A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 11.2 Heirs not Spares


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The second part of chapter 11 of my Victorian legacy, looks at the main branch of the family.

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 11.2 Heirs not Spares

  1. 1. Hello and welcome back to part two of chapter 11 of A Victorian Legacy. As the first part caught us up with the spares, this one will concentrate on the main family. So make sure you've got your cup of tea, and I think there's some Viennese whirls left, so let us get started.
  2. 2. Whilst William, and George were at Beth's Bric-a-Brac getting it to level ten, Beth this generation's spouse, got ready for an appointment she had made the night before. "Good morning Mrs Legacy, I am Mrs Zarubin and I am the current head of the Regalton Garden Society. I understand that you would like to join our esteemed little club?“ "It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs Zarubin. Yes I would very much like that. I believe that you knew my mother-in-law Allyn Thomason?“ "Miss Thomason, oh yes, she left our society when she married Mr Legacy. Did she lay down the foundations for your garden?“ "In a way. Throughout her life my family was very poor, and although she managed to keep our little vegetable plot thriving, she was unable to plant up the rest of the grounds. She unfortunately passed away recently, and my husband and I used our small inheritance to create a garden she would be proud of.“ "How lovely. If you do not mind I would like to call my colleagues so that we can start our inspection." "Not at all, in fact will you excuse me I am suddenly feeling a little indisposed." With that Beth dashed back into the house. She had not felt this nauseous since she was pregnant with Eddie, and was sure that her family would soon be growing.
  3. 3. "I do hope that Mrs Legacy is feeling better, she had to rush off awfully quick. I must say though that her planting is exquisite, and this classical bust is set off fantastically..."
  4. 4. Despite the fact that the shrubs had started to sprout and George was failing to keep up with trimming them, the RGS was so impressed that they admitted Beth, gave her the wishing well and §1984.
  5. 5. Beth was rather pleased with the result of the inspection and spent the next day reading up on plant care so that she could keep the garden looking its best. To tell the truth she was also glad to be inside rather than tending to the plants. She had been right, she was once again expecting a child, and had just started to show
  6. 6. This pregnancy though was shaping up to be far tougher than either of her others, and after confiding in William he had engaged the services of a gardener to give her a rest. This is also an excuse to include a picture of their garden, I'm very pleased with how it has turned out.
  7. 7. Having to look after this little rascal doesn't help Beth's tiredness. This is Edward George, my fourth generation heir, and one of the most adorable toddlers I have ever had.
  8. 8. With a fortune and a knowledge sim as parents it isn't long before the headmaster is invited round to try to get Alexandra into private school. With all of the adults either too tired or too busy to greet him, it is left to the youngest of George and Allyn's ten children, Evelyn. "Good evening Mr Jitmakusol, is that how you pronounce it? Welcome to our home. Please allow me to give you a brief tour.“ "Good evening Miss Legacy. A tour of your home would be most agreeable, I look forward to seeing what has changed since last I was here."
  9. 9. Um actually apart from the fact that this is a different house and the garden has been re-vamped, everything is the same. Thing is I like how I have decorated the rooms, and I see no point in changing things if they are functional, as true to the period as I can make them and aesthetically pleasing. "Your drawing room never fails to impress me Miss Legacy. The décor is just the right balance of practicality and beauty and I commend your grandmother on her choice of furnishings.“ "Thank you, if I ever see her ghost I shall tell her."
  10. 10. I shan't bore you with the rest of the tour, but the headmaster was once again suitably impressed with the downstairs of the house. William was the chef that night and prepared his speciality lobster thermidore. The headmaster was pleased to be offered something other than turkey since that is what he was normally fed at this house. "Mr Legacy, what do you think that you can offer my school if I give you a place?“ "...and then Patrick I said...Sorry Mr Jitamkusol what was that?“ Despite Charles lack of conversation he, Alexandra and Evie all got into private school. *** Patrick Strangerhood7 has just started a Caliente Legacy
  11. 11. Alexandra was very pleased to get in and shared that joy with her grandfather, my second generation heir George. "See Grandad I knew they would let me in. It is because I am Papa's little Princess, and I can do anything I want. Watch me stand on my head.“ "Woo well done granddaughter."
