooner had she put the receiver down, she picked it up again and asked for another number. "Come on, come on pick up Charles...Charles, it is Evie. I need to talk to you urgently, can you come round?"
  20. 20. At the Legacy Society Charles scowled as he listened to his sister. "Is it really urgent Evie? I have plans this evening and was just getting dressed to go out."
  21. 21. Yes it is urgent Charles! Something of great importance has happened. It could affect the family for years to come. We need to discuss it now!" When Evelyn got the bit between her teeth, she could be most insistent that now was the best time to act.
  22. 22. He sighed "Well you certainly seem agitated...“ "Yes I am agitated!“ "There is no need to shout. I will be there in just over an hour." "Can you not come sooner?“ "Evie I will be there, but I need to get dressed and re-arrange my plans first."
  23. 23. He cut her off and asked the operator for a number. "Hello, it is Charles...yes I am looking forward to tonight as well... there is just one thing, can we make it slightly later than we had originally planned? Evelyn has asked me to see her...Good, I will see you about nine then. Goodbye."
  24. 24. Over at the main house, as her mother tried to carry on and get things ready for Edward's birthday, Alexandra was outside examining the wishing well from the Regalton Garden Society. "I know that Mother and Father have cautioned against using this, but really, what harm can it do? Besides, they are both busy, Father at work and Mother getting things prepared for Edward's birthday, and what they do not know, cannot hurt them..."
  25. 25. "So, what do I wish, let me see, there are just so many things...I know.“ Her lips moving as she made her wish, Alexandra threw her coin into the well.
  26. 26. She leant over the edge, and listened as the coin hit the water. Shortly after a green glow started to emanate from it.
  27. 27. "Ah, excuse me..." she called, "it glowed, but my wish has not come true. Voice why is that?“ Umm, I have no answer to that Alexandra. "You should!"
  28. 28. As she was shouting at me, a voice suddenly came from the other side of the tall hedge. "Err, excuse me, is someone there?“ "Who said that?" demanded Alexandra. "My name is Joe and I sort of fell...“ "Well, come round here where I can see you then."
  29. 29. The stranger made his way through the arch and into this part of the garden. "Oh there is a well, that explains it. You must be the person who wished me here.“ "Oh is that what happened?“ "You are very pretty.“ "Sir, you are too kind...
  30. 30. "In fact my I?“ "May you what?..."
  31. 31. "How, how dare you kiss me without my permission!“ "But I thought you were about to give it?“ "Well, yes I would have if I had known what you intended, but you should have waited."
  32. 32. "I, I am sorry...“ "Well, since you are rather sweet, I accept your apology. It is my brother's birthday today. Would you care to join us in our celebrations?“ "I...“ "Good, follow me inside. My name is Alexandra by the way.“ "Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Joe Gr...“ "Yes, you said, come along." So feeling rather bemused by Alexandra's reaction Joe followed her to the house.
  33. 33. Inside the birthday boy was getting ready to blow out his candles. "I wish that Papa did not have to work today Mama. I would so like him to be here." There was a tinge of sadness in his voice when he spoke. "As do I Edward. I am sorry that I had to cancel your party today.“ "I am not too concerned with that Mama, I just want Papa to be here."
  34. 34. 'So do I Edward. Oh William, I really thought that we had got everything figured out. How did we get into this mess? Everything was going so well for us, and now...Please, please, I just want you released and our family together again.'
  35. 35. At that moment Alexandra and Joe entered, breaking Beth's reverie. "Sho ska Mrs Legacy.“ "Excuse me young man, but who are you, and what are you doing in my house?“ "Oh, I do apologise Mrs Legacy, my name is...“ "He is a friend of mine Mother." Interrupted Alexandra. "You should have told me you had invited a guest Alexandra." Scolded Beth. "I did not realise he would be here for this Mother.“ "Then he has invited himself?" Fragile as her mood already was, Beth had no time for rudeness and she could feel herself getting angry at this boy's impudence. "No, I invited him, but I did not realise that he would be here to invite.“ "You are making no sense Alexandra." Taking a deep breath she continued, "Now I really think that we should get on. Make a wish and blow out your candles Edward."
