A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 11.1 Spares not Heirs


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The first part of chapter 11, a quick catch up with the spares of generation 3.

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 11.1 Spares not Heirs

  1. 1. Hello everyone and welcome to the first half of chapter eleven of my Victorian Legacy. Any new readers checking in for the first time might want to read the previous chapters first to avoid any confusions. This part focuses on what the spares have been up to. It's been quite busy for them, so make sure you have your cup of tea, and let me offer you a Viennese whirl as we get caught up with the escapades of the rest of generation three.
  2. 2. Things were finally looking settled with main family and my thoughts had started to dwell on the others when Aphrodita asked to see the rest of the simselves in Di's drawing room one morning. "So Aphrodita, Gin has left for work but the rest of us are here. What did you want to speak to us about?“ *** Aphrodita has just started the brilliant Scarier Than Thou. Gin (GintasticNecat) writes the fantastic Science of a Legacy.
  3. 3. "Well, Di, Michelle, Angela, um, this is not the easiest of things for me to say, or indeed for you to hear, but, well I think I should just say it. I am in love with Henry.“ *** Michelle (Michaelfobbs) is the writer of the awesome Planetary Apocalypse. Angela (thepiepers5) writes the incredible Th'a Simple Life.
  4. 4. Di: "Huh?“ Michelle: "What? Am I hearing you correctly? You are in love with Henry 'I tried to kill my brother so I could be heir' Legacy? Are you mad?"
  5. 5. "I, I can’t help it, I love mean sims.“ Di: "Yes, but Henry?“ "He, he really is not a complete monster Di, in fact in his own way he is really rather sweet.“ Michelle: "Sweet?“ "Yes. I admit he didn't exactly bowl me over the first time we met..."
  6. 6. The first time I met Henry was the first time I went to check on him at the prison, as you had asked us to Di. "So Miss Di has sent another...sim...self..."
  7. 7. "Good morning, I am Henry Legacy, and you are?“ "My name is Aphrodita.“ "Aphrodita, so similar to Aphrodite the goddess of beauty and such an appropriate name for one as beautiful as yourself."
  8. 8. "Augh, are you kidding me? What sort of a lame line is that?“ "Well I am sorry Miss Simself, but for the past six sim days the only females I have seen are Suzie the cow in the end cell my mother and a succession of simselves who despise me. I have not exactly been free to charm beautiful ladies such as your self.“ "You are doing it again.“ "Sorry."
  9. 9. As time went on I found myself looking forward to my visits to Henry, even offering to swap with others. Tired of speaking through the bars I asked PC Centowski if it was possible for us to converse somewhere else. "I must thank you Miss Simself for managing to persuade PC Centowski to allow us to converse here rather than in the cell block. It is good to get out of that cage once in a while.“ "I did think that you would appreciate it. Apart from the time you spend on the treadmill or at the crank I know you are in that little cell all day.“ *** All of the activities in Victorian gaols were designed to be as pointless as possible as a penance to those doing them. The treadmill you can probably work out. The crank was a handle that the prisoners had to continually turn. Every so often the warders would tighten the screw at the end making it more difficult to turn the handle. This is why in Britain prison warders are referred to as Screws.
  10. 10. I certainly enjoyed his company, but it was not until yesterday that I realised my true feelings for Henry were so deep. As Di had requested I went to see him following her trip to tell him of the death of his mother. When I arrived I found him in tears. "Oh Henry, Constable can you let me into his cell please?"
  11. 11. "I, I am so sorry that you *sniff* are here to see me like this Miss Simself, but, but my mother ...my mother...“ "I know Henry, Di told me and I am so sorry for your loss...Constable can we use the Interrogation Room?"
  12. 12. We talked for nearly an hour in that room, although to me it felt like no time at all. "Thank you for coming to visit me Miss Simself, I do so look forward to your visits.“ "As do I Henry..."
  13. 13. "Aphrodita, may I be so forward as to call you by your first name?“ "Yes.“ "Aphrodita, this may be sudden, but I, I love you.“ "Oh Henry, I think I love you too..."
  14. 14. "You know, I find myself touched by your story, but Aphrodita this is Henry we are talking about."
  15. 15. "I know, I know, but I cannot help the way I feel about him. Besides I really feel that he has changed since he was arrested.“ Angela: "Well, I agree he could very well have changed, and his mother's death would have affected him. But..."
  16. 16. "That but is my problem. I just can't see that Henry would have changed that much. There is something at the back of my mind that says that there is more to this, and that Henry could very well be using this as a means to an end..."
