A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 1 The Beginning


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Travel back 150 years in time with me and meet the founder of my Victorian Legacy.

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 1 The Beginning

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome to my Victorian Legacy. I am reposting all my chapters from the exchange here, because I’ve decided that I prefer this format, and I like things to be consistent. I haven’t re-written the early chapters as such, but I have corrected any spelling mistakes I could see. The Legacy starts off as a commentary one, with a fair amount of modern objects in it, but as I get more confident with my writing abilities and I increased my collection of CC, it becomes a narrative and as authentically Victorian as I can make it within the constraints of the game. My pictures also improve, so I ask you to give it a go for a few chapters, and make allowances for me finding my feet at first. The Victorian theme means that I am playing with the following handicaps. Firstly only male sims can inherit, and I'm also going to make it the first born son. Secondly these sims are going to be behind the times, so the only electronic item in the house (and on community lots as the legacy progresses) will be the phone and old fashioned till. Lastly I'm going for strict family values which means try for a baby only, and no pre or extra marital woohoo.
  2. 2. So lets meet my founder Gabe. Gabe is a family sim, an Aries and has a personality of 5,8,6,3,3. Which means he's outgoing serious and a bit grumpy. Gabe was born into poverty, but through various 'means' has acquired enough money to buy a decent plot of land in the country. He hope his decedents will be happy here.
  3. 3. With the little money he had left he built this shack to protect himself and his possessions from the elements.
  4. 4. It boasts all the modern amenities such as plumbing. (Ok so showers weren't widespread in the 1860s but he can't afford a bathtub yet and sims taking sponge baths annoy me).
  5. 5. Inside Gabe has everything he could wish for (not) such as a futuristic oven (I admit I got annoyed after the first time he used it and despite the rules downloaded Numenor's Good Ol' Times stove from Mod the Sims 2 for Gabe to cook on. This may negate the whole challenge, but I don't care, I'm still going to score it), bed and fully stocked bookshelf. You see Gabe is rather smart, and believes that children should be given a chance of an education rather than being sent out to work at an early age. (His LTW is to reach the top of the education career).
  6. 6. Straight away, so as to not cause a fire Gabe gets down to learning... "Excuse me." Yes? "If this is all about me and my descendants, why are you doing all the talking?" I'm setting the scene. "Oh right. I hope you are not going to blabber on through out this whole challenge." Well yes actually I am. Told you he was a bit grumpy. Where was I, oh yes he's learning to cook, so that he doesn't burn down his lovely shack.
  7. 7. "Umm voice?" Yes, and you can call me Creator by the way. "Umm voice who are these people? what are they doing? can I get away from them? Oh and thanks for making my walls brick." *sigh* They are playable sims from the main neighbourhood here to welcome you to your little sub hood. They are called Alexander Caliente and Marsha Williams, and like most the inhabitants of this universe they love hitting each other very hard in the face with soft pillows. I want you to visit a community lot to meet some NPCs anyway, and you're welcome.
  8. 8. "So anyway, I told her that I had to get out of that little shack and come and meet real sims, and not spend my time talking to disembodied voices, so here I am at your bar." "Ah hah, fascinating." Oh dear this isn't going as well as I hoped. You see, one of the reasons I sent Gabe to the local bar and restaurant was so that he could meet his future wife. After talking to every female in the place, it turns out the Gabe gets on best with Elise, the barmaid. They have no chemistry, and don't seem to find each other attractive, but I'm afraid that Elise has three points going for her. 1 She's blonde, and I've just decided to try a little experiment to see if I can breed out Gabe's dominant hair colour in as few a generations a possible. (Yeah I know townies often have dyed hair, but I'm going to take their hair colour at face value and see what happens). 2 I like her name, most of my townies tend to be called Brandi or Christy. 3 She’s pretty.
  9. 9. "Really, you think that in the future music will come from discs of what did you call it, plastic?" "Um yes Gabe, you do realise that this is the only lot stuck in Victorian times don't you?" “Whatever do you mean?" "Never mind." In a bid to improve their relationship I invited Elise to Gabe's place, but she brings along a friend, one of my playable sims Bluecynth. Whilst Elise remains resistant to Gabe's charm and good looks, Bluecynth spends all her time swooning over him.