  36. 36. Edward tilted his head to one side. "What should I wish for...hmmm...“ "Hurry up will you." "Alexandra, your brother will do it in his own time." Chided their mother.
  37. 37. Ignoring his sister's prodding Edward took his time over making his wish, and after he had finished and blown out his candles his family cheered him.
  38. 38. 'As nice as that was, I still wish Father had been there.' He thought later as he made his way to get ready for bed. Biased as I am, I can't help but think that he grew up very well indeed. He is a Popularity sim with the LTW to become a Prestidigitator. Hopefully it won't cause as much grief as his father's LTW, but it is getting more and more difficult to find the appropriate job in the paper now there are so many. I rolled his secondary aspiration after a few days, and that is knowledge. I would also like to say that I realise that this is not the most Victorian of hair styles, but something about him cries out for it.
  39. 39. Over at Acadamie le Tour, Charles had finally arrived at the Victorian Privileged Ladies Society and Evie ran out to see him. "Oh Charles you are here thank goodness.“ "Hello Evie.“ "You do look nice. Have you something special planned?“ "Not too special Evie, I have made plans to dine with a friend, that is all.“ Despite her anxiety about what her sister-in-law had said, Evelyn could not resist teasing her brother. "All? When you look this nice? Who is she?“ "Evie...“ "Come on, you can tell your twin sister."
  40. 40. "Evie I am dining with a friend, that is all you need to know. I do not ask you all the ins and outs of your dinners do I?“ "But that is because there is nothing to tell.“ "Not even when you go out to eat with a certain Mr Steele?" Charles was not averse to a little teasing either, and had lived in the same Halls of Residence as Orlando Steele. The two were never great friends, but they would chat when they saw each other. "I am sure I do not know what you mean Charles." Evelyn said as haughtily as possible, "Now come inside and I will tell you why I asked you over here."
  41. 41. Once sat on the love seat in the drawing room, Evelyn started. "Oh Charles it is awful. I rang Edward to wish him happy birthday, after all his party was cancelled so I wouldn't see him. I asked to speak to Beth so I could ask her to give William a piece of my mind for preferring to go to work rather than see his son grow up. When Beth came on the line, she started crying and...oh Charles, William has been arrested!“ "You must have it wrong, it must be Henry that has been arrested..."
  42. 42. "Charles I may have six brothers, but I do know the difference between them. It is William, William our eldest brother, the head of the family who has been arrested and thrown in gaol.“ "I am sorry Evie. I did not mean to imply that you do not know what you are talking about, but this is not something I ever expected we hear about Will."
  43. 43. "I know! He is always so sensible and law-abiding. What ever are we going to do?“ Charles thought for a moment. "Evie, I do not think that you are going to like this, but...I do not think that there is anything that we can do. I am sure that Miss Di has things under control."
  44. 44. "So that is it then." She demanded, "we stay sitting here, and wait for someone else to sort this situation out?“ "Well, I am not going to sit here, I am going out to dinner.“ "Charles, stop being pedantic!“ "Sorry Evie, but what can we do? Look, the friend I am going to dinner with is a close friend of Miss Di's. I will see if she has any extra information and call you.“ "Oh, so this friend is female then?“ "Enough Evelyn. If I find out more, I will share it with you. Goodnight." With that he got off of the settee and made his way to the door.
  45. 45. A short while later he was in Simdon and at the restaurant he was meeting his friend at. "Thank you so much for agreeing to wait for me."
  46. 46. "It was no problem at all Charles. I have been looking forward to dining with you since you suggested it.“ "As have I Angela. Shall we be seated?“ "Yes, I am famished.“ *** Angela, thepiepers5 writes the brilliant Th'a Simple Life.
  47. 47. Once seated at their table (which hadn't been fully cleared), Charles set about explaining why he was late. "So you see, we are very worried about what is happening.“ "I would think that everyone who has heard the news is worried. Di was still at the gaol when I left to come here. Perhaps by now she and Dorian have resolved the mater."