  17. 17. "You always think the worst of him! Why can you not accept that this time you might be wrong and that he genuinely loves me? Why must there be something more going on?"
  18. 18. "Because I have to think the worst Aphrodita. He has already tried to commit murder, derail my legacy, and, well I don't want to see you get hurt. Look, I don’t want to argue with you. I know I can’t stop you feeling like you do, and I am willing to see Henry to put my own mind at rest that he feels the same."
  19. 19. Michelle had to get ready for work, so Aphrodita, Angela and I headed over to the gaol without her. We arrived not long after George had left, and Henry's face was a terrible sight to see as he was escorted into the interrogation room. That is until he saw Aphrodita where upon his face split into a huge grin. "Aphrodita my dear it is delightful to see you as always, but it is unusual to see so many simselves at once.“ "I have told them about us Henry, about how I feel about you. Di wanted to come and see you."
  20. 20. "Then I surmise Miss Di that you wish to know whether or not my feelings for Aphrodita are genuine.“ "Well, yes Henry, I am afraid that I do.“ "They are. It is true that I have had feelings for another sim in University, but I have not heard hide nor hair of her since my incarceration. Besides what I felt for Marielle pales in comparison to the emotions I have towards dear Aphrodita here. I love her with all my heart and would gladly lay down my life to save hers."
  21. 21. "See Angela, Di, he loves me."
  22. 22. "Yes, I do my love, in fact..."
  23. 23. "Umm Angela is he reaching for what I think he is?"
  24. 24. "Unless your mind is firmly in the gutter Di, yes he does appear to be getting out what you think he is..."
  25. 25. "My darling Aphrodita, I know that I am not the most respectable of men. I have committed heinous deeds and I am paying for them with my liberty, but I am a human being and I am prey to human emotions. My dearest, I love you with all of my heart, and although we cannot be by each others' sides, will you do me the honour of agreeing to be my wife?"
  26. 26. "Oo oo oo yes, yes, yes, of course. Oooo shiny...this is not stolen is it?“ "No! Of course not my darling. I had PC Centowski buy it for me using the inheritance I received from my mother. I...disappointed her, but I feel that she would approve of me trying to change my life and settling down with a woman I love."
  27. 27. "Oh my sweet. This ring is perfect, thank you."
  28. 28. "Umm, well that was very touching and ah...I guess that your time inside has helped you to change...“ "Yes Miss Di, I have had much time to contemplate on my actions whilst in this prison. There is nothing that I can do to change the past, but I can look to the future and try to live the rest of my life well." There was not much I could say to that. I hoped that what he was saying was true, but I had learned not to underestimate him.
  29. 29. We left soon after, to make the arrangements for the wedding the next day. "See you in the morning Henry.“ "I am looking forward to it Miss Di. I do so love Aphrodita.“ "Hmm, yes. One thing though, if you hurt my friend I will do something that others think I should have done long ago and introduce you to Rodney. Do I make myself clear?“ "Crystal, Miss Di. I have no intention of hurting her, I love her far too much.“ "Hmph. Until tomorrow Henry."
  30. 30. The next morning all the simselves in the neighbourhood gathered at the gaol for the wedding of Henry and Aphrodita. "Good morning Miss Di. I trust that you will be changing into something more appropriate?“ "Ha, of course Henry. I have even brought a tail-suit for you to wear."
  31. 31. With everyone changed into their formal attire, it was time for the wedding to begin. I doubt that as a child Aphrodita dreamt of marrying the most notorious prisoner in the whole county, in a gaol, but she seemed ecstatic as she said her vows to Henry."
  32. 32. Henry too seemed happy as he promised to love and cherish her.
  33. 33. As all of the guests stood and clapped, I hoped for my friend's sake that Henry, despite the nagging doubt in my mind, had decided to change. I would be lying if I didn't say that I had a slight ulterior motive to not standing in the way of the wedding. With Henry married to a playable I was one more step closer to ensuring that he would never be able to put forward another claim on the heirship of the family.
  34. 34. "So Di, I've been meaning to speak to you about introducing me to Charles...“ "Hold that thought Angela..." I had seen something through the window that I wanted to check out.
  35. 35. "William, William wait!"
  36. 36. "William what are you doing here? Peering in windows like a sneak thief."
  37. 37. "I heard that my twin brother was getting married. I couldn't not turn up to see it.“ "Even after all he has done, you still turn up for this?“ "Of course. No matter what he has done, he is still my brother."