  10. 10. Oh Bluecynth, Bluecynth, sweetie you're married to Beau Broke, you're, a playable and I would really rather that Elise was floating hearts for Gabe. Let me give you a bit of background on how Bluecynth got her highly unusual name. My favourite sim in TS1 was a sim called Snowbell, who's backstory was that her parents were hippies who named their daughters after spring bulbs, but rather than calling her and her sister after the full correct name, split them up, so Snowbell was a combination of Snowdrop and Bluebell, and Tulis was a combination of Tulip and Iris. When I got TS2 I recreated Snowbell's family with Snowbell and Tulis as children so I could play them as they grew up. Their Mum Starbeam was my first sim to get pregnant, and thus Bluecynth was the first sim born in my game (told you I play slowly). I needed to continue the naming theme I had set up, and just thought that Bluecynth was the best of the names I came up with that night.
  11. 11. In true British fashion as soon as they are alone Gabe and Elise start talking about the weather. "I cannot believe how much snow we have had lately, it seemed so lovely earlier in the week." "I know, we're meant to get more as the week goes on, but it should start clearing up early next week." "It always amazes me how the country grinds to halt at the slightest bit of snow, it never used to when I was younger." "Um Gabe you were created as an adult after our Creator installed seasons, so not only were you never a child but this is in fact the first winter you have experienced." "Yes us children had to walk through snow up to our waists to the market to scavenge for scraps so that the family could eat." Umm Elise I don't think he is listening to you.
  12. 12. "So I was wondering, because this voice in my head keeps on at me, would you like to perhaps go to a community lot with me tomorrow." Look Gabe if you're going to keep referring to me as "voice," could you at least capitalise it? "Sorry voice, but no." *sigh* "Umm that sounds nice Gabe, but please could you stop chatting to the Creator whilst you're asking me out?"
  13. 13. Despite the rather unromantic way in which Gabe asked Elise out, their first date actually went well, even though I was rather lazy with the camera and didn't take that many pictures of them at the coffee shop.
  14. 14. "Elise I was wondering if you would like to come back to my shack. I know it's not much to look at, but the voice has a crazy idea that the big things that will impact on the future of my family in this generation should happen on the lot." Oh Gabe you're so romantic can you hear the sarcasm dripping from your creator's voice?
  15. 15. Back at the legacy lot Gabe and Elise continue to get to know each other.
  16. 16. "Hah take that Gabe." What is it with sims and water balloon fights? It was bad enough having to contend with kicky bag and pillow fights, now I have water balloons. It's not that I mind sims doing things to amuse themselves, it's when they do it when I want them to do other things, such as, oh I don't know, run a business Stephen Tinker, or have a romantic date Gabe.
  17. 17. Well despite the water balloon fight (or maybe because of it), Gabe and Elise fell in love.
  18. 18. "Gabe I've never felt this way about anyone before."
  19. 19. "Me neither Elise." 'Ohh voice can I ask her to marry me?' Go ahead Gabe, although you've only been in love for half an hour so she may reject you. And she did, although silly me forgot to disable the special event camera, so I didn't get any pictures of Gabe being shot down. However after a few more romantic interactions...
  20. 20. "Elise will you do the honour of agreeing to be my wife?" "Yes Gabe, I will."
  21. 21. "Oh Gabe what a beautiful ring" 'I wonder how a man with no money can afford to buy such a large diamond ring?' Uhh buy, yes Elise I'm sure it must be an heirloom or something *cough*
  22. 22. Ahhh how sweet, Elise has no idea what she is letting herself in for.
  23. 23. I normally like to throw lavish weddings for my sims, but Gabe is broke, and I need the little money Elise bought with her to improve the house, so I'm afraid that after changing Elise's hair and outfit to something more appropriate, they got married in the spring sunshine on the lawn.
  24. 24. And so Elise joins our little family. She is a popularity sim, which actually could work well because Gabe's career requires 13 friends to reach the top level. She is an Aries, but her personality has been changed and is 9,4,4,4,7. So super-neat and nice, exactly what I need for the first gen when they can't afford a maid or nanny.
  25. 25. Elise bought §9000 to the family, not a lot, but enough for me to add a separate bedroom, and enclose the bathroom with some change for a few things I plan on buying/building in the near future.
  26. 26. What are you doing Elise? "Creator I can hear you!" Yup privilege of all members of the legacy family, and any other sim I decide to talk to. "This is amazing!" Oh you won't say that forever. So what are you doing? "I'm reading up on the Victorian era in preparation for my life from now on." Good, glad to see you're making the effort to fit in.