  12. 12. Since his wife's death George has made it his mission to be both grandfather and grandmother to his grandchildren, and is the one to teach Edward to walk. "See Eddie one foot in front of the other.“ "Teehee."
  13. 13. "Hellooo over here Eddie.“ "Gaa hehehe.“ I have so many pointless but sweet pictures of George and Edward I just had to include one.
  14. 14. Meanwhile Alexandra is doing very well at her new school. "See Mama my teacher was so impressed with my 'rithmatic that she gave me an A+. Will you play Myshuno with me?“ "Well done my darling, your father will be so proud of you. Not now sweetie, if you will excuse me I am going to have a lie down before dinner."
  15. 15. "Stupid baby making Mama too tired to want to play with me. Why do Mama and Papa need another child anyway? They have me *pause* and Edward I suppose.“ I don't think it's a case of needing another baby Alexandra, they want another child. "Well why do they want another one?“ Because they do. Look may be you will understand when you are a parent yourself. "That is the argument adults use with children when they know they cannot win.“ Smarty-pants.
  16. 16. Beth got up from her nap in time to eat dinner, even if she didn't have time to dress. Evelyn had announced that she would cook that evening, she had found a recipe in her grandmother's copy of Cassell's for macaroni cheese she wanted to have a go at. As usual Alexandra is the centre of the conversation. "Mama do you think that there are rats in our compost bins? I have heard that they attract them, do we have them?"
  17. 17. "Well if your uncle keeps eating like this then we may have them in the house.“ "WHAT?“ "Oh princess I am only joking.“ "That is not funny Mama, I am being serious and you should take me seriously."
  18. 18. "I am sorry sweetie. I am sure that there are no rats in our compost heaps. We keep them far too well.“ "Certainly not! Rats near my grandchildren? Perish the thought!“ Hello Allyn, it is so good to see you. "Well I do like to come back down from time to time, it makes me feel more connected to everyone.“ This is only the second time Allyn has haunted, she is a very peaceful spirit.
  19. 19. We haven't seen William, my third generation heir yet this chapter. He is still working his way up the criminal career ladder, much to my chagrin. I just cannot see him as a criminal mastermind. "Evening Creator. I hope you do not mind if I rush inside, but I think I just heard Beth screaming."
  20. 20. Beth is indeed screaming, on her way to wash up the dinner things she goes into labour with her third child. "Owww laaasssst tiiiiiiimmmme I'm doing thiiiiiiissssss."
  21. 21. William and Beth's third child is a daughter they call Victoria Rose. She has her father's colouring just like her elder sister and I hope she won't be a clone.
  22. 22. The next morning after the exhausted Beth had had a good night's sleep and everyone of school age had left she sat down with George for breakfast. Just as she was tucking in there came a sound of scraping from the drawing room. "Did you hear that Father?“ "Indeed."
  23. 23. As she raised her fork to her mouth there came a series of bangs and crashes. "What is that?“ "I really have no idea daughter-in-law."
  24. 24. With the banging getting louder George set down his knife and fork. "This is ridiculous. I am going to find out what is going on in my house.“ After a pause he called out. "Oh my...Beth I think you should join me in the drawing room. You need to see this."
  25. 25. "What is it Father?...Oh gosh. Creator what is going on?“ Umm, I thought William had spoken to you about this... "No.“ Ah. "Daughter-in-law I have to go to work. Can I leave you to deal with my son?“ "Yes Father, I will deal with him alright."
  26. 26. William was not needed at work at that day and after a rare lie in had just taken a long luxurious bath when he exited the bathroom to find his wife standing by the door. "Ah my dear, why are you waiting outside the bathroom? Is there something wrong with the other facilities?“ "No darling I was waiting for you. Perhaps you would care to join me in the drawing room?"
  27. 27. "What pray tell is that William?“ "It appears to be a door my dear.“ "I can see it is a door William, what I want to know is what it is doing in the wall of my drawing room?“ "Ah...“ "Shall we go through it and see what is on the other side?"
  28. 28. "WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON WILLIAM? You are having building work carried out on our home without consulting me? How could you?“ "I am sorry...“ "Sorry! SORRY!"