  38. 38. "William you are one of my favourite sims, yet sometimes I wonder if you aren't just a bit too...Oh never mind.“ "Well I had best be off, tell Henry...no on second thoughts it would be best if he never knew I was here. I told Beth that I was just popping into the shop briefly, she will worry if I am not home soon. You will around soon I trust?“ "Yes. Take care William."
  39. 39. Whilst I was outside the happy couple had retired to another room to get...better acquainted. Aphrodita would not be moving into the gaol, so their time together would be limited and they naturally wanted to make the most of it.
  40. 40. As the sun set the rest of the simselves made their own entertainment. Circe and Jonny seemed to be particularly fond of the chess board. "I just have no idea who this Gentry guy really is. I mean he's posing as an agent for an organisation I made up! And he's got the Creator believing every word he says.“ "Uh huh. Your move Circe.“ *** Circe (hbcirce) writes the great Geogacy. Jonny (JWoodsBuzz) is the author of the fabulous a Grave Legacy.
  41. 41. In the lobby, DrSupremeNerd was chatting to Gin. "I'm guessing that this means we can't kill him Gin.“ "No, I don’t think that Aphrodita would appreciate that somehow.“ "Shame.“ *** DrSupremeNerd writes the amazing Vetinari Dualegacy.
  42. 42. As it approached two in the morning I knew we had to make our move and said so to Aphrodita. "Yes, I know, just ... give me a minute to say goodbye to my husband."
  43. 43. As a couple they are rather sweet: they have three natural bolts and won’t leave each other alone. I would also like to reassure my readers that Aphrodita does like Henry, and was more than willing for her simself to marry him. I wouldn't marry anyone to a sim they didn't like.
  44. 44. A couple of days later, Aphrodita started to show the result of her quality time with Henry. "Oh my gosh, my corset just broke!"
  45. 45. Gin and I were playing pool in the same room at the time, and were very pleased for her. "Di, you know what this means?“ "Yup.“ "We're going to be aunties!“ "I know!"
  46. 46. Of course her delicate condition gets Aphrodita thinking about her family's future and she collars Di over lunch. "So Di, have you thought about when my husband will be released from prison? I do want him to get to know his child you know."
  47. 47. "Umm, not just yet. I'm thinking of a minimum sentence of 20 days, and if I am satisfied that he is no longer a threat to the main family, then he will be released.“ "Hmph, well I suppose I have to be satisfied with that."
  48. 48. Aphrodita visits Henry most days, and I was surprised at how tender he was towards her and her baby bump. "How is my son doing?“ "Henry, it might be a girl you know.“ "No, it is a son I can feel it.“ "If you say so darling."
  49. 49. She didn't have to wait long to see if he was right, and the next morning as she was playing her first pool game of the day she went into labour. "Um, a little help please."
  50. 50. Henry and Aphrodita's first born is indeed a boy, Timothy Norman Legacy. He has Aphrodita's custom skin and eyes and Henry's blonde hair.
  51. 51. Despite the fact that all of us were still unhappy with the fact that Aphrodita had married Henry of all people, we were very happy about the birth of her son. I do wonder who he will take after, and if you think about it, if Aphrodita and the rest of us can't keep Henry's son in line, who can?
  52. 52. "So, what have you got to tell me? Thank you, I have seen my son and he is perfect, now...what is going on?...Really? That is good...and you are sure that he does not suspect? Good but take care, my brother is not unintelligent and I cannot afford for him to become suspicious."
  53. 53. Henry was not the only male Legacy thinking about settling down. I'm afraid that both Alfred and James were short changed the last time we saw them, I didn't even tell you their aspirations. James is a fortune sim with the LTW want to become a hall of famer. Whilst Alfred is a family sim who wants to become Minister of Education like his grandfather. All of my family sims seem to be rolling this LTW lately, and it's starting to annoy me. Anyway, Alfred has been stepping out with Marielle Greaves since his second year.
  54. 54. Marielle is one of the few sims from the original Regalton that I managed to find, and had the same chemistry with their fiancé as in the original. As you can see *** Café Corner is by PlaySmis668 on the exchange
  55. 55. At the beginning of his final year, Alfred decided that it was time to ask Marielle to marry him. He had received his father's blessing the day before, and the only thing he felt sad about the fact that his mother didn't live long enough to meet his intended. "Marielle, my dear I have been thinking for a long time about this, will you marry me?"
  56. 56. "Oh yes, um, my dear, I will, um yes.“ She doesn't exactly sound too keen, and Alfred seems far too focused on actually getting married and starting a family to notice. I hope that they will be happy together.