  27. 27. What's up Elise, you don't look very happy? "I've figured out why you changed me out of my nice dress into this outfit. That book I read said that the rich during the Victorian era lead an opulent life with servants to look after them, and could afford to take advantage of all the new innovations of the age, but the poor lead harsh and often short existences with little comfort. This shack with it's lack of wallpaper doesn't seem to promise opulence." Oh come now Elise, you knew that Gabe was dirt poor when you agreed to marry him, and any way I promise to provide you with some comfort later in your life, I have your future house planned out and everything, all I lack is the money to build it for you. "Well what about getting to work on my LTW?" Yes about that, I know you want to be Captain Hero, and I also know that working class women worked during the 19th century, but they invariably worked in factories, service or on the land or streets, so I have a plan for you that doesn't involve a career.
  28. 28. "This is your plan?" Yup, you're going to work the land. It's not much at the moment, but I want you to scratch out a meagre living and provide food for your family. As Gabe starts bringing in the big money as he climbs his career ladder, I'll add more plots of land for you. "I am not happy about this, see I have impaled my skirt with my hoe." Oh shush, you'll soon find it fun
  29. 29. No honeymoon for these two (yes those slides all happen on their wedding day), but they soon get cracking on making me an heir. Remember there is only try for a baby in this legacy, and I got a lullaby on the first try.
  30. 30. Ok, so this is where I thought my legacy was over before it begun. Elise has been a member of the family less then a day, and already is having to deal with a fire. I normally fit smoke alarms in all of my sims houses, but because of the behind the times handicap that's not happening here. No problem I thought, I'll just have Elise call the fire brigade. *ring, ring* 'kay, answer the phone Elise, so I can have you hang up and call for help. *two steps* "Arrgghh Creator FIRE" *fire dance, fire dance* Arrghhh. Fine, fine. Elise try to put it out with out catching alight, please. And you know, she did. The first time ever that I have had a sim do this and not die. Elise I am really starting to like you.
  31. 31. "So honey, you went straight to bed when you got home, so I did not get a chance to ask you , but how was your day?" "Good, I've been promoted, so it looks like we will be able to afford a cot for the baby. How was your day?" "Oh you know the usual. Tend to the garden, have friends visit, put out fire, take a nap, skill." Seriously, I'm really starting to like this couple. Their relationship may lack the passion of some of my other married sims, but they are so sweet as companions.
  32. 32. *Pop* "Creator I am with child, and I am wearing hideous pjs." So you are, on both counts. Don't worry though Elise I now have Squinge's maternity hack installed so you get to wear your wedding dress again since it has a pregnancy morph and your usual dress doesn't.
  33. 33. "So I still have to tend to the garden Creator?" Yep, 'fraid so Elise. I need you to continue building that gardening skill and making sure that the plants don't die.
  34. 34. With Elise in rather a delicate state Gabe is still making friends to help him make it to the top of his career. Jane: "So you get to have a portrait painted Gabe? That's more than us regular sims get, although to be fair my sister Julie does have wedding photos on her wall." True, I always forget to immortalise my sims in oil, and then get sad when I realise that I have no images of them before they elderfied. That is not going to happen here, I'm going after the full point for each generation. As an aside you can see the foundation for their new house in the background, I'm trying to build it as and when I have a bit of spare cash, 'cos that two room shack is going to get pretty crowded.
  35. 35. "Creator, not only are you making me garden whilst I am heavily pregnant, but I'm also in my nightdress." Yeah sorry about that Elise. Seriously the more I play Elise the more I like her. She is so compliant it is frightening - must be the nice points, but she doesn't even whine when I ask her to do something she doesn't want to.
  36. 36. Later that night ... "Creator, Creator this hurts, make it stop!" Sorry no can do, even I have no control over this."
  37. 37. "In that case I want Chloroform!!" You're too poor to afford a doctor to administer it, sorry. (The use of chloroform as an anaesthetic during childbirth was popularised during the latter part of the 19th century).
  38. 38. "NOT FAIIIIRRRRR!" Look, just spin and it will all be over.
  39. 39. This was meant to be a cute picture of Elise holding her first born, but she vamoosed out of shot just as I pressed the pause button. (You can just see a slither of her dress in the bottom left corner). But why did she move so fast? I hear you ask. Did she want to show her husband their lovely baby boy, or maybe she was going to feed him?