  48. 48. Back in the small gaol, things had finally come to a conclusion, but it was not one I was completely happy with. "I am sorry that there is no other way Miss Di, truly I am, but you must see that William broke the law and must be punished. His undercover work was to gather evidence of wrong-doing, not to sell stolen property."
  49. 49. "Yes I know." I sighed. We had talked for hours and hours, going over the same thing again and again, but there was no escaping the fact. William would have to serve time in prison. "Well, let us go and break the news to him."
  50. 50. As we walked into the cell-block, William looked up expectantly. "I am sorry William." I said, "but you have to spend tonight here.“ He was silent. "William?“ "I am sure you have done all you could to avoid this Miss Di." He finally said.
  51. 51. His shoulders sagged. "It does not matter anyhow; I have already missed my son's birthday. What would be the point of going home now?“ "Oh William..." I desperately wanted to be in the cell to comfort him.
  52. 52. At that point a very unwelcome voice shouted across the cell-block. "Ha, wot did I tell ya William? You don't get outta this easily at all. You're a bloody criminal mate, and that is 'ow it is goin' ta stay!"
  53. 53. Well, I might not be able to get my heir out of jail that night, but I could ensure he had a peaceful night. I walked up to Bear's cell and cleared my throat. "Russ Bear," as I spoke, my voice sounded as if it was coming from far away, almost as if from behind a screen of some kind, "sleep in pyjamas."
  54. 54. I watched as he started getting into bed, unable to resist the instruction I had given him. I had never used my simming voice in Regalton before, but I was willing to make an exception this time.
  55. 55. I made my way back to William. "Thank you." he whispered. I smiled briefly. "I guess I will see you in the morning then William. I know it will be difficult, but please try to get some sleep.“ "What I really want is a bath and to go to sleep in my own bed next to my wife, but I will try to make do. Goodnight."
  56. 56. Over in William's house his two youngest children were up late playing with Evelyn's doll's house. "So the big sister goes to bed after putting the baby in the cot." Said Edward, moving the doll into the bedroom. "Yes, because the mama is busy greeting the papa after he gets out of gaol, just like Mama will greet Papa when he gets out of prison tomorrow." "Yes..."
  57. 57. "What did you just say Vicky?" Edward asked. She sighed, "Eddie you really should pay more attention. The mama is greeting the papa, just like our Mama will greet Papa when he gets out of gaol.“ "Papa is not in gaol, why would you say such a thing?“ "He is! I heard Mama on the telephone to Auntie Bird earlier. I was not eavesdropping," she added hurriedly, "I was passing the drawing room and I heard her crying. I was going to go in and make sure she was well, but then she stopped and I hurried away...“ Edward didn't know what to say to that, so he changed the subject. "I think that you should go to bed now Victoria, it is getting very late.“ "Oh Eddie...“ "We can play again tomorrow, but now bed.“ Sulking she put the dolls to bed and got into her own.
  58. 58. His mind whirring, Edward made his way downstairs and picked up his violin. It was something that he found aided ratiocination. As he played he decided that Victoria must be mistaken, the doors were thick after all and she must have misheard.
  59. 59. Maybe it was the disturbing events of the past day, maybe he wasn't in the mood to hear violin music, whatever the reason George puts in his first ghostly appearance. "Hello my boy. You have grown up well, but get a hair cut, it is unsuitable for the next head of the family to have hair down to his posterior!“ "Grandad?“ "Yes, of course it is me Edward!"
  60. 60. "Um, it is nice to see you Grandad, but I think I will keep my hair as it is.“ "Good man! The head of the family needs to be able to make up his own mind about things, and not be bullied by anyone, even the ghosts of his forebears. I will see you anon Edward." And with that he vanished. Edward had been toying with the idea of waiting up for his father to come home from work, but now decided that enough was enough for one night and went to bed. In many ways it is a good job he did, that way he was still convinced that Victoria was wrong.
  61. 61. Charles soon had reason to temporarily forget the news of his brother's incarceration. His dinner with Angela turned into the sort dreams are made of. Angela was the first to fall in love as they chatted after dinner.