  57. 57. The next day Alfred is rather impatient to share his news with his brother. "Congratulations Alfred, I am very happy for you.“ "Thank you James, I am sure we will be very happy. Have you given much thought as to marriage?“ "Um, well I am not as fussed about getting wed as you Alfred.“ "But you must James. Mother would have wanted it.“ "Yes, but I am not sure I want it.“ "Why on earth not?“ "I am just not sure that I want to get wed so young..."
  58. 58. Thing is James has been seeing Claire MacMillan here, but they seem to be just having fun rather than becoming romantically involved. I apologise for how dark the following photos are. I installed TSS just before taking them, and it seems to have altered my lighting files. It looks a lot more realistic in game, but my pictures are darker at night.
  59. 59. Alfred's little talk did seem to have an effect on James though, and the next time he sees Claire he realises that he does actually love her, and maybe he should follow his brother's example.
  60. 60. "To us.“ "To us. I do enjoy spending time with you James.“ "And I you Claire."
  61. 61. "In fact, I was wondering if you would consider spending an awful lot more time with me.“ "Oh James...“ "Claire will you be my wife?"
  62. 62. "This ring is beautiful, yes I will marry you.“ "Oh good...“ 'I do love her, I do, but is this what I really want? Too late now...’
  63. 63. "So I asked Claire to marry me last night.“ "Congratulations brother. I knew that you would soon see that marriage was a desirable state.“ "Yes...“ "You do not sound convinced.“ "No, no I do love her and I cannot imagine marrying any one else.“ "But?“ *pause* "No but, I am...content."
  64. 64. Back in Regalton Anne and Mathias were still getting on very well.
  65. 65. Very well indeed.
  66. 66. Despite her love for Mathias Anne is a true romance sim and since the rebuild her LTW is to have 20 simultaneous lovers. I changed most of my sims LTW back to what the originals are, but I decided to keep Anne's. As a result she often goes on dates with sims other than Mathias.
  67. 67. Not everyone is happy about that. "I cannot believe that my sister-in-law is behaving in such a way. If Allyn was alive she would be so upset!"
  68. 68. Her fun with Mathias soon catches up with her though. "Err voice, I appear to be with child.“ Yes, I thought you knew that woohoo leads to pregnancy. "Well yes, but I did not think I would fall so soon. Drat. I suppose that I had better tell Mathias then."
  69. 69. Anne isn't known for her subtlety but I would have thought that she would have been a bit more gentle about breaking the news to Mathias than she actually was. "So Mathias, I have something to tell you. Umm, the thing is I am expecting.“ "Expecting what?“ "A puppy, what do you think? A baby you idiot."
  70. 70. "A baby? We are having a child?“ "Yes.“ "Do you think that you should be wearing your corset so tight my dear?“ "Well I do not intend to look like the side of a house through out my pregnancy.“ "This piece of news makes me realise something dear.“ "Really, what?"
  71. 71. "Mathias why have you dropped to your knees?"
  72. 72. "Anne my darling I love you and want you to spend all eternity at my side. Will you marry me?“ "Marry you?“ "Well yes we are having a baby."
  73. 73. "Oh yes Mathias. This ring is lovely. Umm excuse me a moment."
  74. 74. “voice, voooice are you in here?“ Oh dear Hello Anne, and how is my third favourite sim?
  75. 75. "How am I? How am I? I just got engaged and you ask me that? I was under the impression that I did not have to marry?"
  76. 76. Well... "I mean, are you crazy voice? I do not want to settle down with one sim, I have never wanted to limit myself to one love.“ I know Anne, but you do love him do you not? "Yes.“ And you can still date as long as he doesn't find out. "Really?“ Uh huh, and, well I just don’t think that Allyn would be pleased with her daughter having a baby out of wedlock.
  77. 77. *sigh* "You are right. Mother would be so disappointed in me in she knew. I will start the wedding arrangements tomorrow evening."
  78. 78. Two days later the family gathers at the Nosferatu residence for Anne's wedding. With James playing background music the two of them say their vows.
  79. 79. "My darling I know you are not inclined to limit yourself to one person, but I love you and want to spend the rest of time with you.“ "I love you too and if I have to marry then I cannot imagine anyone else I would rather marry."
  80. 80. It really was a lovely ceremony despite the bride's reluctance to actually get married. Anne's entire family was there to witness it.