  29. 29. "Yes, please let me explain. I wanted this to be a surprise for you and the children. A new twist on our family home."
  30. 30. A Surprise! If you are not careful William Legacy you may come home one day to find that I have surprised you.“ "I am sorry dear. I wanted this and the new shop to be something that I could do for our family."
  31. 31. "What was that about a new shop?“ "Umm I have been thinking about buying a new property."
  32. 32. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Thinking about buying or have bought?“ "Bought...“ "You have bought a new shop without telling me you were even thinking about doing so? What else are you planning on surprising me with? Renovations at Bric-a-Brac?“ "Ahh...“ "My plumb-bob, you have done something there have you not?“ "Yes, but they are only small changes."
  33. 33. "Well in that case we had better go and see both your new acquisition and what you have done to the family business. I will ask Charlotta and Hannah if they can look after the children and we will go.“ "Yes dear."
  34. 34. With William's eldest sister and her partner looking after their children William and Beth walked the short distance to a newly constructed building opposite the Palisade Restaurant. "Well my dear, what do you think?"
  35. 35. "William, I really do not know what you expect me to say. It looks like well made construction, but I do not understand how you can even contemplate buying another property without discussing it with me, your wife!“ "I am truly sorry about that Beth, I just did not want to burden you with the plans.“ "Oh for goodness sake William, that is ridiculous. *sigh* I have no intention of carrying on this conversation in public, shall we go inside so I can see your new business venture?"
  36. 36. Inside it becomes obvious that William's new shop was a florist's, but Beth had too much on her mind to take that in straight away. "William I really have no idea why you still insist on shutting me out when it comes to certain areas of your life, I thought we had sorted this out early in our marriage. I am not just the mother of your children, I am your companion, lover, best friend and confidant. If you do not see me in that light, then I have to wonder why...“ "Darling, please do not say any more, I made an error of judgement, I wanted to show you how capable I was of providing for you and our children. I am sorry. Now, how about we open up and see if we get some customers?"
  37. 37. Beth was more than slightly astonished by William's abrupt change of tone, but just recently she too had been hearing the siren call of the simoleon competing with her thirst for knowledge and decided to make the effort of showing William that she was willing to accept his apology. Soon the little shop was quite busy with Beth attending the till and William trying his hand at flower arranging.
  38. 38. Beth's Bouquets follows the same design as Bric-a-Brac, but is slightly larger to allow for more shelf space. It's quite a nice little place really.
  39. 39. Talking of Beth's Bric-a-Brac, Beth was getting impatient to see what her husband had done there and thus managed to persuade William to shut up shop after only a couple of hours. After crossing the road, she was not impressed by what she saw. "William Steven Legacy, you said you had made only small changes here, but you have not, you have doubled the size of the place!"
  40. 40. "I know, I am sorry, but I wanted to show you the results and not say too much about them.“ "But now I am angry again.“ "Please, will you at least come in and take a closer look?“ "Oh I suppose I had better."
  41. 41. They went inside to find Kacper, the newly promoted manager restocking the shelves. "Oh Mr Legacy I did not expect you so soon.“ "Ah no Kacper, Mrs Legacy and I decided to stop by a bit sooner than I had anticipated. Perhaps you could give us a moment?“ "Certainly, I shall go and buy some lunch.“ With Kacper out of the way Beth could take a look round at her leisure.
  42. 42. Not only has William doubled the shelf space and stocked them with lots of elegant decorative items, but there are also two alcoves for the paintings now. I rather like it, the layout is practical both for displaying the goods, and I can also see all of the customers whilst playing.
  43. 43. But what does Beth think? "I do like what you have done, but darling, I know I am repeating myself here, you need to discuss these things with me."
  44. 44. William pulled her close. "I am truly sorry Beth. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was worthy of being heir, and that it was not just the happy accident of my birth which defined me as the head of the family. What I forgot, is that one of the most important reasons I am worthy of this position, is that I have you by my side making this journey with me. Can you forgive me for that oversight?“ "I cannot stay mad at you William, especially after that apology. Please remember that I am here for you to share your thoughts and feelings with.“ "I will, I promise.“ "Good. Now shall we see if our loyal customers like the new look of our shop?"