  62. 62. Charles wasn't far behind, and by the time they shared a slow dance at the end of the night, he was smitten. As he held her close, he couldn't help but wish that the night would never end.
  63. 63. The morning couldn't come fast enough for his elder brother though, and at just past seven I was there to oversee his release. "Well, you have done it William. One night in prison, and now you can go free." I smiled.
  64. 64. "Yeah it ain't fair," came a voice from the end cell, "you get to go free, whilst we stay 'ere and rot."
  65. 65. I was about to say something when William beat me to it. "You deserve to stay here and rot Bear. You are the real criminal not me. I have only ever acted in good faith..." I interrupted him by coughing. Sergeant Kauker was after all, standing next to me, and he still did not know the whole truth of what had transpired. "Our paths will never cross again Bear, I will make sure of that.“ "Come on William, it is time to go home."
  66. 66. Out in the reception area I embraced him. "I am so sorry you had to spend the night here..." I started. "Do not be," he interrupted, "I am somewhat relieved actually to have been punished for what I have done.“ "William, you really are too...good for your own good at times."
  67. 67. He smiled wryly, "Perhaps. There is something I wished to discuss with you Miss Di. I gave it a lot of thought last night and...I want to sell Bric-a-Brac.“ "You want to do what?“ "Sell Bric-a-Brac. I cannot face owning the place knowing how close it brought me to disaster."
  68. 68. "I do not believe I am hearing this!" My voice started to rise. "There is no way you are selling that property William. It is the family business, and it will stay in the family until your great-great-great-great- great-grandson is born, do I make myself clear?"
  69. 69. "But Miss Di every time I look at those paintings...“ "Then change the stock! You are not selling up William and that is that." "I...I...you are determined about this?“ "Yes.“ He nodded, "Very well, I will change the stock, but I cannot guarantee when I will feel like returning there."
  70. 70. "Take all the time you need, but that shop will remain in the family William. Now I suggest you go home to your wife and family.“ He smiled briefly then went out of the door to freedom.
  71. 71. He had no sooner taken off his hat and coat when Beth rang into the hall and into his arms. "William, oh William thank goodness you are home. I have barely slept a wink I was so worried about you, and how long you would..." she broke off in a sob.
  72. 72. "Hush now my dear, I am home and I am free. Let us go into the morning room.“ There was a lot to say and William had been thinking about something on his way home he wanted to discuss too.
  73. 73. Once seated in the morning room William relayed to Beth everything that had happened since he was arrested the day before. All his thoughts and feelings he shared with her; it was a stark contrast to the earlier years of their marriage where he kept his thoughts to himself.
  74. 74. Beth sat there in silence. It was not easy for her to hear most of what he had to say, but if he was willing to share, she would always be willing to listen.
  75. 75. Finally William got to what he had been thinking about on the way home. "Beth, I think I need to get away from Regalton for a while. I cannot stand being here seeing the constant reminders of what has happened."
  76. 76. Beth thought for a moment. "That is a good idea. I think that we could all do with a break. Have you given any thought to where we could go?“ "There is somewhere, yes. I went there with father and my brothers. I miss him Beth, and there are memories I want to relive there. Besides, I think that the children might enjoy it a lot, especially Edward.“ "Then it is settled. We will go wherever it is you want to go."
  77. 77. So William placed a telephone call, and the next morning a carriage arrived to take the family away from Regalton for a few days. "Where are we going Father?“ "It is a surprise Edward, but I hope that you and your sisters will like it. "Hmpf, have you not heard Alexandra complaining Father?“ "I have every confidence that she will have fun Edward."
  78. 78. It did not look that way when first they arrived. "A campsite? Father you expect me to stay here? In a tent? First you drag me away from home and Joe, and then you expect this of me? I do not want to be here Father.“ "Alexandra, princess, this break is about us being together as a family. Being here, away from the luxuries you have at home will be character building for you.“ "Father...“ "Enough Alexandra! This is a family holiday and I do not want to hear any more complaining from you."