  40. 40. No, she walked straight into the other room and put him in his cot as fast as possible. Something tells me she is not going to be the best mother in the world. "I am a popularity sim, what do you expect?" Yes, but you're also nice, and besides which I've had several popularity sims make good parents. "Name one." Well there is Tulis, and Chris, oh and even Lilith Pleasant. "I get it Creator."
  41. 41. Honestly, I had to command her to pick up George three times in order to get this picture. Every time she picked him up she put him straight back into the cot, she just did not want to hold the infant. But I have to say this is a sweet picture with him looking up at her and thinking of her. For those of you who are interested he has Elise's green eyes, but Gabe's hair and skin colour. Now is probably as good a time as any to admit that I made a boo boo with Gabe's skin tone. See when I created him in body shop I hadn't decided on a theme, so playing about I made him with one of my tattoo skins. I meant to change it when I went into CAS, but forgot because it is the same colour as my default s3 skin. I didn't realise it until I had played him through a couple of sim days, and by then didn't want to start over.
  42. 42. Awww, well Elise may not particularly want to hold George, but Gabe as a family sim doesn't seem to mind, and in fact has rolled the want to have another baby, which I duly lock. I plan on getting them started on making a sibling once George is a couple of days old. "Whose Papa's lovely little man, then? is George going to heir? yes he is, yes he is." "Gabe, it is just a baby. I expect the Creator will make us have more." I know I've moaned about Elise's lack of parenting skills, and George is only a few hours old, but I am actually really happy that I got a boy on the first try. I'm currently reading Professor Butters's (loolooloo16Play) Squeaky Clean Legacy where only girls inherit, and it took her three goes to get a female as her second gen heir. Any other siblings will just be for show really.
  43. 43. "My little Georgie, whose Mama's little lovely baby then? Will you be Mama's friend? The Creator has just said you would." I don't believe it, Elise actually did this autonomously! All that fuss about holding him, and then she goes and cuddles him. I live in hope that she will prove to be a good mum after all.
  44. 44. Well that didn't last long. If Gabe is in the house then it is he who sees to George's needs. Elise does make the effort to do so, but Gabe always beats her.
  45. 45. Whilst Gabe is at work and George is in his cot I have Elise practise painting so that she can do Gabe's portrait. Elise had lots of skill points when she joined the family, but none in creativity.
  46. 46. Aww what a lovely picture of domestic tranquillity. "Be friends with Mama George please." "voice we still have no paper on our walls, and you are making me wear the funny hat again." Well you're not going to be living there for too much longer since I am working on building your house. As for the hat, I think it looks good. *smiles* *glares at Creator* Look, if you want to move out quicker I need you to get promotions, so you need to skill, so out comes the funny hat.
  47. 47. I've never really used aspiration rewards with my other sims, just smart milk, the thinking hat and elixir of life, but I do love the energiser, even if having seasons means my sims don't get off of it by themselves. It actually reminds me of a picture of a device I saw in a text book I used whilst I was researching an essay for Uni. The picture had a woman sitting in a chair with her feet in a bowl of salt water and electrodes attached to the chair. It promised that the application of the small current used in conjunction with the salt water would do the users health the world of good. I guess that since the Victorians believed that both on their own were good for the health combining them would be even better but it's not something that I would want to try. Gabe seems to like it though. "Yeeessssss vooiiiiice IIII doOOoooooOOo."
  48. 48. So too soon (hah) it's time for George to grow up into a sweet little toddler. "Here Georgie, let Mama help you blow out the candles." Okey dokey, lets see the damage then ...
  49. 49. Ahhh, slight problem. I was sure that I had taken pictures of George growing up, but obviously not. In fact I seem to have blacked out because there are only two pictures that I have found of the next two days. Not really a problem 'cos not much really happened. Elise is pregnant again, hence the nightgown in the previous slide (I'd woken her from a nap). Gabe continued to skill and make friends for his promotion, and I irradiated George and got him to work skilling as well.
  50. 50. Oh dear Elise isn't having a good pregnancy this time, and keeps waking up because of nightmares. I missed it but the thing giving her nightmares this time was woohoo. No kidding, looks like she is regretting it big time.
  51. 51. "Aaarrghhh Creator, not again!" Sorry about this Elise, but you're just going to put up with it.