  45. 45. So they opened and the new look shop proved very popular with the stock flying off of the shelves. William couldn't help but smile as he rang in the bill which took him to over §100,000 earned. I'm not sure I'll be counting this impossible want point though, I have a crazy idea to go for the open 5 level 10 businesses with William. There is something about leaving his family a thriving business empire which is just so William.
  46. 46. Beth and William arrived home to find the building work completed. Whilst William chatted with Charlotta and Hannah Beth had a wander round. She was actually rather impressed and couldn't help but smile as she made her way to the kitchen garden.
  47. 47. Let me show you the plan of the house now. As you can see the back of the house containing the kitchen, scullery and study has been demolished. A new kitchen and scullery has been built off of the dining room and the scullery passage exits into the kitchen garden. Next to the drawing room is a study come library, perfect for Beth to spend her days reading and learning in. On the other side of the hall off of the morning room is a conservatory overlooking the garden. There is also a craft room next to the morning room for the new bits from FT. Finally next to the newly redecorated games room you will now find the music room.
  48. 48. Upstairs I have added four new rooms. Off of the elder bedroom is a hobby room which currently contains a train set and a couple of crafting benches. Next to the master bedroom is a home gym. Not the most Victorian of rooms I know, but with William's pre-destined hobby being fitness I thought it would be a good idea. Finally there are two more bedrooms coming off of the children's rooms in the other wing. There is also a second storey to the chapel and mausoleum now, mainly to act as storage for ghost beds.
  49. 49. As she was tending to the plants in her greenhouse and chatting away with William Beth suddenly had the realisation that the plants seemed to be responding to her voice. "How bizarre, perhaps I should try talking to them more often.“ "What was that darling?“ "Oh nothing William, you will only think me silly. Besides I think I should go and get Edward up from his nap."
  50. 50. Rather than trooping back through the house, Beth wandered through the garden. As she looked at the back of her renovated house she couldn't help but think that William had done a good job with the plans, if only he had consulted her.
  51. 51. Back in the house Beth sets about teaching Edward to speak. It's his birthday today and this is the last skill he needs to learn. "Say Mama my baby.“ "Ma.“ "Oh nearly, Ma ma.“ "Ma."
  52. 52. Whilst Beth is with Eddie, William sees to his youngest daughter. What with building up the business and the odd hours for work, William really hasn't had much time to spend with his children, and so jumps at the chance when it presents itself.
  53. 53. Soon evening comes round, and it is time for the heir of the family to become a child. Everyone manages to cram into the little nursery and George gives him one last tickle. "Right little man, it is time for you to get big now.“ "Hehe yes Ganda."
  54. 54. Last time to aww over Eddie as a toddler.
  55. 55. Aww well he is still adorable as a child, and he grew up into a decent pair of pyjamas too.
  56. 56. Things seemed finally settled for the family, the children were growing up, the businesses were doing well and both Beth and Charles earned §100,000 helping out there, giving me two impossible want points.
  57. 57. Of course that doesn't mean that things are completely boring, and there are still a few fires to keep the family on their toes. William, Charles and Beth had also decided that it was time to throw off their mourning clothes, after all Allyn would far rather they concentrate on their current family than continue missing her.
  58. 58. Unfortunately the fire meant that Victoria's birthday was forgotten about by someone who was very surprised when Beth woke up and went into the nursery later that night.
  59. 59. From the front Victoria looks just like Alexandra as a toddler, but she appears to have Beth's nose. I am extremely pleased about this, much as I like the Komei nose (and I do a lot, Gabe's was partially based on it), it's nice to see some diversity. She is a Libra with the personality 7,9,1,6,7, so I've got the slouch, but she's nice and playful too.
  60. 60. For the first time there are two children in the house who don't really get on. Alexandra does try to make an effort, but it is not always at the best time. "Play with me Edward, I am the best and most dashing heroine in the world, and I will defeat you, you evil villain bang, bang."
  61. 61. "Not now Alexandra.“ "Yes now!“ "No, I need to pee, leave me alone."