  79. 79. Not far away Victoria was playing with Beth. "Mama, why is Alexandra so upset about being here? Does she not want to have fun?“ "Oh sweetpea, I am sure that your sister does indeed want to have fun. She is just a bit dismayed at having to sleep in a tent.“ "But I think sleeping in a tent will be fun.“ "Hmm, yes I'm sure it will be." Luckily Victoria was too young to hear the edge of sarcasm in her mother’s voice.
  80. 80. Whilst Beth and Vicky carried on playing and dancing, Alexandra, in an attempt to placate her father, agreed to join William and Edward fishing. 'Urgh this is disgusting. Why did I agree to this?' "I really think that a lady should never have to bait her own hook, why did you not offer to do this for me Edward?"
  81. 81. Her brother decided to ignore her question. Instead he countered with "Alexandra I think that you will find, if you give it a fair try, that this is actually fun.“ "I think I will find that it is smelly actually...“ "Alexandra why must you be so negative?“ "Because I do not want to be here Edward...“ "Alexandra I have already spoken to you once, do not make me speak to you again." Warned William.
  82. 82. After a little while Alexandra did raise a smile when she caught a fish. "Hey look what I have caught!“ "See Alexandra this is not so bad is it? In fact it is fun.“ "I would not go that far Edward. It is still smelly and boring."
  83. 83. A couple of hours later and Beth suggested that they leave the campsite for a couple of hours to check out the local shops. Once there she spent some time browsing the souvenirs. Her father-in-law had bought some back for Allyn when he visited the lakes with his sons, but unfortunately with so many children in the house they had been broken some years previously. Beth wanted to replace them.
  84. 84. Her son meanwhile amused himself by trying to find bugs to add to his entomology collection.
  85. 85. He was pleased to capture a few species he didn't see back home. As he looked at them in the jar, he realised that he was having a lot of fun.
  86. 86. Alexandra had also had a lot of fun browsing the clothing boutique, even if the fashions were somewhat lacking. That fun ended as soon as they got back to the campsite. "I can not find my reticule! Edward have you seen it?“ "No, where did you last have it?“ "At the little shop, just before that charming man in the top hat asked me for directions. It was so nice to see someone properly attired, and who was so attentive. The way he took my arm as we walked a little...Oh no, he robbed me! That ruffian has stolen my purse, I demand that we go to the police and report him.“ The local police were duly called and the crime reported. There was nothing they could do about it now, but the perpetrator's description was noted.
  87. 87. After the police had left, the family retired to their tents. Edward had one to himself, and the two girls were sharing. William and Beth stayed up late talking. "William I really cannot believe that you are expecting me to stay in a tent.“ "I am sorry dear, it is only for a few nights.“ "Yes, but those nights are likely to be cold, and damp.“ "I can think of a way to make sure we are not too cold...“ "William."
  88. 88. The next morning Beth and William discussed the plan for the day over an unusual breakfast of chicken pot pie. "I would like take in a walking tour this morning if that is possible William?“ "That sounds like a marvellous idea Beth, I am sure that it will be a lot of fun for everyone. Perhaps we can go to the recreation area in the afternoon?“ "Yes, that is agreeable."
  89. 89. With the itinerary for the day settled, Beth approached the local tour guide to arrange the tour. "I can certainly arrange for you to go on a tour of the forest Mrs Legacy.“ "Thank you so much. I am certain that we will all enjoy it very much."
  90. 90. Unfortunately things didn't go exactly according to plan and the family arrived back at the campsite with a few unwanted visitors in tow. "Argh, shoo, shoo, go away."
  91. 91. Thankfully the bees soon lost interest and left them all alone. After a quick luncheon they made their way to Lumber Mill Range. Victoria soon cornered her father. "Papa, this is wonderful, I am having so much fun, thank you for bringing us here.“ "I am glad sweetpea, I am having fun as well."
  92. 92. Not everyone was though. Apart from a couple of short periods, Alexandra had been miserable and sulking the entire time they had been away. Whenever possible she would try to avoid being seen with them, and had headed to the small food stand as soon as they had arrived. Her parents and siblings had joined in with some locals dancing. "Alexandra come and join us." Called Victoria. "Urgh, do I have to?" she said under her breath. "Come on, it is fun, please Alexandra, please." Vicky continued to call to her sister and eventually Alexandra got up to join the dance.