  52. 52. "Aaaarrrrghhhh. Gabe where are you?"
  53. 53. And here is her loving husband. " ZzzzzElise what is it, I'm trying to sleep here." "Baby's coming!"
  54. 54. Yay, I managed to get a pic of Elise holding her baby daughter. I've named her Elizabeth, and just like her brother she has Elise's eyes and Gabe's hair and skin.
  55. 55. Nice Elise, I know that I haven't bought another cot yet because I have a bit of re-arranging to do, but did you have to dump your daughter on the floor? "Popularity sim Creator." "Woo a daughter yay!" At least Gabe is happy.
  56. 56. "Nooowwww I knnooooowwww whhyyyyy Gaaaaabe liiiIiIIkeeEEEsss thiiiiis sooooOOoooooOoo muuuuuuccchh." I finally get Elise's aspiration high enough to use the energiser. My plan was to make Gabe and Elise have lots of kids, after all due to high child mortality rates and the lack of contraception Victorian families were large. However Elise had such a bad pregnancy with Elizabeth, and I've been having difficulty keeping Gabe happy too. Main problem has been his fun bar. Normally I just have my sims veg in front of the TV for a bit, but that's not happening in this household. 'Cos of this there will be no more kids for a while, and no more woohoo either, (try for a baby only remember).
  57. 57. When she is not looking after her children or gardening Elise works the phone like the good popularity sim she is. "I am well, thank you for asking, and your self?"
  58. 58. "Can you believe the Creator has us living in two buildings at the moment? The children live in the original shack, whilst Gabe and I live in the partially built house the Creator keeps promising us." Yeah ok I know that it is not ideal Elise, but I am working on it, and it would help if your husband would bring home a promotion. He has all the skills and friends he needs, and his performance bar is more than 3/4s full, but everyday he fails to bring home that promotion.
  59. 59. Gabe may not be doing too well on the job front, but he does dote on his daughter, even if he doesn't actually roll any wants to do with his kids. I'm afraid these pictures make it look as if George is being neglected. He is not, I just haven't taken many pics of him. He may be my heir, but I'm having a hard time warming to him, and besides, all he is doing at the moment is skilling.
  60. 60. I did however manage to get snaps of him growing up. Yeah no cake I know, but I've spent most of the family's money on kids clothes for George. "Feewl wobbly woice." Okay, kid, lets see how you look.
  61. 61. "Yes! I am a child voice no more drinking only bottles of milk and talking to a pink bunny." I am so glad I bought you some new clothes, get to the chest of drawers and mirror quick. I forgot to say earlier, but George is a Gemini with a personality of, joy of joys, 5,7,9,3,1. So kinda tidy, outgoing, active and mean as a snake.
  62. 62. Why so sad little man? "We are living in a half finished house, and I have to sleep in the same room as everyone else in my family. I am a legacy heir, it should not be like this." Sorry Georgie, I am trying to make things better, and by the time you take the reins I'm hoping to have the house finished. Oh, and be thankful that you are sharing with just your family. In some tenements there were often more than one family living in a room.
  63. 63. In fact this is what their house now looks like. My plan for the first stage of house building is to recreate a typical middle class Victorian terrace house. The room the family is sleeping in will eventually be the back parlour/dining room, and the front room will be the good parlour/drawing room.
  64. 64. The next day and it's time for another birthday. "Time for you to become a big girl Lizzie." Hmm, well she certainly looks like her brother, lets check her personality. Oh no,I seem to have been hit with the first born glitch. Elizabeth's personality is identical to her brother's. Two mean kids in the house, great. "Haha, that will teach you woice." Teach me what Lizzie? "Just teach you.“ Fab, this is going to be so much fun I can tell.
  65. 65. Well in order to teach her something, I irradiate Elizabeth, and get her skilling. "Hmm bwock not taste nice." Don't eat it then "But I want to." *sigh*, fine go ahead, just don't complain to me if you get lead poisoning from the paint.
  66. 66. "Do I have to do this voice?" Yes Gabe, you did roll the want for it you know. "Yes, and you locked it before I could change my mind. Should not I be skilling in order to get to the top of my career?" Look, this won't take long, she's full of smart milk, plus it's Autumn. Anyway, don't talk to me about promotions: you've been stuck on the same rung of the career ladder for nearly a week now, and it is starting to annoy me. You'd better bring home a promotion soon mister.