  81. 81. There has to be cake (although Di was actually eating a bag of crisps from the fridge at the time) and I was pleased to see that Mathias feeds Anne nicely. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that Anne would not be happy if Mathias shoved it into her face.
  82. 82. They really are a lovely couple. I hadn't planned on having them fall in love so soon, but Anne has a mind of her own, and I haven't the heart to break them up.
  83. 83. With all of the guests still gathered round Anne goes into labour with her first child. "Argh I think that my corset is too tight.“ "I did say that I thought you should stop lacing them so tightly.“ "Mathiaasss you are not helping!"
  84. 84. After much screaming Anne gives birth to Richard William. He has her (and Gabe's!) eyes and Mathias's hair colour and skin tone. I can't wait to see what he looks like.
  85. 85. Last we heard of Robert's household Cecilia was pregnant and suffering from bad morning sickness
  86. 86. Once she got over that she had a trouble free pregnancy, and was one of the few sims not to be constantly passing out in her food. "Owww Robert I think the baby is coming..."
  87. 87. She has a little boy they call Stanley George. He has his father's hair colour and his mother's eyes and skin tone.
  88. 88. After a couple of uneventful days it was time for Stanley to grow up. The entire Wrenworth family gathers in the dining room for his birthday. "They grow up so fast. I cannot believe that you are growing up today..."
  89. 89. "So daughter is my grandson going to grow up tonight?“ "Umm I do not think so Mother. Perhaps if we try another cake?“ "Another cake Cecilia? We have already tried two...“ "I know Robert, but third time lucky?“ They tried but he still wouldn't grow up.
  90. 90. Just like his dad Stanley refuses to grow up until the next day, at least he was an hour earlier than Robert though. "Such a shame your father had to go to work little man. Right here we go."
  91. 91. I must admit that he is a bit of cutie as a toddler though. He has the typical Legacy personality kinda neat, outgoing, very active, serious and mean.
  92. 92. Since he is the first toddler I've played since installing FT he gets to learn the nursery rhyme...
  93. 93. And use the toddler activity table. I'm loving the new toddler and baby bits from the EP, it's so nice to have a greater variety of items for the youngest kids.
  94. 94. Robert may have missed his son's birthday but he is a good father and can often be found snuggling Stanley and playing with him.
  95. 95. Stanley really is such a sweetie and it seems that he has to grow up far too soon.
  96. 96. Well he is certainly very unique looking. I think that I can see both of his parents in him.
  97. 97. Cecilia's second pregnancy wasn't quite as easy as her first, and looking after a toddler as well had left her exhausted. "Argh his is the last time I am doing thiiiiissss."
  98. 98. Robert and Cecilia's second child is a girl named after Cecilia's mother Rosemary Joan. She looks to have the same colouring as Stanley but I know I rolled the dice before her birth so she should look different.
  99. 99. Over at the Harrison household Enid is about to give birth to her first child. "Frederick Harrison you are sleeping downstairs from now oooonnnnnn."
  100. 100. And we have another boy in the family. Theodore Abhijeet has his mother's skin tone, but his father's hair and eye colour.
  101. 101. I really thought I had more pictures of Enid and Frederick with Theodore but I can't find them. Anyway Theo is more playful and nice than a lot of the kids born into the family. He is taught all of his toddler skills by members of the family, and his Grandad Thomas taught him a nursery rhyme.
  102. 102. With everyone gathered near his cot Theodore decides that it is time to grow up.
  103. 103. He looks a lot like his father, and I think he is going to be one of the best looking kids this generation. "Thank you Creator. Can I have my own room now?“ Ah, not until your uncle Samuel leaves for university I'm afraid. "Oh right."
  104. 104. Frederick didn't last long sleeping downstairs, he and Enid are yet another three bolt couple and have a hard time keeping their hands off of each other. It is not long before Enid gives birth to Louisa.
  105. 105. Unlike with her brother I do actually have a picture of Louisa becoming a toddler, yay.
  106. 106. She looks so much like Theodore at this age, but has a different personality, much more sloppy, very shy but still active playful and nice. This is where we will leave the spares for now. I hope you enjoyed this part and the second one will be up soon. I'd like to reassure my readers that no sims were married against their will and I do have reasons for marrying Henry off to a simself, I'm not being cruel honest. Thanks also goes out to all the creators of my CC, especially Judie at All-About-Style without whom my Victorians would not look the part. If you see something and want to know where I got it from, drop me a line either in my GB or my thread at Boolprop.com.
  107. 107. Um Circe the wedding is happening behind you....