  62. 62. Alexandra was far from pleased at this and told her mother all about it over breakfast. "It is not fair Mama, Edward should want to play when I want to play.“ "But darling, your brother had just woken up I am sure that he did need to use the lavatory. You cannot always expect people to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.“ "I do not see why not.“ Rather than pursue the topic Beth decided to let her eldest child eat her breakfast before sending her off to get dressed.
  63. 63. Apart from that small spat first thing, it turned out to be a typical lazy Saturday with Beth making sure that her garden was doing well, and gaining membership to the nature hobby lot at the same time.
  64. 64. Whilst Alexandra tries (and fails) to impress her Aunt Evelyn with her skills at the drawing room piano, Edward prefers to play his violin in the music room. His pre-destined hobby is music and dance, and he certainly enjoys playing his violin.
  65. 65. As the evening draws in there is one member of the household who is not too happy. For some reason when I entered the lot at the beginning of this rotation Evelyn's aspiration level was tanked. I have no idea why since nothing happened in another house that would have affected her. Much to my chagrin she is rolling wants that I can't fulfil because of the behind the time handicap, so it's time to call the matchmaker and try to get her a date. "So when will my date be here? Will it be soon? Will I like him?“ "Patience darlink patience, your man vill be here soon."
  66. 66. "Ow my head. Where am I and how did I get here?“ The match maker drops this fine teen whose name escapes me at the moment. They had a nice time together, but it was nothing special. It did however allow me to get Evie's aspiration into the green.
  67. 67. Whilst checking on everyone I notice that Elise has decided to come and see what her grandson has done to the house. Do you like it Elise? "It is certainly a far cry from the house during my marriage, I remember when we all used to sleep in one room.“ I know, but things have to move on. In fact 23rd April was my first year anniversary of starting this legacy.
  68. 68. One whole year and my gen four heir is still a child, at this rate I might just finish it in another two years. "Rawr, I am coming to eat you ants, nom, nom, nom.“ Eight nice points and he's the only sim I've got who does this, everyone wants to be ants not eat them.
  69. 69. Downstairs Alexandra, George and Beth are having breakfast. "So Grandad what do you think I will get for my birthday today? Everyone is coming to my party."
  70. 70. "I know princess and I am sure that everything you will get will be nice. I hope you have asked everyone to bring you lots of presents."
  71. 71. "Father must you encourage her. I know we all love her very much, but she needs to know that there are boundaries and sometimes she cannot have everything she wants.“ "Poppycock.“ "No it is not. William and I are also trying to find out who has been encouraging her terrible table manners too."
  72. 72. "mmfwha' was tha' Bet'?“ "Never mind."
  73. 73. William had just finished his last night before being promoted again, and so slept in late. By the time he came down George had finished breakfasting and was perusing the paper in the drawing room. "Morning Father.“ "Hmm what?“ "I said good morning.“ "Oh yes, morning William. I am sorry I was just reading in the paper that it has just come to light that a series of paintings have been stolen from the Sim National gallery. Apparently some extremely good forgeries were substituted in their places.“ "Um really?...Does it mention which paintings were taken?“ "No, the police want to keep it from the public, but the reporter speculates that some of our most beloved pictures could be amongst them.“ "Right...excuse me I need to get something from the study..."
  74. 74. 'Oh what to do?‘ Are you alright William? "Oh, um you startled me Creator, I am fine, just...thinking about the new shop, yes that is it. I was wondering if Beth would miss Father, Charles and I if we went to Beth's Bouquets today.“ Well she is busy getting things ready for Alexandra's party this afternoon... "So she will not want us under her feet. It is settled.“ Not what I meant.
  75. 75. "Father, I am thinking about going to the shop this morning. Would you care to join me?“ "Go to Bric-a-Brac?“ "NO! Um, I mean, no, I am trying to improve the reputation of Bouquets so feel my time is best spent there at the moment.“ "Oh very well. I was not relishing the prospect of having to help you wife with the birthday preparations anyway.“ So with Alexandra's strident tones telling them not to be late for her party and Beth's disapproving look following them, the men of the house made their way to the newest shop.