  93. 93. "See, Alexandra, are you not enjoying yourself?" asked Beth as she caught her eldest child smiling. "This is acceptable mother." She said grudgingly. The truth is she was starting to have a lot more fun than she thought possible, she just didn't want to admit it.
  94. 94. Once the family had tired of dancing, William and Edward headed over to the log rolling pits. "Father, I am no entirely certain about this...“ "Nonsense Edward, I thoroughly enjoyed this activity when last I was here. I am sure that you will too."
  95. 95. William had lost none of his skill on the log, and it wasn't long before Eddie ended up in the water. "Whoa, whoa.“ Victoria was watching with interest. "Can I have a go Papa?“ "I think you are a little bit too young Vicky.“ "No I am not. Please Papa?“ "Maybe later..."
  96. 96. All in all it was a very fun afternoon for the family, even Alexandra had started to relax and enjoy herself. They didn't leave until after dinner when Victoria started complaining about how tired she was.
  97. 97. The next morning William instructed his family to pack their suitcases. "Are we going home father?" asked Alexandra. "No, we are just moving to new lodgings." He replied. "Oh." She smiled. Yesterday morning, Alexandra would have been deeply disappointed at this news, but not today.
  98. 98. The carriage dropped them at their new lodgings, and Beth couldn't help but feeling that they were only a slight step up from the campsite. *** You will note that they are back in their outerwear. When I had the family move lodgings the new lot loaded with out the family ever arriving. Live mode was greyed out and it was as if I had accessed it from the neighbourhood to alter it. I exited to the 'hood to find that they had gone from the campsite. Panicking slightly I went back to the main 'hood and tried to load the main lot. Thankfully it loaded and the family turned up in the carriage shortly after. I resent them on holiday to finish their break, and since it is the dead of winter there, they are wearing coats again.
  99. 99. They had decided to go back to the Lumber Mill Range for the day. When they arrived William approached his son. "Ah Edward, are you enjoying your self?“ "Yes Father.“ "Good. I did so like here when I came here as a teenager with your grandad and uncles. I would dearly love to buy a cabin here for us to use as a holiday home, but I have plans to purchase further property back home."
  100. 100. "Well, maybe one day Father we will own a cabin, one on the shore of the lake.“ "So you can go swimming in it?“ "But of course Father.“ "Now, how do you feel about trying your hand at axe-throwing?“ "Sounds dangerous Father.“ "Of course it is, that is what makes it so exciting."
  101. 101. So, much to Beth's dismay, William commandeers several targets for the family at the axe-throwing range. William was first up. He hefted the axe like a pro and scored the first bull's eye of the day.
  102. 102. Edward shared his mother's misgivings about the safety of the endeavour, but he was always game to try something new.
  103. 103. Even Alexandra deigned to join in, although it's probably a good thing she wasn't aware of the face she pulled as she let go of the axe.
  104. 104. Their allotted time at the range over, and with quite a few bull's eyes under their belts, Edward and Alexandra headed over to examine the tree section propped nearby. By this time Alexandra was feeling the heat, and had removed her coat. "It is not so bad here, is it Alexandra?" asked Edward. "Hmm, what?“ "You seem to be enjoying yourself more now.“ "Oh, yes I suppose that this is an acceptable way to spend a few days. Not as acceptable as being with Joe, but still...“ "Good. Last one to the log rolling pit buys luncheon." With that he started running towards them. "Hey, you cheated!" came Alexandra's reply as she set off after him.
  105. 105. Because Edward ran to the far side of the pit they arrived at the same time. Laughing, they decided to spilt the cost of lunch. Alexandra had forgotten any concerns she may have had about how un-lady like the activity might be as she edged out onto the log.
  106. 106. As she watched her brother fall into the drink she couldn't help but laugh. Edward soon joined in once he had resurfaced. Their father, watching from the sidelines smiled. This was one of the things he had hoped for from the holiday: he had so nearly destroyed the family with his actions, now he wanted to make them closer than ever.