  67. 67. Ooo, I don't like the look on George's face. What's the matter my little heir? "Heir, schmeir. You clearly favour my sister over me, why else would there be more pictures of her as a toddler in this album than me? I am meant to be the important one here, I am meant to carry on the Legacy name." Sorry about that, Georgie, the truth is I actually have time to take pictures at the moment, I'm not worrying about the rest of the family starving to death of wetting themselves. Your toddler years I had to worry about Elise whilst she was pregnant, so I just left you to skill.
  68. 68. "Not good enough voice, and that is not the only thing." Oh what else?
  69. 69. "I want to have some fun!" "Me too Creator!" Gah. Ok, let me see what there is in the buy catalogue that will raise fun quickly, you can afford, and isn't electronic. *click, click, click* Oh, I've not bought that for a sim since I first got the game, maybe you will like it.
  70. 70. Yes, I've bought them Myshuno!, the fabulous 3d bingo game! I think I bought this for one family when I first got TS2, but soon got fed up with it, so sold it, and never thought about it again. The Legacys however seem to love it, and I've decided to put up with it for the time being.
  71. 71. "See Mama, I told you that both of us whining at the voice would get results." "Whilst I am of course glad that we have some form of entertainment now George, I think that we should respect the Creator, after all she has been good to us, and if it wasn't for her I would still be working as a barmaid, and you would not exist." "Psh, the voice is not that great, after all the house is barely started! And she ignores me most of the time, and I am the heir!"
  72. 72. George, *innocently* "Yes voice?" Stop trying to spread dissent amongst the rest of the family. Your mother is the only one who seems to show me any respect around here. "That's because she thinks that you might boolprop us to death or something, but I know that you do not like to use testingcheatsenabled in case it ruins your game. Now if you will excuse me I am going to play Myshuno."
  73. 73. "Green plumbob three." Erm, George who are you playing with, everyone else is in the kitchen.
  74. 74. "Myself of course voice. Awww, I do not have three, that is not fair." Heheh, there is something about sims playing Myshuno! by themselves that amuses me. I think it's the way they dash from one side of the game to the other. It also helps that I see George as being so egotistical that him playing himself just works.
  75. 75. On his trips to find himself a wife, Shelby here was the only sim Gabe found with whom he had any chemistry (two bolts), but this picture proves why it wouldn't have worked, even if she had been a blonde or redhead. "Sorry Shelby, but I do not want to talk about the new ship being built in the boat yard." "Well in that case Gabe, I don't think I like you as much as I did two seconds ago." (Note George is working on his father's official portrait in the background, Elise did do one, but I wasn't happy with it, something about it was a bit off, and made him looked stretched).
  76. 76. Oh sweetie, what's wrong? "I want Mamaaaaa!" I'll go see if I can find her.
  77. 77. "Bluecynth, much as I love my husband and children, I sometimes wonder what would have happened had I accepted Mr Big's offer and got on that private plane out of Pleasantview." Typical Elise, standing around chatting to her friends whilst her child needs her. She really is the worst popularity parent I've had in my game, I think the only want she rolled for any of her children was to teach Elizabeth to talk.
  78. 78. It's ok sweetie, I've found your Mum, she'll be here soon. "My chin hurts too." That's probably because you are suffering from teeth in chin disease. This glitch really used to freak me out when I first got the game, but I'm kinda used to it now.
  79. 79. With the garden covered in snow, the only things Elise does at the moment are talk to her friends and teach Elizabeth her two remaining toddler skills. "Say Mama.." "Mama."
  80. 80. Which she finishes just in time "Feewl funny.." It's called growing up.
  81. 81. "Hooray, at last I do not have to wait for someone to let me out of that cot!" Hooray, you grew up in a decent nightdress, so that is one less item of clothing to buy for you.
  82. 82. And here she is after a make over and after I bought her some Victorian everyday clothes. She looks like a right little book worm dressed like this. "Hmmmph, I want a pretty dress voice, not this drab grey thing." Sorry, in keeping with the fact that you are still poor, I'm going for dressing my sims in drab and rather plain clothes this generation, they will get more elaborate later on I promise. "Stop complaining Lizzie. Now do you want to play Myshuno or not?"