  76. 76. I don’t know why William was worrying about this place. Business has been good, with the shop proving very popular with the local population. "Are you feeling more settled now you are here?“ "Yes thank you Miss Di, I am happy with the trade today.“ "Good, you did seem rather worried.“ "All taken care of, I've spoken to a few people and everything is settled.“ "Well I must admit I was rather surprised you didn’t want to help Beth with the birthday preparations.“ "Oh I am sure she would not want us interfering, besides she has Evie to help her.“ "Actually I think that Evie is probably packing, she is leaving for finishing school this evening," "I had forgotten. Anyway, I am sure she does not mind me being here.“ "If you say so. Bye William." "Good day to you Miss Di."
  77. 77. It was in fact a very productive session at Beth's Bouquets and Kennedy Cox here gave William the last star he needed to get it to level 10. Again it took about seven sim days over three play sessions to do this, the same as Bric-a-Brac. Unfortunately William did not get a gold badge in flower arranging during this time, despite the fact that eighty percent of the time he was at the bench.
  78. 78. Back home Alexandra was more than a little excited at the prospect of her party. "So Mama, will everyone be here soon?“ "Yes darling, they will be arriving shortly.“ "I cannot wait to see everyone, after all they have made the effort to come and see me.“ "Yes it is good of everyone. Now I really must go and see if the jelly has set, do not get your dress dirty playing out here."
  79. 79. Thankfully the jelly had set and Beth was able to extract it from the mould with no difficulty. Alexandra had also managed to keep her dress clean, and the men of the house had made it back from the shop in one piece. They were just in time, because in no time at all the guests began to arrive. The first family was Robert's and Edward was soon out of the front door to greet his cousin. "Stanley, I was wondering, do you like football?“ "I love football. I wish that I had a goal net, but Papa says that our garden is far too small.“ "Oh, well I have a goal in my back garden. Do you want to play?“ "Oh yes!“ *** The rules of Association Football were set down in London in 1863, before this time there were as many different rule sets as there were matches. Incidentally, the 'soc' in association is where the word soccer originates from, but since these are the most popular set of rules in Britain, we just call it football.
  80. 80. The boys made their way to the goal set up in the back garden near the pond. Putting a goal near a pond and a greenhouse is not the best of things to do in real life, but thankfully in the sims it doesn't matter. "Ready Stanley?“ "Yes, just kick it already.“ "Here we go."
  81. 81. "BLAST!"
  82. 82. "YES I SCORED! I mean, you nearly saved it Stanley, perhaps just a little to the right and you would have got a hand to it."
  83. 83. "Whatever. I am going to go in now.“ "Oh, but we have only just started the game.“ "Yes, but I, I have grass stains on my britches, Mama will not be pleased.“ "But she cannot complain if it is only a little stain. Besides, I will take my turn in goal now.“ "No, I am going inside.“ And with that Stanley marched through the kitchen garden and into the house, leaving Edward to trail rather forlornly behind him.
  84. 84. Whilst Edward and Stanley were in the garden, Theodore was busy playing Myshuno with his Aunt Charlotta sand Hannah. "Auntie Charlotta, are you certain you are playing this correctly? You appear to be shouting out the wrong numbers.“ "I promise you Theo, I am just calling out what the game generates."
  85. 85. *sigh* "I guess I am not being that lucky at the moment then. What is the next number?"
  86. 86. In the hall Theodore's mother is catching up with her twin. "So finally made it into the house I see Enid.“ "I really have no idea why you are smirking Robert.“ "Oh really, I saw you and Frederick stop at the boundary of the family home."
  87. 87. "So my wife and I love each other and sometimes express that love, do you have a problem with that?“ "Really, I am sure that Robert means nothing more than gentle teasing.“ "Of course Enid is my sister, and I just think that some things are best expressed in privacy.“ "Robert, stop winding them up.“ "You and William are just as bad Beth. I remember you at Enid's wedding, you and William could not keep your hands off of each other.“ "Well, we had been married only a couple of days, in fact, yes the wedding was the day after Alfred and James left for university.“ "What has that got to do with it?“ "Oh, nothing Robert."