  107. 107. Feeling tired and hungry, Alexandra made her way to the food stand for lunch. She had won more times than Edward, but had also been in the water more than enough times for one day. Victoria approached her brother as he was about to get changed. "Can I have a go Eddie?" she asked. "Only if Father says so.“ "Oh he does." She said too quickly for Edward's liking. Edward looked round to see if he could see William, but his parents had taken themselves off for a little alone time. "Very well." Smiling, Victoria edged out onto the log, but no sooner had she done so, when she fell off.
  108. 108. "Oh my gosh, Vicky are you alright?" called her brother as she resurfaced and swam to the edge of the pool. "Yes, yes, I am fine. Can we do that again?“ Edward laughingly agreed, and they continued until he declared he was too hungry. He wasn't, but he was wary of his parents reappearing.
  109. 109. Victoria and Edward never did get found out, but the next day Beth did scold her for something else. "Victoria, where are you going? You have not got dressed.“ "I want to play on the swings.“ "You have to get dressed first.“ "But Mama.“ "Do not 'but Mama' me Victoria, inside and get dressed now." Sighing she turned and went back into the cabin.
  110. 110. For their last day at the lakes, Beth and William had decided it would be nice for the family to relax at the local spa. Alexandra soon decided that this was her favourite day of the holiday.
  111. 111. Whilst Alexandra was relaxing in the hot spring William went to have a massage. As he relaxed, William felt all the tensions of the past ebbing away. This holiday really had been a good idea, and he congratulated himself.
  112. 112. Edward meanwhile had joined in with some locals and other tourists dancing the slap dance. Unfortunately, they were dancing in a compact space, and he ended up elbowing another tourist. "Offf."
  113. 113. "Oh, I am so sorry, I did not realise you were there.“ "That is alright I suppose.“ "My name is Edward Legacy, and you are?“ "Renee Johnson.“ "Miss Johnson, I again apologise."
  114. 114. Edward and Renee carried on talking for a while, long enough for Victoria to pass a comment to her father. "Edward is very friendly is he not Papa?“ "Yes Victoria.“ "Perhaps too friendly.“ "What do you mean by that?“ "He seems to like everyone he meets.“ William agreed with that fact. His own experiences left him wanting to warn Edward against taking people at face value, and yet he found himself hesitating: he didn't want to destroy his son's innocence.
  115. 115. That night, their last in the lakes, Beth and William agreed that the holiday had been a success. The family was closer than ever, and William had come to terms with what he had done.
  116. 116. In the morning, William checked out of the cabins. "I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Lakes Mr Legacy.“ "Yes thank you, it was a most refreshing break.“ "I hope you Will be back at some point.“ "Perhaps." William smiled, already planning a trip in the future with his grandchildren.
  117. 117. Outside his children were discussing the trip. They had all had a good time, and were going over it. "I am looking forward to telling Joe all about this trip.“ "I am glad that you finally unbent enough enjoy your self Alexandra.“ "What are you talking about Edward? You make it sound like I did not want to be here.“ Edward was just thinking of an appropriate response when William walked past with his case. "Come on, the carriage will be here soon. Go and get your cases." Relieved that he wouldn't have to answer his sister, Edward got up and headed to his cabin.
  118. 118. William was the first into the carriage. As he sat there waiting for the rest of his family his stomach did a flip. Soon they would be back in Regalton and he would be faced with confronting the aftermath of his time in gaol. He wasn't sure how many knew what had happened or how they would react to him, but he did know that with the support of his family he could face it.
  119. 119. With the family arriving back home, this is where I take my leave of you. This chapter was uploaded on the first anniversary of my publishing this legacy. I want to thank you all for reading. I am having so much fun playing this family and writing it up, but I especially love sharing it with you. I also want to thank the creators of my CC, most of which I get from All-About-Style and MTS2. Last, but not least thanks to the author's whose simselves I've got running around the neighbourhood. You can find all their stories, and much, much more at Boolprop.com.
  120. 120. Ouch, remind me never to dance with Edward.