  83. 83. "Helllooo I am home, and I have been promoted." Yes at last, it's only been a week since your last promotion Gabe, what's taken you so long? "No idea voice heheheh." Hmm, well this is good news, because not only can I do a bit more building, but you can get in a cab and buy some new clothes for yourself and Elise, now you are a University Guest Lecturer, I think you should start to dress a bit more professionally, and burn those rags you have been wearing.
  84. 84. Today is also George's birthday, and although I don't throw a party for him, I do invite over the townie I have picked out to marry him. "I am so glad that you could make it Allyn, I just know that you and my Georgie will get on." "Thank you Elise, this is the first time I have been invited on to a playable's lot for being me, rather then with the rest of the gardening club. I must say though that I expected there to be more house." "Yes, well, the Creator is working on it, but because she has seasons she is waiting until she has enough money to build the upstairs walls in one hit. Do not you worry though, I am sure that it will be complete by the time you marry George." "Marry...?" "Why yes, George is the legacy heir, and you are his intended." "Huh?"
  85. 85. "So Allyn, how do you feel about joining our family once I have graduated from University."
  86. 86. "Well, kid, from what I have seen so far you are going to have to pay me."
  87. 87. "But we do not have any money at the moment." "No money, then sorry kid, I won't do it." "the voice will make you, just you wait and see."
  88. 88. "Arrgh this stinks, you can not seriously expect me to do this. I do not want to marry into this family Creator." Oh Allyn, Allyn, but I do expect you to do this, you will marry George, because I have decided it. Believe me, you will soon come around to the idea, I have seen the future, well played almost to the end of George's time at Uni, which is the same thing really.
  89. 89. "Hey, I get a cake this time!" Yes my little heir, you do, so go on blow out the candles, and grow up for me.
  90. 90. Elizabeth: "Oooo Mama's wearing a new dress, must go and talk to her." Sim Gabe bought home: "Myshuno, cool." George: "Mama and Myshuno are stealing my thunder, everyone should be watching me as I grow up." I'm really sorry that no one seems to be paying you much attention George, but I am, lets see what you grow up like.
  91. 91. Here he is after a quick change of clothes. George, just to spite me I am sure, rolled Pleasure, my least favourite of the aspirations. "Heheheh." I've tried playing pleasure sims before, but have always got fed up with their measly 500 pt wants, so have got out the RenuyuSenso Orb. Thing is, I do want a pleasure sim at some point, because I want the platinum grave, but was hoping for one later on when I could make him a louche playboy who spent all day playing pool, poker and basically frittering away the family's fortune. So the thing now is, do I make him grilled cheese, reroll in uni, or leave him as he is? In the end it was his LTW that decided for me what I was going to do. Of course, it didn't show up straight away, but when it did, it turned out to be reach the top of the gamer career. Not at all a Victorian type career, but it is doable, and so I decided that George would give me my platinum pleasure grave.
  92. 92. As well as rolling that aspiration, George has got a wide mouth and a badly broken nose, he must have inherited from Elise. I'm disappointed by this, because I was hoping to have Gabe's nose show up for the first few generations. He does however have the same brow as his father, henceforth known as the Legacy Brow. I’ very happy about this.
  93. 93. And, of course because Elizabeth is a clone of her brother, she also is going to have the same features. Hopefully, the magic of sims genetics will mean that Gabe's facial structure will show up again somewhere down the line.
  94. 94. The next few days passed with out too much drama. Elise carried on doing what she does best: gardening... "I can talk to plants now Creator, I am so happy, because they can now be my friends!" 'Kay, whatever makes you happy.
  95. 95. And putting out fires. *cough**cough*
  96. 96. Gabe continued to skill "You are making me wear the funny hat again voice." I know, but you have nearly got all the skills you need for your job, and thanks to Elise, you have all the friends you need too.
  97. 97. Gabe also continues to build his relationship with his youngest child. "Papa's so proud of you and loves you very much Elizabeth, even though you can never be heir."
  98. 98. "Yuck." Oh mean sims, you gotta love them.
  99. 99. So this is where I will end this chapter and leave you. See you next time for the teenage years, the start of Uni, and a little surprise for Gabe and Elise. Most of the CC in this chapter is from either MTS2 (walls, floors, bedding, some clothing and various recolours) or All-About-Style (clothing and accessories), with maybe a couple of other bits thrown in too.
  100. 100. "Why does no one want to play Myshuno with me?"