  88. 88. Mindful of the fact that her aunts and uncles have been out in the hallway away from her, Alexandra decides that it is time everyone's attention is switched back to where it belongs. "Everyone, look at meee, I am over here. As you know it is my birthday and you are here to see me grow up. I suggest we all proceed to the drawing room where I can blow out the candles on my cake. Follow me."
  89. 89. As everyone did as they were told Beth couldn't help but worry. "Do you think we have spoilt her too much Creator? She is very bossy and always has to be the centre of attention.“ Well it's true she has been given everything she wants, but she is the first born of generation four, and I did wonder if I would get to see her born following the blackout glitch. Perhaps it wasn't the best thing to do.
  90. 90. "Right, is everybody here?“ Edward "Yes Alexandra, we are.“ "Good I want to make sure that everyone can see me.“ Beth "Yes darling, I am sure everyone can, now make a wish before you blow out your candles."
  91. 91. "What shall I wish for? There are so many things that I want...Oh yes!...No not that after all....hmmm, yes that is it..."
  92. 92. With a flurry of sparkling lights the first born of generation four becomes a teenager.
  93. 93. She definitely looks like Charlotta, but this hair softens her features more than Charlotta's does. Alexandra rolls family with the LTW to become a prestidigitator. Well at least it's not become minister for education I suppose, but it is a LTW I won’t be fulfilling.
  94. 94. As George took a slice of cake he couldn't help but smile. So many of his descendents under one roof, his wife would have loved it. Not for the first time he rued the fact that she had been taken from him so young. "Careful Theodore, your Grandad George bought that glass bowl for your Grandma Allyn at Christmas. You do not want to break it.“ "Sorry Mama, I will be careful.“ "I cannot believe our eldest child has become a teenager already William.“ "I know, and in a few more days Edward will also become a teenager.“ "Oh you are making me feel old William.“ "Darling you are as young and beautiful as the day we met.“ "Flatterer."
  95. 95. With Alexandra all grown up, it is time for her Aunt Evelyn to leave for finishing school. "Hello, yes I would like a Hansom to take me to Acadamie le Tour please...My address is 1 King's Square."
  96. 96. With so many members of her family at home, it's not surprising that Evie gets a big send off. "Do not forget to call when you arrive Little Bird, we want to know you have arrived safely.“ "I won't William.“ "Bye Auntie Bird, have fun.“ "Take care daughter, I am so proud of you.“ "I know Papa. Well my cab is here. Yes William I will call as soon as I arrive, and Edward I will be sure to have fun, have no worry there. Goodbye all."
  97. 97. Even with Evie gone the party continues until late. "Right Edward, I think that it is time for you to go to bed now.“ "But Papa I am not tired.“ "Be that as it may, you have school in the morning.“ *sigh* "Yes Papa."
  98. 98. It had been a pleasant evening, and it was especially nice having the family back in the house. "Good bye Charlotta, it was so good for you to come. I know that Alexandra appreciated it.“ "You know I love seeing all of my family William. You take care and I will see you soon."
  99. 99. With an elder and a toddler in the house it is very rare for the entire family to be sleeping at the same time. Elder sleep patterns drive me nuts, but it does mean that there is someone about to teach Victoria her remaining toddler skills. "Well done Vicky. Now just you be careful not to break any of your grandma Allyn's ornaments when you toddle around."
  100. 100. With the sun rising it is time for Charles to order the cab which will take him off to Sim State. He had been planning to leave the night before with his sister, but due to the fact that he went with his brother and father to Beth's Bouquets he had not finished packing in time. "Yes 1 King's Square, that is correct."
  101. 101. So the last child of generation three leaves the main house. I really can't believe that all of George and Allyn's children are grown and out in the world
  102. 102. William and Beth breakfasted alone that morning, their children busying themselves with getting ready for school. "I am so happy about my last promotion Beth, two more and I achieve my lifetime's goal.“ "Yes congratulations dear, I am so proud of you. I am sure that these two promotions will come easily to you.“ "Thank you. I have been thinking about buying another business to build up. What are your thoughts?"
  103. 103. "Another business? Well, I can see why you would to do that, but darling I am worried that you are not spending enough time with your children.“ "I spend as much time with them as I can. Only last night I danced with Alexandra, and chatted to Edward.“ "Sweetheart you told Eddie to go to bed, hardly a father and son chat."
  104. 104. "Perhaps you are right. But Edward will soon be a teenager, together we can build up the new business. I am sure that he will enjoy that.“ Beth was not convinced, but she did like the idea of owning another business, and told her husband that she thought that purchasing another shop was a good idea. "Good, I am glad that you agree. I will call into the local agent's office on my way to work, and book an appointment to see a suitable property.“ "I am looking forward to it, and thank you for consulting me this time.“ "I have learnt my lesson dear, I need your support in all things that I do."
  105. 105. For the rest of the day Beth found it difficult to settle for long. Even the prospect of studying could not hold her attention. She was not sure if it was the thought of acquiring a new business or the fact that William had finally started to confide in her which had her so fidgety.
  106. 106. Watching her youngest child playing with her wooden blocks, Beth reflected on how much she loved her family, and how she was proud to be a legacy spouse. She was certain that William's time as head of the family would be looked back upon as a truly golden one. After all he had produced three fantastic children, was building up a business empire, and had substantially improved the house. What more could be asked of him?
  107. 107. It says something about her state of mind that she strayed too close to a bee hive whilst out searching for bugs to add to Edward's collection. "Argh, shoo, leave me alone.“ Later she thought that this should have served as a warning that even the most beautiful of days can be ruined by an ill-thought out action, and nothing should be taken for granted.
  108. 108. Edward wasn't particularly excited when he got home from school. "I do not understand. I try my hardest, yet I can never get better than a B+ Edward, as long as you do your best, that is all anyone can ask. "I suppose.“ *** Big thank you to Hexameter and Dragon Slave at MTS2. They have been working on default replacements for the in game vehicles, and now my children go to school in a horse drawn omnibus, how cool is that?
  109. 109. William had arrived home at the same time as Edward, and with another promotion. "Good afternoon Papa. I hope that you have had a good day at work.“ "Hello my boy. I have earned another promotion today.“ "Oh well done Papa. Will you play trains with me?“ "Ah, I am afraid that your mama and I have an appointment to keep this afternoon. Perhaps we can play later, before you go to bed?“ "Very well Papa, I will hold you to that.“ "I expect you will son."
  110. 110. It did not take long for Beth to get ready, and soon the two of them had arrived at the small shop William had arranged to look at. "So my dear, what do you think?"
  111. 111. "I like it dear. Will you be keeping it as a toy shop?“ "I had thought to do so yes. I had even thought we could call it Allyn's Toybox.“ "I am sure your mother would have loved the name, and indeed the thought of the family owning a toy shop.“ "Hmm."
  112. 112. "William darling, are you feeling well? You seem a little...distant and pre-occupied. I had expected you to be more excited about the prospect of opening a new shop."
  113. 113. "What? Oh I have some things on my mind today."
  114. 114. "Well whatever they are you can share them with me. Please do not start to push me away again William, I cannot bear it."
  115. 115. *sigh* "I have no intention of pushing you away my darling. If you are agreed about the purchase of the shop, I will complete the paperwork. We will then go home, and I will tell you my worries."
  116. 116. Complete on the sale he did. Once they were home William lead his wife past the games room where they could hear George playing Myshuno with his grandchildren, through the morning room which always reminded him of his mother, and out into the conservatory. "William what on Earth is wrong. I have been worrying all the way home."
  117. 117. "Beth darling, I am in serious trouble and I need help.“ *** This, my dear readers, is where I shall leave you; yes I am experimenting with a cliff hanger. Thank you all for reading, I hope that you enjoyed it. Thanks also goes out the amazing creators of the cc I've used. Most of it comes from MTS2 and All- About-Style. If there is a particular item you want to know about, drop me a line either here, or in my thread at Boolprop.com. I forgot to credit the builder of Anne's house last chapter. It is Chateau New England 1882 by AudLovesVegas. Join me next time to find out what sort of trouble William is in and whether he can get out of it. Oh, and I have one more image for all of you who enjoy reading Gin's The Science of a Legacy and know her toils with the garden club.
  118. 118. See Toby, this is what happens when you refuse to let the Tegenarias into the garden club and then ask Gin for a make over in Di's Barber and Boutique.